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    1. Positive Emigrating To Australia True Life Stories

      Can't stand whinging poms!!!! No point in emigrating if you're gonna moan about everything!!! Glad you've had a good journey too!!
    2. Form 80 for my partner visa

      I added a few more on all other contacts but not all of them, for example, my husband - the Aussie - has sisters and nieces/nephews galore but I didn't put any of them down!! I just did the two who provided our Stat Decs and then added my cousin and another contact in the extra section!
    3. Just got PR - what next?

      Only citizens have voting rights. Check with Medicare and Centrelink to see of you're eligible for anything extra. You can make an appointment to change your licence over, if you haven't done so already.
    4. It's a lottery. We were contacted after a week and a friend of mine didn't hear anything for nine months. Sit tight and make plans. We filled our time by selling belongings we didn't want to ship, researching jobs and networking on LinkedIn and all that kind of stuff. Good luck!
    5. Form 80 for my partner visa

      I just put two in this section and it worked for us.
    6. Welcome!!!! Hope you get settled in well and slot back into Aussie life!! I must msg you with my Aussie cell. Am sure Jess is pleased to be back on home soil!! Good luck!! Our container finally arrives at our rental tomorrow. I'm so excited!!!
    7. How much processing time for 489 family sponsored visa for Victoria 

      1. Wee bit of advice needed

        I wouldn't be selling your home in the UK until you decide/or can go for PR. Supposing you end up returning to UK, could you afford to start again from scratch? WA is very up and down for employment, and I'd be wanting guarantees on work rather than just someone saying they'll do all they can. A family of 5 will need to live in the meantime so you'd need to have enough to cover a rental bond and a few months rent, living expenses including running at least one car, childcare is expensive in Australia and there would be school or college fees for your eldest unless they will be working. Lots of things to consider before taking the plunge. We got through $12,000 just on buying a 2nd hand car (nothing fancy), school fees, rental bond, first months rent, groceries, etc very quickly. And that was on top of £17,000 to get here (visa fees, shipping container, flights, medicals, etc). Just make sure the figures add up. And good luck! Its one helluva an adventure!!!
      2. Partner visa 309/100 question

        You could politely point out the above, that they requested the med back then but ultimately if they want another one done and it's that or you don't get your Visa, just bite the bullet and get another one done. Better that than lose the entire application and all monies paid so far.
      3. Partner Visa Proof of Relationship

        Think creatively about documentation to prove you were at the same address, you must have this type of thing if you were both working, had bank accounts (no joint account?), phone contracts, invites and correspondence to you both . Do not concoct a dodgy rental agreement, if they suss you out, it'll be a decline and possibly barred from applying for a number of years plus a waste of money.
      4. Positive Emigrating To Australia True Life Stories

        So arrived Melbourne mid June via a 4 day layover in Singapore which was lush. Our Aussie dream started in 2006 when we got married in Barossa. Fast forward 11 years and we've arrived! Within three weeks, we had a car, house, Medicare, Centrelink set up, school place. Week four saw my daughter start school, week five was our week for starting work, husband full time permanent and me on a temp to perm whilst I suss them out! Also added bonus of working school hours only! In a nutshell, it's great. It's been an eye opener, going to view rental properties was very up and down and the way they do things out here in that respect is very different but we have a home and that's that! We will buy a house next year!! We opened accounts with Westpac over a year ago and they opened a GBP account for us before we left the UK so transferring money is a breeze and without any kind of transaction fees! We also get a preferential exchange rate. They are partners with our UK bank Barclays and so it's all made just that bit easier. People were whinging at me about high cost of living but I haven't seen that. Wages are high (I'm in a bog standard project Admin job and if I was full time, my equivalent salary in GBP would be £45000!) , and many activities are free at weekends so we are spending less anyway. Yes if you want British branded this and that, you will pay higher but there are equally good alternatives within Australia so if you wanna pay extra, that's your choice! Quality of food here is amazing and the choice never ceases to amaze me. I've met a few whinging poms since I've been here, who moan about lack of decent gravy and tea. I truly believe such individuals should've stayed in the UK 😂😂 Yes you are far away from family. In our case tho, we were already living in a different country within UK from our folks anyway so it really isn't any big deal, and Skype is just as easy here. Australia so far (8 weeks today I think) is awesome and hopefully it will continue to be so. It's definitely been the right decision for us!!! 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺
      5. Melbourne to become unliveable

        I have a 40 minute train journey from Upwey to Camberwell. Stress free thus far, apart from me getting on wrong trains! I don't find Melbourne too bad at all, then again, I'm from London, it's all relative!! I also live in a small township at the edge of the metropolitan area so avoid suburbia a lot of the time!!
      6. Moving to Australia

        We flew Singapore Airlines and Qantas to get to Melbourne via Singapore, one way PR unvalidated visa and we had an extra 15kg over the top of our 90kg (family of 3).
      7. Fed Government Job with PR

        They have to get exemption from their own rules. I enquired after a Fed Got job recently in Vic. I'm a PR and was advised they have to prove beyond contestation that no other applicant can a) either do the job, or b) could be trained into that job. The recruiting agent said the second part is really hard to prove and they weren't prepared to push for this on my behalf (it was a contract/temp post). It's probably different for a permanent job!