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Found 31 results

  1. LJC_83

    The illusive 494 visa

    Any idea why we are not seeing any 494 visas being granted or even processed? What could be causing the delay?
  2. Hey guys! Ive applied for my 190 visa in April 2020 and the processing times keep getting extended by 3 months everytime the limit comes up. It's upto 14-17 months now! I'm worried that I'll need to do my medical, police checks etc again as they won't be valid. Feeling very frustrated that this is taking forever. Anyone have any updates or grants that say otherwise? Ive applied as an Onshore Chef in the NSW. Still haven't been assigned a case officer. Any good news would be welcome now. Cheers
  3. Noticed that the processing time has now been updated to 5-8 months (from 5-6 months I believe?). Aware that 190 is on hold atm. So how does the processing time reflect the actual process? I submitted my 190 application after getting the invite in mid Dec last year. Had also done another health check up late Jan this year, but I haven't got any CO contact so far Looking at MyImmiTracker, seems like very few applicants from Dec onward are getting either DG or even a CO contact. Doesn't seem like 75% of us are getting processed within 5 months? I can't possibly be the only remaining 10%? Also if the occupation ends up getting axed from STSOL, would it affect my outcome as I have already received the state nomination? Quite a lot of redundancy in similar roles but I'm thankfully still employed. Since my EOI application last year, my points have increased by 5 due to work experience. Would re-applying with higher points increases my chance at this stage? I am onshore, applying for Marketing Specialist in NSW. Any insights would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  4. Siobhan_Enty

    189 processing time.

    Hi I applied for a 189 visa in March and the processing time was 6 months. It has now gone up to 11-22 months. I have not any contact from a CO. I'm not sure if this means we are being pushed back for more desirable candidates. Has anyone had similar experiences?
  5. 190 visa I have applied on may 19,2018 pastry cook with 60 points, anyone near the time frame?
  6. Mt. Fuji

    187 Visa Process

    Dear all, I am just sharing my situation. Kindly request you guys for your valuable suggestions. I Applied for 187 Direct Entry Pathway Now I am on Bridging VISA. Timeline: · RCB, Nomination and Visa applied on 2nd Jan 2009 with two kids. My wife is not applying for PR. · Immi Account shows “Received” · RCB approved on Mid of the February 2019 · March submitted latest bas and financial statement · Immi Account’s Status changed to “Initial assessment” from “Received” · 13 April 2019 CO asked to submit a Police report, medical and Form 80 of my wife although she is not applying with me. · 9 May 2019 uploaded all the documents. Immi Status changed from “Initial assessment to final assessment. · Waiting for good news. My questions are: · My nomination is not approved yet but the case officer asked to do medical and other documents of my non-applicant wife. Is that mean they are looking my nomination file and visa file together? · They will take up to 8 weeks to decide for RCB application. I am wondering how long time it may take to decide the nomination application? Is there any standard timeframe? · Immi Account shows it will take 21 months (70% application) to 23 months (90% application) for the final decision. Is there any case that someone gets the visa within 1 year? · What will be the longest time of waiting in “Further Assessment”? Within just 5 months of my application, IMMI account shows a final assessment, does that mean my file is moving quickly or it is common? Thank you all for your responses in advance. GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!
  7. Hi Everyone. I am a general practitioner with specialist registration in WA. I work in regional Australia in respect to the regional postcodes. I wanted to know if it is better to apply for the subclass 186 or 187 visa via the TRT stream? Which one is statistically quicker? Does my occupation change anything? I found this document online, does this help? https://minister.homeaffairs.gov.au/davidcoleman/Pages/new-funding-attract-migrants-regional-aus-20190208.aspx I appreciate any answers you can give me. Kind Regards
  8. Hi we have applied for visa 457 renewal in nov 2017. Medical done in July 2018 still awaiting the visa. Anyone in same situation. Or any idea what’s the process time.
  9. Pawanpreet

