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  1. Joe/Rose

    190 Visa Grant

    I’m still waiting to. SC190 visa applied mid Dec 2019, No case officer as of yet & I’m offshore. I’ve said for months now, that I don’t think things will move until after July 2021, when the new quota is issued. There are 11200 places for the SC190 July 2020-21, down 55% from last year, July 2019-20. NSW (who have nominated me) have been allocated 3350 visa places from the central 11200, this includes all primary & secondary applicants as I understand (correct me if I’m wrong someone). For me, the writing is on the wall but I haven't got a The link is below; https://www.iscah.com/exact-state-190-491-allocations/ All the best
  2. Joe/Rose

    VETASSESS Skills assesment electrician

    I beg to differ, maybe in other trade skills assessments it’s not so rigorous, for my friend who was a metal fabricator/welder it was just an interview, pretty straight forward & he paid half what I had to! Electricians are licensed trades, along with plumbers & refrigeration engineers. For me it was a full day of assessments as the technical interview was not done online, so pretty crammed in, we finished at 17:30. I’m not proposing you worry about it as it’s not rocket science or level 4 electrical principles, but for a day that basically costs £3000, you can’t afford to be complacent thinking the examiners are just there to wave you through. Read up what I’ve said above & you should be fine.
  3. Joe/Rose

    VETASSESS Skills assesment electrician

    I think there were refresher courses years ago when I looked, but when I did my skills recognition in Sep last year, there wasn’t any refresher courses available, only in Aus they seem to do them. best advice I can give is read what’s expected on the website, brush-up on AC/DC motor theory, different kinds of motor feeders & drives etc. I had to draw then wire up a DOL control circuit, this was ok for me but, out of the 9 people in the class, most struggled with this! Everyone seems to to say they’re not there to catch you out, their not, but 2x failed in our session so it’s not a walk in the park. I would also revisit basic cable size calcs, volt drop calcs etc. Read up on testing, if you don’t do a lot, just make sure you can do a low ohm resistance test(R1+R2), insulation & earth loop. Also make sure you familiarise yourself with the proper safe isolation Procedure that most domestic sparks don’t practice or know! A volt stick is not a way of proving dead, you need a proper voltage tester with generator & to do the sequence properly if asked! Good luck
  4. Joe/Rose

    Federal budget

    I think we will all be sorted after July 21 if I’m honest. Have a look at this article; https://www.sbs.com.au/language/english/permanent-residency-shakeup-australia-drastically-cuts-general-skilled-migration-intake If you scroll down to the skilled planning level table, it’s pretty stark; 21495 SC190 visas granted for 19/20 out of 24968. for 20/21 it’s 11200, they have said they’re contesting in the priority list & onshore applications. Can you really see there being that many places left? I think after July 21, things will change for the better all being well with the pandemic.
  5. Joe/Rose

    Visa Options

    I feel I should answer this question as, I’m a sparky who was in exactly same position regarding qualifications, work experience (it’s 8 years out of 10 by the way) & PTE score of 10. My total points score was 60 + 5(for NSW190 nomination) when I submitted the EOI back in Sep 19, so before the Nov 19 changes, of which doesn’t really do you any favours. Anyway, I received an invitation from NSW in late Nov & applied in DEC 19. It seems I’ve missed the boat on my grant (as Oct & Nov applications seem to of slipped through (before COVID scuppered the finalisation of applications earlier this year). Now, until the boarders open up & the start processing applications again, even then it’s going to be tight on applications as they have cut the quota of state nominations by 55% for 2020 - July 21. But we’re searching for positively here so, if your timeframe is stretching into 21-22 quota year, things may well change thus your chances might substantially change in the right direction, as electricians are in demand when construction is up, so don’t give up, get the higher English score as you will need it I think.
  6. Joe/Rose

    Skilled Visa grants 2019/20 v 2020/21

    Is the of 11200 figure inclusive of everybody, i.e de facto partners & children? Not just main/primary applications? If so then yes, we are in for a wait.
  7. Joe/Rose

