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  1. kmrg

    Social worker roles in WA

    I was just emailed this today : Child Protection Worker or Field Worker. job with Government of Western Australia | 1401720765 (communitycare.co.uk)
  2. kmrg

    Social worker roles in WA

    Based on your description of your experience I would expect it to be fairly easy for you to find a job, but maybe not specifically in adoption. Social worker Child Welfare, Youth & Family Services, Psychology, Counselling & Social Work Jobs in All Perth WA - SEEK https://search.jobs.wa.gov.au/page.php?pageID=215&windowUID=0#report
  3. Yes that is what I thought. However when you go through to submit the visa it asks you to attach documents and then a drop down menu had options to attach as I mention above. It said you can submit with no documents but you are at risk of it not being accepted? Bit confused but think we will do a Stat dec stating has committed no further offences, then submit and hope for the best.
  4. kmrg

    Emergency Travel document Airline ticket changes

    Just to update for those interested in a timeline, my husbands UK passport has now been posted to us and due to arrive 21st June. Hopefully it will keep close to that timeline if so then will have taken under 2 months as originally applied and post from Australia on 30th April.
  5. Hi Hoping someone can assist with this query. I am just in the process of applying for RRV for myself and husband as we are travelling outside of Australia for a holiday in August. We have been in Australia for 5 years, and have only left once for a 2 week holiday in 2019. I completed the application for myself and it just requested proof of change of name - marriage certificate. For my husbands application it is asking for documents to be attached related to "character" options are court documents, Police check overseas, Police check Australia, Statement of Events, Statutory declaration. Does anyone have experience of this and how many of these documents are needed? The advice / information is just general for any visa application nothing specific to RRV. Obviously when we applied for our original visa we provided all details of my husbands only criminal offence which is over 25 years old and there have been no further offences committed since then. Do we need to request a new Police check from UK and Australia to submit, hoping not? Many Thanks
  6. kmrg

    Emergency Travel document Airline ticket changes

    Thanks for the replies. We applied at end April, passport arrived at Durham office on 12th May but still only showing as passport received. So they will have had it a month next week, hopefully there will be some action then.
  7. kmrg

    Emergency Travel document Airline ticket changes

    Just wondering did you apply for the emergency travel document, and was this an easy process? We may be in the same position soon as husband's passport is with office in Durham. Still have 8 weeks but getting nervous.
  8. kmrg

    Social Worker Jobs Queries

    Which area of Social Work do you currently work in? I can point you in the right direction if you let me know. I am a Social Worker currently in Melbourne but I was working in NSW for nearly 3 years. You need to get a certificate to say you eligible for membership of AASW but don't actually need to have membership for some jobs. It is fairly straight forward to get your skills assessed if you completed the degree in UK or Ireland. NSW Health are a large employer, they have jobs not just in hospital SW but also some Child Protection related jobs, family violence and also drug and alcohol. I worked for them for 18 months and found them to be a good employer, conditions are good compared to UK despite the complaints of some if my Australian colleagues. NSW Health Careers - Jobs I think if you have 2 years experience then generally it is easier to find a job. I found I had to go in at a slightly lower level initially but once I got some Australian experience quickly moved up.
  9. kmrg

    Timeline Victoria

    I was planning on applying soon, so also interested on realistic timeline.
  10. kmrg

    Suburb for a cafe loving 50 year old?

    Kensington 3031. Close to CBD 2 train lines, tram and bus, nice cafes and a couple of restaurants, but pretty quiet.
  11. kmrg

    Orange, NSW

    BeachBabe2022 I lived in Bathurst and worked in Orange for nearly 2 years, just moved back to Melbourne at the end of 2021. Everyone I worked with in Orange loved it there and never wanted to leave, it is a nice community and for a small town there is a lot to do lots of nice cafes, bars and festivals. (When no Covid lockdowns!) I would say there are no more issues with drugs than in any other town, and having worked at the health service I should know. If you like small town country living then it's a good choice. If you work in health there are a lot of job opportunities in the Western NSW region, also mining and some education jobs. Personally for me I hated being so far from the coast, very little breeze during the summer, so many flies, although we were there during one of the hottest summers 2019/2020. I didn't find the winters too bad, it does get down to minus temperatures over night but usually warmed up during the day. Just make sure your house has heating! After a while I found the distance to any larger town with more things to do annoying, driving to Sydney for weekends seems like a good idea initially but I found we went a lot less than we thought we would. Also it made me realise that I am a city person, which is why we have now moved back to Melbourne and won't be moving again!
  12. You don't have to get a buy to let mortgage in order to rent the property out in the UK. When we moved to Australia we weren't able to sell our house, so just requested permission to rent it out from our mortgage provider. When the fixed term rate was coming to an end I was able to just start a new fixed term option through my online banking. We are still renting it out and on the same mortgage 4.5 years later. Completing the UK tax return and then being taxed in Australia on the income is a bit of a pain, but you get used to doing and is rarely easy as the income is usually the same each year. We don't actually pay any tax on it in the UK as the income is under the threshold. Good option if you are not 100% sure on buying in Australia or if you can't sell your house.
  13. kmrg

    Port Macquarie - New South Wales

    Ruth1 I lived in Port Macquarie for a year 2018-end 2019. Positives - it is a beautiful location, you can live very close to the beach for a reasonable price (I was renting), lots of nice cafes. It was a nice community and the people were quite friendly a made a few friends through work. I think it is what a British person would think a typical Australian lifestyle is relaxed beach side living. I actually really enjoyed the winter there, coming from the UK you will still think it is warm. Negatives - the distance from any significantly larger town, for example I was pregnant at the time and there are limited health services locally so had to go to Newcastle which is a 3 hour drive for some appointments due to complications. Locally there is a limited range of shops and you can't always get things like furniture delivered due to the distance from Sydney. There are also limited jobs locally so if a partner is coming with you, they may find it difficult to find work depending what they do. I enjoyed my time there but my husbands work contract did not get renewed so we moved on, I could have happily stayed another couple of years but I think long term it would have been too remote for me.
  14. kmrg

    Schooling in UK (Scotland)

    I don't know the answer but I am also very interested in this, as may return to UK. Which state are you in? My son is only 2.5 years old but just found out he won't start school here in Melbourne until he is coming up to 6 yo as he is a May birthday.
  15. Hi I am presuming that you will be doing shift work so may not have to worry to much about rush hour traffic. You will be going against the traffic out of town anyway so may not be too bad. I lived in Kensington which is just west of centre of Melbourne, some areas in the west which I think are nice are Williamstown, Yarraville, Newport, Seddon. It is depend on your budget.