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  1. Joe/Rose

    Electrician Gap Training (ATTC)

    I'm in the process of GAP training, what did you want to know?
  2. Joe/Rose

    At what point do you give up?

    As soon as possible!
  3. Joe/Rose

    At what point do you give up?

    We had our Visa grant today. Electrician NSW 190 don’t loose faith
  4. I’m an electrician, offshore 190 NSW, applied back in 2019, on 27 months today!
  5. Joe/Rose

    At what point do you give up?

    I think you’ve got to keep the faith, I applied back in Dec 2019, as yet nothing! My intuition is telling me that things should start moving by July/Aug Good luck
  6. Joe/Rose

    190 Offshore Visa Applicants

    I think it's a possibility. The boarders are closed. We on this thread haven't got an exemption, if they grant us a visa, we have an exemption, thus laying more pressure on their isolation system, of which they have just capped the incoming flight numbers to deal with, as the quarantine hotels cannot handle it & cases seem to be a source from these. If you look at the 4 part phased opening that was recently posted by the Government, things are going to move very slowly. Non of us have a crystal ball, I challenge any agent, forum made agent or anyone for that matter, to tell me they know whats going to happen, its just too difficult to say. Just stay positive & save.
  7. Thanks for the share. Almost to the day from when we submitted our application, although for us, no CO Contact! I wonder if the fact the person had applied onshore made a difference, as they are processing on-shore apps. First? Ir they had the CO Contact for the medicals & PC’s, therefore the application was decision ready?
  8. It would be great to hear a little more about the circumstances of this 190 visa grant?
  9. Joe/Rose

    190 visa processing times extended

    Yea…..and the priority list applies to you more than a processing time!
  10. Joe/Rose

    How are you passing the time? (waiting for grant)

    I’m working hard to save as much as possible to ensure the landing & adjustment into our new life in Australia is a smooth as possible. To say it’s been a tough journey so far would be untrue, as I’m blessed with friends, family, nice home and a good job. The toughest part is the unknown in many respects, especially after applying in Dec 2019, it’s a little unnerving not knowing after all this time whether our visa application will be successful. If we are lucky enough to be granted, it will nearly be 10 years since we had stepped foot in Aus (2013) & I just wonder how much it will of changed. I really enjoyed my time there & got on well with the Aussies. My fingers are crossed for all of us waiting.
  11. Yea it’s a joke Domo, absolutely no need for it. There are loads of jobs within construction, the economy could suffer majorly if they keep this up.
  12. Pretty rubbish to be honest! It’s not looking great, the worst news is the boarders, not necessarily the migration figures! im pretty gutted!
  13. Joe/Rose

    Electrician in need of guidance.

    I thought 6 week courses were for plumbers/heating engineers to be able to isolate/overhaul parts of domestic electrics.
  14. Joe/Rose

    Electrician in need of guidance.

    Becoming a qualified electrician took me 3 years. And so it should. As far as I know, you will need an NVQ Level 3 as a minimum. Assuming you are based in the UK, I would try the down under centre in London, Wes will be of help to you. Good luck
  15. To be honest, I think they will ask for them again, that’s going on other posts. I’m just wondering whether it’s sensible to do the HC at the earliest opportunity.