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  1. Questionsearch

    Updating details for Medicare/ATO but mygov doesnt link?

    Was surprisingly easy to fix, medicare phonecall which lead to them adding my mobile phone as work and home phone as well required 24 hours to register since the next day I was able to link it using those manually. Ato was also surprisingly easy and helpful, asked me some basic questions and then gave me a linking code once he added some extra information and even told me of the non lodgement advice option since I had the previous year overdue since I was told I didnt need to lodge a tax application if i had no types of income (i depend on husband financially), wish someone would have mentioned that I should make a mygov account earlier and link medicare/ato and everything since the only reason I decided to make that was to update my new address everywhere.
  2. Questionsearch

    801 visa

    I assume that they would transfer your application details to your immiaccount if you asked, they shouldnt be able to withhold them. I am actually curious about this as well, I assume after experiencing the requirements of 820 you need to upload similar evidence so how hard could it be to do it yourself? Since i assume the application process just requires input of your details and then uploading evidence documents. And prices seem to vary a lot, AIA for example required 7k payment(not including the department fee)
  3. From what I understood I can update my details on medicare/ATO online by linking those accounts to a mygov account. I recently moved to a new address so i decided to make that mygov account, link medicare/ATO so i can update the address, yet when trying to link either I receive "Insufficient details are held by the agencies you have selected for you to prove account ownership using this service. Please contact us to resolve this problem." I contacted them and from what I understand they just added my mobile phone as both business and home phone to add more sufficient details but that didnt work either. How am I meant to update my address on either if ATO/Medicare refuse to be linked to the mygov account, especially since it looks to be mandatory and with a deadline. On a partner visa/BvA atm since I applied onshore and have my interim medicare card in case that is relevant.
  4. I read a lot of older posts talking about interviews when it comes to partner visas, is this something that still happens or was it some old practice? Mainly because from my limited understanding, they make their decision based on the documentation and statements you provide them, are interviews something rare for weird cases or just an older practice from years ago?
  5. Mostly a question about Ndis policy i guess, but can a disability worker who is assisting the sponsor of a visa(My partner) be allowed to write a statutory declaration for us, seeing us together, knowing that we are in a relationship, seeing me assisting him etc, nothing too complicated, would they be allowed to do that or are they extremely strictly only allowed to assist that person with physical stuff and nothing else? Asking because I have not found a confirmed source stating if it is possible or not.
  6. Thanks, and a clarification, does my interim Medicare card count as secondary ID for the afp check? mainly asking since it is an interim card and I am uncertain if that is accepted or they only need full Medicare cards
  7. What happens in the case you are asked to retake the medical examination but the Bupa locations in Melbourne dont have any appointments until middle of June and some even July? The RFI's 28 days ends on the 5th of June but I havent found any appointment before that date on multiple centers. And just another small question but when you are asked for an AFP police check, does that need fingerprints or not cuz it seems to have multiple types?
  8. Questionsearch

    Statutory declaration for relationship updates?

