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  1. Southlander

    Applying for two visas at the same time

    They are probably going to use them to replace the unvaxed/covid affected teachers. Fortunately education is not considered critical/essential services. Well certainly not for visa granting.
  2. Southlander

    Question to the MARA's re 190 offshore grants

    We have slightly gone off topic here, Paul had kindly answered the questions posed and said one might require a crystal ball to correctly guess. That's just the way the world is working now unfortunately. I think what @31Hillbury was asking is for a RMA to fact check the comment suggesting that our 190 visas could never be granted (withheld indefinitely) and more recently pulled out entirely. @Ausvisitor Your point #1. NSW are already open to occupations we originally applied under. @Marisawright Our occupations are being selected pre covid and now during covid, so the states are still open to offshores both periods. You may draw your own conclusions to that.
  3. Southlander

    Question to the MARA's re 190 offshore grants

    So people that apply to one state for pr and move to another as soon as their visas are granted you're OK with provided their circumstances changed? Most also applied pre covid which is unlucky. But, grants should have carried on as they did not know what the future would bring if circumstances changed. Not alot has changed and can be quite subjective.
  4. Southlander

    Question to the MARA's re 190 offshore grants

    No they won't, we'll get our grants. It has been unprecedented how long most have waited and rightly will be sorting us out soon.
  5. Southlander

    Question to the MARA's re 190 offshore grants

    It is that you can't go hiding under your doona anymore and face up to the reality that it is here, has been and is here to stay. Having being slow out the gates have caught up and vaccinated an astonishing amount. Omicron is supposedly a much milder strain though highly infectious. I think even the most avid covid follower would see little sense in another lockdown unless they actually like the thought of them...
  6. Southlander

    Question to the MARA's re 190 offshore grants

    Cheers Paul, RMA noted! I did look it up but most sites referenced MARA. I now know the difference I read the article, I see that is an issue but this may stem from who they are granting visas to and from what cohort. It's unfortunate that most will try and work in the positions, more so 190s but that is down the employers who they hire. Also letting a state sponsor you and then say we're scared to grant you a visa because we worry what you do or where you go is fairly nonsensical. It's the states issue not the feds. I also think IELTS should be the standard English test, then you would see less taxis/uber drivers with degrees not being used to their intended capacity. But there would be less students...
  7. Southlander

    Question to the MARA's re 190 offshore grants

    Thanks again Paul, appreciate the honesty. It was also good to see an article on abc.net highlighti the injustice of 190s being who have been state sponsored but yet to be granted whilst industries are crying out for them. Please do comment further if you can give us further insight or have any other predictions.
  8. Southlander

    Question to the MARA's re 190 offshore grants

    Thanks Paul. Covid is yesterday news, borders supposedly are open now that the majority have been vaccinated? The UK or Canada seem to have continued to process visas... I am aware of priority processing (they stopped processing visas before this), surely it's past its sell by date, unless they are using it as a tool. So the real question is when will they process our 190s? Or are you suggesting that only once every person under the priority visa class you've quoted have been then they will move onto us? How will they look at us, when will they look at us and what order of the 190s lodged will they grant them. Best regards
  9. HNY to you all. Now that 2021 has passed will it be another painful year for us 190 offshores (grants) or can we expect some movenent now? Most offshores are waiting 20-26 months which is well over over the "processing times" quoted by the dha, so makes no sense anymore why we are still being held. Covid is yesterday news and nurses imho were a smokescreen (where some grants went) as were not really needed for covid in Australia per se. Please can you give your insight into our real prospects of receiving our grants imminently, or can we expect 3 years to be knocking on our doors before they look at us again? Will they then do it by date order as there also seems to be a lot of outstanding grants? We are extremely frustrated and the lack of transparency and support had not helped considering all other class of visas have had daily coverage. Any thoughts or feedback will be appreciated. Best
  10. Southlander

    Anyone else feeling lost???

    Have sent link to join
  11. Southlander

    Secondary School Teacher 190

    Just to point out some states require you to already be registered to teach in that state before you submit your eoi, so could end up with multiple registrations in case that state starts to invite. IELTS (Academic) can also be a prerequisite for state nomination for teaching as it really does separate english speakers from the rest. If IELTS was the only acceptable test there would be next to no students progressing to PR.
  12. Southlander

    Secondary School Teacher 190

    I think most are aware that covid has been the default reason for most things. In "normal" times, you could expect to wait up to a year for your grant. So coupled with the vast amount of unprocessed visas not a lot will change, unless all those already waiting are actually already processed but not yet granted (leg work already done). If they still have to go through the whole process 2 years will be the new default unless they clear down the huge backlog before inviting new.
  13. Southlander

    Visa Advice - Newly Qualified Primary Teacher

    @paulhand I agree with you 100%. Forums are for us novices trying to get a feel for it and getting opinions based on similar experiences, approaching agents is for expert (legal) advice for someone who is committed to going to Australia and is investing from day one. I have had too many friends jumping on the bandwagon saying they're keen to go until I recommend them seeing a paid agent. Then it's next week, or in the new year etc. I know at that point they are not fully decided, but like the idea however will toy with it until it's too late. Proof is in the pudding, let's monitor.
  14. Southlander

    Visa Advice - Newly Qualified Primary Teacher

    Not sure where the mistake is? You need to earn $53,900 P/A for three consecutive years to transition to a permanent visa. You only have to be under 45 at the age of applying for the visa and CAN get PR even at 49 (5 year visa). But you have no time for mistakes as you are on the wrong side of 44. Your 153k sounds like global talent/high profile individual type visa classes.
  15. Southlander

    Visa Advice - Newly Qualified Primary Teacher

    Feel for you... I really think you have a better chance studying in one of the states I mentioned above. Extremely expensive and still very risky. I'm fairly certain (don't quote me on it) but to apply for nomination you have to be under 45, it's only when you receive nomination and apply to the dha that your age is locked in. In other words have to still be 44 at this point. Points will stay same 40 to 44 then regardless. State nomination again is a lottery, some states won't even invite you and will expire after each year or will reject your eoi probably that you never really interested them and had better candidates chosen. And once they review it takes up to 4 weeks for nomination approval. Once nomination is given you then apply for your main visa and need to be 44 years old. Some states are quicker than others and have different quotas of teachers they have asked to sponsor. AITSL skills assessment takes 12 weeks, never quicker. So need to factor that in too...