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  1. Raplin45

    491 Visa Validation

    I hope it all goes smoothly for you! Ours finally got granted last week (491 SA also) so hopefully we won't be too far behind you!
  2. Raplin45

    Things you wish you took

    I'm really glad someone has said this as that is my plan when I get to that point! Everyone's different of course but this gives me confidence that I'm not totally nuts
  3. Raplin45

    Erratic Processing Order

    Hey, erratic is definitely a word for it! I'm a 491 applicant who has now been waiting 9 months and I see grants come in daily for people who have applied after me in non-priority occupations. Equally I see them popping in for people who have been waiting much longer but in much smaller numbers. Feels like the focus is definitely the 22/23 applications though which I guess ties in with what Ausvisitor said around SLAs. Not much fun!
  4. Raplin45


    Agree with VERYSTORMY, I'm not in a position to make the journey yet but PetAir have been super helpful with quotes, planning and running through the process with me. They're also the go-to for my vet for any international queries.
  5. Hiya, To the best of my knowledge all visa terms that apply to your wife will also apply to you as you would have made a commitment to the state/region that your 491 is linked to, so if/when you go to apply for permanent residence when applicable you can show that you met the terms of your visa. The remote working thing I'm not 100% on as I've seen some different answers - my agent suggested it would be ok but I have seen others say the company you work for must be based in the regional area. We're aiming for South Australia so Adelaide is included which makes it less of a concern for us. I'd like to think your agent would be able to give you the advice you need though on those queries. As a side note (and I'm sure you've weighed everything up re. points and sought advice from your agent so feel free to totally ignore me ), from what I've seen there's a high focus on visas being allocated to medical professionals at the mo so would the 189/190 be an option if your job is better suited to one of the major cities'?
  6. Trying to sit tight and be patient while waiting for a visa to be granted and receiving this email asking for more people to apply
  7. Raplin45

    IELTS General or Academic?

    Yeah I agree, seen so many people who have English as a first language and various qualifications but struggle to get max points on the writing because you're trying to tick the IELTS box, not the 'actually good at English' box.
  8. Raplin45

    IELTS General or Academic?

    Oh damn! Maybe I got very lucky
  9. Raplin45

    IELTS General or Academic?

    Hiya, Absolutely not advice to do the same, but just for info - I sat my IELTS earlier this year, got above 8 for everything other than writing for which I got a 7.5. Disappointed and a little bit grumpy I requested it be re-marked - you pay for the pleasure but if they amend your score you get that refunded. They re-marked mine within a couple of days, bumped me up to an 8 and refund processed straight way. It's a gamble, but if your husband is confident in what he did for the writing section it might be worth a punt.
  10. Congratulations! Great news. And good to see things moving. We're still waiting, I'll cross my fingers a little harder
  11. Hey again, just wondering if you got any further with this? We are at the point where we've contacted petair to kick off the process but have been directed to the exotic species department again who are having none of it
  12. Raplin45

    Health Status

    Hiya, that's a pass
  13. I promise this forum does have kind people on it. Sadly it can also be a place where you need to apply a filter and put your armour on before entering...which is bonkers of course.
  14. Any news on yours following CO contact @Phil1712?
  15. Nothing for me, still "Received", lodged in May. 491 SA.