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  1. NicF

    Do I Need Medical Insurance?

    SA ambulance have an option where you can cover yourself with them for interstate ambulance. It costs a little bit more than the cover for just in the state but not that much more.
  2. NicF

    Do I Need Medical Insurance?

    My health insurance paid for an ambulance in a situation that wasn’t life threatening. My son had fallen over on his way home from school and hurt his knee. He refused to move (he is autistic and doesn’t do pain very well) and a kind parent called an ambulance for him. Definitely not life threatening but still covered as it was still classed as an emergency. What you do have to watch for though is often health insurance will only cover one amublance call in a year and don’t cover none emergency amublance transport, ie transport between hospitals. Here in SA ambulance cover from SA ambulance covers all amublance transport and is also pretty cheap.
  3. NicF

    What would you do ?

    Unless I had a good reason to think the wife had been having an affair at the time of conception then I wouldn't even consider the possibility that the child wasn't mine. Genetics can throw out some quite different looking kids with exactly the same parents. I've known non identical twins look significantly different, never mind regular siblings.
  4. NicF

    Shippers, not recommended

    Also it’s cheaper for better cover. When we you have been on sites like this for as long as we have you see how often people who have insured through the shipping companies struggle to get anything when they make a claim. On the other hand those that you a third part (Letton Percival immediately spring to mind) seem to have no problems when making a claim.
  5. NicF

    Bring Back Abbott ?

    From what has been said on the news here it looks like Abbott could be at risk of losing his seat at the next Election. I suspect the whole bring back Abbott thing is simply about getting him reelected.
  6. NicF

    House or apartment in SA?

    Yes. It was always safe to drink, it just didn't taste very nice.
  7. NicF

    Travel insurance - back to UK

    I've used various places for travel insurance for trips back to the UK but never had to claim so can't really comment on that side of things. I usually use a comparison site or two to compare policies as I want to ensure the cancellation cover actually covers the cost of the flights, and then the other features may be more or less important to me. Place I have insured with previously include Online Travel Insurance (yes that is the name of the place) and Travel Insuranz. I think we may have used 1 Cover at some point as well. All would have been selected because they gave me the cover I wanted for the best price.
  8. NicF

    House or apartment in SA?

    Tap water is much improved in Adelaide these days. Not saying it's the best but it's certainly significantly better than it used to be. Never had an issue with fleas here either, either in holiday rentals, rented house or anywhere else. We have a dog and he doesn't have any issues with fleas either, although we do treat him monthly with stuff that deals with all sorts of things, including fleas.
  9. NicF

    Got what he deserved? 👋

    Personally I do not condone violence of any sort under any circumstances. The kid with the egg was in the wrong for hitting Anning with the egg but Anning was just as much in the wrong for hitting back. To me you either think violence is wrong, in which case they are both guilty, or you think it is okay, in which case neither party did anything wrong.
  10. NicF

    Adelaide Job Hunting Tips

    I think the best way to describe state government IT departments is incompetent. It isn't so much that individuals are incompetent but rather the organisation and procedures and there is no real drive to change and improve. People tend to be settled in for life, don't get exposure to best practice elsewhere and are reluctant to change so nothing really changes. Even if you seem to be in a position to change things there are always obstacles in the way. If you are happy to just fit in and do whatever you are asked it probably doesn't matter too much but if you want to improve things or do things better it can be a demoralising experience. Ask @deryans. IT management of what? Networks, systems, development? Organisations will expect you to have experience of managing what they are actually looking for. Unisa currenlty have a vacancy for a manager in there IT department, see here => https://workingatunisa.nga.net.au/cp/index.cfm?event=jobs.checkJobDetailsNewApplication&returnToEvent=jobs.listJobs&jobid=A2413B14-7F5D-C31A-FA8E-ACE7004F4720&CurATC=External&CurBID=62AFB35D-9273-4A11-8DCC-9DB401354197&JobListID=6197ee04-5be0-8ea1-d1b8-88a13d6e592b&jobsListKey=26ddba18-69ca-4a2e-9184-8240c71ad921&persistVariables=CurATC,CurBID,JobListID,jobsListKey,JobID&lid=27860120078 I happen to know there is someone in the position at the moment but IT have form for appointing an external candidate over the internal person doing the job. Other places that come to mind that you could look at for work are places such as NCVER, Technology One, RAA, SA Water. I suspect most of these would advertise positions on Seek but it never hurts to research the organisations and make a direct approach if you think you have skills they can use. Be prepared to start out as casual or on a short term contract. These can often lead to permanent work or more contacts for future postions.
  11. NicF

