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  1. sammy11480

    When can I apply

    That's OK. I would much rather be thorough and it was a good thing to consider. Thanks again.
  2. sammy11480

    When can I apply

    Thank you very much for this. That's great advice and I will do this very soon.
  3. sammy11480

    When can I apply

    Thank you. No I wasn't planning on leaving after the application but after we actually obtained citizenship. So just wanted to get the ball rolling as quickly as possible. I guess we just have to have patience until the four years are up. Good to know where we stand. Thanks so much.
  4. sammy11480

    When can I apply

    Thank you. So helpful. I imagine then you have to provide evidence of when you actually arrived in Australia? I wondered if they could take it from when the visa was granted, which in our case was April 2019. Or if the four years has to be taken from when you touch down on Aussie soil. The reason I ask is I am eager to apply immediately as we need to leave Australia as soon as possible. So if there was any way we could apply now, it would be great to know. We are only 4 months from the four years since we got here. Thanks again! Sam
  5. sammy11480

    When can I apply

    Hi everyone We are a family of four and are PR. We have been in Oz for four years next January 2024. I am wondering if we can apply now before the four years or if the application wouldn't be considered yet? Also, interested to know the timeframe until we would be citizens. Many thanks Sam
  6. sammy11480

    Is my daughter in the right year group for her age?!

    Thank you very much. Thank you very much.
  7. sammy11480

    Is my daughter in the right year group for her age?!

    Thank you everyone. Oops in my original post, I forgot to mention that we have moved to the Gold Coast! So she started Prep in Victoria it sounds at the right time but on this calculator she IS now behind a year for Queensland!!!! I guess when we moved here in January 2022, she probably should have gone into Year2 in QLD. I didn't realise the difference between starting ages across states. This does explain why she is definitely the oldest in the class!
  8. Hello Everyone I would really appreciate if anyone can advise me on whether my daughter is in the right year group. I know this sounds silly that I don't know, but I'm getting myself all confused. We moved to Melbourne in January 2020 and my daughter turned 5 on 19th May 2020. We then started her in Prep starting January 2021. She is now in Year 1 and just turned 7 in May 2022. She is the oldest in her class and some in her class are still 5! Alarm bells are beginning to ring and I'm wondering if she should actually be in Year 2 by now?! I confess I find the ages and year groups so much more confusing than UK where you start school at 4 or 5 and then all children are the same age in each year group. Please advise if you can if a 7 year old in Year 1 is normal or I've gone wrong somewhere? In Uk she would be heading into year 3 in September! Such a huge difference to Year 1. I also can't believe she will be 12 and still at Primary school at this rate! Many thanks, Sam
  9. Hi all We have now been in Australia for nearly 3 years and are thinking ahead to Australian Citizenship. I have always wanted to secure duel British and Australian for my young children to give them the freedom of travel between the two countries when they are of uni/working age and beyond. I wonder will duel citizenship afford them this privilege? Once, obtained will they always have the freedom of travel/working rights for the rest of their lives? I also question the benefits of citizenship over a resident return visa to renew every 5 years. Does this still afford them the same privileges? What are the main advantages to getting citizenship over just remaining permanent residents? It is my dream to ensure the best possible future for my kids with the best of both countries. Is citizenship the best way to achieve this? Many thanks for any advice, Sam
  10. Hello I have just accepted a job on the Gold Coast starting in January 2022. We are currently in Victoria. I am not sure how we are going to find a house to rent. We have no family or friends there to view a property for us. Do you know if you can put in an application without viewing the property? Can we book removals without having a house yet? Does anyone know any good storage companies if we dont get a house in time? Thinking we might have to air b and b. Many thanks for advice from anyone who's made the move. Sam
  11. sammy11480

    Interstate Relocation for Job?

    Hi guys I'm looking to relocate from Victoria to Queensland in January 2022. I'm a teacher with a few opportunities lined up but a bit scared to commit as I'm not sure of the restrictions around relocating to Queensland currently? I don't want to take a position but then can't actually move due to restrictions. Are you allowed in if you have a job, do you have to quarentine, get excemption forms etc? Aware things will likely change before next year but just interested what is happening currently? Many thanks for advice. Sam
  12. sammy11480

    Overseas Removals Insurance

    Hi I have had a quote from Letton Percival for my household stuff but just found out they don’t insure cars! I am taking a car as well in the same container. Any recommendations of companies that would insure both car and household or even just the car? I don’t want to use the removal company as they are ripping me off at 3.5%. Many thanks! Sam
  13. Hi All I have a removal booked from UK to Oz for car and house contents moving 3 January. Only realized last week that we need Vehicle Import Approval. I have filled the form in online and it says 28 days turnaround to get the approval. Removal company now saying they can't ship the car without it and we will need to leave the car or store it and ship it later which we really can't afford to do! Does anyone know if there is anyway you can get the approval quickly or if there is any way around this? I have been stupid as assumed the removal company sort all this stuff for you. Any advice would be amazing. Many thanks! Sam
  14. sammy11480

    Medicare Enrolment

    Thanks that's really helpful. In terms of insurance then what do people generally take out? I just want to ensure that we won't be hit with any large fees should any of my children require a hospital visit.