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  1. newjez

    Have you bought any bitcoin ?

    I was tempted to buy some, but I think that would be the kiss of death for it. Things are weird out there in the markets. I'm half in, half out. Thinking I should get a bit more in before jumping right out.
  2. And I'm the one who gets censored?
  3. Shouldn't need to do that with UK strawberries as they are sweet. Australian ones are big but often have no flavour.
  4. newjez

    Flying from the UK via US or Malaysia

    I have flown from Fiji to the UK via the USA. It's a long flight, and it wasn't very comfortable. Was some time ago though. The way I see it, the more connections, the more things can go wrong. Been via Malaysia, and that wasn't bad
  5. Just finished a book on the battles in Germany during the later stages of WW2. I find it pretty hard to feel sorry for the Germans, because they did start it, and they did some pretty disgusting things during it. But even so, what they had to endure at the hands of the Russians was pretty bad. I'm torn. The systematic rape of the German women by the Russians was a pretty disturbing read.
  6. I like the idea of crumpets. But they always disappoint. They are either doughy or burnt. There doesn't seem to be an in-between. I think I prefer English muffins.
  7. I keep my chocolate in the freezer as well. Used to do that in Australia and I still do it in the UK. I like cold chocolate. Don't like it warm
  8. newjez

    Ping Pongers

    Probably a good way to get shot.
  9. I just hope we get some cheap VB! You can get it on a plough, you can get it milking a cow, but it's bloody hard to get it in blighty right now.
  10. I've been given a large box of chocolates for father's Day. I'll just let it sit there for months driving the missus mad. I like chocolate, but I'm not compelled to eat it. I'll eat it really slowly.
  11. The eel bit tastes pretty much like flathead. The jelly bit tastes like snot. I just throw the jelly away.
  12. It's interesting, but two weeks ago my garden was infested with aphids. Green and black they were everywhere. Now they are all gone. Can't have been ladybird or lacewing. Not for that volume. Had a bit of a Google, and apparently house sparrows need aphids for their young in the first few days. The eradication of bugs by chemicals is causing the sparrow numbers to drop, as seed feeders don't help in the baby sparrows first days. So by trying to get rid of the problem, people are making it worse. My garden is pretty much in balance. I do weed and feed the lawn in parts. Although I think I will just feed it from now on. I add chook poo, blood and bone and ash as fertilizer. I don't use pesticides. I do occasionally use path weed killer out the front. But some weeds don't go by weeding. Apart from that, it pretty much it takes care of itself.
  13. newjez

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    Spoke to a guy I work with on Friday via teams. He had a bad cold. Not covid apparently. I haven't heard of anyone having a cold in the last 18 months.
  14. They destroy your teeth.
  15. Went to see the dentist on Tuesday. No work needed. Chipped a tooth on Friday. Looks like I'm booking another appointment.