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  1. sammy11480

    Overseas Removals Insurance

    Hi I have had a quote from Letton Percival for my household stuff but just found out they don’t insure cars! I am taking a car as well in the same container. Any recommendations of companies that would insure both car and household or even just the car? I don’t want to use the removal company as they are ripping me off at 3.5%. Many thanks! Sam
  2. Hi All I have a removal booked from UK to Oz for car and house contents moving 3 January. Only realized last week that we need Vehicle Import Approval. I have filled the form in online and it says 28 days turnaround to get the approval. Removal company now saying they can't ship the car without it and we will need to leave the car or store it and ship it later which we really can't afford to do! Does anyone know if there is anyway you can get the approval quickly or if there is any way around this? I have been stupid as assumed the removal company sort all this stuff for you. Any advice would be amazing. Many thanks! Sam
  3. sammy11480

    Medicare Enrolment

    Thanks that's really helpful. In terms of insurance then what do people generally take out? I just want to ensure that we won't be hit with any large fees should any of my children require a hospital visit.
  4. sammy11480

    Tax File Number?

    Hi there I am trying to get a Tax File Number for my new employer but I am still in the UK. I have tried to apply online but it says I must be in Australia first. Anyone else had any experience with this?Is it possible to get a number before I arrive? Many thanks, Sam
  5. sammy11480

    How do we sort a house for when we arrive?

    Yes, that's great. Thank you so much x
  6. sammy11480

    How do we sort a house for when we arrive?

    Hi Cal That's great thanks. Its certainly seeming the most logical and sensible way to go about it. It's been really helpful coming on here! I'm just also a bit worried about the fact that only I will be working initially as we get our bearings and look at childcare options etc. Do you think it will go against us with rentals with only one income? My income is full time and will cover the rental costs but I'm worried that this could cause problems as I hear the rental market is quite competitive! Many thanks, Sam x
  7. sammy11480

    How do we sort a house for when we arrive?

    Hi again wow thanks you make me feel a bit better! I have a job in Narre Warren South so am looking at the Mornington Peninsula to live. I have two little children under 4 which is why I’m really worried about not having proper accommodation lined up. I will check out the air bnb and see what else I can try and arrange. Any recommendations of good suburbs south east? Nice primary schools are essential to me! Cheers!
  8. sammy11480

    How do we sort a house for when we arrive?

    Hi Thanks so much for the replies. Excitedbutterriied this name kind of sums up how I'm feeling at the moment! Wow, I really don't like the thought of having to sort a new house when we get there as I will be starting a new job and it will all be really stressful. Ideally I'd like a place lined up before we get there. It sounds as though this may not be possible though. Where would we send our removal crate to if we don't have a house lined up? Many thanks again, Sam
  9. sammy11480

    Bills Bills Bills

    Hi There Marisa Its nice to meet you. Thank you for your reply. I hadn’t thought yet about Geelong so will check it out thanks. Looking at the distances it seems a suburb like Rosebud to Melbourne and Geelong to Melbourne are similar distances ( approx 75 km). Is it just that Geelong is a more direct route? I’m a teacher with two little ones so looking for the best Primary Schools. Thanks, Sam
  10. sammy11480

    Pass medical?

    Hi Guys My husband has glaucoma and various complex problems with one eye. He is not currently receiving medication or treatment and hasn't for some years. However, he can be in pain and can't see in that eye. I'm wondering would anyone know if this would present a problem with the medical for Visa application? Other than that he is fit and healthy and able to work. Many thanks for any advice, Sam
  11. sammy11480

    IELTS - academic or general training?

    Hi Richard Thanks for your reply. Yes I have the university years- it’s just so that I can demonstrate High points. Thanks again. Sam
  12. Hey guys I’m a UK teacher looking to apply for 489. Which ielts do I need to take? Would it be the academic or the general training? I’m not a student and will be working as a teacher. Please help [emoji4] many thanks
  13. sammy11480

    The process - Expression of Interest

    Thanks I will do. Sent from my iPhone using PomsinOz
  14. sammy11480

    The process - Expression of Interest

    Hi Thank you. My profession is primary school teacher which is not on the skilled list but the supplementary skilled list for certain states. I will have 80 points. This is harder as I don't know how I find out what their ceilings are and when they will cap the applications for their state. It's all a bit of a minefield. Best wishes Sammy
  15. sammy11480

    The process - Expression of Interest

    Hi Thanks for reply. That's very useful. Would you know how soon after submitting you should get an invite and if I don't get one is that the end of the process? Regards Sammy Sent from my iPhone using PomsinOz