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  1. Sparkybaz

    VETASSESS Skills assesment electrician

    Hi Tommy, I done the trade test in March 2020 ( I believe the last before Covid ) As expected your nerves kick in, what I will say is they want it carried out in the Australian way, I was under the impression it would be similar to an AM2 test but it wasn't! Basically there were 3 of us and it was 09.00 till 17.00 the test was carried out in Isleworth London This is how the day went, Introduction Draw a stop start circuit for a DOL motor with the correct symbols Into a booth, install and wire a single phase DB with sockets and 2 way lighting including full testing ( this is to no British standard as they way they ask you to test was a bit misleading, I have my test and inspection so was frustrating ) bit of conduit work and ensure you follow the drawing for measurements etc, the examiner will witness the testing and ask questions Safe isolation ( I cannot stress enough to read an fully understand the requirements as it is very different from how we would prove dead in the uk ) if you get this wrong you will fail instantly. On a bread board you need to wire the control circuit of a stop start circuit for a DOL Motor , they will then put a fault on it and you have to rectify ( just rewire it as its only fly leads ) Technical interview - the will question you on your in-depth knowledge Theory test of 24 questions over multiple sections, you need to score at least 3 in each section, majority of this is calculations which are tough. If you do get more than 3 wrong in a section they will give you one more chance to rectify and mistakes. My advise would be to practice control circuits and symbols, start delta connections on motors and practice the Australian way of safe isolation. I'm an industrial electrician so motors and control circuits are fine with me, the 2 other lads were domestic and really struggled - the examiner does let you help each other on only the theory test but discretely don't make it obvious. The 2 lads that were with me didnt even know what start or delta meant. The English language test is probably more frustrating!!........................ All the best Baz
  2. Sparkybaz

    Visa Options

    In all honesty your have to do what you feel comfortable with, I have been a qualified electrician for 13 years so I was confident with the interview stage and practice assessment. The safe isolation is not carried out the same as in the UK nor was the practice assessment but the principle is the same. I also done the diploma in engineering after I finished my apprenticeship so you should be ok theory wise if you brush up. Just go in with a positive attitude, understandably there will be nerves but don’t let them get confused with nerves and lack of competency! We all know electricians from ”electricians” the people testing you are also electricians so they know the what to expect. Let’s hope 2021 brings us all some luck
  3. Sparkybaz

    Visa Options

    Your man had to go to Screwfix to get stuff as he was asking for the right terminology . they will ask you about maintained and non maintained lighting all depends what you chose for your elective. lighting emergency lighting smoke alarm circuits star Delta configuration inc soft start DOL and variable speed drives test and inspection you won’t cover safe isolation again as that was part of your practical test Also the multiple choice exam you shouldn’t have to cover again most of the questions are what I put on my elective tbh plus a few random ones. Me personally I feel it should have been similar to an AM2 with a uk assessor with an Australian assessor in the back ground, thats my Personell opinion on the matter. my agent said she had only heard of one fail and that was someone pulling a knife towards them stripping cable and not away from them
  4. Sparkybaz

    Visa Options

    To be honest I thought the whole assessment was a joke, no materials etc, he wanted it done the Australian way which by the way if the HSE walked through the door he would have been reprimanded! Which I told him, was using mixed cabling as didn’t have sufficient singles, the one bit of “building wire” ( T&E ) he gave me was too short so was not the same length as on the Mickey Mouse drawing they give you so he knocked a point off lol, the testing I don’t think any one understood what he wanted, low or high reading etc. Lucky for me I have my Australian trade certificate by TRA as have worked over there for a few years on a sponsorship so knew their standard and sort of what to expect ( bare in mind the Australians are the best sparks since sliced bread )I think he took a disliking to me as he stated “ Poms know nothing about motor control circuits” well that was my bread and butter so completed the wiring and fault finding in under 5 mins so that didn’t go down well . I found the technical assessment relatively easy basically went through my application asked me a few questions, had to draw a star delta connection and explain, emergency lighting, ac & dc circuits etc, if this is being done online now then least you have google . The whole process is a money spinner when in reality there is no guarantee of an invitation which is the part I find so frustrating. keep us posted on progress
  5. Sparkybaz

