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  1. Beffers

    Visa granted! What to do next?

    When you open a bank account in UK with an Aussie bank, ask the, to open a GBP foreign transaction account to sit alongside your Aussie one. We did and we pay zero transfer fees on international transfers, and it's so much easier than dealing with Transferwise, or wondering how family will send money to put into baby's bank acc etc. where in Aus you headed?
  2. It's the hardest part I think, the waiting, I remember it well and ours was relatively quick. Good luck!
  3. Beffers

    Partner visa application queries

    And sometimes they triage the applications, and you could fail that process if all the evidence isn't there. Really not worth the risk. Take the time to submit a watertight application. Is it worth the risk? Do you have a contingency if you get a refusal? Partner visa have a high % of rejections. Don't be one of them!
  4. Beffers

    309/100 Processing Times

    The website of 13-19 months is the best guide. There's another thread specifically for the partner visa from London office that you may be able to gauge a more realistic figure from.
  5. Beffers

    Living in the Northern Territory

    Look at Darwin and Alice. Darwin is a beautiful small city, and Alice is more like a large town. Both have their good points. I love the Top End, but I'd recommend you do a reccie before you decide to put your eggs all in the one basket. Not all people understand or appreciate NT. I find it fascinating and stunningly beautiful but I love the outback and the quiet life. Darwin is a fabulous place but its not everyone's cup of tea. You can't compare it to anywhere else as its fairly unique due to it's geography. A reccie is definitely the way to go, and lots of research.
  6. Beffers

    Moving from Rental to Homeowner

    We're just about to go thru this. Settlement 15/2, move into new house 2/3 and hand keys back on rental after professional cleaning on 4/3 (we both work full time and so wanted a bit more time to move all our stuff). We gave our agent two months notice to break lease (we are 8 months into a 12 month lease, and in our second year at the rental) and consequently don't have to pay any break lease fee nor any rent after our final payment on 3/2 (normally when you break a lease here in Vic you pay rent until a new tenant has been secured)!
  7. Beffers

    Partnership Visa Evidence

    I'd be getting a second unbias opinion. Its too important to risk!
  8. Beffers

    Melbourne suburbs for young families

    Depends on your budget and lifestyle too. I was recommended Bayside as the must have area, and we hated it! We now live in the Dandenong Ranges, have been here for 18 months and have just bought a house. People say its too from CBD, one hour Belgrave line, but we don't work in the City. There are always massive assumptions that you need to be within reach of the CBD, but I go into the city once every couple months and that's all. We've just bought a big 3 bed with a self contained studio below on 3000 square metres for 550K. Our rental was a 2/3 bed cottage on 2000 squ metres for $350/week. I know we couldn't have done either closer to the CBD and the quality of life up here is far greater than anything down in the suburbs! My advice: think about your lifestyle and your budget. And start from there, if you don't mind a half hour drive from beach, then why pay a premium to live there? If you want green parks and open spaces then not all suburbs will offer this. Do you prefer modern housing areas, then this will give you options from Altona / Werribbee etc in the west or Officer etc in the East. Do you want a large garden for your kids to play? Lots of plots are small in the suburbs, so be mindful of it. And lastly, budget and proximity to schools - budget will dictate a lot and schools are generally zoned and will need research depending on how old your kids are. Its a bit of a minefield! Also check out Facebook page UK Mums in Melbourne - lots of advice on there once you're further along in your research and/or once you've had your visa granted. Good luck!
  9. Beffers

    Translate foreign documents

    Yes as far as I am aware, all foreign documents have to be translated with the translation provided together with a copy of the original language document. But hopefully one of the migration agents on this page can conform this for you for sure.
  10. Beffers

    Partnership Visa Evidence

    Potentially depending on how you present the information, ie your name may not have been on the bills - mine wasn't - but I had a monthly transfer of funds from my own account to my partner's, thus evidencing my share of the bills and annotated and referred to this in my statement and in the annotated bank statements. Your own personal statements may cover off some of the reasons but its hard to tell whether Immigration will accept this in lieu of a watertight well evidenced application. Have you spoken to an agent to double check this at all?
  11. Beffers

    Partner visa changes before June

    Yep I understand the 'may not' but why take the risk? Easier to consult a migration agent to make sure your application is watertight. Better than risking a rejection in my opinion, but obviously entirely up to you whether you get professional advice. Good luck.
  12. Beffers

    Showing Defacto Relationship for Visa

    Defacto = living together, sharing bills, paying rent together, lease agreements in joint names etc. Run this by a migration agent as your work and university reasons may be a good enough justification why you've not lived together, if you've stat decs from friends. But only an agent would be able to advise properly.
  13. Beffers

    Partner visa changes before June

    Time spent "dating" doesn't count. They will look at evidence of defacto/common law/living together, and not boyfriend/girlfriend stuff. Use a migration agent to make sure your evidence stacks up. Better than running risk of a visa refusal.
  14. Beffers

    Partnership Visa Evidence

    It doesn't sound like a lot to go on, if you've only one lease document, but if you could also show any joint insurance policies, annotated bank accounts showing sharing of bills and groceries, that might help. Good luck.
  15. This has definitely already happened and it was 2017 as we came over June 2017 and I was advised by Immi that I can't apply for citizenship until June 2021 ...