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  1. Quality of life for kids

    As usual a topic has gone completely off track from “Quality of life for kids” to a debate about U.K/Australian weather, U.K/Australia bashing and talk of general “failure” of anyone who has the audacity to return home. Hardly helpful for the original poster or anyone else who had an interest in the topic to begin with!!
  2. Favourite places in the UK

    Cornwall Lake District Peak District
  3. Quality of life for kids

    This is probably the reason we didn’t return earlier (4 years earlier!) I always thought that people would have thought we had failed and given up on something some people dream about, but until you have walked in someone’s shoes it is better not to judge.😌
  4. Quality of life for kids

    For us it was the isolation of Perth. Yes, I know it is the most isolated capital city in the world but until you have lived there you don’t really understand that. Unless you want to travel to Bali (we didn’t) or Singapore you really are looking at having to travel over east first to connect a flight to other destinations. As for driving, you can drive for hours and not see much except bushland so that’s not exactly a good way to travel either! As for the drivers, simply don’t get me started on that! 😂 Don’t get me wrong Perth is a beautiful city and so clean but there is only a certain amount of things to do. It was great when our kids were younger, so many parks etc but as they got older we were all very bored. I was looking through photos of when we first got to Perth in August 2007 and realised that by March of the following year we had pretty much visited every place in Perth that we would ever visit. Consequently later photos are in the same places but with us being older!!
  5. Quality of life for kids

    This was our worry, the way we looked at it was if the kids decide to go back to Australia when they are older, so be it, but at least we are in the place we want to be right now and we have a choices. We couldn’t bear the thought of getting old(er) in Australia and then one day our kids saying oh by the way we are going to go back to England! Then we would have been stuck there. Our opinion only, our decision for what was right for us.
  6. best removal to Uk from perth at themo

    @jgt and @paulswin we moved back after 10 years last March and I can highly recommend Chess in Perth. They went above and beyond the call of duty to get everything in our container, including a motorbike. You could not have even got a hair in there after they packed it. A lovely team as well and Paul the representative who came out to quote for us was lovely. Also I recommend Dogtainers of Perth if you have any pets. Feel free to message if you have any questions about the move and I will be happy to help if I can. Julie.
  7. I guess it depends on the timetables but ours took 5 weeks, we had the option to delay at the Perth end for a couple of weeks but decided we would rather know everything had been loaded and on the way before we set off. By the way Chess Moving in Perth were excellent if you are still deciding on a firm.
  8. Just 4 weeks and we are ready (ish) to head home

    Generally people are in “holiday mode” for the first year, out enjoying all the sights, places, weather and just being somewhere different. Even if you are working everything should seem new and exciting! Homesickness comes later if at all. It did for us but only after about 6 years, and it took us another 4 to make the decision to move home. If you feel this way now I am not sure you will ever settle. This is, of course just my opinion and how it was for us. Good luck with your decision whatever it is.
  9. Thanks and some TOR advice needed

    Sorry to hear about your situation. I am pretty sure on here I have read of people getting their TOR within 48 hours. Ours took 3 weeks but that was the first week of the new system. As @LKC says it is needed for HMRC when you get here. Make your TOR application and then check with the shipping company. Good luck.
  10. Replacement UK passport - Have lost my Aus Visa!

    We actually did have an issue with this. Our children’s passports had expired and we got new ones and used them on a trip to the U.K. back in 2011. Their new passports didn’t have the visa page in and to be honest we never even thought about it but at the airport they made a terrible fuss saying that we might not be able to bring the children back in! We still had our passports with the visa pages in and at the time I thought how silly that they aren’t electronically linked to our children’s passports. We had to get a friend to go to our house and find the old passports and scan them to us, just in case! Their old passports were returned a week or so after we received the new ones.
  11. Moving home alone after 10 years

    I can’t even begin to comment on the relationship side of things but I would say that April is a beautiful time to come home. It would definitely be no good him coming over in winter for example if he already has a downer on the U.K. Personally we were excited for winter but that’s because we both wanted to be here. Good luck.
  12. Quality of life for kids

    To this I just reply, we wanted to come home! 😉
  13. Request to UK Schools for my son to go back a year

    Hi @PatrickA we have done just this only last March. Our children had just started years 7 and 9 in Australia when we moved at the beginning of March. Obviously the schools were more than half way through the school year here so we wanted to put them back a year. HOWEVER, had we known before we left Australia that school places are approved by local councils and if you want to put a child back a year it has to be approved by them, we would have instigated the process before we left. So the temporary school that they went to when we arrived whilst we were living in a holiday rental and waiting for my husband to find a job could not let us put them back a year. For the remaining term they stayed in their appropriate year and then once we moved to our permanent home we were able to address the matter properly, made easier as we chose an Academy school which have their own say in such matters and it was not a problem at all. So, in September our son started year 9 again but our daughter started year 8 (her correct year) as it was agreed that she has more than enough time to catch up. So if you know where you are moving first approach the school to see what their admissions policy is, ie is it done through the Council or directly, if it is done through the council I would say that you would need their approval to put a student back for a year. PM me if you want anymore info. Good luck.
  14. Quality of life for kids

    We were in Perth for 10 years and your reasons for wanting to move back were exactly ours for moving back last March. Definitely do it whilst your kids are younger, ours were 11 and 13 when we came back last year and whilst we haven’t had any real issues, they were both very happy to move, we wish we had been braver a few years before! PM me if you want any help or advice on moving from Perth. I have done a few posts on here with lots of information too. Good luck, and don’t listen to anyone who tells you that you are mad. We simply could not bear the thought of being in Perth for the rest of our lives and like others have said, once your kids grow up and settle down there might be grand children and then you will be stuck. My biggest nightmare thought was that one day our children would say “right, we’re off to England to see what it is like there for a few years” and us being trapped in Perth!
  15. Driving License and Car Insurance

    @ajcooper My husbands licence had expired, we just got the forms from the postoffice, had a new photo done and sent it off. If you have your expired licence then send that too. Then once you have your licence you can change addresses online through the GOV.UK website.