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Found 34 results

  1. Emma260

    Passport Renewal

    Hi Guys, I recently got married back in October 2019, and I'm going to Europe on my honeymoon. I'm looking in to renewing my passport with my new name and there are some questions I want to ask if people have done the same thing. So the picture I took on my iPhone came up as fair on the passport application, is that ok or do I need a better one? Also the website told me I have to send the original copy of my marriage certificate, I'm unsure of this because I am sending it all the way to England just makes me nervous applying for things such as a passport. If anyone has done the same or been through something similar can you please let me know. Much appreciated
  2. Hi All... I am new in this forum, By Feb 2013 we got positive assessment on 511112: Program or Project Administrator category from Vetassess. they assess 2 years of relevant job experience and one Bachelor Hons Degree and AQF Post Graduate Diploma. That time we didnt apply for EOI , now want to apply for EOI. Assessment has expired , need to renew with addition job years and employers. I Login to vetassess web account, but there is no option to apply for Renewal - expired skills assessment. Anyone here who did this before or can help me or guide me regarding this issue. Thanks.
  3. Wanderer Returns

    Renewing Australian Passport before expiry date

    Dear forum members, my Australian passport expires in September and I'm trying to find out the earliest that I can apply to renew it? Also, will my 'unused months' be added to the life of the renewed passport, or do you just get 10 years starting from the date of renewal? (meaning it would be better to wait as long as possible before renewing). Has anyone renewed their passport recently? I was just wondering what the length of time for the process was too? I believe that I will need to travel to London to complete the renewal process and that's not very convenient from where I live, which is why I wish to plan ahead a little. Many thanks in advance for your help.
  4. Hi all. I lodged an application for a renewal of my passport on the 29th Mar and old passport/paperwork was sent by courier and arrived on the 4th April, I have called them a few times and they are absolutely useless, I was supposed to be flying to HK tomorrow morning but my passport doesn't seem to have left the UK let alone arrived in Perth, is anyone else currently waiting a long time or is it just me? the website advises at least 4 weeks from receipt of docs and on Friday it will be 6 weeks, On a seperate note do I need to link my visa to the new passport or is it all electronic now? Cheers
  5. Hi I have just posted (via check and send - or whatever auspost call it,) my British passport off to be renewed. It says on the .gov website that renewal of passports takes 'at least 4 weeks' Has anyone found processing time to take significantly more, or less time? I have flights back to UK booked for 5 weeks today and I have my fingers crossed I will get my new passport back in time. My plan was to renew passport back in the UK as it is way cheaper, but only have 4 months left on my passport and unfortunately singapore will not let me transit through with less than 6 months. ggrrr!! I going to make a decision in the next few days about the need to push my flights back a few days. Cheers
  6. Hello everyone hope all is well and good? Not posted on here for a while as been loving oz life but now have a big problem and seeking help . We are currently renting in Brisbane and have been in same property for past 6 months. our current and 1st rental agreement is due to end mid sept, we received renewal of this rental contract mid july which commenced rental agreement from mid sept till end jan 2012. just previous to receiving the renewal contract my husband applied for a job in cairns but hadny heard anything, so when we received renewal contract ( 7 weeks before commencement date!!) we signed it, after a couple of phone calls from real estate agent chasing us up, then when they had lost it, threatening to issue us with a 'Notice to vacate'. well, since then, my hubby has been offered the job and its too good an opportunity to miss, the problem is, the landlord doesnt want to let us out of this renewal contract which starts in 2 weeks(!!!!) as he doesnt want to be out of pocket. We have sent him an email (via estate agent) but he doesnt want to budge..............Can anyone give us some advice or tips to help fight this??? Thank you in advance, we are desperate to get to Cairns but cant pay rent on 2 properties at the same time :err:
  7. Hi, I applied for PR 176 this June and uploading documents by last month including passport details. I applied for new Passport as my previous passport(on applciation) was getting expired in six months time. I have recieved my new passport today and privious one has been cancelled. As I dont have CO alotted yet so I need to ask, Should I need to fill Form 929 and email it to adelaide.gsm.documents@immi.gov.au? or Should I need to fill Form 929 and attach it on online document uploader window? or Should I directly Upload new passport details page scanned copy on on online document uploader window withoout filling the form? As CO has not assigned and previous documents have not been reviewed. Thanks Regards, Malik
  8. Guest

