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  1. partnership

    Parent 143 application using an agent or not

    Thanks Wesley. I have consulted two mara registered agents.
  2. Just about to apply for the 143 visa. I am inclined to use an agent (mara registered) but want to get an idea of whether most people use an agent or not and your recommendations based on your experience. Do agents generally charge an ongoing fee while waiting on the visa to be approved?
  3. partnership

    New quarantine period

    I understand that they have changed the quarantine period for dogs to 30 days unless something is stamped by an official government veterinarian. The website says they are in negotiations about this. Does anyone know if they have agreed anything for Ireland?
  4. Am trying to get money to apply for the 143 through an agent. I know it will take years but am looking for an updated estimate if possible.
  5. partnership

    Location location location

    Areas like redcliffe, Scarborough, Margate, all have beaches. Sandgate is a lovely village along seafront not great beach but nice.
  6. partnership

    When to apply for visitor visa

    Holiday booked for December. Going for a month to visit family. When do I need to apply for the visitor visa and which on. Coming from Ireland. Thanks in advance.
  7. partnership

    143 and AOS

    At what stage do you pay the AOS for the 143 visa?
  8. partnership

    Tax if on 870 or 600 visa

    Thanks Ken. Am exploring feasibility of going on the 870 (having applied for the 143 first). So we would be there temporarily pending the outcome of the 143 visa. As that visa is likely to take much longer we would end up having to go hope or be on a visitor visa for part of the time. We would probably rent out our house as I would not sell unless I had a permanent visa. As to pension possibly $45 to 50 k per year depending on exchange rate.
  9. partnership

    Tax if on 870 or 600 visa

    I presume if you are on a 600 visa and there for a year you do not pay any tax. If you are on the temporary parent visa and getting a pension from Ireland would this be liable to tax or is there a double taxation agreement with Ireland? If so how much?
  10. partnership

    Health insurance for 870 or 600 visa

    Anyone currently living in queensland on either 600 or temporary parent visa who could advise on what they pay for health cover? Would be 60 and 62 no major health issues but on thyroid and cholesteral tablets? Just researching what money we would need. From Ireland so think can only get reciprocal cover for 12 months.
  11. Thanks Marissa that is part of my post. How much income is required, what is cost of health insurance etc. We are from Ireland and my pension won't be frozen, do I pay tax in Ireland or Australia? Is there reciprocal agreement so some health is covered. We would not buy until permanent or would get son to buy.
  12. Thanks for this. Might be best to wait til he is pension age and apply onshore at this rate. Will do a consult with an agent. Just want to explore other options as well.
  13. I am 57 hubby is 59 and our son and grandchildren are in Queensland. They are citizens. We would like to move over there and I understand that the only permanent Visa we can get is the contributory parent Visa that is taking 6 years to process now. We have not applied yet but hope to soon. If we lodge the application what options do we have to go to live and work in Australia? Could we go on a student Visa or a sponsored 482 Visa? Is there a clause in the parent Visa to say you cant apply for another Visa? The temporary parent Visa- if we applied for this we cannot work. How much would we need to live fairly comfortably and pay rent in Brisbane? When I am 60 I will get a work pension so need to know if it would be enough to live on over there while waiting on the permanent Visa.
  14. partnership

    Hecs loans

    It is my son who is studying to be a teacher and it is a career he wants to follow. He is working full time and has a family so the cost of study is an issue. Thank you to those who responded with information.
  15. partnership

    Hecs loans

    Thanks Amber. My son has been studying part time to be a teacher. He works full time as does his wife with 2 children. He has struggled to pay the fees. He has just got his citizen cert and thinking about getting the loan.