    Adelaide Job Hunting Tips

    Not entirely true, at least not in Adelaide. The state government has it's own job vacancy site and not all the jobs on there make it to seek. Same with all three Universities. Although I will say if it's not on Seek it may be they are expecting to fill the job vacancy with an internal candidate. Often there will be someone doing the job already on a casual or fixed term basis but they can't give them a continuing position unless they have been merit selected. In these instances they have to advertise the job and go through the process of recruiting even though they know exactly who they want to give the job to. It's all a bit of a farce if you ask me and completely unfair on the people who apply for the job. @JetBlast what area of IT do you work in? It's worth checking out the University website's for jobs (unisa.edu.au, adelaide.edu.au and flinders.edu.au). Also see if you can find the state government job website, although I don't particularly recommend working for the state government. If you say what kind of IT jobs you are looking for I might be able to point you in the direction of a few other places to try (or not depending on the skills).
  12. NicF

    New York Abortion Law

    There are some (rare) conditions where the feotus is alive and well inside the womb but has no chance of surviving once born. The womb is basically life support for the baby and once it's gone there is no life. In these circumstances it should be up to the parents to make the decision about whether to continue with the pregnancy until 'normal' birth or to abort. If the baby has no signs of life (ie is actually dead inside the womb) then there is no need for an abortion as such and if the woman does not go in to labor naturally then medical professionals will usually be induced to deliver the baby as a still born.
  13. NicF

    New York Abortion Law

    Important words from the article 'and the procedure could be done until the mother's due date if the woman's health is endangered or if the fetus is not viable. The previous law only allowed abortions after 24 weeks of pregnancy if a woman's life was at risk.' I haven't read the actual law but this seems to imply that abortions after 24 weeks can be performed if the woman's health is at risk or the fetus is not viable, in other words, if the baby would not be able to survive outside the womb. I'm not sure an abortion after 24 weeks is appropriate just because a woman's health is at risk - I would expect that in most cases the baby could and would just be delivered as a pre term baby and given the special care that any pre term baby would receive. However I can understand why an abortion may be performed late in pregnancy if it was found that a baby could not survive once born.
  14. To be fair the previous all time high in Adelaide was 46.1, so it wasn’t like it hasn’t been really hot before. We had one year when we had 5 days of 40 plus temperatures. We were in the UK at the time so missed out on that one. It does get up to 40 plus quite often over summer here but the frequency of heatwaves is increasing and the cool changes are becoming less cool.
  15. NicF

    Heatwave in oZ

    According to my thermometer it is currently 48.2C in the shade of my orange tree in the front garden. I’ve just been out to water the lime tree that looks very droopy. Hoping I’ve caught it in time and it doesn’t die off. The lemon and orange trees are much more established and seem to be coping okay. The dog is coping with the heat just fine. He gets to stay inside in the air conditioning but still chooses to go out and lie in the sun in the back garden. Not for too long usually but he has a dog door so can come and go when he wants. He would have come out with me to water the tree if I had let him but I kept him inside. Not because of the heat but because our garden isn’t secure and he would be off if he saw something interesting. He had a walk this morning but won’t get one this evening. I’ll probably get the hose pipe out and water the back lawn and the dog later.