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Found 289 results

  1. Hi, Has anyone on here completed the Electrician Gap Training Course at The Australian Trade Training College and would be able to give me some advice about it Thanks in advance
  2. Just completed my electrical practical test today and thought id share what was involved . As the vetassess website gives you a list a mile long on what to revise and it can scramble your brain if you havent been in a classroom for years . Once you have followed their instructions and completed a PES form etc you are given a date for your prac test . I did mine at kangan , the assessor was really nice . He was helpful and gave small hints on if he saw you making a minor mistake . So , we had to Follow a plan and wire up a 2 way lighting circuit in conduit using singles . Gives you measurments on the plan on how long to cut the conduit and where to mount the mounting blocks etc . Wire up 1 x socket outlet Install both circuits into a switchboard you have to mount . Select correct cable size for both circuits Select correct rcbos Install a earth stake ( just mounted to the wall ) While you are doing your booth wiring the assessor will ask you to go to another booth and you have to do abit of motor control wiring. You have a chart with 5 symbols N O contact Start button Stop button Thermal overload Coil You have to match the symbols to what it is . Then draw how you would wire a simple dol starter with the symbols all in a line . Then you have to wire the circuit using the push in lead things into makeshift start button / stop button etc . Then once he is happy you test see if it works . Then he flicks a fault in . Mine was a the normally open contact wasnt connected so when you pushed the start button it just pulsed and wouldnt hold in . Then we did Swp disconnect re connect ( watch youtube for that one ) ELECTIVES You have to choose 1 elective and i was scared of this one because out of the electives there wasnt one that i was completely clued up on . Only a few basics . I chose the data one because i pull data points for new houses etc . He literally sat me down and asked 3 questions , what the tool was called to make connections ( krone tool . I use to call it a bt pusher ) What a rj45 plug was And asked what cable i use . ( cat 5 / 6 / 6e ) And then that was it . No wiring or anything . Once all that was over we tested the circuit Cont main earth Cont earth on light circ Cont earth on socket IR on whole installation ( he put a fault in on this one , pretty obvious he had because he plugged a plug into the outlet and said keep that in then you do your IR for whole installation and record the reading . Then IR of your light circ Then IR of socket ( the ones you just wired so they are fine , they dont do anything to trip you up ) Then polarity of switches . Once that is done there is a 24 question multiple choice test . Dont worry about memerising every formula for power , ohms law , rms etc . Because it literally gives you them all on the last page of your book , and he points that out to you before you start . Other than that cant really tell you much else . Hope this helps
  3. Hello, My partner has been given a tentative booking for his practical assessment in roughly 6 weeks. Can anyone advise him on what to expect on the day? What tasks will he be required to carry out for the special class? Many thanks, Rhian
  4. Thought id put a post up on what to expect from the vetassess technical interview for electricians ( general ) . As i was sh×tting myself trying to find any information on what to revise / what they will ask etc . All i found was everyone asking the same question and no one replying so here i go . To start off im a electrician from the uk and i completed my apprenticeship in 2010 . So i had not been in any situation where i was tested on my electrical theory , ( which i was never great at when i was doing my apprenticeship ) so i was really nervous . I did this in covid times( i actually had covid at the time so i was self isolating ) so it was all on skype ( adobe ) . So the questions were pretty simple . A few multiple choice and some just straight up . Off the top of my head i remember × A couple on - identifying risks × A couple on - safe isolation ( revise this because there are way more steps in oz than there was the AM2 ) X A couple on cable selection - ( but really easy , no calculator needed , just as well because you arnt allowed to have ANYTHING in the room other than yourself and a glass of water ) X a couple on cable protection ( name something you could use to protect a cable from mechanical damage ? ) hd conduit .. simple × a couple on rcds ( describe the operation ) × one was showing you a analog megger and it was set on 500v dc ir test and he just asked what the tester was set on . Then asked what the purpose of the ir test is . × then name the tests you need to perform on a new installation ( didnt even need to explain them ) × burnt out connection on red phase on a motor terminal . What could be the cause ? × then a couple on a dol starter . ( what does it stand for . How would i add another emergency stop button etc ) Only one i struggled on was he showed me a wiring diagram of a dol starter ( with symbols that were numbered ) and he asked me what each number was . Because like most things really , i just got shown how to wire one and just remembered from there , never looked at the wiring diagram or symbols . So nothing too technical. Hope this helps . Good luck
  5. Good afternoon everyone ! My partner and I are applying for the 186 TRT (thanks to his 457) in 2 weeks time. He is electrician and we are wondering if any trades can share their timeframe. The TRT timeframe is extra long now and we would like to try to have a child next year. Anyone with a bridging visa able to share their experience ? Is it any big difference to have a child before or after PR knowing that now the waiting period for maternity leave and stuff will be 4 years so no point to count on it ! Many thanks and good luck to you all
  6. At very early stages of getting all qualifications together for skills assessment with AITSL for teacher and partner electrician people who have been in a similar position how long was the process in total from skills assessment to the final piece of the jigsaw? Also costs would be handy many thanks
  7. Hi all I was hoping someone could give me some advice! I'm an electrical fitter that works in substations and would love to emigrate to perth or Brisbane and surrounding areas. For some reason cable jointer and overhead lines are listed under electrical distribution tradespeople on the ANZSCO website but my job is not. To get a 190 visa i would need to get my skills swapped over to aussie qualifications, the agent i spoke to said i would have to fiddle it a little bit and try to go via the electrician (general) category. This job is quite abit different from what i do. The fees for this whole process are alot of money and I'm abit worried i will struggle passing an assessment for a job i don't do, plus i will have to get experience once I move to oz including studying oz electricity regs. Who's going to employ me for something I don't have experience or qualifications in!!??Is there anyone who has been in this position and got any advice please? It seems really crazy because my job is advertised by electricity distribution companies in Australia and the description of what I do is on the ANZSCO site but under cable jointer instead of under my trade which doesn't seem to be recognised
  8. What kind of car does an electrician drive? A Volts-wagon. If that raised a smile, this might too. Picture this. You’re busy Monday, Wednesday and half a day Thursday. You love your work but there’s not enough of it around. Choppy economies have that effect. It’s not the same when you work for a company that’s backed by the WA Government. You have the stability of a job that pays well, 5 days a week. You also experience this more: · No FIFO or 12-hour shifts. Get home each night at a sensible time · Impeccable safety record. Feel safer coming into work every day · Supportive culture. Feel engaged in your work alongside people who help you succeed The work is varied and no two days are ever the same. There’s running the electrical and instrumentation services for all the Water Corporation’s assets throughout the district. Additionally, you’d be installing, testing, fault finding, repairing and commissioning. There’s also HV switching, PID loop tuning. Writing and checking HV switching programmes. Things like that. Please note: this is an expression of interest, because it’s likely we’ll need to expand the team over the coming weeks / months. Interested in knowing more? Email: mark.pearce@watercorporation.com.au Call: +61 8 9420 2528 (GMT +7)
  9. Lighton Electrics