    457 renewal issue

    Hi everyone, I have been working in Australia since last 4 years on a 457 visa, which got expired on 12th April 2011. Now before that happened, my employer filed an application to renew my 457 visa, this was done on 9th Feb. Till date the application hasnt been finalized and I am a little worried abt it. Thing is that the case officer asked for my engineering degree certificate color copy a couple of weeks back. I had done my engineering from a private college which is not recognized here in australia. But I had used the same qualification when I had applied for 457 in 2007, and I had got this visa without any issues. My question is, is it possible that my visa could get rejected this time around because of this degree from private college which is not recognized here in australia? I have been working with the same company for last 6 years and out of that 4+ in Australia. Can my application be refused? Also, if the application gets rejected, can I apply for a 856 visa (PR) now? On the basis that I have been working in australia for more than 4 years? I was told by an immigration agent that I dont have to go through ACS since I have enough Australian work experience. Is this correct? But that catch there is that I had to apply for PR while being on a eligible work visa, but now I am on bridging visa since 457 is expired and the new one is in process. Is this a problem? Can you guys please advice what possible and whats not? Thanks!
  9. Guest

    renewal of sub class 457 visa

    Hi Guys, I'm struggling to find information (from IMMI or otherwise) about renewing my 457 visa. My circumstances have not changed, i.e. same job, same employer. Can anyone point me in the right direction for information regarding this. Thanks, Dan
  10. i have just renewed my ten year passport. applied for a 175 visa in august 2009. catagory 3. no co yet. just wondered do i have to contact anyone about my new passport or do i wait until im assigned a co many thanks nicola
  11. Meadows73

    Passport Renewal

    Here's hoping someone may know the answer to this question. My RSMS 119 visa was granted 16 Feb 11 and I am now trying to book flights etc, as my employer is waiting for me to start work as soon as possible. However my son's UK passport will run out 11 Jan 2012. Now I did think of renewing it whilst waiting for my visa, but, my son has not yet had his first ADULT passport, his current passport started 11 Jul 2006- when he was 14, they would only give him a 5 year passport at that time. When applying for your first ADULT passport the time frame for applying is 2-3 months AND he has to be interviewed by the Passport office to establish his identity by questioning him about his life events. As we will be leaving in the next 4 weeks for Australia, there is now not enough time to renew his passport, how do we renew his passport in Australia, when he is supposed to be interviewed before it is granted? If anyone has the answer I would be so grateful. Thanks in advance.
  12. Hey everyone, just wondering if anyone out there can help me with this. My husband just recently got his british passport renewed in australia, he had to go to melbourne to get his visa transferred into his new passport, while he was there the guy who dealt with him told him he needs to get the 'travel' part of our visa renewed as it expires in June. But he said this was a seperate part of our visa....in other words we have to get two different renewals. We have been in Australia on a permenant visa for 5 years in June, so it is time we renewed anyway but got a bit confused about what this guy was saying. :huh: We want to go to USA in May/June and want to make sure we are allowed back into the country! Any insight on this would be great! Thanks! :biggrin:
  13. Hiya all, I'm new here, but I'm in desperate need of some information. Being a Belgian, I have no idea how car legal stuff works in Australia. I hope someone can help me. Here's the story: my gf is in Australia at the moment, doing a 7 month trip. She's in Sydney, NSW, now and has just bought a 2nd hand car (a Ford) to make the trip. Cars come with necessary complications, like registration. She's got her Rego in NSW now; the Rego runs out December 30. She will, ofcourse, have to renew it for 6 months, but she won't be in NSW by then anymore as she'll be travelling. Question: How to handle this renewal? What are the necessary steps to take? I'm asking this because I've seen that between the states of Australia, there's quite some difficulty and differences in registrating and what's valid in 1 state, isn't necessary valid in another state. So, she'll have to buy a green slip, ofcourse, but does it have to be one issued from NSW or are there other ways to renew the Rego when in another state than the one your car is registered in? Also, if the vehicle requires a safety check, can it be done in any state or does it have to be one in NSW? What's the max amount of time permitted between safety checking and renewing the Rego? Also, how much of the procedure can be done online, and which steps require going to a specified place? (like a registration office) Any other info of necessary info I need to know about this? Many thanks in advance for any info or useful comments, Scaesar
  14. emmaroo

    Passport Renewal

    I know this will have been answered before but what's the story when renewing your passport and your visa? Thanks Emma
  15. Hi guys. I am hoping to have a sponsor in the near future for a 457 visa. I have 20 months left on my current passport. Can I use this passport to go through the visa process and renew it when I am in Oz and its nearing its expiration date, or should I replace it now? Is it difficult to renew it in Oz? Thanks :wink:
  16. Hi all, I have just renewed 2 of the childrens passport as only 14 months left, do i just inform Australia House, What happens now do they have to send us anything new or does it just go on file, We are plaining on having our passports stamped up there anyway, Our agent has said becuase we have visa hes not sure if he can do it for us, he will let us know,:wubclub: all that money and cant help us now, lovly aint it.:err: Any way all help would be appreciated, Cheers All Tracey
  17. Guest