    I already have but since I have worries over the competency/knowledge of my agent I am trying to get extra opinions since I do not currently have the finances to spend another 7k on a new agent for an application that is already in process.
  9. I was suggested by my immigration agent to prepare a statutory declaration when I asked him how would I give updates regarding my relationship. (I wanted to give an update since things have evolved since our initial declaration when we made the application a year ago, I became more aware to the extend of his many disabilities and we decided it would be better for me to be around and be in charge of most house related stuff rather than try to find work while he supports me financially either via his disp or work when he works, something that wasnt in our initial statements since we said we were both planning to find work and I was unaware how inconsistent he could be due to his firbomyalgia condition) I have 3 questions: 1) Is this advised? Can you use statutory declaration in this manner? Mainly because I assumed such declarations are used for quite simple, clear and to the point declaration, not huge paragraphs explaining our relationship, how it has evolved, me explaining the effects of some of his diagnosed disabilities such as adhd/autism/ptsd(And the main source of his issue that is in the process of being diagnosed-fibromyalgia), reminding them that because some tasks are easy for people they might require more effort from someone with disabilities, list things I am and have been assisting him, all of which I have done in at least one occasion so it is accurate and true and the fact that I pretty much only personally go out for either paperwork or shopping since we are both more computer focused people which means I am around to assist. 2) Is talking about such disabilities from the side of the sponsor a good strategy? Mainly because I have heard they even deported a family because their kid was diagnosed with Autism, there was a popular article going around, I know partner visa could be different but I do have a degree of apprehension in this area because I dont know how the department sees disabled sponsors. 3) How accurate are you meant to be in these statements? Legally speaking, can they be misinterpreted if your statement isnt written in a perfectly clear and direct manner, a few examples. -Like there was a moment of speculation when I wrote "a core part of his symptoms is his inconsistency in energy levels..........that could also be connected to stress", fibromyalgia is often connected to stress but I dont feel confident to say with absolute certainty so I used the word "could" instead to allow some room for error. -I also wrote that there was a time I had to call the ambulance at around 3am because he was suffering from extremely heavy pain on his arm (Firbomyalgia induced pain) but I cant remember the exact time, pretty certain it was around 3-4am by the time the ambulance arrived but there was no way I can be specific. -Another statement i wrote "I will more often than not be found at home since the only times I would need to go out and leave him for a few hours would be for grocery shopping or the occasional paperwork." That is true because I dont really have any friends here or go out for entertainment and wrote that to also make it clear this is a genuine relationship but there are times I had to go out to throw the trash or pick him up later at night form the nearby station because he doesnt feel comfortable walking alone at nightime, can I write that or could they imply because I have gone out for a few minutes for another purpose my statement is not truthful? Thanks
  10. It apparently made everything take longer even though there were less applications incoming due to the pandemic i presume. Mainly made this thread cuz I found this statistics article and I was curious as to why is there such a stark change in refusal numbers once the pandemic started. https://abcdiamond.com.au/subclass-820-visa-refusals-2018-19-and-2019-20/ Refusals went from 100-200 to only 1-8 while the finalized section seems to have mostly remained the same after March(Where things started to close down), so they clearly havent stopped working on them, is there an explanation for this or could this be politically motivated?
  11. Yeah i had those suspicions as well, I am honestly uncertain why I hear some people I know obsess over the economy and work when it comes to a PARTNER visa, after some research on 820 visa rejections, none of the rejections had anything to do with work or financial related stuff
  12. I was chatting with a friend and we ended up talking about immigration and my partner visa, he said he knew someone who was on a bridging visa(tourist to partner) who was living with their partner, their partner(Australian citizen) was working and they were more than financially stable yet the department apparently rejected their application because the person with the visa was not working, something about "contradictory statements" because he said in his statement that he was planning on finding a job but he ended up not finding any and was depending on his Australian partner financially instead. Could this story be true or is it the usual scary exaggerations/misinformation? I am asking because that made me worry because I, myself on my application said that I was planning on finding work yet with the pandemic and me becoming more aware of the extend of my partner's disabilities finding work has not been a priority. Are there any "unofficial" requirements for approving partner visas that you are aware of? I keep hearing things like "they must work to benefit the economy", if not they might reject your visa application even if your visa is a PARTNER visa, which doesnt make sense because you are here to live with your partner, this shouldnt be about the economy.
  13. Questionsearch

    Partner visa(820) with a partner with disabilities

    Just had to google it again to confirm "If you haven't been in the relationship for 12 months, tell us in writing why the 12-month requirement does not apply". For example: provide evidence you have registered your relationship with an Australian births, deaths and marriages agency, or explain any compelling and compassionate circumstances exist to grant the visa" Maybe it was my mistake for forgetting to mention it, but we are married (in Qld) and in our statements we did include the importance of being together for mental reasons and his disabilities which I would assume counts as compelling and compassionate reason.
  14. Questionsearch

    Partner visa(820) with a partner with disabilities

    Yeah I actually remember this being a big issue for many agencies but after some research I remember finding cases where it was possible to apply if you had enough evidence that shows the relationship is genuine without the 1 year requirement(we knew each other online for many years but only then did we decide to be together). That requirement was a little absurd since unless he moved to Europe with me there would be no way to live together for a year together. I assume big agencies like Australian migration agency wouldn’t just outright lie since they also looked to be more reputable and experienced with all types of cases and they did tell me that it is possible without the 1 year rule though it definitely makes things harder. We were also advised that we can submit more evidence after the application was lodged, things like extra 888 statements, joint bank account info, work documents and I assume bank statements would work as well to add to the proof that we are genuinely together.
  15. Questionsearch

    Partner visa(820) with a partner with disabilities

    I am pretty certain they were talking about the future aka the period after the application when the department officers check our case and not before unless you somehow already lived together in a previous country. I remember the specific requirement for shared finances BEFORE making the application, it was pretty complicated because in our case we decided to be together after my second vacation together here(was on a tourist visa at the time) so our only shared finances were hotel bills, shopping and food really. Only AFTER we made the application we moved together and started living together full time but the only evidence the department has is our rent agreement, this discussion makes me think that we should give our bank statement for the last year as further proof that we live together but I am a little bit hesitant since like I said I do worry that living with my partner’s dsp ‘could ‘look bad’ in their eyes