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  1. newjez

    Trump pushing for 4% of GDP on military.

    The UN and nato seems to manage the language barrier. Technical barrier would be harder.
  2. newjez

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    I guess people laugh about the miner's strikes don't they. Billy Elliot and pride and such. Maybe there will be a comedy/farce called brexit the movie. Oh there is. The UK is divided and rudderless. Just waiting to hit the rocks.
  3. newjez

    Trump pushing for 4% of GDP on military.

    The USA has no intention of cutting defence spending. Trump is just using it as a stick to beat Europe with. He doesn't like the EU. He sees it as competition. The USA could cripple China economically without much effort at all. They don't need a military solution. Sadly that will affect Australia. Trump has already fired shots across the bow. The problem with trump is there is no strategy and no consistency. Whether the randomness is a strategy maybe. But I really don't think the guy is the full shilling.
  4. My twelve year old diagnosed with a blocked kidney. Will have an op in a month's time. Took a while to get diagnosis, but it came on so slowly over four years. Surgeon said that is not unusual.
  5. I was expecting you to tell us it was a statue. Well done.
  6. newjez

    Snake in the roof ???

    It was probably chasing after the rats.
  7. newjez

    Trump pushing for 4% of GDP on military.

    So is the rumour true that Trump only went to see Putin to get his batteries changed?
  8. newjez

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    PaddyPower have stopped taking bets on Theresa May resigning this quarter https://order-order.com/2018/07/17/fox-leadsom-threaten-resign-may-makes-concessions/ Wheels have well and truely come off the cart. Did you guys really vote to destroy the country? Dave Cameron. The most boring man in politics. Throws a grenade in the room, then calmly walks off to write the most boring autobiography ever seen. The only highlights were leaving his daughter at the pub and brexit. Have could such a boring man be so consequential?
  9. newjez

    UK economy slowing.

    Of course it does. They try and match the points system to areas where there is a shortage of workers. Holding my breath here - but surely you must be able to understand that just letting people apply for those jobs directly would be a hell of a lot simpler and more efficient than using a points system? I'm mean, come on. Work with me here. Points systems are terrible. For example - you may need a performance DBA skilled with fine tuning websites on SQL Server. The points system will keep pulling in DBAs until finally you may get one you want, and all the others will struggle to get jobs. Just let the people with the skills apply for the job which requires their skills, and let the people hiring choose who they want for the job. Why use this antiquated system of 'control' which just annoys everyone.
  10. newjez

    UK economy slowing.

    Yes, they stopped hair dressing didn't they
  11. newjez

    Trump pushing for 4% of GDP on military.

    No, it's not a matter of interpretation.
  12. newjez

    Trump pushing for 4% of GDP on military.

    Parley is correct here. When you say, 'there will be consequences', it's usually a bad thing.
  13. newjez

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Ah, but apparently there are lots of BMWs that they want to sell, so someone said, although they may be producing tanks now, and they need us more than we need them, or something like that. We have a thousand comments on this thread to prove it. Oh damn ...
  14. newjez

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Some people just can't keep it in their pants.
  15. newjez

    UK economy slowing.

    I disagreed with Osborne. Stupid to draw the purse strings during a recession. The GFC was caused due to poor regulation. Labour has to take alot of the blame for that, but they did seem to be recovering when Osbourne screwed it up. Free movement smooths over boom bust, up to a point. It can cause asset inflation, property, and that isn't factored in. I have always thought that the bank of England needs to increase their inflation shopping basket to include and give greater emphasis to long term assets. Plus, the government needs to react to these property hot spots with infrastructure, as it will be under pressure. Most people don't understand government debt. Most comments on it are laughable. There are times to increase debt. There are times when you shouldn't.