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Found 13 results

  1. Thought I'd make a thread to lighten the mood when it comes to the frustration of waiting for our visa grant. Feel free to rant, vent or share experiences that could help one another pass the time. How are you feeling? Have you found ways to stay productive during this massive delay of life plans? Has the wait turned into a positive experience or has it been destructive? My experience: Fortunately, I've had work to pass the time but I will be laid off in two weeks. My car has bit the dust so now I'm wondering, "do I buy a car when I may move next month... or next year?" Dating or relationships are a no-no and finding a new job would require me to lie about my future so they don't reject me for not committing a lot of time. Ideally, I'm entering the perfect time to move abroad this summer but times are not normal and I may end up waiting until summer 2022 at the earliest. So now, I have to fight to keep my savings as long as I can until I can actually go to Oz. I'm going to focus on my self-employment prospects and learn about real estate (though I can't get a license until Oz). I'll just be doing side hustles until a bigger opportunity arrives and work on being creative (music, skateboarding, writing).
  2. Hi, ok the move's set for April next year, I'm doing well as far as copings concerned, we've got two littlies, but leaving a son at uni for a couple of years. But it catches me now and again, this gut wrenching feeling, like yesterday at my friends sons birthday party, all friends around having a natter and a laugh, and fopr a moment time stand still and I feel physical pain in my gut and time stands still, I wont be here next year. Am I going bonkers and if not and you had this what gets you through. I do want to go, I have moved and settled before and it takes time and effort, I dont break or show outward signs of upset 'cos if I did it would bust the dam and that's not just saving others feeling but just too painful for me to cope with. I have learnt over the years that I can almost physically push pain into a corner until I'm strong enough to cope, but maybe I look hard faced to others like I dont care, anyway enough of this whinging pom, outta my system thanks for reading Cal
  3. vdM family

    Young children coping with move

    Hi all I'm just looking for some stories on how your child/children have coped with the move. We have an 8 year old daughter whos quite outgoing and social but I'm worried how she's going to take the news of the move and how she'll be once we've moved. We are very close to her grand parents and great grandparents and two young cousins, haven't yet brOke the news of the impending move (waiting for visa to come through first incase anything goes wrong) I'm really just wanting to know how people have survived this and have the children settled in ok. I know it's each to their own and every child is different, I suppose I'm really seeking reassurance if anything. Thanks for reading
  4. domestic goddess

    Teenager not coping

    Has anyone got teenagers or had when they moved over who struggled with the different culture of how kids mix here. My lad is 15 and feeling isolated even though he has friends in school its the mixing outside that's getting to him. He's sport mad and used to being out with friends only coming home to be fed NOT vegging in front of a computer or tv. He's seeing councilor in school to help, he's in a soccer club I know we need to adapt our ways to there's but to a teenager its the hardest thing in the world. So if anyone has been through this please tell me it gets better:unsure:
  5. landv

    Coping with homesickness

    A nice article and some tips for those who struggle from time to time. Hope the link works. http://djbryle.hubpages.com/hub/How-To-Cope-With-Home-Sickness-In-A-Foreign-Land
  6. Guest

    Coping with Separation

    Hi Guys, Not really a dilemma, but more of a request for advice/thoughts (on 2 issues) I guess! Been in Tassie on a 457 for about 3 months now and been through alot of changes since Christmas, all in all we have coped well. My daughter who came with me and my partner has gone back to Ireland (she is 18) after her paternal Grandmother died suddenly and unexpectedly. She has decided there to stay til October (at her Dads), as her Aunt gets married in Sept and she wants to be there for that and come back to Oz then. She has then elected to go to Perth on her own working hol visa, with her friends and in doing so relinquishes her option to get on residency (as my dependant) when I apply for it in Sept. We have talked this through, and I hoped she would stay with us in Tas til we get residency, but she wont be happy (she did try) not that she hates it but just too quiet for her and she wants to go to Perth with her friends. Should I dig in the heels and insist she come back so she can have residency??? She will do If I insist, but I feel she will be very unhappy.. and she is way too young to feel "stuck" here in Tassie. So, its just me, my man and our 3 lovely dogs. The inevitable has happened.. he came home and said (I knew this was coming) "Ive been offered FIFO in WA" :swoon: Now, my man was out of work in Ireland for over 2 years before we came and he is an excellent worker, so I knew there would be no stopping him once he found his feet here in Hobart (we were only here a week and he harrassed someone into giving him a job :biglaugh:) He has said on numerous occasions that he wants to finacially get ahead, the 2 years unemployed has given him serious drive and fire in the belly. All a good thing, and Im proud of him. Im also aware that he wants a divorce from his ex wife and for us to get married and he wants to be able to afford to do this without hardship.. we have lived on the breadline so we could get to Australia for a brighter future.. so here it is, staring us in the face. The opportunity to have some financial security :jiggy:its fabulous, and I know he is majorly excited (he has plans in his head, I know it!) SO............................................. I will be on me tod :frown: BUT.. I want to make this easy for him and want to do this right from the start. How will I cope? Anyone else do this and how do I best prepare myself and just get used to being by myself? Sorry for the babble.. thanks guys, all advice/opinions/observations greatfully appreciated. Steph (Hobart, Tasmania)
  7. mrsindecision