    186 visa

    Hi can anyone help I applied 186 as a cook in sep 2016 and after that April 2017 I got refused my file then I applied again in may 2017 and still waiting I provide all the document they need I can see my file status 7 to10 months time so any idea how long it will take its nearly 9 months now I worried what will happen thanks
  10. Cjeynes

    2nd year WHV taking AGES

    Hello, I’m looking for some advise on the 2nd working holiday visa. I’ve now been waiting for 9 weeks on my application, my boyfriend and I lodged them at the same time and his got approved in 4 weeks! We did everything correctly, supplied ALL documents, got paid enough, worked on a farm for 96 days etc etc. I did get asked to provide more information with a form all about the farm which was about a month ago and I’ve heard nothing. I just don’t know what to do, I’m freaking out and wondering if anybody else’s 2nd year visa is taking this long? Is this normal? I’m in limbo here and losing my damn mind
  11. HI ALL, I M WAITING FOR MY 187 RSMS FROM LAST JUNE 2016 Does anyone else is in same boat aswell please share your timeline and immiaccount status. thanks
  12. We had lodged for the Subclass 190 visa with Victoria nomination by the middle of August 2016 via a MARA agent, CO was assigned in a few weeks and other documents including PCCs and health checks done and provided by September 2016. Additional documents requested by CO in January 2017. That all was sent electronically in a few days. No further updates yet Has any one else had this long wait in processing and do you know why there could be a delay ?
  13. We applied for our subclass 143 visas at the end of June 2015. We have receipted reply. Processing time has gone up to 30 months. Can anyone explain what happens next as far as contact with the department is concerned? When are we likely to be asked for police and medical reports and form 80? When they quote processing times, is that to the final stages and issue of the visas? it's all getting very frustrating because they don't reply to emails until a case worker has been allotted. Any information welcome! ian
  14. Just want to see who else applied around this time and what stages you are at etc. I applied 10th June, got my CO and got my medicals all sorted, not just for the long wait
  15. Hi All, I applied online for my partner visa in mid-March this year, and aside from the payment confirmation/bridging visa email received immediately after submission, I have heard absolutely nothing else. Just wondered if anyone else has recently applied and has any ideas about current processing times? Thanks for your help, Chris & Ash
  16. Hi, I am new in this forum and need some idea of people who have experience of skill assessment with Vetassess. My wife has applied for Skill Migration with Vetasses for the Occupation "Training and Development Professional" on 21st Dec 2011 and hard copies of the supporting documents were received by them on 6th of Jan 2012. However there has been no communication from their side after that. I have called them up a couple of times and have mailed them also regarding the estimated time required but always get a standard reply that it will take 16 weeks without getting details of the case. I am worried that if takes that long and the assessment is not done before May, I will not be able to apply for South Australia SS as they closed the same on 2nd May last year. And if we miss the deadline this year the changes in the next year will be a total different scenario. It will really help me if I get some idea of the time required for assessment from people with experience of the same. Please help!!!
  17. hi everyone, i've been reading other people's 457 timelines, and it can be quite distressing to see that some people wait more than 8 months while others wait as little as 3 weeks... so i am dumbfounded here :dull: my timeline currently is: 07/01 - nomination application submitted 26/02 - via application submitted 09/03 - medicals submitted i still haven't got my nomination approved. my CO for my visa application said that it is complete, and she is only waiting for the nomination to come through. are there any other cases where a nomination has taken so long???:huh: my kids are out of school; my husband is out of work, we sold the cars, and have to move out of the house.
  18. I applied for 457 visa on 23 Dec along with my dependent, completed Medicalss on 27 Dec. Till last week there was no progress inside ImmiAccount. Last week suddenly the document list was updated with Received status. Visa application status is still InProgress. Does anyone know why it took such a long time to get the document status reflected in ImmiAccount? I submitted the documents on 23 Dec itself. Heard somewhere that if someone has travelled on a US visa before then there would be delays while getting AU visa. Not sure if this is the reason behind this huge delay, close to 10 weeks now. Any idea/pointers on this will be very helpful. This wait time is very frustrating. :frown:
