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  1. GrandpaGrumble

    Driving licence renewal

    Thanks! But no, the moniker is just the name of a character in a book I was reading to my kid when I signed up to the forum. Other than that I don't know why I chose it really. Good luck with the renewal
  2. GrandpaGrumble

    Living in New Zealand

    Queenstown is a playground for the rich and famous (up to a point), so one of the more expensive places in NZ. I don't know how reliable it is, but this website reckons that the cost of living in Auckland is about the same as in Sydney, and that New Plymouth and Tauranga are about the same as Geelong or Wollongong for example. Comparing roughly equivalent places. Not clear whether it's taking income differences into account - or, as I say, how reliable it is in any case.
  3. GrandpaGrumble

    Driving licence renewal

    Quick question. My driver's licence is due for renewal next month. Do I wait for Service NSW or somebody to send me a reminder, or should I just go ahead and do it?
  4. GrandpaGrumble

    UK passport renewal in Aus

    There isn't an option to go to an embassy (or consulate or high commission or whatever) any more. If you're the worrying type, like me, it's worth paying the extra for the quicker processing and tracked delivery. We've done this a couple of times recently, for different family members, and it's been fine. Good luck!
  5. GrandpaGrumble

    Timeline on 309/100 via applied for in London

    At 18 months he will probably still fit into a bassinet. Weight limit for Singapore Airlines is 14kg for instance, though I've read that airlines do differ on that. Speaking from experience of transporting an infant from the UK to NZ and back a few times, I'd definitely recommend that if you can get it!
  6. GrandpaGrumble

    Things I’d forgotten about the UK...

    Scrambled tofu on toast is good. Bit of fried onion, turmeric and soy sauce, bish bash bosh.
  7. GrandpaGrumble

    Things I’d forgotten about the UK...

    Here is a dal variant that I've made many times (been vegetarian most of my life): https://ivu.org/recipes/indian-beans/lentils-j.html I use ordinary cooking oil (canola or sunflower), not marg as in the recipe; 4oz red lentils to 1 pint of water for 2 people; and a bit more courgette, turmeric and chilli than is in the recipe. Green chillis are always hit and miss in terms of heat. Another nice variant is khichdi & kadhi. Khichdi is lentils (yellow mung dal) with rice and veg, kadhi is a tangy yoghurt sauce. Many different versions of each.
  8. GrandpaGrumble

    Full English Fry Up

    Rate good! I've still got the 'Arfur Tow Crate' booklets I bought in the 70s. I'll have a go as well soon, but unfortunately I've kenched my thumb so no fancy cooking for a few weeks. Yes, the bacon/cheese/sausage combo is the way to go, though I have been known to use up left over ones with tomato and olive oil. Agreed, definitely not for sweet things!
  9. GrandpaGrumble

    I know no one will care but...........

    I always have a few bottles of kriek and gueuze for my Christmas treat. They're all right so long as you're not expecting them to taste like beer More like dry cider but with a lot more complexity. Perfect out of the fridge on a hot Aussie day. Oud Beersel's and also Boon's Oude Gueuze / Oude Kriek / Mariage Parfait / Schaarbaekse Kriek (not all of which are necessarily spelt correctly there) are the best ones that are (just) within my price range, at Australian prices. I've never actually tried Lindemans as they've got a rep for being too sweet, but Tim Webb says the kriek is OK so I should give it a try. [Plus I don't mind the straight 'Kriek Boon', which is also fairly sweet.] Yes, it helps to have the right glass. Adds to the occasion even if it doesn't necessarily make any difference to the taste. Disclaimer: All in my opinion of course.
  10. GrandpaGrumble

    Full English Fry Up

    They definitely look like the real thing, I'll give it a go. Many thanks!
  11. GrandpaGrumble

    Full English Fry Up

    Yes, from the Moorlands.
  12. GrandpaGrumble

    Full English Fry Up

    That would be great (but no worries if not of course). The tweaks are probably the most important bit! Oatcakes were the first solid food my nipper ate. Just coe me Owd Grandad Piggott.
  13. GrandpaGrumble

    Full English Fry Up

    Ar'd goo a long wee fer a coupler Staffy cher wrote cakes. I've tried making them but without much success ... do you think he'd share his recipe? And what does he cook them on? In the shops they use a kind of convex griddle.
  14. GrandpaGrumble

    CTP premiums

    Our insurer has just given us a quote for CTP that's 22% higher than last year. None of the rating factors have changed apart from us being a year older. Is this a general trend, or time for us to look for a new insurer? There might be legitimate reasons like a big increase in claims, just wondering what other people are finding?
  15. GrandpaGrumble

    Things you miss about Britain

    I like that idea - thanks! If you don't mind me asking, where is your local deli? Should be visiting ACT soon so could stock up. Yes that's where we get our Henderson's from (or "Hendo's" as we should probably call it here). There's also a place out in WA that has it a lot cheaper, but things are more likely to get damaged in transit coming from there, as their web site admits.