    Visa Options

    Its disappointing as you know yourself the time and effort that goes into the application process, people think its easy when its not. So I spoke to my agent last week who has advised Queensland may open the 491 soon so we are hoping electricians may be on the skilled list. As for the PTE test I took this again after the first lock down and scored 79+ in reading and listening, 77 in writing and 60 in speaking, unfortunately I had to wear a mask so can only assume this was the issue as I have scored 90 in all previous speaking exams My agent has advised that there will only be onshore invitations for NSW for some time, had we done this process 3 years ago 65 points would have been sufficient. My parents immigrated in 2009 with 50 points. Going back to the PTE I just find it so frustrating, I have paid for the online PTE practice tutorials, paid for private tuition with no issues, as soon as test day booom nerves kick in. wish you all the best and keep us posted!
  6. Sparkybaz

    Visa Options

    Hi, its all doom and gloom at the moment! I don't think you have to worry about the technical assessment as long as you have confidence, its just basic questions on lighting and three phase motors. Have you completed the practical assessment yet?
  7. Sparkybaz

    Visa Options

    Thanks for the clarification on the 491, I don't think you are entitled to benefits ( not that I'm looking for them ) school fees could become costly and then there may be an issue buying a property. I'm not trying to talk myself out of the 491, just want to do the best for my family. Thankyou for the reply
  8. Sparkybaz

    Visa Options

    Seems Covid has a lot to answer for! Shame as I was supposed to be on the October / November trade test but unfortunately missed the dead line due to waiting on references etc. Yes sorry it is 8 years but as I had 11 months in Australia working this was not classed as UK experience so needed the extra evidence to fill the missed year. To be honest the references took months as they kept making mistakes, end and start dates not matching with payslips and incorrect information was all a bit of a nightmare, my agent advised everything has to correspond or it will just lead to issues once your invited as you cannot amend statements once they have been submitted. As for the English test I have taken the PTE exam 3 times and the results have been pretty much the same for writing 75, 72,70 the other parts are above 79 so I only have the 10 points well I say only its better than 0, I will retake when I understand more what's happening with the intake, its just frustrating and knocks your confidence if I'm honest. I'm with a well know independent agent so I know my application is in safe hands, just looking for the light at the end of the tunnel. Any way I will keep positive, good things come to those who wait! I wish you well with your application and thankyou for the response.
  9. Sparkybaz

    Visa Options

    Thanks for the positive reply, I quoted I do not feel I have enough points. Even at 75 points with the extra points in my English exam this wouldn't be sufficient enough, so do I hope and wait for a skilled nominated invitation form NSW or do I look at the 491 route in SA when it becomes available ?
  10. Sparkybaz

    Visa Options

    Hi, First post so please be kind , I'm looking at the 190 or 191visa route ( Electrician ) I have completed my English language ( PTE 10 points ) and skills assessment and have also produced the relevant 10 years + work experience evidence, our EOI was submitted early March with 65 points skilled independent and 70 points for skilled nomination through NSW ( lost points during lock down due to birthday ) I have previous work experience in Australia but unfortunately was only 11 months, I also have my Australian recognised trade certificate from the TRA in Electrical mechanic that I was granted whilst in Australia on a sponsored visa, this was granted by the electrical trades committee. My question is does anyone envisage NSW inviting off shore applicants in 2021 through the nominated Visa as I do not feel I have enough points for independent. I have been asked by my agent if I would consider the 491 pathway to residency if this was to became available with any of the state ( SA being a possibility ), my only concerns are its a temporary visa with limitations, I have a young family and wouldn't want to risk moving to the other side of the world on a temp visa. Our long term plan is to move to Australia and settle and I just don't feel comfortable on this type of visa unless it was a very last resort. Our long term plan would be to reside in Queensland as my parents live there ( immigrated in 2008 ) unfortunately electricians are not on the skilled list for Queensland hence the NSW route for a few years but we may well end up residing in NSW long-term if all goes well. We were hoping to be there by February 2021 prior to Covid but now we have decided for our son to finish secondary school ( July 2022 ) so do I hold out and hope they will start invitations for skilled visas or do I go with the 491 if it becomes available. I could try the PTE test again for the 20 points but my writing keeps letting me down and I cant seem to get above 74 but all other communitive skills are 79+, Tried the IELTS but again was the writing, I was going to try again but anxiety gets the better of me on the day. Basically I'm looking for someone to shed some positivity, we started our process in February 2018 and now feel that it may have been a wasted journey and expense. I know its the unknown at the moment with Covid and we are trying to stay positive that one day we will eventually get to Australia! Thanks for your time reading the above, any relevant replies would be much appreciated. Baz