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  1. Southlander

    How should I start? :0

    Hi there, hopefully will try to answer some of your questions, so best to still investigate things further... So me and my fiancée aged 24 and 23 are looking at emigrating from UK to Australia hopefully by the end of this year. Time is on your side immigration wise, so that's a plus. Unless you apply to study in Australia and borders are lifted you have little chance obtaining a work visa by then. I would be thinking 2 years from now you will have more clarity on your situation, be it your visa grant, or tying up further requirements. You also say fiancé, this should be your defacto/life partner, living as husband and wife, with each other, sharing bills and prove it has been like this for some period of time. Fiancé is a form of commitment, but will need to go into greater depth than that. I have been working in a professional IT field for the past 2.5 years straight after obtaining a top grade degree in IT, could this be used as a skills assessment? Yes, you would need to get your skills assessed through ACS. They have a tendancy to deduct work experience if your degree is not highly relevant to the anzsco you are applying under. So 2.5 years is not a lot of experience and this is an extremely competitive field. There are also hundreds of applicants scoring +90 points not getting invites in IT. Being offshore also works against you at the moment. Also some states require 3 to 5 years post experience for state sponsorship. My original nationality is from Europe, I am in the middle of getting UK citizenship which will mean I won’t require any English tests and should allow me to use Medicare later on. If you studied your degree in a UK based University, in English, you may substitute your English test based on the 4 years of study. Unfortunately your work experience is slightly limited at the moment, so you would still need to do the IELTS to improve your points score. 20 points superior would be your aim. Medicare can be obtained with a UK passport, but as will a skilled visa. If your fiance can also obtain a positive skills assessment and do the IELTS you could get another 10 points. Couples now start 10 points down on single applicants. They get extra points for being single. I believe (correct me if wrong) both applicants now need to prove functional English, assuming your fiancé is from the UK, the passport should satisfy this requirement. But points are a premium and may need to do it anyhow. My mum and my step-father have been in Australia for the past 3 years on a skill sponsored visa. Is there a way this can be used as a advantage, as I heard that if you’re not dependant on the parent you can’t be signed up to it but could it help in any way? It doesn't, but is also twofold. Should you apply for state nomination it will show the state that you have an incentive to live in their state because of family ties. Unfortunately if you apply to a different state, the state may be reluctant sponsoring you as they will assume you will want to relocate to your family when you arrive. Your parents would need to live in a regional area should you apply for a family sponsored visa, but they don't give these out often. You are classed as independent, so cannot piggy back on your parents visa and will need to do it yourself. You're also engaged, which nullifies this any chance of this. Depending on previous circumstances you may have potentially been included in the original application your parents made at the time, but unfortunately this time has now passed. Immigration is a tricky, slick process, you are lead to believe that you tick all the right boxes and can just swan into OZ only to find out (down the line) that you are far from it and there is plenty of hoops to jump through and hair pulling to come your way. If you are 100% committed, it would be wise to make contact with a qualified MARA and they can lay out a suitable path that you should take, or if you are flogging a dead horse. Try @paulhand or @Raul Senise for an assessment, both are highly regarded. My gut feeling is a student visa or working holiday visa if you are trying to get over sooner. Then once you are there use your time wisely to get yourself sponsored. You are both in your 20's so can afford to risk it a bit. Again it pays to speak to a professional of you are serious and will hopefully provide the answers that you are after. All the best.
  2. Southlander

    Migration agent recommendations

    Absolutely, if it works for you both then that's great. But you have offices in Australia too, so are exempt from my message anyway
  3. Southlander

    Migration agent recommendations

    The only real benefit using a UK based one is that you get to communicate with them during social hours. An Oz based one is ground level, networking, ready to push the button which we had preempted would be more beneficial in the long run. A perfect example based our circumstances.... Queensland opened their stated nominations and within a day shut them again as they got over 2000 eoi's in that short space of time. Now as our agent was aus based, they managed to submit our eoi within valid window. Needless to say thousands missed out. Now should you have been using a UK based Mara by the time they logged on in the morning Queensland had already shut off the lights and were no longer accepting eois. Asians are also trying to get into Australia by huge numbers, so besides the billions in populations and number of applicants, they have the added advantage of a preferential time zone, so they sweep up anything left over by the Australian maras before the UK agent has yet to hit their snooze button for the first time. It's your choice ultimately, but if you feel a good connection with the MARA and you get your visa, then it really doesn't matter at the end. All the best.
  4. Hope all goes well. Don't we all
  5. Southlander

    190 Visa Grant

    PMSOL P*ssing My_self Out Laughing. @us Best visa category ever
  6. Southlander

    Does PMSOL apply to the 189 or 190 visa?

