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  1. NicF

    Moving to Adelaide

    Unlike the other posters above I actually live in Adelaide. It's a small city, especially compared to Melbourne and Sydney, but I am working and my OH is now retired but used to work short term contracts and not only has he never had an issue getting work he's had agents contact him about roles that have come up. Work will be very industry related though so do your own research and develop your own contacts. The state government are currently doing a lot to try and attract business here, although a lot of it is tech type business. Don't be put off by what retired people living in other states have to say about the job market here but do try and find people in your industries living here that can tell you how it really is. Job vacancies don't always get advertised on Seek but Seek is a good place to look to get an idea of what jobs are around. As for University, there are 3 Universities in Adelaide to choose from, Adelaide University, Flinders University and University of South Australia. I work at one of them so won't comment any further on how good they may or may not be but would suggest you do some research. I do have a daughter currently at University of South Australia on the second year of a file course. She has already had the opportunity to work (voluntarily) on a professional short film set and has been offered the role of production manager on another, (very) low budget short film that is to be filmed here in Adelaide. As part of her course there is the chance for some students to work with Rising Sun Pictures (who do special effects for Hollywood films) who are based here. As citizens your kids should be able to get commonwealth assisted places and be entitled to HECs.
  2. If you are going to bring one bring both, unless you want to just stick the mattress on the floor. The bed sizes here are slightly different to the UK (not sure about EU) - a UK king is almost the same as an Australian Queen size. The slight difference means you can get away with putting Australian bedding on a UK mattress (we have Australian queen sized sheets on a UK King size bed at the moment) but you will struggle to get a UK sized mattress on an Australian bed frame. Table of Australian bed sizes below for info.
  3. NicF

    Do you consider yourself Australian?

    I don’t have an Australian passport but I’ve been here nearly 9 years so could have had citizenship for years. I will get round to it eventually but I’m not in any hurry. When I do though I will not be any more Australian than I am now, which is not Australian at all. I consider myself to be British and will always be British as I was born and spent the first 37 years of my life there even though I’m not bothered about living in Britain anymore. My husband was born and bred in Australia and has a British passport but would consider himself Australian. My kids on the other hand have both British and Australian citizenship and spent the first half of their childhoods in the UK and the second in Australia. I think their sense of being British or Australian is very different to ours. Last time we went to the UK (about 3.5 years ago) they both said they felt British in Australia and Australian in Britain. My 19 year old said the other day she felt more Australian than British now though. Maybe when I’ve spent another 30 years here I’ll start feeling a bit more Australian.
  4. NicF


    Yes. They are able to tell from your passport what visa you hold and therefore whether you need an exemption to leave or not.
  5. NicF

    Missing the UK

    I'm not sure most Poms is fair but I am certainly amazed by the number of people that would never dream of living in a distant, soulless suburb in the UK who choose to live in distant, soulless suburb in Australia and then complain about how boring it is.
  6. I've sent in several reports. I'm sure one of the mods or admin will deal with it when they get the chance.
  7. NicF

    Citizenship by descent

    If he moved now, with the kids, they would need a visa as well, but they would just be included as dependents on the wife's visa application.
  8. NicF

    Citizenship by descent

    I never said there was. Parley said he could pass down the citizenship to his children and I said he couldn't unless he had spent 2 years in Australia prior to the application (for citizenship by descent for the children.) As the OP has never spent any time in Australia his children cannot apply for citizenship by descent.
  9. NicF

    Citizenship by descent

    Read the link above. If you have Australian citizenship by descent, which the OP does (and which allows you to get a passport), then you cannot pass the citizenship down to any children unless you have spent at least 2 years in Australia prior to the application for the child's citizenship.
  10. NicF

    Citizenship by descent

    Not if he hasn't lived in Australia for 2 years first, which according to the above posts he hasn't.
  11. NicF

    Pound £ on a roll!

    The 1.1% only applies if you deposit a minimum of $200 a month in to a linked USpend account. We've opened one a couple of weeks ago so I'm very familiar with it.
  12. NicF

    British supermarkets vs Australian supermarkets

    I haven't been in but I have heard about it. I went to the IGA at Wattle Park on Good Friday for milk - not somewhere I would normally go but the closest place open on Friday hence the visit. I was surprised at just how full of artisan produce it was and how fresh and inviting the fruit and veg and bakery section were. Not what I would expect from an IGA at all. Both very much a reflection of the areas they are in I suspect.
  13. NicF

    Government reshuffle

    What has whether she reported the assault or not got to do with anything? Are you saying that employers should only support employees that have been assaulted if they report it to the police? If someone has been assaulted in the workplace and doesn't want to involve the police does that mean employers have no duty of care to them at all?
  14. NicF

    Can my son transfer in year 12?

    There might not be as many jobs for international flight pilots but there would probably be more for small plane pilots. Given the distances in Australia there are a lot of planes flying between cities and smaller regional airports and requirements for pilots to fly things like flying doctors services and the like.
  15. NicF

    Home Affairs accused me of lying

    Have you actually applied for a permanent visa?