    Skilled Visa grants 2019/20 v 2020/21

    I contacted my agent regarding the exact question you have asked here as In other posts I have addressed this, I wasn’t being negative but only realistic in my expectations.... My agent has basically said; because I applied in DEC 19 that my application is in limbo until they start processing again, which will likely be when the borders reopen. I can only hope what you’ve said/quoted below is correct & it follows. As if you look properly at immi tracker, under the 190 SC application tracker, it suggests that I personally pretty much missed the boat by a month or two (App. Date DEC 19). I wonder if ones occupation will matter, I just don’t know? Got to be patient & open to what may happen next year.
  8. Joe/Rose

    Federal budget -190 visa

    Here’s a more simplified & comprehensive overview; https://www.peakmigration.com.au/news/2020/day/10/2020-21-budget-planning-levels-remain-at-160000-partner-visa-places-up-82-per-cent-sponsor-framework-and-english-language-tests-soon
  9. Joe/Rose

    Federal budget -190 visa

    @31Hillbury Well this link may give you the optimism your looking for. Its great that they’re keeping the total for years 20-21 at 160000 but.......Have a read; https://migrationalliance.com.au/immigration-daily-news/entry/2020-10-tudge-permanent-migration-program-to-support-australian-jobs-growth.html
  10. Joe/Rose

    Federal budget -190 visa

    It seems like we’re going to be waiting until the latter half of 2021. I hope so to, it’s all pretty uncertain & not looking to good if I’m honest. Although, all being good the economy will be stimulated to a very high extent during the next few years which should result in 2023-24 booming!
  11. Joe/Rose

    190 Grant after medicals

    I feel your pain to some extent but, I wouldn’t consider walking away or be feeling like your money has been wasted, as you don’t yet know the outcome of the application. What seems apparent is that people slip into this false sense of security with visa applications, that because they have been nominated/invited to apply, that its a when, not if! I’ve heard of people selling their cars, homes, making all sorts of arrangements etc. which is ludicrous at this stage, as the whole thing is so open ended. For most cases it’s obviously when, but it is still an application. Staying equally positive but realistic is surely a better solution.
  12. Joe/Rose

    190 Grant after medicals

    Hi, what has prompted you to do the medicals? I submitted an application in Dec 19 & haven't had CO contact. I didn't front load the HC & PC's because I wanted the process to take a little bit longer due to commitments, this pandemic hit & I am glad we didn't go to the expense of having the HC's etc. as they are valid for a year, right? I'm no migration agent but is it a good idea at present to outlay that expense when things are like they are?
  13. Joe/Rose

    190 Grant after medicals

    Well, we will know more by next Tuesday hopefully, but for most off-shore applicants (like myself) its pretty much common sense that is the source. I haven't got a crystal ball, it just seems obvious that it would be political suicide to start issuing permanent residency visa's when the economy is going through what; has not quite yet come out in the wash! Especially when there are factions within government & outside calling for a complete overhaul of the present system and to use this time as a reset of the system as a whole. While I accept that the government is eager on one hand to get the country back to where it was pre-pandemic, that does include a vibrant immigration policy of course, but lets face it, if Aussies can't get jobs then I don't believe they will open the gates until things are at least on the right path which brings me back, a year is not long.. Take a look at the SBS news link below, it's all speculation... https://www.sbs.com.au/language/english/australia-s-budget-forecast-assumes-international-borders-will-open-for-temporary-visa-holders-from-january-2021
  14. Joe/Rose

    190 Grant after medicals

    I wouldn’t hold your breath, it’s going to be along time yet, got to be at least another year from now until they start granting offshore non essential permanent migrants. ie trades & White collar PR Visas.
  15. Joe/Rose

    190 Processing Time

    I applied for a NSW 190 in Dec 19 to, didn’t front load the HC or PC luckily. No CO contact yet either. Just along wait ahead into 2021 for sure!