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Found 392 results

  1. Hello everyone, Its been 4 weeks after s56 documents submitted to DHA, haven’t heard back anything yet. Just wondering how long does it takes to grant a visa after submitting s56? Applied on both visa & nomination on feb 2020. Please note that Nomination hasn’t been approved yet. 186 trt cook Qld. Any suggestion would be helpful. Thank you!
  2. Thought I'd make a thread to lighten the mood when it comes to the frustration of waiting for our visa grant. Feel free to rant, vent or share experiences that could help one another pass the time. How are you feeling? Have you found ways to stay productive during this massive delay of life plans? Has the wait turned into a positive experience or has it been destructive? My experience: Fortunately, I've had work to pass the time but I will be laid off in two weeks. My car has bit the dust so now I'm wondering, "do I buy a car when I may move next month... or next year?" Dating or relationships are a no-no and finding a new job would require me to lie about my future so they don't reject me for not committing a lot of time. Ideally, I'm entering the perfect time to move abroad this summer but times are not normal and I may end up waiting until summer 2022 at the earliest. So now, I have to fight to keep my savings as long as I can until I can actually go to Oz. I'm going to focus on my self-employment prospects and learn about real estate (though I can't get a license until Oz). I'll just be doing side hustles until a bigger opportunity arrives and work on being creative (music, skateboarding, writing).
  3. Hello everyone,I lodged my visa application on 22 May and a week later CO asked for medical and police check.I did my medical check on 14 June.But There is no news from CO yet.And I still waiting .My visa type is 190 and I have victoria state sponsorship and I applied as human resource manager,anyone here has same experience as me????
  4. I have found this information on immi.gov.au http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/booklets/1024i.pdf "Medicare Non-citizens in Australia are eligible for Medicare if they have applied for a permanent residence visa other than a Parent visa. They must also hold a valid temporary visa (which includes a bridging visa), and either have permission to work on that temporary visa or have a parent/spouse/de facto partner/child who is an Australian citizen or permanent resident. Note that the Medicare Levy is payable by people eligible for Medicare." It is really good news for me! Can anyone confirm this? Am I really eligible for Medicare once I apply for PR visa and hold a visa with permission to work?
  5. Hi Does anyone know, if it is possible to travel over to Oz on a tourist visa whilst awaiting a spouses visa (subclass 309) to be processed. My husband has Oz citizenship and I am applying for a 309, however after reading some threads on the forum quite nervous this will take some time to come through. We plan to be move over in September, so was hoping it is possible to apply for tourist visa whilst 309 visa is being processes, is this allowed? Also what is the status with schooling without a visa, we have found a place at a private school for our daughter in Melbourne and would like to enrol her for October start. Will her visa application need to be processed before she can start school? Any advise appreciated. I am a British citizen and have applied for visa through Australia House in London, clean bill of health, no criminal record and have been married for years so anticipating it will be processed with no hitches. Thank you AC
  6. Hi all, I am going to lodge an application for a 457 visa next week for me and my family (5 persons). Is it possible to get an Australian tourist visa and stay in Australia as a tourist while we are waiting for the 457 visa to be approved? Thank you for your help NL
  7. Hi All, If you are waiting to here just tell us when you lodged with them and again when you get a decision from them - that way we'll have some way of seeing how long they are actually taking. We lodged with them on 23/3. They recieved our hard copies in Oz on 2/4. This might just give us all something to look forward to.
  8. Ok, I'm gonna set the scene here because I am REALLY in need some help, support and advice at the moment. I arrived in Australia in October '12 on a Working Holiday Visa, travelled around and worked a bit then in March '13 I landed myself an awesome job (and boyfriend) in a very remote part NT outback. Volunteer work for 2nd WHV was allowed when I started but rules changed in the new 13/14 financial year and was no longer accepted as 'specified work'. After completing a few weeks of volunteer work, in between my 50+ hours of paid work, this was quite frustrating. We looked at other visa options, including partner/de facto visas (which require 12 months together in the NT) but my employer decided to offer me sponsorship, FANTASTIC! Or so I thought. My 6 months was up with this employer in August '13 so I did a bit more traveling and returned to the UK in October '13, when my WHV expired. Now i'm back in Australia on an eVisitor visa (valid 12 months from approval, allowed to enter for 3 months at a time NO WORK condition). My employer has just submitted my nomination, so I COULD lodge my part of the application now, which is ready to go. Once my part is lodged, immigration automatically apply for a Bridging Visa A (BVA) for me too. Only problem with this is, the BVA will only take over once my current visa is expired which is 3 month from my entry date so will be the start of May '14. Even when it does take over, it still has a NO WORK condition attached, which can be lifted in some circumstances, such as financial hardship (hopefully $3.46 in my Aussie account and maxed out overdrafts of 2000GBP in the UK is qualifies as financial hardship!). So from what I have been able to research, best case scenario is that I could be back to work some time in May which is way too long for my liking. I REALLY want to get back to work ASAP, I love my job here and as I have said above, I am SKINT!! Depending on my boyfriend IS NOT fun, although he is happy to support me. I came to Australia to gain independence, not lose it. Going back to the UK means failure to me so is NOT an option. I have looked in to WHV for NZ but if I went down that route, upon returning to Australia, the 3 month condition of my eVisitor visa would start all over again before my BVA would take over. I'm in a bit of a kerfuffle, as you can see. I am lucky enough to be able to stay with my boyfriend on-site at his (our) workplace, for under $100 a week for food and board but we are in such a remote location that there is nothing to do. I've looked into volunteer projects and the possibility of online training (luckily we at least have wifi access!) Any kind advice or suggestions would be very much appreciated and if anyone else is or has been in the same position it would be great to chat
  9. krmcc

