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  1. Martinbjulieb

    forms when leaving

    Great news. We did our AEC online and you get a confirmation email. Obviously do a final tax return. I emailed Medicare but didn’t get a reply. You are also supposed to hand your drivers licence in if you are getting a U.K. one as you’re not supposed to have both. Wait until you have your UK ones and then send them back. If you’ve got any gap saver on your private medical go to town on that, we all got new glasses, physio appointments for two of us and final dental check ups and we still had some left! Good luck.
  2. Martinbjulieb


    We booked direct with Emirates. Thing they have good deals on at the minute. Cost us $4k for 4 of us that was last year though.
  3. Martinbjulieb

    Getting a mortgage on return to UK

    We have just bought a house and it was 8 weeks. We were told to expect 8-12 weeks but we were lucky as there was no upward chain.
  4. Martinbjulieb

    Moving Back to the UK from Australia - Positive Stories

    I think @suesmalls is technically Australian, her parents were English and she has never lived in England. She has moved here with her English husband and is looking for some advice on settling in when England is not her home. She is not looking to be negative just wants advice.
  5. Martinbjulieb

    packing sea container experience

    Totally agree with the above. I found it an enjoyable experience and I have a dog! I made tea when required and just moved from room to room to keep out of the way of packing. I did end up packing some CD’s and DVD’s though!! Good luck, it will be fine
  6. Martinbjulieb

    Getting a mortgage on return to UK

    Absolutee tosh! Unless perhaps you’re self employed. We enquired about a mortgage a few months after being home after 10 years away. We were told there wouldn’t be a problem. We have just completed on the purchase of our house. We used The Mortgage Advice Bureau who were fantastic. Get on the electoral role straight away, register with GOV.UK for tax purposes and just about anything else, drivers licences, child benefit, and many other things can be done through this portal. Did you maintain a bank account whilst away? Good luck
  7. Martinbjulieb

    1000 questions.

    Thanks. I have and I also have it in writing and our broker has confirmed it for us with them too. Extra cautious
  8. Martinbjulieb

    1000 questions.

    Just to say our insurances through our Super are valid overseas as long as the premiums are paid via an Australian bank/Super fund so it is worth checking with individual companies.
  9. Martinbjulieb

    Moving Back to the UK from Australia - Positive Stories

    It’s YOUR decision as a family alone! Don’t listen to anyone else, family, friends or even us lot on here. No matter what one person tells you another person will say something different. As others have said perhaps your friends and family have never moved away from home so of course they are going to think you’re crazy, but they haven’t walked in your shoes, they will never truly know what it is like. Yes, of course you worry that it is the right decision but if it truly is, as ours was, then you will FEEL it. We made the move last year after 10 years and are happy we did. Of course there are bumps in the road but they were there when we moved to Australia too and you overcome them because it’s part of the journey and the adventure. Wishing you lots of luck. Any advice just shout, you can PM me too if you like. Julie.
  10. Martinbjulieb

    Airline compliant dog crate

    I have an airline compliant dog crate for a small to medium dog. £30. I am near Retford, Nottinghamshire if anyone is interested.
  11. Martinbjulieb

    Pet Ashes when moving to Oz

    We took our dogs ashes (x2) to Australia and back without even a thought about it! Both in carved wooden boxes.
  12. Martinbjulieb

    Moving Back to the UK from Australia - Positive Stories

    We returned to the U.K. in March 2017 after having spent 10 years in Perth. Our children were aged 11 and 13, and had just started years 7 and 9 in the February. And our dog was nearly 2! Without a doubt it has been the best move for us. We had grown to feel so isolated and alone in Perth and no matter how hard we tried we couldn’t make a single proper friend. The move back was just a dream at first, a “maybe” but because we were getting to our 50’s and with younger children it didn’t seem achievable. Our decision was finally made when we came on holiday to the U.K. in July 2016 and spent almost a month touring round, staying in our own accommodation but meeting up with friends and family along the way. This is when we realised that this was what was missing, not just the family and friends but the place itself. It was HOME. The beautiful countryside the diversity of each place that you can visit and never get bored. The weather, yes the weather! Those long summer days we had on holiday were amazing and our children couldn’t believe how light it was at night. Once we returned to Australia we got our house ready for selling and put it on the market. When we arrived in March last year we had booked holiday accommodation for 3 weeks, we ended up staying for 3 months and made two wonderful friends of the owners, whom we spend a lot of time with now. We had to remember when we arrived that we weren’t on holiday and whilst neither of us had a job every penny that we spent was coming out of our savings. It took nearly 3 months for my husband to find a suitable job, the construction industry has changed massively in the last ten years and there were a few courses he had to do first. I won’t lie and say it was all plain sailing because it was an extremely stressful time. Waiting every day for phone calls and emails was awful. Because we didn’t know where we were going to finally end up living we had to put our children in a temporary school for those first 3 months, they have coped admirally with the move and are both very happy. Our son, who had just started year 9 in Australia, went back a year at school as starting Year 9 here so close to the end of the year would have been unfair on him. So for the March to July last year he went into year 8 and then started Year 9 in September last year at his permanent School. Once my husbands job was sorted we looked for a rental property in a central location just in case things didn’t work out job wise and then he would be ideally located for other positions. We ended up renting a Grade II listed farmhouse in a lovely village. It is lovely and we have been in it almost a year. Our first cold Christmas was amazing, we all had a wonderful time with the added benefits of having many people over at different times during the festivities. SNOW! Wow we have had so much, the children didn’t remember snow at all and even though they are a bit older they still loved it. Schools were closed for 3 days which was a complete novelty for them! We are in the process of buying our own home now and are excited to feel totally settled. It is in the same village that we are in so no major moves there. We are so happy that we braved the move, it was stressful, scary and exciting. We didn’t do it for anyone but ourselves though, yes, of course having friends and family nearby is an amazing bonus. BUT you have to remember if you have been away a long time things will not be as they once were. We are lucky and see friends and family fairly often, but sometimes I want a bit “more” and have to remember that we no longer have that “right” just to slot into peoples lives who have had to move on from the hole we originally created when we left. But that’s ok, because even seeing people once or twice a month is a whole lot more than once every 4 or 5 years! And nothing beats the feeling of “belonging” again. Here’s to a lovely summer, we are certainly enjoying some superb weather at the minute and sitting watching our son play a village cricket game in the sunshine is lovely way to spend a Saturday afternoon!
  13. Martinbjulieb

    shipping insurance

    Definitely recommend Letton Percival. We used them, had a claim and settled within 2 weeks, no quibble and easy to do.
  14. Martinbjulieb

    Returning to Blighty after nearly 8 years in Queensland!!

    Mmmmmm, they can’t do enough to help you transfer your pensions in from other countries but just try to transfer it out again when you leaveNot bitter at all!!
  15. Martinbjulieb

    Container Prices To The Uk

    Can absolutely recommend Chess, they were fantastic. They partner with Britannia at this end who were also great. Good luck.