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  1. Joe/Rose

    Vetassess Electrician Exam

    A decent electrical principle’s book (although expensive) is; Electrical trade principles A practical Approach by Jeffery Hampton & Steven Hanssen. this is actually what Future skill suggest you buy for all related studies in electrical theory. It’s helped me a lot to be honest. For the assessment day; they just want you to be able to explain that you understand what the discrepancy is between different AC/DC motors & starters, remember that VSD drives are another type of control for a motors, aside star/delta & DOL etc. You might want to brush up on Power factor correction, how this is used & where. Flourescent starters, batteries also. Regarding the fault find exercise, don’t over complicate it, just stay relaxed & think as you normally would logically, it’s wasn’t hard to be fair. Good luck.
  2. Joe/Rose

    Vetassess Electrician Exam

    Hi Gary, with all due respect; if your asking whether a star/delta configuration has a neutral connection, you need to do some serious revision. It’s abit tricky & very lengthy to start teaching AC/DC motor theory & starter connections via this thread. Watch some YouTube video & buy a decent electrical principle book.
  3. Joe/Rose

    Vetassess Electrician Exam

    As regards stat delta etc. Just look online if you don’t know already, you will be expected to know which is which & how to wire a DOL control circuit in practice. Don’t mess this bit up.
  4. Joe/Rose

    Vetassess Electrician Exam

    I wouldn’t take this assessment to for granted, plenty of people have not made it through the day.... two guys failed the theory part on my day. Definitely brush up on AC motor theory & general electrical principles.
  5. Joe/Rose

    Expression of Interest

    Congratulations. May I ask, is the first entry valid from when you did the police check or when you got the grant? Cheers
  6. Joe/Rose

    Is it pointless to apply now??

    Thanks for the reply. I see what your saying yes, it’s interesting that they put one’s English language ability, before work experience. They really are pushing this point. This is almost telling me, I need to go back to the drawing board & do the PTE test again, in the hope of achieving 20 points instead of 10! As score, is second on the order list.
  7. Joe/Rose

    Is it pointless to apply now??

    So contrary to what’s suspected, 65 base points (state sponsored 190?) is still possible? im an electrician with 65 points looking to EOI for a 190 for NSW. There maybe hope?
  8. Joe/Rose

    General electrician skills assessment

    Hi, I'm sitting mine soon in London at the Down Under centre, I have been told I won't get any info before hand. Would you mind sharing what your experience was like? Electrical principles was taught to me over a 3 year period on day release from college, its a wide subject and was over 12 years ago, I can't brush up on everything! Thanks, Joe