    @JimL I don't blame you for asking the question. Truthfully, at the moment it seems to be an absolute lottery who gets their grant. But based upon 190 processing times you should be thinking another +6 months for some movement. Global processing times, potential opening of borders and even new allocations from July. People waiting longer may be there too, who knows. I have heard of people who had acquired their provisional visas prior, (pmsol catg) but couldn't fly out due to the border closures, have then tried to gain job offers in Australia and applied for multiple travel exemptions to enter. I'm not suggesting they got them but this is what people have tried. They are in no particular rush to bring offshore over and no need to expedite other categories if they can help it. It's a bitter pill, but no harm being optimistic
  7. Southlander

    Does PMSOL apply to the 189 or 190 visa?

    Have just checked again. This is the list, although are skilled visas. No 189/190 though. All require sponsorship.
  8. Southlander

    190 Visa Grant

    Ground hog day +400 days offshore 🥴...
  9. @Lou1584 my heart goes out to you. I genuinely beleieve if you put your mind to it you can achieve this. I have seen some posters more interested in what they can gain, or sneak in through the back door crying Australia now owes them. You are just after a better life for your family (aren't we all ), and sound genuinely sincere with your messages. (I think there are health waivers, but again best advice is to seek professional advice) Not is all lost Keep us posted. All the best.
  10. Southlander

    Does PMSOL apply to the 189 or 190 visa?

    Common sense would suggest they would look at yours. I believe pmsol is for employment sponsored visas, ie you go straight to work, tied to the employer. 189/190 you have carte blanche to engage in any career, or kick back and sign on. Even though you have jumped through all the hoops to get selected, you are not considered to be in demand, ironic... Being offshore makes it even more clear cut you will be overlooked. On other forums, there are people, onshore, waiting for their 189s close to 2 years and are employed in their nominated fields, in the pmsol category. Personally the whole process is nonsensical and we are all sitting with our hands cupped out hoping to be acknowledged. Tomorrow just could be your day, or you could still be on this forum next July asking if any grants have been done recently. Best of luck, we are all in the same boat.
  11. Southlander

    Developmental Delay medical 189 Visa

    Ours were done in the UK, and as we had minors we were asked to sign, complete pre-medical forms for them. Among the many questions, one directly asks if they have/display any physical or mental conditions that will inhibit them to function without help which includes global development delay. This is a straight yes no answer. If all tests are performed to an exacting standard, this is where it will be assessed. Unfortunately I cannot seen how this element will be ignored and you just have to go through with it or make other plans. On another note I was aware about the 10 year rule for a child born in oz, but cannot see how you get to stay in australia for 10 years on temp visas, so that would be an extremely long shot... All the best.
  12. Southlander

    TAFE Bachelor Early Childhood Education and Care

    Having a quick Google on TAFE, it seems the gap has been bridged a bit with universities however is not quite there and unfortunately not considered equal. Costs are also significantly different, whereby TAFE has more funding and is job ready (training and further education) so is traditionally more aimed at trades and more hands on. Tafe also consider applicants who were not academic whereas universities require certain grades etc. Courses also are between 6 months and 2 years. University is 3 years minimum and for AITSL you need 4 year degree course. If you want to work with children, early years and need a visa to go in hand, Marissa is right saying studying at home for the 4 years will be a cheaper option. Or you bite the bullet and and enrol with a credited University as advised by your agent, should living in Australia at the time outweigh paying cheaper back home. All the best.
  13. Southlander

    Doctor looking for visa sponsorship

    If you are on a tourist visa is there a possibility of a "no further stay", if so would this be an issue. Also I gather covid would not be an issue to leave australia, and applying offshore (entering a different story) how much time is left on the visa to get all in place and if looking for work is allowed. (If I went through customs on a tourist visa and was asked why are you here and replied on holiday and to look for work would they be OK with that) Lots of variables to consider, that's why consulting a MARA like Westly is the best option as suggested.
  14. Southlander

    Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189)

    What I understand, should you wish to claim partner partner points, your partner would need to have a positive skills assessment of their own and be on the same visa category as yourself, ie the 189 as you have advised. So you will include it on your eoi if you are the main applicant. If you both have a postivie skills assessment with good individuals points, there is no harm doing two applications to double your chance. Medical is a good profession at the moment and is worth looking at. With most things visa related, prefessional advice from a reg mara would be a sensible approach unless others can assist you as well. All the best.
  15. Southlander

    Federal budget

    Regards to paying your fees, you will receive a letter for QTS advising that your fees are due. You can also log onto your QTS portal where your fees will be viewable/due and can submit payment online.