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  1. partnership

    Some advice for the future

    I did a masters last year by course work and oh was allowed work fulltime. I could work fulltime in holidays which doesn't really happen. I triple checked it as wording can be misleading.
  2. partnership

    Some advice for the future

    Defacto partner can work fulltime if you are doing a Masters.
  3. partnership

    Returning to Australia with dog

    Just came back to Ireland from Australia with my dog. Hoping I will be returning to Australia in a few years. Is there anything I need to do that might make it easier to bring my dog back in the future?
  4. partnership

    Advice re parent visa

    My son is living in Australia , has PR and two children. I just spent 20 months there on a student Visa doing a masters and want to move there fulltime. I was offered sponsorship but it was a different state and my oh had already returned home and resumed his job. The finances did not add up to run two households. I could seek sponsorship again but it is hard to get at my age 54 and not in Australia. Also cost of going back. Temporary parent Visa not an option because I couldn't work. It will be 6 years before I would have the money for the contributory Visa so wondering when to apply. Are there any agents who do free initial consults?
  5. partnership

    What is Mildura like

    Best place to rent either in town or nearby? Have a dog.
  6. partnership

    482 visa advice please

    Thanks Raul. I agree but am not in touch directly with the company agent it is very frustrating as have very little information. Would you be available for a consultation?
  7. partnership

    482 visa advice please

    Thanks. Am working on it. Does anyone know if I can lodge a 600 visitor visa the day before my visa expires? It is complicated by fact hubby is on my student visa and he will depart on 29th when visa up. Am afraid if my visitor visa granted it will cancel the student one leaving him in trouble.
  8. partnership

    482 visa advice please

    Thanks Raul. That is the reason it was delayed until now. They have met this requirement.
  9. partnership

    482 visa advice please

    I am thinking of lodging a visitor visa as needed to sell stuff and make arrangements for my dog. I am unsure if I can go from visitor visa to 482
  10. partnership

    482 visa advice please

    I have been offered sponsorship by a large company. However my current Visa which is a student one runs out on Thurs. I am unsure if that leaves enough time to lodge and wonder what I should do now. My hubby is also on my Visa. The company are trying to get the application in but their immigration person was away until today. I am hoping they can clarify tomorrow but need to know what options I have as panicking.
  11. partnership

    From student to visitor visa

    Thanks, Paul. I am worried about the timing. My husband will leave the day the visa expires (we have a wedding so can't leave before then) as he is going back home to work. I need to stay to sell up our stuff and organise the dog to travel as she can't travel until 1st October due to airline rules. I am not worried about it being granted as I have sufficient evidence that it is a short stay. My worry is solely about it being granted to soon and leaving the husband in limbo. I could apply for a visitor visa for him as well the week before but it costs 365 for the onshore one and it seems pointless as he will definitely be leaving.
  12. partnership

    From student to visitor visa

    Another question. If I apply for the 600 visitor visa a week before my current student visa ends does it replace it? My other half is a dependent on my student visa but he will be going home and I will stay for extra month so don't want to impact him.
  13. Exploring options. Current student visa ends soon and I need to stay on for a month to sell up stuff and organise dog transport home. There is the possibility of a sponsored job but it might not happen before my current visa ends. Can I apply for a 482 visa if I am on a visitor visa?
  14. partnership

    What is Mildura like

    I am looking at a job option in Mildura and wonder what it is like to live in, accommodation costs and work opportunities for my other half.
  15. partnership

    Lost job on a TSS Subclass 482 visa

    Why not apply for defact now. If you are in a state that lets you register your relationship that does away with one year requirement. Best to consult registered agent