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  1. We are stuck with the companies contracted by the new employer. Insurance is adequate, I just think it's funny that the moving company provided us with these crappy overly large moving boxes, which (probably coincidentally), reduces the exposure of the insuring company to losses.
  2. Well, the relocation package is paid for, and that includes all their supplies, so I could buy and use my own, but they are supposed to be supplying all our moving supplies.
  3. I'm doing a PBO move (for various good reasons). Didn't get to pick the removals or the shipping company. We are being charged by volume, and there is a £275 limit per box for loss or damage (if the box itself is damaged, no contents cover if the box stays intact). They delivered boxes, and they are huge, lots of large boxes, and the smallest boxes they delivered are what I would consider medium boxes. I either have to pack them half full of air, via foam or bubble wrap (thus paying for shipping of said air, by volume), or if it doesn't make the boxes too heavy, fill them with more than £440 worth of contents, thus limiting their liability. I know this is probably just laziness, or getting rid of their excess large boxes at the end of the year, but it does seem to work out financially for them, and annoying for me.
  4. Cath.C

    Experience of cancer in Australia please

    It sounds like she is in it for the long haul though. I don't know how old she is, but kids still in school, sounds like she is not terribly old, and a year investment waiting out the waiting period might be worth it. Assuming she has a status that will allow her to return, with her existing diagnosis.
  5. Cath.C

    Experience of cancer in Australia please

    https://bmccancer.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12885-021-08756-x https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7967550/ https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-08-15/financial-cost-of-cancer-leaves-patients-in-poverty/11374356 What I am curious about, is if you can utilize private cover for diagnostic steps, and then go to the public system for treatment. Apparently the public system is better about getting people with obvious acute issues treatment, than about preventative and diagnostic services.
  6. Cath.C

    Experience of cancer in Australia please

    I've heard that some areas have very long weights for things like colonoscopies, even if you are having mild symptoms consistent with a bowel disease, so a lot of people do utilize private health. Trying to figure out the typical out of pocket costs for someone not relying on the public system seems impossible, but I've read newspapers article with rather high out of pocket expenses.
  7. Any recommendations? My searching is failing me, I find travel insurance, and computer system migration services, but not what i need.
  8. Thanks. Not worried about insurance cover IN Australia, pretty sure that Medicare coverage begins when we arrive, even if we don't have the paperwork yet. I'm trying to figure out how to cover a transitional period of up to two weeks.
  9. So, we've gotten our PR visas, amazing given some health issue concerns that turned out to be either ignored by the panel doctor, or ignored by the migration officer reviewing our file. Or maybe Australia just really needs people right now. We arranged it so that there is no employment gap, new job in Australia will officially start the day after we official separate from our jobs in Europe, although it will be a couple of weeks between employment separation and arriving in Australia (starting work can be done remotely for one of us). Health insurance is subsidized through work. We can maybe buy a month of private insurance cover on our own, but that might not be possible, and looking for alternatives. As far as I can see though, we cannot sign up for Medicare until we arrive on the ground. (reciprocal agreements with UK don't apply). Are there any less well known ways to get Medicare started before arriving, or will we need temporary or travel insurance for that approximately 2 week period? Any recommendations for a good migration gap insurance (knowing that it won't cover preexisting conditions)? thanks.
  10. Cath.C

    House sale proceeds

    Sorry, just read your further post. Do you think that European energy prices and the Ukraine was won't continue to drive down the pound (along with the Euro)?
  11. Reiwa.com.au is blocked for me on all the computers I try, is it blocked overseas for everyone? Is there anyway to access it outside of Australia without a VPN with an Australian IP address?
  12. I'm going through a couple of preliminary shipping quotes. For reasons, I want to do PBO (packed by owner), for everything but the furniture. Reading through one insurance policy, they don't cover theft or loss of PBO boxes. I understand why it's standard for PBO scenarios to not cover breakage, only total loss, but why not cover theft or loss of PBO boxes if they are inventoried and line item insured? Has anyone used 3rd party insurance policies that would cover theft or loss of individual PBO boxes? Also, I gather from other threads, if you have to store your furniture at either end (especially the destination in Australia), insurance by the week for storage is extra and can be quite steep, does anyone have further information or testimonials about temporary storage? Thanks
  13. Cath.C

    Shipping price increase?

    Since costs are still rising, all the estimates I'm getting for a summer move are very careful to specify that the estimates are non binding..... I'm wondering how far in advance the freight forwarding companies are willing to give binding price.
  14. Cath.C

    Relocation allowances

    Oh my gosh, my initial estimate for relocation, including flights, is now up to 32K $AUS. Bringing 2 mammalian pets sure adds to the cost. Now to see if they consider that a reasonable budget.
  15. Cath.C

    Buying a house

    But when appraisers or evaluators or real estate agents come in to value the house, they use recent comparable sold values. So if an individual doesn't have access to the sold prices, they are at a disadvantage compared to the agents. Is there a publicly accessible database of actual sold, not asking, prices? I'm not concerned about making fair comparisons based on photos, of course I know many of the tricks, like taking ultrawide angle photos and digitally imposing furniture without distortion. Ultrawide angle distortion to make a walkway look like a yard. Overexposing walls to hide flaws. Closeup of plants to distract from mildew between the tiles. I'm concerned about finding out how much houses in given neighborhoods in varying states of renovation or upkeep are selling for. But a couple of months of looking at the progression of houses for sale does provide some education. Identifying signs of rising damp on the walls, panels likely to be asbestos especially if the laundry rooms have never been remodeled, evidence of roof damage, etc, etc, etc. All of that can be assessed during home inspections.