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Found 10 results

  1. Thought I'd make a thread to lighten the mood when it comes to the frustration of waiting for our visa grant. Feel free to rant, vent or share experiences that could help one another pass the time. How are you feeling? Have you found ways to stay productive during this massive delay of life plans? Has the wait turned into a positive experience or has it been destructive? My experience: Fortunately, I've had work to pass the time but I will be laid off in two weeks. My car has bit the dust so now I'm wondering, "do I buy a car when I may move next month... or next year?" Dating or relationships are a no-no and finding a new job would require me to lie about my future so they don't reject me for not committing a lot of time. Ideally, I'm entering the perfect time to move abroad this summer but times are not normal and I may end up waiting until summer 2022 at the earliest. So now, I have to fight to keep my savings as long as I can until I can actually go to Oz. I'm going to focus on my self-employment prospects and learn about real estate (though I can't get a license until Oz). I'll just be doing side hustles until a bigger opportunity arrives and work on being creative (music, skateboarding, writing).
  2. Hi mates, my OH is Civil Engineer Drafts Person (professional occupation under vetassess) applied on 11/1/2011. Could anyone tell me the processing time in your exp?
  3. Welshtone

    New Cat 3 - Discussion

    Hi Susan I am in the process of getting my head around everything. I am not sure I understand your first paragraph. My understanding is that if you have applied prior to 01 July 2010 and now find yourself under Priority 3, this is goiod news and your application is likely to be pulled out soon and processing commenced. Those under Priority 3 apllying from 01 July 2010 are being immediately asked to go for health and character. So the only Priority 3 applicants who need SMP sponsorship are those who have not yet applied for their visa and are aged 35 or over and score IELTS 7, or all who cannot score IELTS 7. So the only caveats I see is that Priority 3 is great news if you applied for your visa prior to 01 July 2010 and great news if you apply from 01 July 2010 AND you meet the 120 pass-mark. A possible problem is when all these Priority 3 applicants are in the middle of their health and character processing, the SMPs then come out and DIAC suspend processing of Priority 3 while they dig out all the new Priority 2 applications that are already on-hand. Hopefully DIAC are confidant that Priority 2 applications do not take up the whole program for this year - but who knows how many Priority 2 applications will emerge from those applications already on-hand. Regards Tony
  4. Summary from DIAC Exposition on Skilled Migration Changes Sydney 31 May Key presenters are Peter Speldewinde and Katherine Whitehead. General Skilled Migration Overall the framework will be relatively unchanged, ie on 1 July there will be a SOL and a new list of occupations sponsored by the states which will be as broad as the ENSOL but no broader and most likely half way between the old SOL and the new SOL. There will be no new points test until the end of the year, if at all, and equally no capping and ceasing if at all until then. The use of the capping and ceasing power will be more likely if there is another economic downturn. Future changes will most likely not be telegraphed - they explained that in the month before the September 2007 changes there were 32000 offshore applications instead of the usual 6500 - apparently most of them in unwanted occupations. Therefore the suspension of offshore GSM applications on 8 May was to avoid a "spike" in an otherwise bloated program. So best to apply when eligible as DIAC is capable of implementing a freeze without notice, particularly while they've got an oversupply of applications. The new SOL will have some minor alterations as Skills Australia used the unrevised version of ANZSCO - must have been some red faces over that one, but there will be no substantive changes to the new SOL as published on 17 May. All pre-September 2007 applications all about to be ceased as announced in February; such applicants, if they have valid skills assessments, are of course entitled to lodge a second application funded by the refunds they will receive. The cap and cease legislation is still a Bill - that is, an unenacted legislative proposal not yet with the force of law - and while it does sound as though the legislation will be enacted, and implementation will be determined according to occupation, English and age criteria, there was no indication that it would actually be applied to any particular category of existing applications unless there was some sort of economic downturn. No mention at all of cooks and hairdressers today. Clear that they're going to reduce overall GSM numbers anyway. Apparently the alternative - employer sponsored visas - require less verification because employers want to avoid the sanctions for misfeasance and are subject to other government controls in any event. Changes to the ENSOL and 457 occupation lists will be direct translations to ANZSCO at this stage with no substantive changes. The Department will issue a "convergence" or "concordance" list confirming ASCO equivalencies. Pre-July skills assessments will remain valid depending on the convergence/concordance list and relevant eligibility list, eg new SOL or ENSOL. There will be a revised Ministerial direction concerning the priorities to be applied in General Skilled Migration but no details were provided. ENS/RSMS. There is a current ENS/RSMS Review. Issues include English language, market salaries, exceptional circumstances, regional occupation list, Worker Protection Act framework etc. Timing currently not determined. Interesting 457 statistics were presented (being distributed separately) which will apparently inform planned ENS developments as well as future 457 reforms. Looking at sponsor accreditation, registered employment authorities (replacing regional certifying bodies) and training benchmarks (still unresolved - "some way off"). Labour Agreements Clear now that semi-skilled applicants (ASCO chapters 5-7) are only able to go through Labour Agreements. DIAC is now generating template industry agreements for the Labour Agreement visas - eg snow industry workers, bilingual tour guides, mining operations, meat industry - for employers to "sign up to". This, and other procedural reforms, should make the process of compliance easier. State Migration Plans Plans will specify the occupations and the number for each occupation. DIAC is verifying each state's methodology for determining occupations and numbers. Only occupations on the ENSOL can be on an SMP. And according to Katherine earlier, the ENSOL won't change yet. Says that the SMPs are not the solution to a state having negative demographic growth. Many states have higher language, experience and other requirements than DIAC requirements. Each state will have 100 "off-plan" places (but still no broader than ENSOL). The plans will be four-year rolling plans reviewed annually. Expecting a reasonable amount of stability. Answering questions Peter Speldewinde suggests that we may one day see the end of GSM for independent (unsponsored) applicants. ANZSCO Concordance Confirms that all DIAC systems now going to ANZSCO. Mentions that occupations in ANZSCO Major Groups 1-3 are "skilled". Will post the "convergence/concordance" on their website. Accepting ASCO skills assessments for GSM as long as the occupation is in the new SOL, according to the concordance". Cheers, George Lombard
  5. As requested, some of my notes from the DIAC briefings of last week; Points test changes to come in a few weeks. Cap & cease by occupation to be introduced. DIAC wants to reduce the number of applications. Transitional arrangements for current students but must lodge 485 before 31DEC2012. SMPs should be in place by 01JUL2010 but still part of overall plan. Independent GSM places being reduced, Govt. wants flexibility, and not preclude very good applicants. More value being placed on English, academic qualifications and work experience. One of motivators for change is that economic benefits decreasing from migration program as number of applicants from HR countries increases with consequent drops in skill levels and average income earned by migrants decreases. Therefore decrease n GSM, increase in ENS/RSMS planned and intend to make it easier fro 457s to progress to PR. Family sponsored skilled migration is giving poorest employment outcomes. Current concerns include bogus spouse applications being attached to on-shore applications. Business skills applications are currently paused. New SOL will have new skills assessment bodies and spell out points. New SOL does not affect students on 572/3/4 as at 08FEB2010 provided they apply for a 485 before 31DEC2012. If no 485 need to nominate for New SOL occupation. Visa capping Bill allows for Cap & Cease by occupation but power will not be used lightly. No new points test for several months yet. Flagged possibility that at some time in the future ALL applications will go into a pool for employers and Governments to dip into and select nominations from. Govt. favouring 457s to address skills shortages and numbers of 457s have been increasing since SEP2009 with 457 processing times taking between 16 and 56 days depending on skills grouping. Some amendments still to come in SBS and Training Benchmarks Sponsorship accreditation process and outcome to be changed so that if approved can sponsor across entire category. ANZSCO 5-7 will require Labour Agreements ENS/RSMS under review with respect to English language standards, exceptional circumstances exemptions, skills assessments and possible introduction of a Regional SOL. New SMPs will cut off-list nominations for each State from 500 to 100 per year.
  6. With all the recent changes to the Immigration process since September 2009 and the recommencing of the Category 5 applicants there has been some frustrations lately regarding how the DIAC have been processing these applicants. I was therefore asked, of behalf of Poms in Oz members, to contact David Wilden (the Regional Director for Europe) at the Australian House in London to see if we could get some information on how the DIAC deal with these applications. This morning I have now received a response from David. Firstly, I would like to say a big thank you to David Wilden for supporting Poms in Oz and its members and helping to bring some understanding to the Category 5 situation. He has been a great link to the DIAC and produced some very valuable information, and for this we are very grateful. For those who missed the email I sent, I will post that again and then I will post David's response... You can then post your comments below. Many thanks Tasha :wubclub:
  7. Here's the link to the discussion paper on the proposed revisions to the points test: http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/pdf/points-test-discussion.pdf It seems to have the potential to really shake things up.
  8. Review of the General Skilled Migration Points Test - Discussion Paper is now available at http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/pdf/points-test-discussion.pdf
  9. Have recently had debate on here as to whether Australia has a class system. I whole heartedly say yes.......any takers ??? The basic argument is that Australia has pretty much no class system and everyone is treated as an equal with millionaires and the unemployed living peacefully side by side .. ( unless you are a pom of course !!! lol ) and that England is class ridden with have and have nots not able to live side by side. :wacko:
  10. I lodged my skilled migration application together with my girl friend with intention to get married. But we separated and have not contact any more. Now I got CO and he requires a withdrawal letter for secondary applicant signed by both of us even I told him already that we have no contact any more. I can not get her signature for this and don't know how to do.