    Electrician Ringwood

    Finding right electrical for home applicants? People use electrical devices a lot so that they rely on electricity. An electrician in Croydon is specialized in the electrical wiring of buildings, machines and related equipment. An experienced and skilled electrician Ringwood is it uses electrical equipment is highly sensitive and potentially dangerous, where electricians are always in need of emergencies and to deal with electrical problems. Lighton electrics working with a professional electrician in Bayswater that work on electrical systems that include mechanical connections, security and communication system, power supplies and lighting installation. They work on the commercial and residential structure on power distribution with complex circuits and electrician at Lilydale wiring in vehicle and building along with all around other applications that have to be repaired or installed. For help or guidance, call us on 1800 875 324.
  10. Hi, i'm currently looking for maintenance plumbers, electricians and especially carpenters in metro Adelaide for on going work. Please contact me for more information Mike
  11. Shauna H

    Skilled Visa

    Hi, Myself and my husband are looking to move to Australia on a 189 visa, I am a qualified Accountant and he is a qualified Electrician we are both 32. Can someone please help me with the following queries : 1. Are we better applying under my Husbands trade or mine? (I was told the market is saturated with Accountants) 2. Can anyone advise of an agency who are successful - I know there are so many people claiming to be the best. Any advice at all would be a great help. Shauna
  12. MarkSW


    Hi guys, I’m after some advice please. We have finally decided to take the plunge and apply to emigrate (I have a lot of family there already) and because of my age (48) I believe the only way forward is through work sponsorship. Has anyone been down this route and where would be the best place to go re wages, cost of living etc. We have 3 children (13,6,5) to also consider i have no idea where to start thanks in advance for any help given Mark
  13. Hey. New on here so apologies in advance if I’m repeating anything. I’m a self employed electrician, have been for 5 years or so. Did my apprenticeship when I was 19 and been doing electrics since. Although I like to think I’m quite good on most things. I’ve got nvq 3 although this may mean nothing. I’m after some info on what training I would need to do to become an electrician over in oz. I have also thought about doing an air conditioning/refrigeration course which I thought would be of benefit also. Many thanks
  14. Hi everyone, This is my first post and my first time on a forum, so I apologise if this is in the wrong place or has already been answered. My girlfriend and I are hoping to move to Oz (most likely Perth), we've just contacted a migration agent and are ready to slowly start the process. I work as an industrial maintenance electrician in a car manufacturing plant, working with PLCs, robots and carrying out electrical fault finding on quite high tech machinery. Would this be electrician general or special class? Is the job market as good as people say? Are the wages really that good? What are the chances of me landing a FIFO job in the mining industry? Any advice or answers to any or all of those questions from someone who's in a similar role or knows someone who is would be greatly appreciated Thanks, Henry
  15. simmo

