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  1. NicF

    Anyone watching the cricket ?

    In this case it made no difference where the fielders were as the ball went in to the crowd. I've seen plenty of ramp shots played over the head and behind the batter. Should we ban that shot as well? Or the reverse sweep? Or any shot that doesn't play nicely to the right hand field set up that the fielding side has placed? There is nothing to stop the opposition batters doing the same thing if they have the skills to do so.
  2. NicF

    Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

    I didn't - most of the sales are no better than what you can get at other times and the things we really wanted weren't on sale anyway. I should probably have bought another bag of dog food yesterday though as it was on special and I'm going to need one in the next few days.
  3. NicF

    Bank Account

    I disagree entirely with the post above. When there are so many things to do when you first arrive having a bank account set up and ready to go is a really good idea. I believe some of the banks will have your cards there ready to pick up as soon as you arrive as well. Paying for things with a UK card is a sure way to loose money in fees and poor exchange rates. Plus you have the danger of the bank deciding you have unusual transactions on your account and stopping your card. The big 4 banks (NAB, Westpac, Commonwealth and ANZ) will all allow you to open accounts from overseas and activate once you arrive in Australia. We started with ANZ then changed to Commonwealth when the ANZ started trying to charge us fees. Which ever bank you decided to go with before you move I would recommend looking at better options once you are here, especially if you are likely to purchase from overseas on a regular basis.
  4. NicF

    Does nobody own a small car in Perth?

    We have an SUV that isn’t a 4x4. We got it because my OH has problems with his knees and he was struggling to get in and out of a regular car, especially when parked on our sloping drive. I’m 5’4 and while I find it high it’s not that hard to get in and out of.
  5. NicF

    Hoarding and Panic Buying

    My OH went to the supermarket today to get a few things. Place was empty of people with plenty of stock on the shelves. Being rational worked out pretty well for us.
  6. NicF

    Hoarding and Panic Buying

    I don't get it either. Supermarkets are one of the few things staying open so why rush out to panic buy? My OH said he felt an urge to go and buy stuff but his rational brain overrode it. I think in times like these there is panic and this sense of needing to prepare for the worst and a lot of people just go with that feeling and then others see the shelves looking bare and think they best get in while they can.
  7. NicF

    Corona Virus

    What @Marisawright said, plus for those that do get sick with the virus there is a large hospitalisation rate. If too many people get sick at the same time then the hospitals get overwhelmed and can no longer provide full treatment to everyone that needs it and you end up in a position where people that would have survived with treatment end up dying.
  8. NicF

    Corona Virus

    Yep, full on proper lockdown with schools, uni, shops and non essential services closed. Lots of panic buying today, which is ridiculous because supermarkets will be one of the few places staying open. I did panic book borrowing instead because the libraries will be closed. On the positive side my work have given me 4 days off fully paid even though we were working from home anyway (hence the book borrowing).
  9. NicF

    How is Trump doing so far?

    It's setting out a scenario where they can claim fraud with no evidence, ignoring any court rulings that there is no fraud, and then direct there reps to vote for Trump.
  10. What I don't get is if the Democrats really rigged the election why didn't they turn more states blue and do a better job on the ones that are close? I mean, the polls were predicting it so surely it wouldn't have been that big a surprise if Joe won by a much bigger margin?
  11. NicF

    Corona Virus

    How do you protect those people though without shutting them away on their own and leaving them to cope? A lot of elderly, vulnerable people and people with existing medical conditions live with family and/or need additional assistance with everyday living. The family and carers would also need to isolate to prevent passing on the infection. The family of the carers would need to isolate as well. And if the elderly, vulnerable and those with existing medical conditions need additional medical treatment they can't get that without them being put at risk unless all the healthcare professionals and their families isolate as well. I'm sick of reading people say we should protect the vulnerable and let everyone else get on with normal life because quite frankly the only way to protect the vulnerable is to eradicate the virus. People that talk about protecting the vulnerable don't really care about the vulnerable at all, they just want to be able to carry on with life as normal and to hell with everyone else.
  12. NicF

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Because a lot of people that voted Brexit didn't vote Brexit because of the promises made. They voted Brexit because they have never felt like they belonged in the EU, not helped by years of being fed misinformation about how the EU is to blame for pretty much everything. I know for my mum she was angry because the EU wouldn't let the deport some criminal or another (regardless of why the ruling was made). It wasn't about facts and figures or truth and lies, it was about feelings and belonging and you are never going to change the way those people feel by spouting facts and figures at them. It's also why a lot don't care about whether the UK leave with a deal or without one, just as long as they leave.
  13. NicF

    Corona Virus

    What do you think survival rates will be like for cancer patients that catch Covid?
  14. NicF

    Corona Virus

    Nothing to do with the poor politicians and everything to do with the fact that we simply do not have the population to support a paediatric cardiology unit in SA. Hence why sick kids have to go to Melbourne for treatment. There was push for a paediatric cardiology unit to be created not that long ago that was dropped pretty quick when they realised it just isn’t viable - not enough kids need to be treated to be able to maintain critical skills. We are going to be getting some machine that will help keep kids alive until they can get to Melbourne instead apparently.
  15. NicF

    Corona Virus

    Link? Found one => https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-54833459 Not quite the same story but does talk about how they have already started the cull of the mink.