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  1. kmrg

    Timeline Social Worker 189 visa grant

    Hi triciamce8, Yes I had to redo the writing component of the IELTS as I got 7.5 on the first go. I just did all the online practice papers and did quite a lot of study in the few weeks before to make sure I was prepared. I also found the listening difficult at first as you really have to concentrate to hear what is being said, but got used to it after a few practice goes. Yes, I got the 189 visa. When I arrived in 2017 I already had 4 years post qualifying experience and also had relevant experience from before I qualified so haven't found it difficult to find work at all. However it depends what type of work you would like to do, and I have found that most work is for 12 month contracts rather than permanent positions. It would probably be best if you could get a years post qualifying work experience first in the UK before coming over. My experience is in adults social work, I have worked three temporary contracts since I arrived as both hospital social worker and also as an NDIS support coordinator. Some of the adults roles here in Australia don't require a social work degree, particularly in the disability sector. However I have found even for roles which don't require a social work degree I am being paid more than I was in the UK for qualified Social Worker roles.
  2. Very interested in this, as we are planning on flying back to Uk in September with what will then be a 3 month old baby. We were not planning on travelling so soon but a wedding has come up which we don't want to miss. Friends have advised that it's better to fly when baby less than 6 months as they will sleep more. Hoping this is the reality!
  3. kmrg

    Living in NZ on Oz PR

    I was just looking this up today. It stated if you are a permanent resident in Australia you have the right to live and work in New Zealand. What is not clear to me is if you move to NZ before you become an Australian citizen, could you return to Australia at a later date or would you need to apply for a resident return visa??
  4. kmrg

    Almost a year! Skills assessment

    Hi sorry I have realised my information may be out of date as I have been here 18 months now, they must have changed the process. That is a very long wait, even with the 32 weeks it is still delayed. I have been living in Melbourne, but recently moved up to mid north NSW coast. I am a social worker for adults, the system here is very different. Let me know if you have any questions.
  5. kmrg

    Almost a year! Skills assessment

    That seems unusual, mine took 12 weeks. Have you tried to call and check up on why there is a delay?
  6. kmrg

    3 months back in the UK

    Hi Tricky, out of interest what is your profession?
  7. kmrg

    Any practicing Social Workers out there?

    Hi I am a Social Worker working in hospital SW in Victoria, but about to move to NSW. I would say that the majority of jobs are advertised on SEEK and you can also look directly on the local health authority / hospital websites. I just set up alerts to email me when jobs came up. In my experience there are quite a lot of jobs out there you just may need to go in on a lower level job to get experience, eg. if you are currently supervising staff in UK it maybe easier to just go for a standard SW role here whilst you build up your local knowledge. The only issue I am aware of is that as well as having the AASW assessment for migration purposes I also needed another assessment by AASW stating I was eligible for membership before I could start in my role. Good luck
  8. kmrg

    Timeline Social Worker 189 visa grant

    Sorry I meant 12 months from Police check!
  9. kmrg

    Timeline Social Worker 189 visa grant

    Hi You have 12 months from the date of the visa grant. I went over for a holiday to activate the visa at end of 2016 and then moved over here fully in July 2017. 70 points is a high score so hopefully you won't need to wait too long for an invitation to apply.
  10. kmrg

    remarking ielts

    Hi wahid, Yes it took the full 6 weeks that they stated it might take. So if you are on a tight time frame it might be worth booking another test as well.
  11. kmrg

    remarking ielts

    I had my writing increased from 7.5 to 8 on appeal so worth a try.
  12. kmrg

    New arrival accommodation

    Where is the rental you have found for £2000 per month? I have booked a two bed apartment in Kensington, Melbourne for £1300 per month through airbnb.
  13. Thanks for replies. I will check FIDI website.
  14. Hi all We are finally moving to Melbourne in July and just trying to arrange removals. We are currently living in the Netherlands for my husbands work, and have all our things with us as his company paid for it to be moved over here from the UK. I did want to use a medium movecube as we are not really taking any furniture so won't need a container. I got a quote from Sevenseas but it appears that half of the cost is due to the fact that a driver will be coming over from the UK to deliver the crate. It seems a bit crazy to pay 600 Euro for someone to drive over from the UK, I am now wondering if I should get it all in a van and drive it back to UK myself and pack the crate there. Does anyone have any experience of other companies which are based in mainland Europe which can help? Many Thanks, kmrg
  15. kmrg

    Newly qualified social worker

    Hi jackt, I would email AASW to check with them. You don't actually have to be registered with AASW to work as a social worker in Australia, unlike in UK where you must be registered with HCPC. My understanding was that the 4 year requirement was in relation to applying for a skills assessment as social worker for a permanent residence visa. Most jobs I have looked at just say requirement that you are eligible to register with AASW, not that you are registered. It also depends which area of social work you are planning to work in. If you are wishing to work with adults then you will just need to look for positions advertised as case manager / case worker. Hopefully a social worker / case manager with specific experience of SA will be able to advise further.