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  1. Martinbjulieb

    3 months in the uk

    But anywhere you live in the UK will be close to your family than Australia is! We literally picked a central place here and have ended up in a lovely village in Nottinghamshire. Sure, I don’t see my family every day or even week sometimes but I see them more than I did when I lived in Australia! Good luck with your decisions
  2. Martinbjulieb

    One way travel insurance

    Are you on the same email address?
  3. I think you need one TOR for each shipment especially if they are arriving at different times. We were the first people to complete a TOR with Chess and they thought we had to do one per PERSON, so we did and then we only got one TOR number which worries me slightly!! I contacted HMRC and they said it was one per SHIPMENT. Ask the shipper of your main lot, they should know really.
  4. Martinbjulieb

    One way travel insurance

    I don’t think you need a “branch” it’s just https://www.insure4less.com.au/. They specialise in one way travel insurance so they know you will be travelling home from Australia to the UK which is why we were able to take out the insurance for our possessions when we were staying in a holiday rental.
  5. Martinbjulieb

    One way travel insurance

    @LKC I probably recommended them to you!! Hope you are ok
  6. Martinbjulieb

    One way travel insurance

    We used Insure4less which are online only. If I remember correctly the policy also included insurance for 3 months after arrival and included insurance of personal possessions prior to you getting home contents insurance, also there was an option to extend cover.
  7. Martinbjulieb


    Definitely keep Australian bank account open, not even sure if you can get it paid directly into U.K. bank. But when it gets paid into Australian bank account at least you are in charge of the transfer and will be able to get better rates. We used HiFx to transfer money from the house sale and they were great.
  8. Martinbjulieb

    Australian police check

    Thanks @paulswin we managed to do it online and sent all the docs they required. They even emailed me a copy of the Certificate as I told them it was urgent. Original in the post!! All sorted and full security clearance granted!
  9. Martinbjulieb

    Australian police check

    Hi, does anyone know if it is possible to get a police check done for time spent in Australia from the U.K.? Maybe online? My husband needs one for work purposes. Thanks.
  10. Martinbjulieb

    Moving Back to the UK from Australia - Positive Stories

    No, I was referencing a post that was not relevant and seemed to be bashing people who had returned to the U.K. It has since been removed!
  11. Martinbjulieb

    Moving Back to the UK from Australia - Positive Stories

    Moving Back to the UK from Australia - Positive Stories is the title of this thread.
  12. Martinbjulieb

    A few questions and a little background :)

    We only paid one month in advance and a bond. I am sure it depends on the landlord/agent. We got character references from our employers/friends which no doubt helped.
  13. We were not specific at all. We just literally listed what we were bringing. Ok we used the packers list as our list but still that just said “clothes” “kitchenware” “linen cupboard” etc. Also write on the box the same thing, i.e contents and from which room. I am pretty sure that the completion of the form is just a formality because they cannot literally check every box! It is also to confirm that for VAT purposes the goods are your own and you intend to keep them in your possession for 12 months after your move. Obviously if you decide to sell some furniture etc they won’t know, we bought a motorbike with us as we didn’t just want to sell it there for a low price just to get rid of it, after 12 months we sold it which was fine. Honestly we had no problems. If they want further information they will contact you by email.
  14. Martinbjulieb

    Residency when drawing your Super

    That is what I was thinking we could do. The U.K. threshold is around 12,500 per person. So you would get £12,500 tax free per year and pay tax on anything else. We wouldn’t get state pension for another 5 years after we retire at 60 anyway so don’t need to take that into account straight away.
  15. Martinbjulieb

    Residency when drawing your Super

    I don’t think you do, but to get it tax free I think you do! Then technically it is just “money” and not an income. Not really sure though Hopefully an expert will along soon