    856 'renewal'

    We have a sub-class 856 visas granted in January, 2005. They ‘expire’ in January, 2010. We recently applied for citizenship and have been successful but have yet to pledge. My partner has just changed jobs and the new employer is asking for visa details. We have a couple of concerns. First, are we permitted to work on the 856 post-expiry? Second, if required, how do we renew?
  18. the hutchies

    passport renewal

    can any one tell me how easy it is to renew your british passport in oz? i only have two years left on mine and the kids, we had our visa put in late 06 and activated it 07. we are still in the uk waiting for the sale of our house to go thro. we are hoping to go to oz july/aug but would like to still have uk passport for a few more years so would i be able to renew it easily when the two years are up or renew it now? and if i renewed it now what about my visa would it be transfered to my new passport. thanks for any replies lisa xx:wubclub:
  19. Hi All Hope someone can help me with this. I need to renew my passport. Everything is all fine apart from the confusion with the counter signature bit as I am reading conflicting information. According to the notes it says one of the photos must be signed by a counter signature. However, on the Direct Gov website advised by the Ukinaustralia high commsion website it says... "If you are renewing your passport, you only need to get your form coutnersigned and a photograph certified if you look very different from the photograph in your most recent passport" I definately still look the same as I was when I was 19. Same hair and everything (sad I know). But can someone clear this up for me please? As it is very difficult to find a counter-signature here as I just got here in June. Will the post office and the high commission in Camberra reject my application if I don't have it signed, even though the directgov website says something else?
  20. I have been sitting on a British Passport now for close to 10 years. I was born in and have lived in Australia for my entire life, passport obtained due to my father being a British citizen. Now I am considering going over to Europe to work for a while and am needing to renew my Passport. What I need to know is what documentation is needed to renew a 'red' British passport? Reading the C1 form it seems to indicate I need to supply my birth certificate, my fathers birth certificate, his marriage certificate etc Do I need to supply all of this again, or is sending back my passport, form and photo's all I need to do? I would have just called the helpline but after discovering the cost I thought it best I post here first :biggrin: Thanks in advance.
  21. sheffielder

    410 visa renewal

    Does anyone know of a good Australian medical health insurance company to use when applying to renew the 410 visa. Does the insurance cover have to be for a full twelve months
  22. Taz2008

    Passport renewal due!

    Well I have been putting off getting my passport renewed and now I am wishing I had done it before now, and now I am in a dilema! My little one runs out Feb 2010 (hers has a baby picture inside) and mine runs out Nov 2009 We are hoping to be hearing any day now about our state sponsorship and if all goes to plan and we get it, I want to get our meds and police checks done asap! As I dont want anymore delays!!! Now, what do I do as the paperwork for our meds have our passport details pre-printed on them and we also need to put details of our passport on the police checks... SO... Do I send off the passports now and wait to get the meds done? or wait until the meds and police checks are done and sent off before getting our passports renewed? Personally I was thinking to wait until meds and police checks are sent off before sending off my passport, as I know I have to inform the DIAC and thought that if they already have everything in then there wont be any confusion!? AAAAAGGGHHHHH HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE Thanks for any advice or pitfalls you can see! x Tasha x :wubclub:
  23. Guest

    Passport renewal - Impressed

    Less than 2 weeks from putting it in the post box to getting it back in my hands. Pretty impressive I thought! Only mention it, because I have changed it a bit early (lost 3 months on it) so that I have one passport during the application process! It is just another job ticked off the list!
  24. Guest

    Passport Renewal

    What do you need to do if you have your visa but your childs passport is going to expire before you go to Australia. If it is renewed will they transfer the Visa to her new passport ? Can they do this at Australia House? Thanks Travelling Nomad
  25. Don QuayPoly

    Passport renewal ?

    Hi folks, I have an interesting dilemma. I've just received my Permanent Residancy Visa (wehay !) but I need to renew my UK passport in the next 8 months. I'm heading back to the UK for a holiday in May so thought I might take the opportunity to renew while I'm there. So ... if I get a new passport then my old one with my permanent Res Visa becomes null and void, so what do i need to do to get back home to Oz ? Maybe one or two of you kind helpful people have had experience of this situation ? Thank you