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    I hope they are able to provide all the relevant paperwork to make their case and it works in their favour. At least their dog hasn’t been in the UK too long, whereas our dog Ollie has been here for 6 years and whether they deem that too long a period is anyone’s guess.
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    I think that would be the case and agree it will probably be easier to just pick him up from Brisbane. I’m really happy with the advice PetAir have given me so far and think this is who we will be using when the time comes. Thanks for your help x
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    rammygirl - thank you so much for making me aware of this. I have contacted PetAir today and they confirm the new ruling is already in place - 30 days in quarantine & import permit is now only valid for 12 months rather than 24 months. Our dog originates from Australia so we can make a case for him being in quarantine for 10 days rather than 30 - need to provide supporting documents etc but will do this when the time comes for our move.
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    Thanks for the advice. I have already had a quote from PetAir and like others were impressed with their promptness to respond and their advice. The only draw back is that I was told they only fly into Brisbane, not Maroochydore. Wondering if anyone has any feedback about Pets Abroad UK as they do fly into Maroochydore. I didn’t realise the quarantine rules will be changing and will definitely look into that.
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    Looking for advice on which pet transportation companies members have used recently to transport a dog & cat from the UK to the Sunshine Coast and whether the findings were as expected. Thanks in advance for any positive or negative comments.