  19. Hello Everyone!!! I am new to this site and recently join it. I would like to know the processing time of the partner/spouse visa (subclass 309) applied from London, UK. I am living in Australia as a permanent resident since Nov, 2012. My wife living in UK and she posted subclass 300 visa application documents (through mail). We call them and they told that they have received our documents on 03-JAN-2014 and we will receive an email when a case officer will be assigned to our application. I am wondering that how long it usually take to get case officer assigned for the spouse application (because we are still waiting for the email) and also what is the usually overall processing time for this subclass applied from London, UK. Thanks.
  20. My partner and I have been together for a year, and living together for 6 months. I am Australian, he is British, currently living in London. We would like to move to Australia to live at the second half of the year, around September. By then, we will have been together over 18 months and lived together over 12 months. We are beginning to get serious about preparing for a de facto visa application, eg. reading into all the forms, all the evidence we need, gathering documents and photos, approaching friends to write stat decs, working out the costs and timings for the application. We have joint rental lease, joint bank account, evidence of ongoing relationship, shared finances and will have no problem getting stat decs from Aussies. The questions are around timing and what constitutes a '12 month de facto relationship'. 1. Even though our relationship is now over 12 months, does it only count as 'de facto' from the time which we have been living together? Even though we have proof of commitment to each other prior to this date? 2. Do we definitely have to wait until we have been living together for 12 months before we apply? Or, could we apply after 9 months of living together with proof that the relationship has be ongoing for 15 months? Is there any flexibility on this? I am conscious that the processing can take a very long time! Have read that on-shore processing in 2013 was taking up to 12 months. 3. Does anyone know if these long processing times also apply to off-shore applications? Or if there is any difference? I am very keen to return to Australia at the end of this year. Does anyone know: 4. If the visa application for my partner is still processing, can we move to Australia whilst we are waiting. Eg, my partner on a 3 month tourist visa or a two year working holiday visa? Would appreciate any advice or tips on the questions above! thanks =)
  21. Hi all, I have just received an email from CO to submit medical certificate, character certificate and my wife's functional English proof. I want to following things: 1. Does it mean that major verification of my application is done like educational certificates, experience certificates etc? 2. How much time it will take to get visa after medical certificate submission? thanks zaheer
  22. Heey Im from England and i lodged my PMV on the 10th June 2013, On the website it states that the waiting time for low risk countries is 5 months yet im reading on here its 8-9 months, is that correct? o also im from England but I lodged my visa in Bangkok as that is where i am currently living, does that slow the process down?
  23. Hi all, I am hoping for a bit of advice from wiser heads out there please. I am British and moved to Sydney with my NZ partner 2 years ago. After a great time in Australia we are keen to move back to London. The Unmarried Partner visa what we need. But I have a couple of questions surrounding that. 1. What is the processing time when we make the application in Australia? I have heard 3 months is the norm, but then was told 9 months. This is quite important as the visa conditions require I have a job offer back in the UK. I'm not sure what company would wait 9 months! 2. To make our rental application more appealing/competitive we just put the rental agreement in my name (less references and work for the estate agents to process). We opened a joint bank account when we got here and have bills in both our names coming to our home - will this be enough proof? Somebody said we need to have something documenting we are both at our address for each of the 24 months, but our bills come quarterly? Any advice would be really appreciated.
  24. Hello Pomsinozzers I'm in the process of looking for a new role after my current position was made redundant. If successful, and I am able to find an employer who is willing to take on my 457, then what is the normal waiting time for this to be approved? Thanks
  25. Hi, I am an onshore applicant from a High Risk country according to to the DIAC. I lodged my Visa application on 26 November, has uploaded all the required documents except the PCC which I will upload tomorrow. Medical was done on 3rd December. Unfortunately my medical was classified as Case B and needs a specialist assessment. I have already arranged an appointment with a specialist and hopefully the report from the specialist will reach the Medibank Case B team by 25 January. A Case officer has already been allocated. I am just wondering how long does it take to process for a 190 Onshore visa applicant to grant visa. Currently I am holding 485 Graduate skilled visa. Please share your experiences as well.