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  1. I'm the opposite, with my parents and siblings in Oz and me in the UK. I try and travel over there once a year, and try to take a child with me. But it is getting harder with school holidays and exams etc. They do come over here now and then. I actually have all of them threatening to come over next year, just as we have decided to move and do a building conversion. Good timing. My parents do help me out when i visit, they put me up and pay for my board. I offer but they refuse. I pay when we eat out. The thing that annoys me is that none of their family have ever visited them in the fifty odd years they have lived in Australia. They would have put them up and given them a really good holiday - but no. None of them. Really sad.
  2. A sport you love and a sport you hate.

    That's a difficult one. Can't stand watching Golf. I don't play, but from the couple of games I have played, I know I would enjoy it if I did. Still wouldn't watch it though. I doubt there is a sport that I wouldn't enjoy doing. Love watching tennis. Good tennis game is awesome to watch. I quite like playing it too.
  3. The (all new) Brexit Thread

    It's not madness
  4. The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Brexit lite, Brino, the sane option.
  5. The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Probably not the first time JRM has had smelly fingers.
  6. The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Not sure why you aren't more upset. You seemed to be really worried about the fish?
  7. The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Shows how beneficial the EU can be. By the looks of it, we will always be in the EU.
  8. Nazi Dog?

  9. The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Shouldn't laugh really. This is quite serious. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2018/mar/21/hms-brexit-sticks-it-to-the-man-by-tossing-two-dead-fish-overboard
  10. Are you happy at the minute

    No. It was only on the market three weeks, so wasn't that worried. Fair price considering the market. We haven't found anywhere to buy yet, so we may go into rented for a bit.
  11. The (all new) Brexit Thread

    EEA EFTA would have been a much better temporary solution, without a deadline which immediately puts the UK in a defensive position. It's just pathetic.
  12. The (all new) Brexit Thread

    The UK exports most of their fish. Guess who to? They had no choice. This was never going to change.
  13. The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Course it is. Lol!
  14. Twitter......??????

    I don't really get it either.
  15. Are you happy at the minute

    Just sold me house, so pretty happy.