    On The Tools

    Because PIO has traditionally had a lot of tradies as members I thought it was about time we had our own thread. I'll start with some funny videos.
  16. Hi all, I applied to vetassess (General Electrician) back in January hoping to get on the April assessment just gone. Unfortunately, due to numbers i am now on the july assessment. Vetassess Paper assessment has been Passed with approval to continue to the Practical. My story so far! Hope it helps... A lot of sparks are asking what evidence do we need to provide! Basically, everything you can lay your hands on. For me, i never did an formal apprenticeship. (Nightmare) I went to work as a sparkies mate 20 years ago and learnt on the job. During this period i undertook every aspects of electrical work. It was only when they introduced the new regs, Part P etc a few years ago that i decided to get off my ass and get my own Certs so i could continue to work legally, hence certifying my own work etc. Back to college aged 37 to get my 2351 Level 3 Electrical Engineering, 2381 16th Edition Regulations, EMTA Award Building regulations in Electrical Installations. Once i got these City and Guilds Quals (Took 2 years) i applied to NICEIC to be assess and successfully became a NICEIC approved Electrician. Finally, i took my Health & Safety Course (IOSH) which further gained accreditation with vetassess. Dont forget i was working for 20 years as a spark and knew more than the tutors in some cases. Because of this i had to prove that my training was back to front... 20 years experience and then the certs... It was a worry that vetassess would only assess me from the last couple of years owing to my late qualifications. Luckily, most of the companies i worked for provided awesome references and the fact that i had trade accounts covering years before. Some of the papers i provided included copies of my test certificatres, Invoices i sent to customers, Statements from subcontractors, CIS4 Stubbs for payments received, Full yearly accounts/tax returns from my accountant. Tools i bought, receipts, Statutory Declaration. Statement from customers... Suppliers, Employers. Copies of G&G certificates, even the colour of the wife knickers.. :biglaugh: Basically, anything you can get your hands on... The more info the better... But it has to be relevant to the trade... Please to say that it was worth it in the end because i passed the paper assessment! However, over that last 20 years i can honestly say that i never installed a DOL blinkin starter... Having seen them now there is nothing to them so not an issue... Im looking forward to the practical as im hoping this to be the easy bit.. At the end of the day its what us sparks to best.. Hands on! Hope it answers any questions, so you sparks with formal quals and apprentices it should be a doddle... You will need to test and inspect as this is taken serious on the practical and must have good knowledge of the readings from the tests. Additionally, the assessor does throw questions at you whilst testing.. If you are are not up to sctatch i would recommend the Inspection and testing book Guidence Note 3. This will get you up to speed on testing. Oh Yes! Vetassess give you a big tick if you are a member of a certifying body, NICEI, NAPIT etc, Also H&S is big bonus (IOSH) and additional training quals.(EMTA Building Regs). Hoped i helped.. Chris Mac :cool:
  17. Cootsy88

    Whats the point?