    Tips on coping with the UK winter

    Hi all - not wishing to stir up a hoo ha with the Oz lovers about how grey and gloomy UK is. But we are in the middle of January which I knew would be hard going - but our first winter back and I am struggling with the dark. Not so much when you are outside to be honest but more from the inside (working at home). I must be really light sensitive because as soon as the sun breaks through I am OK again. Anyone else have felt the same - any tips ( although can't compare this winter with the summer Qld has just had).
  8. mrsindecision

    Coping with ups and downs

    I would love to hear from those who have been back for a year and how they have settled. I am five months in and have hit the wall of honeymoon period over and excitement of returning settling and now have to get on with real life. It is really cold and grey at the moment and family are still split so feeling miserable and missing the sunshine (not the heat) All our stuff arrived last week and while that was exciting to have our precious things back it has been a huge lot of work and like trying to fit 2 pints into a half pint pot. I figure moving in the first place was tough and I worked hard to settle and get everything sorted for family there which involved lots of compromise and hard work. Here everything is falling into place nicely workwise and educationally it couldn't be better - moneywise great as well - but I still have the collywobbles and occassionally have to go into the next town which is bloody grotty and I wonder if we have done the right thing ( in my heart I know we have but the re-adjustment is harder than I imagined it would be). Also my BF has cancer which has knocked us all for six and the great fun we were planning together has been blighted by treatments etc... I know what a whiner I am - so those who are tempted please don't have a go - just hoping that some of you have been through this and come out the other side.
  9. TheOptimist

    Coping in the heat - tips welcomed!

    How do you cope in the Australian heat? I am moving in early Feb next year which will be the height of summer in Melbourne, and whilst I have spent time there in the summer before, I have been there as a visitor so haven't had to cope with commuting and daily life (in other words, not having the luxury of taking a swim when I feel like it when the temp soars!) I have fair skin :cry: and know I will find it a struggle to get to grips with the very hot weather, and though I am hoping to aclimatise eventually, I wondered if any of you have any tips you could share to help me and others like me in a similar situation to help keep cool. Sun block and a hat are obvious ones but other tips would be much appreciated. Sorry if there have been threads on this subject previously and I have missed them! Thanks Kat
  10. Guest

    Not coping in Oz, so alone

    Back story: I was married for 3 years (overall relationship 10 years) to a British guy who developed a drug problem and cheated on me. A few weeks later I bumped into a Oz guy while he was on holiday. We kept in contact and 6 months later I packed up everything, said good bye to my family and friends and moved to Sydney to be with him. Everything was great and i couldn't believe how lucky and happy I was, then without warning I lost all the feelings for him (he still loves me) and I am scared and alone and have no one to talk to about this. He is such a great person and I don't want to hurt him or string him along so I decided to move out (Currently in a backpackers). I have a great job here too but I can't stand it any more and I'm not motivated to work and I can't think straight! My thoughts are with my family and friends back home, and no matter what I was going through there, it seems like a simpler life that I miss so much. My problem is am I making a big mistake, am I throwing away a potentially great relationship because I'm missing home (and probably not sane from the last relationship)? Please help me as I said I have no one!!
  11. mrsindecision

    Coping with the stress of moving back.

    HI all we're in the final run up to returning - in July. House is on market OH got a job, friends and family looking forward to us returning exchange rate brilliant. But we are both stressed beyond belief. I think it really boils down to fear of messing the kids around too much. Having moved here less than three years ago now going back and starting again (or in many ways picking up where we left off). Think OH is really properly depressed about the whole experience - blames himself and really struggling to accept it hasn't worked out. My daughter is desperately unhappy about moving back but has started seeing school chaplain to get it all off her chest which I think is a good thing for her. Wish OH would talk to someone - but blokes dont really do they. I swing between getting excited about what we can buy overthere and kids going to good unis etc. with fear of leaving what has now become familiar and the few comforting thigns here ( friends, house etc.) I am hoping this is a normal part of the process - cos I really can't see any future for us staying here. But the upheaval feels mammoth. :no:
  12. Hello all.... I know there are alot of us out there that have been caught in the awfull visa delays since 23/09.....:frown: So what I am wondering is how are you coping with this & what changes have you made in your Family life?.....:unsure:
  13. kellyjamie

    coping without family at christmas

    hello everyone, i do apologise if this is a slightly sad thread but hey thats what the forums for right? i just wondered how everyone found their first christmas without loved ones, either because your in oz, their in oz or their no longer here? its our first christmas without my father in law, were going to light a candle at a tree celebration with marie curie tomorrow night and although my hubbys been fairly brave i think hes finding it very hard because i know i certainly am, i dont know if its because its an emotional time but it isnt half making me think how ill cope when we eventually go x