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  1. NicF

    20/20 World Cup cricket

    I read the write up of the match on the ABC and it sounds like it would have been quite exciting to watch. Pakistan looked to be on for a win early on in the Australian innings but Stoinis and Wade pulled out the win. You will get your New Zealand vs Australia final after all @Parley. Will you stay up and watch it?
  2. NicF

    20/20 World Cup cricket

    It would be but Australia have to beat Pakistan first.
  3. NicF

    Net Zero šŸŒŽ

    To pay for the wishful thinking or the magic?
  4. NicF

    Net Zero šŸŒŽ

    None. Not federally mandated anyway. Our net zero target is going to be met by wishful thinking and magic. It certainly won't be met due to action from the federal government.
  5. Mangos are relatively cheap and plentiful at the moment, although the prices seem to change daily. In the last couple of weeks I've paid $2 and $2.50 in the supermarket for Calypso mangos (my favorite variety). Previous years I've seen them as much as $4 each.
  6. NicF

    NSW to open 1st November

    Steven Marshall has made lots of noise about SA opening up once 80% vaccinated, but that isn't likely to happen until early December at the earliest. And the decision isn't actually his to make under current rules so it could be interesting to see what happens here.
  7. NicF

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    Large chunks of Australia don't need a freedom day because they are already free. I wish people would realise that there is more to Australia than NSW and Victoria and that the other states aren't locked down, have minimal restrictions and are allowing people to travel in to, and out of, the state freely with the other parts of Australia that aren't NSW and Victoria.
  8. NicF

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    The word pandemic has a very specific meaning in the world of health and when the Covid virus was first identified it wasn't declared a pandemic because it did not meet the criteria to be classified as a pandemic. The WHO declared a Public Health Emergence of International Concern on 30 January 2020 and declared the outbreak a pandemic on 11 March. I don't think they ever denied that the virus was contagious.
  9. NicF

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    SA has also weathered the pandemic well with little in the way of lockdowns and school missed / home schooling. And I believe the NT is in a similar position.
  10. NicF

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    Australia isn't in lockdown. And those parts of Australia that are still in lockdown are waiting for rates of vaccination to increase before easing lockdowns.
  11. They are still doing the trial but it is for interstate visitors currently and not international arrivals. They may well opt to go for home quarantine for fully vaccinated international arrivals but it will be for 14 days and not the 7 NSW are doing at least for the time being.
  12. For anyone thinking of coming to South Australia (I know - it's probably not many) the premier has said that SA will not be signing up to the 7 day home quarantine for international travelers, for the time being at least. The good news for people in Australia is that there is an expectation that fully vaccinated visitors from NSW and Victoria will be allowed in to the state by Christmas. More details, in case anyone is interested, in this article https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-10-06/sa-fully-vaccinated-interstate-travel-for-christmas/100518050
  13. Agree completely with the above post. And just to add the borders will only open once a state reaches 80% vaccinated and most states apart from NSW are some way off that. Even once 80% vaccinated premiers have said that they will not open if there are communities with significantly lower rates of vaccination. There is little detail on how the 7 day home quarantine will work either and so far only NSW and SA have gone anywhere near the idea - Iā€™m not aware of any of the other states agreeing to this yet. Plus no detail on what proof someone will need to show they are fully vaccinated, even for people vaccinated here in Australia. While I would love a trip overseas to see my mum while I still can I will be waiting for far more certainty about how the new border arrangements will work before booking flights.
  14. NicF

    Australian TV - the best and the worst?

    I love the masked singer. I usually have no idea who the 'celebrities' are but I love the kitsch of it all. I also like Masterchef and got sucked in to the last series of Australian Survivor (my OH would have it on) but I'm not a fan of other reality TV. We don't watch a lot of terrestrial TV but I do like Rosehaven (which has just finished but may be available on ABC catch up), Have You Been Paying Attention and Gruen, which is about to start again. I'll also watch the odd QI (which I know is not Australian but is shown here).
  15. NicF

    Australia v China

    Only until China can find an alternative source for them.