    Surgery options AU vs UK heeeelp

    My partner dislocated his shoulder doing Tough Mudder (...) and was referred to a specialist by our doctor who confirmed he needs surgery to attach the tissue back to the bone. We have just received the quote back, and for one night in hospital its going to cost us over $10,000 for the surgery! We've been told shoulders aren't covered by the medicare system in Australia. Does anyone know what the average wait time is back in the UK at the moment for getting something like this done through the NHS? It seems like our best option would be to fly back to have the procedure done. Any help/knowledge would be appreciated!
  10. Hi All, My timeline for 189 Visa IELTS: 13-Jan-13; ACS filled: 6-Mar-13; ACS Result: 4-May-13; EOI Submitted:4-May-13; Got Invitation: 6-May-13;Application logged: 14-May-13; Medical Completed: 24-May-13; Indian PCC applied: 24-May-13; Case Officer Assigned: 4-Jun-13; CO asked for Indian PCC; PCC submitted to Case Officer: 14-Jun-13; Visa Grant: No response yet :dull: Even I have called Immigration office and they have said they have received all documents by 14-Jun-13. If anything is required CO will mail my agent. No response yet on this. Anyone who can guide me how much time it may take further from hereon.
  11. Hi all, this thread for applications for Last Remaining Relative 115/835. You can post your timeline here. Would like to see how everyone is going, and anyone got visa granted? Thank you. OFFSHORE 115 Lodged: 11/4/2011 Queued: 22/5/2012 Asked CO: waiting 8-12 yrs, 3 yrs impossible.
  12. i have applied for a commonwealth bank account online, so that i have an account when over in aus soon, although they said they would have got back to me within 2 weeks and its now week 4.......... anyone else had this problem?
  13. Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone who has applied or recieved a state sponsored (subclass 475) visa can give me an indication as to how long it takes for the visa to be processed? I understand that the standard for a 'Low Risk' (uk) Priority 3 visa is 12 months, but i just wanted to know if anyone can give me an indication as to how long it is taking in reality?! We are in the process of selling a house in the uk and it would help us in terms of planning our next move, could we be away in 6 months, is it more likely to be later, could it be sooner?!? Any help would be much appreciated, Graham
  14. Hi all. I am looking at options for bringing my mother over to Australia, she is 61 so probably won't work once she arrives in Australia. She is single and her only two children (myself and my brother) are both Australian residents. I think the best avenue will be a parent visa (either contributory or not). If we go for a non contributory, I know it could take a long time (maybe 10 years plus) to be finalised. I am wondering if she could apply for some kind of visitor/bridging visa for her to come and live in Australia while she is waiting for the parent visa to be approved? I know she won't be able to work, but this probably isn't an issue in her circumstances. She is keen to get over as soon as possible. Appreciate any responses or suggestions - thanks!
  15. Hello everyone! My name is Marie i'm a midwife in the UK. I just made my first active step towards the big move. After months of collecting documents, chasing schools and university to prove I am english speaking, breaking the news to my bosses to get a statement of service etc etc etc I just got back from the post office. Application form and certified documents x100 (yes i'm exaggerating) sent. Signed, sealed and well I have a tracking number so hopefully some time soon it will be delivered. From all I have read I believe the hard bit starts now................ read so many horror stories. Spent the entire morning going over and over all my documents convinced I have forgotten something, no doubt I have. Is there a way to check the status of your application? Wondered what everyone's varying time scales have been? I read somewhere last week to expect it to take 60 -90 days. Wish me luck?! Sounds like i'll need it! Marie :smile:
  16. Can't access the online results page and wasn't sure if I can't login in or there not there yet. Has anyone accessed theres yet?
  17. Hi All, My hubbie is waiting for a competency assessment through Engineering Australia. We have been waiting for nine weeks, and we thought it would take about eight. Having checked their website, it now says that it could be up to sixteen weeks! We would prefer to get in our application before the changes in July, although we could apply after if necessary, but can anyone tell me how long they waited in their competency assessment, and also if they were successful. Thanks all
  18. mumoffour

