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  1. This is awesome news!!! From your posts it looks like it's been a long old frustrating road for you so I really hope things move fast now
  2. I'd love to be able to offer some tips...but I'm in need of them myself! We submitted everything in May, medicals also in June so not been waiting long in the grand scheme of things but it's such an odd feeling not knowing if we might get a grant next week or next year I have this weird financial guilt...even though we are in a good position so my rational brain knows it's fine, any time I spend money on non-essential life things I feel like I'm taking it away from "The Australia Fund" so we end up not actually living life properly while we wait. It's definitely a bizarre situation, feels all-consuming at times!
  3. Raplin45

    Career change

    Hey Brian, I'm probably in the same spot as you - successfully skills assessed based on my experience/skill as a network engineer which is great (application in for 491 SA) but unsure what I want my long-term career path to be, which would also be the case if staying in the UK. It's a daunting prospect and realistically I'm more than happy to work in my current field while I get settled and then see how things go...maybe I'll re-find the love! But as Marisa mentions you aren't committed to the occupation your visa has been granted on, you 'just need to' satisfy the regional requirement and earn above the threshold for 3 years (which could be you or your partner if you are going with someone else, that person would then apply for the 191 when appropriate). I guess it depends if you think you could stick it out for 3 years to earn the right money and get PR and then you'll have a bit more freedom to retrain in a different field with a potential lower salary. If it makes you completely unhappy though, I echo what Marisa has said re. getting some learning under your belt in the meantime before you head over to give you the best chance.
  4. Raplin45

    Medicals and "the jab"

    We had ours a few weeks ago (2 adults) - chest x-ray, blood test, urine sample, blood pressure, listen to your heart and lungs and a feel of your abdomen and neck...I think that was it. All pretty quick and painless
  5. Absolutely. It's a rollercoaster of a journey (she says, having not made it there yet but maintaining realistic optimism ) but there's opportunities to make it work, you've just gotta be flexible and roll with the punches I guess. Best of luck with stuff. I hope it all works out for you
  6. Hey! So my understanding is you have to have "the right to work in Australia" for most roles I've seen which on whichever skilled visa you end up would be the case. Also, the visa is granted based on a particular skill-type but you are not bound to work in that industry, as long as you fulfil the requirements of the visa I.e. commit to whichever state/region etc. then you're all good. Hope that helps a little?
  7. Hey Folks, For info in case people are keeping an eye on 491 for SA generally (I know everyone's situation is different but I tend to watch people's timelines like a hawk ) - Our timeline so far - State nomination application was put in 05/05, was approved on 13/05 and our visa application was then lodged on 23/05 once all the lovely paperwork/evidence was pulled together. We had requests for medicals come through almost immediately so have those this Thursday then it'll be a waiting game again for the grant all being well. 90 points including state - Engineering Technologist. I've been seeing a fairly decent turnaround time for SA 491s on forums/Facebook groups so fingers crossed things progress quickly for all us in that limbo period!!
  8. Raplin45

    IELTS re-mark

    Update - I got my re-mark back after 2 days and they upped me to 8 rather than 7.5 meaning I get the 20 points I was aiming for and get my £120 back! Pretty ridiculous, but I guess it's worth the challenge if you're close to the mark
  9. Raplin45

    IELTS re-mark

    Thanks for the reply, it's a pain isn't it! Yeah I did read that the PTE was a little nicer but my nearest Pearson test centre is miles away, whereas IELTS do a mobile test centre fairly close 1 or 2 days a month so I thought I'd take a punt (knowing that I may live to regret it!). The writing is a tough one because it's subjective so I'm going for the re-mark with crossed fingers and a big slice of realism while waiting for the next test date to come round. If neither of those things pan out I reckon I'll make the journey for PTE
  10. Raplin45

    IELTS re-mark

    Hi all, I recently sat my IELTS, aiming for Superior English for maximum points which is 8 or above giving me +20 on the skilled visa application. I got my results today which were Listening - 9, Reading - 8.5, Speaking - 8.5 but Writing - 7.5. I'm a bit bummed as I'm an English native speaker with a decent A-Level in English . I practiced hard, took nothing for granted, was familiar with the test process etc. and felt like I did well on test day so I've asked for a re-mark of the Writing section (paying £120 for the pleasure which gets refunded if they change it). I wondered if anyone had any experience of getting the writing section re-marked and if so, were you successful? I will resit if needed of course. Any insight would be much appreciated. Thanks guys!!
  11. Raplin45

    491 or 190 Aussie Visa

    Thanks Marisa
  12. Raplin45

    491 or 190 Aussie Visa

    Hey Marisa, I'm in the early stages of the process, considering my options with regards to which visa works best for me and discussing with a MARA agent - I wondered if you wouldn't mind elaborating on the statement around there being zero chance of getting a 189 with points on the lower end of the scale and the facts behind that please? Recognise that things have been stagnant recently but also aware of latest announcements regarding things returning to pre-covid levels in the new Australian FY and things starting to pick up again following that. Keen to understand as many facts as possible at this point
  13. Raplin45

    Waiting times

    Hi, we haven't got that far down the line yet as waiting out the 7 months while in the meantime waiting out the visa process in parallel. The bloods confirming the animals have full immunity are valid for 2 years but we wanted to get it checked off so if by some miracle things happen quickly we're in a good position and ahead of the game if that makes sense.
  14. Raplin45

    Waiting times

    Hiya, the process for the rabies jabs takes around 7 months in total (vaccine, bloods a month later, then 180 day wait), so worth starting the process if you are hoping to go any time soon. Just started the process myself with my cats.
  15. Hi all, joining the discussion...this is such a tough one. I am in the same situation, suspected Bengal girl, likely a cross, no breeding history and I suspect dodgy breeders with a front as cats coming from a 'normal family home' needing rehoming (lesson learnt). I have been in touch with the exotics department who have essentially said if the Export Vet "declares the cat to be domestic short hair then you can progress with the export/import" but then also said "You should be aware of the risk that the animal could be refused entry on arrival if deemed by Border Control to be a Bengal - if they are deemed a Bengal then the animals may be seized and destroyed or deported." So that's a bit of a rubbish situation because even if you are sorted on this end of the journey, they could get there and the worst could happen if someone takes a look and their opinion differs. Doesn't give me much confidence