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  1. Agree on your points. The processing of grants seems to be reactive. Another reason is that most countries won't have an issue with nurses taking visas so would not cause any uproar with voters. WA ironically jumped onto this opportunity and kept borders shut to facilitate this. In a nutshell yes you will get your visa. In normal times the grant would have been reflective of processing times unless their were issues with your application. There are signs that grants for older applications are moving again based on contact received from the co's and non essential visa grants.
  2. Southlander

    At what point do you give up?

    The problem with parent and partner visas is that they are entitled to apply and have no idea how many will and cannot limit them from doing so. The skilled visa applicants they can dictate the numbers by limiting who applies, under what criteria and setting occupation ceilings. But they are two very different processes. Either way the bubbles seem to grow all the time and can they can let the backlog stretch as far as they wish to.
  3. For argument sake, queensland have their own critical skills list, and include teaching all levels. It mimics the governments list pretty accurately however they (dha) have not updated theirs since July last year and as such do not prioritise teachers. Also the pmsol/critical skills list was only really introduced (I believe) September 2020, albeit the borders were closed from March. So between that period there were invitations for offshore but grants had stalled. Most people who applied pre covid were obviously not aware of how things would unfold. One being nurses, even though Australia never had a covid crisis. The reason was probably that nurses were in short supply and this gave a reason to slow all otter occupants down to fill hospitals, with "covid" being the reason. Once the state nominates you, you apply for your main visa, you will get your visa (agents advice, not poi forum posters) but that's down to the dha when they process you. Nothing to read into it further. The grants have been happening albeit not at any rate pre covid times.
  4. No problem. The way it works is that each state is allocated a specific quota from the federal government to give out sponsorship to whoever they want to. Every state has different needs, so if they decide to sponsor you they will, should you fit their criteria. It is competitive still as there may be more than one applicant trying for nomination in your occupation, but they may be reserving the quota for other fields. The occupation ceilings are also a little but of a red herring, and applies to government quota should you have applied independently, points based 189 etc. Also 189s are done solely by the federal government to invite and process you. State nomination is a set quota for the states to nominate you against their requirements but look more into the applicant as a whole and not so much points focused. Qld need you have so many years experience and a good pot of funds in the bank. Also not to dismiss the blog but the occupation list demand change all the time, you can almost tell by the types of grants you are seeing and who they are inviting. Also when the States are given their quota they may say 190s will get 11000 for the year, but once the nomination is provided the dha may not process you and give more allocation to the States hoping for other occupations to apply. So in essence they may end up giving out 20,000 for the year but will stick vigorously to only giving out 11000 visas. So the pot of unprocessed applicants expands whilst they allow new applicants to keep applying without increasing the amount of grants that they will give out in a calendar year. And so it continues. Lastly I f the sates have you on their own critical/essential list the federal government (who are responsible for giving out the visa) will not necessarily re ognise the States requirements and will issue visas to satisfy their own needs. So the state may sponsor you but the federal government will not give your visa. It's chicken and egg. The prices you have quoted is spot on for each applicant.
  5. Southlander

    At what point do you give up?

    If the States open their Migration program to offshore candidates (all sectors), that would suggest that they are advertising for new applicants? This actually has been the case though, states inviting new applicants (quota received from the government) but dha not clearing the backlog fast enough. Non priority skills does not mean no progress whatsoever, it means low priority. There has been non priority visas processed that were over 2 years old recently. You may need to venture further than PIO to find this all out should you wish to.
  6. We applied for teaching too. 27 months waiting here, offshore. If your nomination is granted, I believe you have 60 days to submit your official visa application to the dha. So the clock starts at the point you supply your documents and pay the visa application in full. You never know it may not take that long as they are desperate for teachers and most states hsvr their own critical/essential skills lists and education is on it.
  7. Southlander

    3 forms of ID required for ACS skills assessment?

    That would be classed as an original BC. All original copies say that when ordering a second copy, which people normally purchase for just like your example where an original is requested.
  8. Southlander

    Visitors visa Queensland

    @KangaKit I agree what you say, the Queensland premier was unambiguous in her speech that siblings can now come from overseas, as tourists, and visit parents, children, brothers and sisters. So yes I too found it confusing as the federal government control external borders and don't include siblings yet. Now the focus is on the feds for being shut and not Queensland per se. NSW tried something similar saying border are open but that was for everyone. Here AP specifically included siblings to the existing cohort. It might be with applying for a travel exemption for Queensland What makes me smile is that step parents are good to go but not siblings. Also for sake of family sponsorship family are considered to be parents, siblings and then also cousins, aunts and uncles. Let's hope they talk to each other and clear this up.
  9. Southlander

    Applying for two visas at the same time

    They are probably going to use them to replace the unvaxed/covid affected teachers. Fortunately education is not considered critical/essential services. Well certainly not for visa granting.
  10. Southlander

    Question to the MARA's re 190 offshore grants

    We have slightly gone off topic here, Paul had kindly answered the questions posed and said one might require a crystal ball to correctly guess. That's just the way the world is working now unfortunately. I think what @31Hillbury was asking is for a RMA to fact check the comment suggesting that our 190 visas could never be granted (withheld indefinitely) and more recently pulled out entirely. @Ausvisitor Your point #1. NSW are already open to occupations we originally applied under. @Marisawright Our occupations are being selected pre covid and now during covid, so the states are still open to offshores both periods. You may draw your own conclusions to that.
  11. Southlander

    Question to the MARA's re 190 offshore grants

    So people that apply to one state for pr and move to another as soon as their visas are granted you're OK with provided their circumstances changed? Most also applied pre covid which is unlucky. But, grants should have carried on as they did not know what the future would bring if circumstances changed. Not alot has changed and can be quite subjective.
  12. Southlander

    Question to the MARA's re 190 offshore grants

    No they won't, we'll get our grants. It has been unprecedented how long most have waited and rightly will be sorting us out soon.
  13. Southlander

    Question to the MARA's re 190 offshore grants

    It is that you can't go hiding under your doona anymore and face up to the reality that it is here, has been and is here to stay. Having being slow out the gates have caught up and vaccinated an astonishing amount. Omicron is supposedly a much milder strain though highly infectious. I think even the most avid covid follower would see little sense in another lockdown unless they actually like the thought of them...
  14. Southlander

    Question to the MARA's re 190 offshore grants

    Cheers Paul, RMA noted! I did look it up but most sites referenced MARA. I now know the difference I read the article, I see that is an issue but this may stem from who they are granting visas to and from what cohort. It's unfortunate that most will try and work in the positions, more so 190s but that is down the employers who they hire. Also letting a state sponsor you and then say we're scared to grant you a visa because we worry what you do or where you go is fairly nonsensical. It's the states issue not the feds. I also think IELTS should be the standard English test, then you would see less taxis/uber drivers with degrees not being used to their intended capacity. But there would be less students...
  15. Southlander

    Question to the MARA's re 190 offshore grants

    Thanks again Paul, appreciate the honesty. It was also good to see an article on abc.net highlighti the injustice of 190s being who have been state sponsored but yet to be granted whilst industries are crying out for them. Please do comment further if you can give us further insight or have any other predictions.