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  1. tommy2020

    VETASSESS Skills assesment electrician

    Yeah I was looking for maybe website which went threw some of the knowledge for the written exam. The practical I be ok with. Thanks
  2. tommy2020

    VETASSESS Skills assesment electrician

    Thanks for the reply. I'm looking for like a refresher or maybe website to touch up on things for the assessment. Its been along time since I did my qualifications in the UK.
  3. tommy2020

    Vetassess Electrician's Practical Exam.

    Hey just started the hole skilled visa process. Im currently in sydney and was wondering if there was a refesher course or something that can help pass the VETASSESS? thanks
  4. Just started applying for the skilled visa and been told i have to get my skills assesed is there any like refresher courses or schools that go over stuff needed to pass it? Thanks