    What is the point in victoria/melbourne having the restricted electrical licenses, when no one will even look at you. for some reason a grades here think there some sort of machines (best in the world). its all about a grade this a grade that. working in circles.
  18. Hi guys does anyone have in PDF or know where to dowload a free copy of as3000 / 3008 /3017 from the web?
  19. Hi, im an electrician from scotland but in melbourne on my second year visa, i am licensed. looking for a full time job. was wondering if anyone has any information on how to get on industrial sites, all these 'Seek' job adverts are all mostly domestic or technician jobs. There must be some jobs going surly on these industrial sites. if anybody has any info, would be grateful... give me a pm or whatever thaaaaaaaks:arghh::arghh:
  20. Hi everyone, I work in HR for Instinct Electrical on Sydney's lovely Northern Beaches. We are looking to hire (at this stage but might be more) two qualified Electricians. One for the construction side of our business and one to work on service projects. Below is the job description. Our website is www.instinctelectrical.com.au for more info about the kind of projects we work on. As a business, we are just about to register as a 457 sponsor, so before we start trawling through the expressions of interest on the immigration website, I thought I might put this out on the forum to see if anyone would be interested in talking to us about these positions. You can contact me at SJ@instinctelectrical.com.au. Thanks! Electricians Needed Want to work with a company that prides itself on working on the most innovative, interesting and varied projects in Sydney? Instinct requires an Electrician on a full time basis to work with a team delivering service or construction projects. Instinct provides excellence and quality in electrical, home automation and audio visual solutions, offering tailor made, bespoke solutions to both commercial and residential customers. Based in Brookvale on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, and renowned for our service, we break the mold of the typical tradesperson, developing long lasting relationships with our clients and service partners. Instinct is committed to a learning environment for employees to develop and grow based on our values of teamwork, adaptability, ingenuity, reliability, excellence and integrity. Position description Completion of all electrical and ELV work as directed by Site Foreman/service co-ordinator Completion of Electrician (Service) tasks as necessary Ad hoc mentoring and training of apprentices as required Take a flexible, hands-on approach when completing construction tasks to meet deadlines Communicating effectively with Construction/Service Manager and Site Foreman Participate and contribute to regular meetings with construction team to discuss progress, process improvement and any other related issues Taking a proactive approach staying knowledgeable and current about the latest technology Essential Criteria Licensed Electrician (Qualified Supervisor or Contractors license) 2 years plus of experience in the construction industry Ability to work under pressure and maintain a positive attitude Punctual, hardworking individual with excellent communication skills Current driver’s license Ability to mentor and train Apprentice Electricians Desirable Criteria Experience of home automation Austel license Security license To apply, please email your resume and a covering letter to sj@instinctelectrical.com.au
  21. Cootsy88

    state sponsership? electrician.

    I have a supervised electrical license, and ive heard of an state sponsership, mainly up in brisbane or rural areas, does anyone have any information on this? cheers, Paul.:wink:
  22. Hello, I am just looking for some guidance for the future as it would be a goal of mine to move to Australia in the future... ASAP. I am 21 years old I live in the UK and I am a fully Trained E,C & I (Electrical Control and Instrumentation) Technician with experience in Oil, Gas and Energy industry. I also have experience of Process operations on a Gas Turbine Power station. My main Quals are: NVQ Level 3 Instrumentation NEBOSH HND Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Would somebody be able to shed light on how I would stand in applying for jobs in Australia? Would I need further training if so what? What Jobs in Australia would I be suitable for? Would I get a sponsorship? Thank you for your help
  23. Hi guys, Got a bit of a problem and wondering if anybody out there can help. I'm currently filling out an expression of interest to apply for a 189 skilled visa as a general electrician. For some reason my total points is adding up to 45 after I complete all sections. I have done an IELTS (scored proficient), just received a successful skill assessment through Future Skills International and am 29 years old. Those factors alone should entitle me to 50 points unless I'm going crazy. I don't seem to be getting any points for work experience. I started my work history from 2003 (I'm aware it stipulates last 10 years so from 2005). My first company was from 2003 to 2006 - I'm not sure it's even counting it from 2005, or even counting it at all? There after my work history is in blocks due to travelling etc. Totalling up (excluding my first job 2003 - 2006) I am totalling 3 years overseas experience in the UK and New Zealand. My Australian work experience is totaling just over 10 months, which I'm aware is just short of the 12 months for points, but I think there is some give in that if I can juggle it about. I'm really confused / unbelievably worried as I have 4 weeks of my current Working Holiday Visa left. I've literally been scrapping every last penny I have together to get this sorted and only now have I managed to get the required docs together and be able to afford the skill assessment (which burned me over 3000 dollars in total). I'm aware I'll have to leave in 4 weeks, but if I'm not getting points for my work experience then I don't know what to do. The whole process is a mess. I cannot understand how I can be approved to undertake a skill assessment if I didn't meet the required experience for migration, and why in the points system for a visa which is for skilled workers, they allocate hardy any points for being skilled. You get the same points for just being able to speak like Shakespeare! If I have to retake that bloody English exam I'll have a break down. There's no way I have enough time to do it. If anybody out there has any idea or can point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  24. hey all.. im 26, recently just passed my Vettasses in brisbane, thinking of trying to get work in either melbourne or Perth. im really want to stay in Australia for good, so looking for sponsership. if anyone can point me in the right way.. know of any job vacancies so i can start my A - Grade process.. ive looked up 'seek' Etc, and they all want A- Grade electricians.. ill only be a supervised one, probably dont want the hassle. Cheers, Paul.
  25. Cootsy88


    Currently just passed the electricians vettasses with future skills in Australia! Just wondering where the easiest place is to get a sponser? Currently in Melbourne, but there's no work as it is! I was thinking Perth? If anyone has, any info on jobs? That sponser or any info atall that can help me, would be a great help! I have my electrical a supervised license... Cheers