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  1. Suburbs that spring immediately to mind that probably fulfill all requirements (although I don't know any of them that well): Glenelg, Henley Beach, Brighton, West Lakes and surrounding areas. Suburbs that are further from the beach but fulfill the rest of the requirements: Unley, Norwood, Stepney, St Peters, Burnside, Tusmore and surrounding areas. All mentioned suburbs are quite expensive though - you don't mention a budget. All above suburbs are probably 20 minutes or less drive from the city, possibly slightly more in rush hour for some of them but you could walk in 20 minutes from some. Within an hours drive of the city are loads of beach side suburbs that would mostly meet your criteria but I'm not sure on the schools or buses, but there are train stations further out.
  2. The cheese isn't being banned, they are just changing the name. And call me a cynic but I can't help feeling that these kinds of name changes are more about marketing a product and getting more sales than actually about the name being offensive. Jut look how much conversation it's generated on here. Also name changes are often so the company can use the same name all over the world and the product is recognised by anyone that wants it regardless of the country they come from. While Coon may not be offensive in Australia it certainly is elsewhere and if the company wants to sell the same cheese in other countries it needs a new name.
  3. NicF

    Areas to live in Adelaide

    That's a wide and varied range of suburbs you have listed there. There is a vast difference in the look and feel in those areas and I doubt all of them would appeal in person but I don't think any are definite avoid areas in your list. Have you looked at the zoned schools for those areas? Or the potential private schools? When we were considering suburbs zoned schools played a bit part in our decisions as we knew we couldn't afford private. Have a look at https://www.myschool.edu.au/ for info on schools. When you get out of isolation have a drive round the different areas and see what you think.
  4. NicF

    Kids Passports

    We didn't realise our (Australian citizen by descent) kids had to have Australian passports until we tried to get them an eVisa against there British Passports and one of them was rejected because they thought they might be an Australian citizen. I'm not sure what criteria they use to match them up though as they only picked up one kid and not the other.
  5. NicF

    Going home soon (Personal Diary?)

    You are allowed to leave but you have to apply for an exemption first. I don't think it will be an issue if you can prove you are leaving the country for good.
  6. NicF

    The Official Weather Thread

    I think your memory might be fading as well. Daily average maximum temperatures for Sutton Bonnington for December for the 1960s and 1970s were well above zero. Daily minimum temperatures were only below zero for December in the early 60s. All historical data on maximum and minimum temperatures, along with air frost, rain and sunshine hours can be found here https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/research/climate/maps-and-data/historic-station-data That said though, the data definitely shows December to be warmer now than in the 60s and 70s. Just not sure it's quite as much warmer as some of us think it is.
  7. NicF

    Are we coming out of isolation too soon?

    Yeah, but we see the international version of the BBC not the UK version. The only way for us to see the UK version would be if we had a VPN that showed us as being in the UK. What I don't know though is how different the two versions are in terms of what news is shown and where.
  8. NicF

    How is Trump doing so far?

    They are not testing it because Trump is saying it works. They are testing it because some small trials seemed to show it was helpful but some other small trials suggested it actually increased the death rate. Large scale medical trials are needed to be able to come to any firm conclusion about whether the drug is actually useful in the treatment of Covid-19 or not. I doubt very much that Trump is in possession of any facts about this that are not in the public domain and if he was I doubt he would be able to fully understand them anyway.
  9. NicF

    The "New Normal"

    Yes, but have reduced massively from pubs. I do wonder if people are really drinking that much more or just making sure they have supplies for when they want to drink. I know I recently bought 10 bottles of wine online where I would normally buy 1 or 2 bottles a week. But it's not as easy to get to the shop to buy my normal 1 or 2 bottles a week so I ordered about 7 weeks worth in one go instead. Maybe other people are doing similar and buying extra (like with toilet roll). What would be far more telling would be the total alcohol sales (including pubs, restaurants etc) and if these are higher and remain higher or if they even out overall.
  10. NicF

    Fall in migration due to Covid-19

    People who have PR visas but haven't yet moved to Australia. There are several of them on this thread alone. These are the people Starlight is suggesting should stay where they are currently living for now.
  11. NicF

    Coronavirus and Partner Visa (820)

    Isn't the 600 a temporary visa as well? If so wouldn't that mean they wouldn't be able to enter Australia on it?
  12. NicF

    Corona Virus

    Absolutely. The hospitalisation rate for the virus is around 20% so if the virus spreads out of control health systems are going to get overwhelmed very quickly leading to unnecessary deaths. Given the appropriate hospital care the death rate is probably even lower than 1%, assuming it's not just the old and infirm that are catching it in the first place.
  13. NicF

    Are you downloading COVIDSafe app ?

    I think there is a bit of crossed wires going on. I think Parley is talking about the Australian app - that is what the thread is about - whereas the link above is about the UK app. If you want to discuss the UK app and it's issues maybe you should start a separate thread about it. Just to add to this, in the Australian app you are only giving the government data if you test positive for Covid-19 and the only data you are giving the government is the phone numbers of the phones you have been in close contact with for 15 minutes or more so they can let the people you have been close to know that they have been close to someone with the virus.
  14. NicF

    Bank deposit garauntee

    The Commonwealth adjusted there redraw calculations a little while ago which may have resulted in people’s redraw facility being reduced but they communicated with customers before hand with lots of warnings that the amount you could withdraw might reduce and to use a seperate savings account if this would be an issue. They may have been talking about future overpayments thinking about it but I didn’t pay much attention because I overpay to pay off my mortgage sooner not to build up savings. Presumably people’s money hasn’t actually been taken by ME as their mortgages are smaller than what they would have been if they had redrawn the funds first but they just can’t access the funds easily.
  15. NicF

    Are you downloading COVIDSafe app ?

    No, no problems on my iphone. Can download the FAQs no issues at all. I haven't tried to report an issue so don't know if that works or not.