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    When to engage Pet relocation service

    Hi there A big thankyou to all for your valuable contributions and advice on pets, visas and PR pathways, certainly much to take on board and consider ! Will let you know how it all goes... Many thanks Dominic
  2. Dominic Thompson

    When to engage Pet relocation service

    Hi there, Thankyou for your replies. A good question re the visa and permanence the honest answer is we're not sure if the move would be permanent for us (me and my wife) but would def get daughter established and well on a path to Aus citizenship. She'd be able to get a student visa in her own right. The cats are her cats so they can stay in Aus, with her once out there. Not sure what would happen to us later on and we might only get afew years there while I was working but would be a change from the UK !. Thanks will ask Pet Air...
  3. Dominic Thompson

    When to engage Pet relocation service

    Hi there, My family and I are currently looking to move to Australia but I have no job offer yet which we will need to be able to get a visa (too old for skilled migration !). We would be hoping to take our 19 yo daughter and her 2 cats with us as she is hoping to study engineering out there at University and eventually settle and go for Aus citizenship. I am wondering at what point do people start engaging a pet relocation service such as Pet Air when they have no real timetable for a move. If anyone has any idea or experience with this sort of thing any advice would be gratefully appreciated. (Note were advised as a starting point to get the cats rabies jabs and certs obtained which we have now done and told to keep them up to date which we will). Kind regards Dominic