    Uh oh - more waiting?

    "As a result this of re-categorising the allocation of Priority Group 4 applications has been reduced for this update period." Uh oh! I'd been watching the allocation to CO date get closer to when we applied (June 2011) and now that's set to slow down? Still more de-cluttering and home improvement time will come in useful......and good news for those affected by the new SMPs. We will get there in the end!!! :jiggy:
  19. Guest

    waiting on move

    hi here me hubbie and 3 kids thinking of mov over in jan to perth would be v grateful 4 any info on best areas to rent 4 newcomers looking at schools etc. any help would be great.i was born an breed in london been living in ireland 4 last 5 years so dont want to be out in stickes.big shout out to you. :wacko:confussed.com
  20. dani5

    ANMAC waiting times

    just about to apply to ANMAC for skills assessment.. Just wondering how long everyone has been waiting for their outcome? xxx:biggrin:
  21. Hi I submitted my 309 application in person yesterday and was told there would be a 5-6 month processing time which I had already prepared myself for :arghh: My partner remains in Aus and is unable to come to the UK and I had to leave Aus (family reasons back in England) and so basically we are apart and missing each other terribly. We are facing the next 5-6 months apart and wondered how people cope with the wait for immigration to process the application? And coping with being apart from so long? Skype just isn't the same! Also is there a way of tracking the application? I looked on the immi website and could only find tracking for applications lodged online. Do we really have to sit and wait until we hear from the CO.....it's painful!!! Thanks!
  22. Hi, Is there anyone waiting for results. My OH took his this weekend and is now worrying about what scores he will get. :wacko: Not sure if I should book another test just in cases as we need to submit WA SS & the Visa (176) by mid Jan. ANYONE FEELING THE SAME? :chatterbox: Sporty
  23. Davross

    School Waiting Lists - Melbourne

    Hi, Can I just ask, is it possible to put your child's name on a school waiting list in Australia before your final visa has come through? Or would you need to have your visa granted before beginning to even look at schools? It is a difficult one, with some of the schools already seeming to be enrolling for January 2014, never mind January 2013? Any advice on this would be appreciated. :unsure:
  24. HI , I am asking for anyones experiences with waiting for 457 visa, i have a sponsor and a job offer and i'm waiting for the Nomination / sponsorship number so i can press ahead and apply for my visa online. the problem is ive been waiting for the number for over 13 weeks and wondered if the was the case for other people applying for 457 visa in the NSW region?? I'm a registered nurse so the company must already have sponsored people before and be already registered as a sponsor? i just dont get what the delay is? thanks' mark:confused:
  25. Hi guys, Wondering if somebody can share some info on this for me? Husband's prospective employer is a bit eager to have him start work and has asked if this is a possibility? We lodged an offshore application, ens121. Is it now possible for OH to get a WHV (he is under 30). I realise that DIAC would have to be informed etc, I just want to know if it's possible. Thanks.