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  1. Sparkybaz

    190 Visa Grant

    Hopefully won’t be long for you, we submitted March 2020 had medicals and police checks in July 2022 and was granted our visas this week
  2. Sparkybaz

    IELTS General or Academic?

    Having taken both IELTS and PTE I would personally recommend PTE, I found the process allot easier whilst also receiving the results the same day, however you need to be familiar with the way the exam works, there are plenty of videos on YouTube.
  3. Sparkybaz

    Decided I need a change

    If you have nothing to lose then go for it, it may be the best decision you ever make! best of luck
  4. Also got an invitation for a 190 SA today, will keep you posted
  5. EOI submitted March 2020 and I was finally invited March 2022 for NSW 190 with 75 points only to find out the link did not work and now having to wait For another invitation with a new EOI!!
  6. Sparkybaz

    VETASSESS Skills assesment electrician

    Hi NLN, not sure how long your technical interview will be remotely as we were questioned throughout the day, however we did have a short interview at the end of the day to recap but this was only about 10 minutes. From memory they questioned me on maintainable and non maintainable emergency lighting, star delta motors, to be honest it was basic stuff nothing to stress about. as I’ve said if you are a qualified electrician with relevant experience across the industry you have nothing to worry about, they are not looking to catch you out and just looking for competency. Have you completed the practical assessment and multiple choice exam? Regards baz
  7. Sparkybaz

    At what point do you give up?

    Who would I complain too, the agent? Surely there must be a way of me contacting immigration to find out the real issue regarding the link. Was there an issue with the link or did the link actually expire… just feel we have missed the boat now until the new Finacial year! Annoyed is an understatement.
  8. Sparkybaz

    At what point do you give up?

    Feedback from agent - contacted NSW and they are unable to reissue a link, due to the existing EOI expiring this week a new EOI has been submitted. Fingers crossed for an invitation on the next round! after all this time we finally get an invitation and boom the link does not work, typical!
  9. Sparkybaz

    At what point do you give up?

    I didn’t want to be too hard as it’s partly not her fault but also feel that it’s unfair on myself as we had rightly been issued a nomination to apply but the link did not work. maybe I should apply some pressure?
  10. Sparkybaz

    At what point do you give up?

    Have faith, we also submitted our EOI in March 2020 and received our invitation for a 190 in March 2022. Unfortunately when our agent went to submit the documentation the link did not work and now the 14 days has expired so currently waiting on NSW to respond, if they do not respond it will mean submitting a new EOI and hope that we get another invitation……
  11. Sparkybaz


    Submitted EOI in March 2020 received 190 invitation last week for NSW. But took about a year prior to EOI to get all the information including trade test and English language test. Yourself?
  12. Sparkybaz


    I’m also using concept, very professional and knowledgeable!
  13. Sparkybaz

    Electrician in need of guidance.

    Just an insight into my 190 process as an electrician. I can tell you now that a 6 week course will not suffice, granted you have the experience but you only need minimal qualifications for NICEIC as all they want is your money. full apprenticeship NVQ 3 2394 / 2395 HNC in electrical engineering 10+ years post apprenticeship experience I just don’t think you qualifications will wash with Vetassess. could you wire and fault find on a DOL 3 phase starter? This will be part of your vetassess exam. best of luck