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  1. Am sure she's well stoked!! Fab it's come thru so quickly for you both! Yeah reactivate your CommBank acc online or give their London office a buzz.
  2. You won't qualify for a family visa but check your occupation against a skills list. Alternatively consider a Working Holiday Visa in the short term.
  3. You can set that up before you go as the big 4 allow you to set up a migrant account before you leave the UK.
  4. Whoop whoop!! Well done, so happy for you. We left Northern Ireland last Wednesday!! X
  5. Just wanted to say that we used McGimpseys of Bangor for our shipping. Very professional, friendly team, nothing too much trouble. Most other operators including Crown, Anglo Pacific etc sub-contract to a local NI firm if they don't have an office in Belfast. We got quotes from three national firms and McGimpseys were at least £500 cheaper than all of them. We also packed some of our own boxes, and they knocked a further discount off the price for this. Highly recommended.
  6. So much easier to apply on line and then upload docs etc that way. Some wait for CO contact and others front load. I don't know whether one is better than other. I waited for contact from CO, and my application took 12 weeks from submission to grant. Good luck!
  7. The only docs of ours which were witnessed were the Stat Decs. We typed up our statements and just signed them.
  8. Yep we saw these £300 on their website for later in the summer, but not for the dates we wanted next month! Well done you for securing the bargains!!!!
  9. Happy days, yep we got something similar for our one way trip next month, 500 each in all in, Singapore Airlines to Singapore, 4 day stopover then Qantas to Melbourne We booked ourselves on airlines' websites following time on Kayak. When we went to a travel agent, she wanted 2500 for 3 of us for exactly the same itinerary!
  10. Just be wary that if you come across to Australia and live here for 4/5 years and then move back to the UK just as your eldest was looking at uni options, you may get stung for international fees as you've not been resident in UK prior to her going to Uni.
  11. Hi Bella My husband is an Australian Citizen but he left Australia in 1991 and has been living in Europe ever since. However, because he never renounced his Citizenship, he was qualified to sponsor me, and we got our grant earlier this month. I know you can be a Permanent Resident of Australia and be a sponsor, but I don't know about a PR who doesn't live there - I assume you have a Residents Return Visa to allow you back in the country, or is your Visa still within its first five years? I think you'd need to ask someone qualified to answer, ie migration agent or ring the Service Center to ask them, prior to submitting your application. You wouldn't want to pay the AUD 6865 and then be told no, you won't be approved as a sponsor (as there is a section on IMMI for the sponsor as well to upload relevant documents and statements, and then they go through an approvals process and the IMMI is updated with 'Approved' next to the Sponsor's name once they've passed through the process successfully). Good luck!!
  12. Hi Bella My sponsoring partner was an Australian Citizen (although he had lived in the UK since 1991 but never renounced his Citizenship so that was okay). If you hold a PR, I know you can sponsor a partner, but I don't know if you have to be residing in Australia - in terms of your PR, I'm assuming you have a Return Residents Visa to go back okay? Otherwise your PR status could lapse?
  13. We applied via London so offshore, and my UK police check was dated 18th March 2017 and so we were given the date of 17th March 2018 to enter Australia by. By the sounds of it, if your meds were dated December 2016, then you'll have until December 2017 to enter the country (providing your visa is granted by then), or if for whatever reason it hasn't been granted by then, you'll need to re-do meds and police checks as they have to be valid at the time of the visa grant. As @snifter said, your Case Officer should be able to advise you in any case. My case officer was fabulous.
  14. If you have any doubts as to your evidence, I would consider using an Agent as it's an awful lot of money to spend if you have doubts. The information on the website is very thorough and there is a partner/PMV thread on this site which is useful reading to learn about the experience of others, but your application is unique to you and will be judged on its own merits and evidence.