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    1. Urgent, buying property while on temp partner visa

      I had a friend who was on a temp partner and they needed to pay an extra $8000 or thereabouts. Their lawyer would be able to provide exact details as he's working through the conveyancing paperwork.
    2. Urgent, buying property while on temp partner visa

      Yeah generally non PR or Citizens need to get FIRB approval to own property in Australia.
    3. The Med letter will always state 100 as ultimately this is the PR Visa you get followibg the 309 and a medical for PR is different to one for a temp visa, esp if you've underlying conditions that could cost Australia $$$ to cover you.
    4. Can someone please clarify visa fees

      I had a medical issue on my 309/100 application last year. The panel doc referred me to an endocrinologist for a consultants session, and they wrote to the panel doc who subsequently passed my medical. This was all achieved within a week, but perhaps I was lucky.
    5. Info needed

      If you decide to make the move, do so first having all the facts. If you move, then break up say after a year and then you want to come back to UK, you will not be able to bring your children as international law will recognise their home as Australia, and you will need both your (by then) ex partner's permission and a court order to remove the children legally from Australia. If you leave the country with your kids and without the aforementioned procedures being followed, you can be pursued for child abduction. Look up the Hague Convention. Also if you do decide to go, you need to consider the possibility that if you do split, you could be in Australia for a very long time without your support networks at hand. And also whilst Australia does have a child support system, similar to the UK, the cost of living here is much higher and you need to consider the possibility of becoming a single working mum supporting your own kids and keeping a roof over your heads etc. Think practically. You seriously need to have a long hard think about the future, before you commit to anything. And you and your partner need to sit down and have a conversation that covers all these eventualities. If you do move and then split, is he going to grant permission for you to leave the country and take his kids away from him (which is how Australian law will interpret it).
    6. News article

    7. I don't know whether there is enough de facto for you to be granted the 100 but it sounds as tho you've enough for a 309, providing you arrange the information succinctly and clearly, with good stat declarations etc. Meds, I waited until they were requested as I didn't want to risk paying for them twice, but it's up to you. Good luck!!
    8. Which account to open

      We went with Westpac Migrant Banking and didn't have to have any income, just $1 to open account. We opened it online from UK then spoke to their migrant banking team before we left and collected our bank cards in London. They also set up a GBP account to sit alongside our AUD one. We can transfer funds free of charge from our Barclays account to our GBP/AUD accounts with Westpac. No transfer fees at all and we've found this to be so useful!!!
    9. Moving to Melbourne

      Depends on where you live and where you work. Realestate.com.au is a good one to look up prices. Buying and running a car here is cheaper. Food prices are variable depending on where you shop, but the quality of food here is very good. Health insurance can be pricey but you can shop around for that. Public transport I've found cheap compared to London, $41/week for an All Melbourne weekly travel card. Check the PTV website for train and tram lines etc, and check commuting distances etc. Melbourne traffic is mental! Living near your work is a sensible option. Also lots of people would say that it depends on how far you're prepared to live from the CBD, but if you don't work in the CBD then that doesn't become an issue.
    10. The bank statements showing mortgage payments should be enough. We didn't provide a "mortgage statement" Just annotated our bank accounts etc. Good luck.
    11. De facto is the term I couldn't remember the name for lol
    12. Resident Return Visa-Is it too late?????

      I don't know that you can use RRV if the 309 has expired and the 100 wasn't granted but check with a good agent to make sure. Did you inform Department that you left in 2014?
    13. We typed ours. Mine was 3 pages and my husband's was 8 😂😂😂 Key dates, shared experiences, aspects of social life as a couple, life decisions like buying a house etc as a couple, that type of thing.
    14. Hi Medicals and police checks are only valid for 12 months and so you take the risk of including them, as if your application takes longer to process then you'll have to redo them (and pay again). The date of entry is up to 12 months after your police check/medical date, ie medical Jan 2018 = date of entry to validate visa is Jan 2019. Photos - don't include loads and loads. We put ours within a document with a line of text underneath. We included around 15 photos overall. Translation - not sure, perhaps someone else can advise. Also I've not heard of a couple who have only been dating and not married to be given the 100 straight away. It's normally married couples with/without kids who go straight to the 100, but it will depend on the strength of your application overall. Have you been living together for very long, do you have rent/mortgage statements in both your names for 12 months or more, joint bills, life insurances, - these are the kind of documents needed for a 100. A couple of flight tickets won't be enough on their own to prove the longevity, other types of documents such as those rated above. Good luck with it all!
    15. Well done!!! I've not been on here for a while but remember you talking about courts and the like. I'm sure you're well chuffed!!!!!