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  1. They're making a fuss about that? She didn't even use the C word. Have you listened to her podcasts or seen her on Norton? Have to admit it's getting a little tiresome now. Jo brand was a bit like that.
  2. newjez

    Cost of Living.

    All those who voted for this mess should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. Utter disgrace.
  3. newjez

    Cost of Living.

    Hunt is Sunaks man. He backed Sunak after he was knocked out of the leadership contest. This demonstrates Truss is no longer in control or command. Hunt's is a long term appointment that will survive after truss has gone. Most probably under Sunak. Truss has been instructed to accept Hunt, and to hold on until they can organise a 'seamless' transfer of power. Probably on a weekend to do the least amount of damage. Although the papers may force the issue this week and it could get messy. Very messy. If she is forced to resign, or god forbid something else, (she must be under unimaginable pressure), then all hell will break loose. There would be a run on the pound, gilts and equities would crash, and the dollar would spike. This could be very serious. Such a shame that we have come to this. Quite unbelievable actually. We need an election, but not too soon. Maybe mid 2023 so the people can make their views on this debacle known. I hope the conservatives can come back from this. But this is what happens when you lose your broad base and follow a narrow doctrine. Same happened with labour under Corbyn, but they weren't in power fortunately. Let's hope they rebuild the one nation Tory party so we have a responsible opposition after the next election.
  4. newjez

    Cost of Living.

    Not for long. Truss is doing so many u turns anyone would think she's fracking for oil! Quasimodo will get sacked as soon as he returns. Knifed him while he was out of the country. Class act.
  5. newjez

    Have you bought any bitcoin ?

    Was that wild enough for you mate? Absolutely wicked. I find it so hard to buy when we have a sea of red like that. So stressful. But rewarding. Just a shame I can't time my pensions like that. Nice little rally now, and then more downside. Although gold and crypto should shine. Maybe even other resources as the USD falls for a bit.
  6. newjez

    How is King Charles III doing so far?

    My favourite video clip this year without a doubt. Nothing else comes close.
  7. Mine was really mild. But I have a problem with my intercostal muscles on my right side. They tear and cause me pain whenever I get a cough. Covid cough wasn't even that bad. So I am really limited as to what exercise I can get. Which is really frustrating. Climbing the walls.
  8. newjez

    Cost of Living.

    Personally, I think Truss should dissolve her cabinet and resign. Rishi Sunak should be elected unopposed. He was runner up so has a mandate. Then they should call an election may 23 to let the people judge and decide. Truss has lost everybody's faith. She can't go on. She has to go.
  9. newjez

    Cost of Living.

    Labour were pursuing Tory policies of low regulation. The Blair/Brown governments were more Tory lite than labour. You could argue that politically the Blair government wasn't that dissimilar to the major government. They were similar. Up until the last few years at least. Boris/Truss government doesn't really have a comparison.
  10. newjez

    Cost of Living.

    This will be an interesting week. The brakes don't seem to be working.
  11. newjez

    Cost of Living.

    I vaguely remember Gordon brown stopping the global financial crisis from spreading, not fueling it. So yes, I do think labour would have been better. Sure, the whole world is in trouble. But the Tories don't seem to have a clue how to deal with it.
  12. newjez

    Cost of Living.

    She sounds like she's been drugged? Is she on anti depressants or something?
  13. newjez

    Have you bought any bitcoin ?

    I have some long runners, plus a shed load of gold, silver and platinum. I will reduce that this week into FOMC minutes and CPI, and then aim to re buy cheaper. Can't decide whether CPI will miss or not, and whether the market will care if it's higher. Oil has been down this month. Market definitely has pivot fever. Seeing some big moves. A lot of people think we go higher into October end, then we dump big time. Haven't quite made up my mind.
  14. newjez

    Cost of Living.

    Great! I get to rewrite all our computer systems again! Seriously though, nothing this government does now would surprise me. I'm waiting for them to outlaw french cheese next, and make bowler hats a legal requirement on the tube.
  15. newjez

    Have you bought any bitcoin ?

    Buckle up boys. This next quarter is going to be rough sailing. Might be a couple of bear market rallies thrown in, but looking at some big drops too. Scary stuff.