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  1. I would also say that if you want to teach in Australia, and at one of the universities here, you’ll need to have an excellent command of the English language. Also it is an extremely competitive field and you will need to have a full publications and research profile if you want to be taken seriously and compete properly with other applicants. Even with early career research fellowships, you will need a publications at a career appropriate stage. I’ve never heard of anyone being appointed without publications so perhaps start submitting articles now whilst you go through the visa assessment process. It might be worth you looking at a few job advertisements on university websites so you can see what selection criteria they are after.
  2. I’ve never heard of them doing bridging visas for offshore applications before. Well done on that fluke!!!!!
  3. Beffers

    Been here a while.

    There are ups and downs for all countries. Depends what you want from life, what type of life you can make for yourself and whether you can give it a fair go or not. I've met people in Melbourne who love living here and have embraced Oz 110% and then there those who are still homesick all the time, pine for British goods and pay $$$ for groceries cos they pay for overpriced imports and don't seem to be happy at all. Wherever you live, life is what you make it so make it a good one!!
  4. Beffers

    I want to serve in Australia

    What on earth are you going on about? There are a myriad of reasons why people migrate. As Nemesis said, character checks etc are stringent and thorough. Don't know what you've been reading but I'd say you're out of touch!
  5. Beffers

    Not declared convictions

    Very doubtful as you've already lied to Immigration once. Maybe have a chat with a migration agent to see if you've any hope. Normally convictions which have 12m+ prison time cause serious issues with the character test component of any visa. You will need police checks for both UK and Australia, and so there's no way of avoiding Immigration finding out.
  6. Apart from asking the obvious and wondering if you're really making the right decision by emigrating to begin with, the other thing I have to point out is that if you move as a family to Australia, and then a few years down the line you want to come home, but your partner doesn't, and you end up arguing and breaking up (you may say now that your marriage is rock solid and that's good, but migration puts a lot of stress on it), if you break up and you want to return to UK but husband staying in Oz then you won't be able to remove the children without a lengthy court process. Australia will be seen as the children's habitual residence and if you bring them back to the UK without permission from their father and/or the courts, you can be charged with child abduction under the Hague Convention. I don't mean to sound negative but I know a few mums who are now "stuck" in Oz because of precisely this and their marriages were rock solid. Just be mindful. Its not something that people think about. That aside, I would be asking you why you're already having these thoughts? You need to get on that plane ready to embrace Australia 110% if you have any hope of creating a life here. Emigrating is hard work and having to build your life from the ground up. You have to WANT it! Good luck!
  7. Beffers

    Advice Needed! WHV

    Maybe a 600 tourist visa but you'd need to step out of the country every 3 months I think.
  8. Beffers

    Granted 309, what next?

    You normally apply for your 100 after two years from the 309 grant, and upload evidence as appropriate at that time.
  9. Beffers

    PMV 300 to 820

    You need to apply for your 801 after two years, you upload all the partner visa evidence at that point.
  10. Beffers

    Subclass 309

    Immi website says 90% applications in 19 months, with 75% in 13 months. Just sit tight!
  11. Normally the 7K is just for the visa. Meds and police checks, and any translations needed are on top, as are agency fees if you use a migration agent.
  12. Beffers

    Best State High school Sunshine Coast

    This is really difficult for others to answer. Each kid is an individual and therefore each school is a unique fit. The only way you'll know is by carrying out a reccie to find out for yourself. It is possible for the 'best school' to be a bad fit for your child. Schools aren't something you can ask other people about unless their kids are exactly the same as yours. Could you not go on holiday to the area you're interested in and have a good look around for yourself?
  13. Beffers


    Just sit tight. There's no saying whether it'll be one week or one month. And try and be available for calls!
  14. Beffers


    I'd advise you to speak to a migration lawyer who was also skilled in Indian family law. I know that India hasn't signed up to the Hague Convention, which would basically mean if you removed the child from India without the father's permission, he could pursue you under this legislation and have you return the child to its habitual place of residence, i.e. India. There are however extradition orders do exist between India and Australia, dated 2010, which the father could use to pursue you if he believed you were taking the child illegally out of India. As you can see, this is SOOOO complex and you're not going to get the answers you need on a forum like this as you need a mixture of specialised family law and migration advice. Even if you did bring her on a visitors visa, there may be repercussions that we simply cannot know or understand without being fully conversant in Indian law - I know that normally the person with full legal custody has the right to remove the child, but you're clearly waiting for that authority from the courts. You would have to apply to the Court in India for temporary reprieve in terms of bringing her on holiday, but it would be at the discretion of the Indian courts not Australian Immigration. Besides, that, I'm struggling to understand why she wasn't included on your PR application as a dependent?
  15. Beffers

    Partner visa 820 question

    Being in a relationship won't necessarily be enough for an 820, as it has to be defacto partner, not just boyfriend/girlfriend - have they been living together, sharing bank accounts, bills and expenses, registered their relationship etc?