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  1. Questionsearch

    Partner Visa Advice

    Just fyi the 12 month requirement is not needed if you get married. I literally came to Australia to spend time with someone (Which I mainly knew from the internet for years, and a previous trip in Brisbane a few months ago), got some immigration advice due to us deciding to stay together, which lead to getting married quickly since we didnt have that 12 month requirement or a ton of evidence of living together outside of the hotel. Though I definitely felt like many agents didnt feel comfortable with our case due to the lack of living together for 12 years which I honestly found kinda extreme, it isnt like you can live together if you are in different countries which both have serious visa requirements. Got PR at the end of the day 25 months after applying for my 820 onshore so it turned out great.
  2. Questionsearch

    A few specific questions about Citizenship application

    I am definitely surprised they were happy to do it, assuming they see a lot of people over the day, would be hard to even remember who you are if you only seem them every 3 months. but it is good to know that is still a valid option, thanks
  3. Questionsearch

    A few specific questions about Citizenship application

    Um this is a bit concerning, good thing I asked about this process years in advance cause if I was not aware of it the most likely result would be not knowing anyone who happened to be in those very specific occupations. Because it isnt like you can ask for that from someone you just met a few times over the years for a medical check, they dont really know you that well and they see a ton of people every day and have no reason to bother with that form for you, plus not like I go to doctors often. Out of curiosity what is the most likely easiest way to get that if you dont happen to have any close friends/colleagues working in those areas? I imagine a psychologist could work out the easist since due to the nature of their work they do end up knowing you anyway so you could ask them for that form hmm
  4. Questionsearch

    A few specific questions about Citizenship application

    Thanks, though regarding 2) My mistake, thought it was just the 5 Aus values questions and the rest would be questions to "prove basic knowledge of the English language". I actually just checked the test they have on their site and damn, it is easy, got 90% and all 5 even with my extremely limited Aus history knowledge xD 5) About that, by someone you mean a friend/someone with Aus citizenship has to fill in a form for you to accompany your citizenship application? Similar to how partner visa require 888 statements from others. Thanks again, this cleared things up a lot.
  5. Hello, finally received my 801 PR, 25 months since I applied for 820 onshore, and now have a few questions about the citizenship application just to have an idea of what I ll have to deal with when I am able to apply. 1) It says 4 years of residence with A valid visa, does that include tourist visas? Because I applied for the 820 on Nov 1st 2019 but was in Australia since early August 2019 with a tourist visa. So those 4 years of residence end on August 2023 or November 2023? (Or are there actual residential address requirements since for those first few months I was in a hotel) 2) I am assuming if someone knows English well enough to communicate they can easily pass that part of the test without studying? Since I again ASSUME the test wont be filled with obscure grammar rules not even native English speakers remember and just tests your ability to communicate well enough? 3) The "5 citizenship questions". Are they always the same? Or they are just part of a small pool of questions that can easily be memorized? From what I read they are very obvious so kinda hard to screw up? 4) Regarding the police checks, are they gonna be requiring the usual "We need one from any country you ve been in for the last 10 years"? Even if you havent traveled outside of Australia since you applied your partner visa? 5) "Close and Continuing Link to Australia" Is this some high bar to clear? Or just having a job, a bank account and paying taxes is enough? So you dont need friends, locals to make statements for you etc 6) Once you apply, how long does it usually take to get approved? Thanks.
  6. Questionsearch

    Timeline on 309/100 via applied for in London

    Received my 801 today, technically 25 months after applying for an 820 onshore. Here's the timeline in case it is useful: -Came to Australia with tourist visa around August 2019 (Greek citizenship in case that matters) -Applied for Partner visa 820 on November 2019 as my tourist visa was expiring with the help of an agent(Which wasnt great) -Received a Bridging visa A at that point -Received a RFI around May 2021 which required another medical check and more evidence of our relationship -Granted 820 around July 2021 -Applied for the 801 by myself(Without agent assistance) December 1st 2021, could have applied 1 month earlier but some documents were taking a while. -Received 801 Grant on December 24th 2021 I am actually quite surprised at the speed in which the 801 was granted but I assume we might be considered a special case?? Since my partner has disabilities, so I stay at home to help him, and he completely supports me financially I assume it is quite hard to imagine the relationship is not genuine, especially after we both make statutory declarations that are 4-8 pages long at each step explaining around current situation and way of life indepth, since due to the nature of his disabilities he depends a lot on me, and technically I depend on him financially so that should have been enough to satisfy the case officers.
  7. Questionsearch

    Changing jobs with a 482 and 820 visa

    I had a somewhat similar situation, I was on a tourist visa when I applied for 820, at the end of the tourist visa I was expecting to be on a bridging visa A according to the receipt of my 820 application being submitted. (Submission confirmation and grants are not the same since it takes more than a year usually after application for the 820 to be granted) I was not and that was because I had forgotten I had an old maritime visa which rolled over instead of the bridging visa and took us a while to even realize, it seems that the system grants bridging visas only once there’s no other valid visas so I am guessing as long as your work visa remains valid, it won’t change to a bridging visa unless the 820 has been fully granted. I was able to fix the issue by sending an email with my situation to a department address that my agent gave me, thankfully it was easy to fix.
  8. Questionsearch

    Auspost date mistake on Statutary declaration

    Yeah I ve noticed that people are very inconsistent when it comes to that, some ask for ID with address, some dont and only need photo ID, some add the page 1-x with their initials at bottom elft, some dont and I have to mention it. I am surprised they are given the authority to sign documents for JPs if they have not been properly qualified. Though in their defense it was evening so I can only imagine their brain was extremely tired for them to do such obvious and silly mistake like 3 different dates, will find another JP, thanks.
  9. My partner went to Auspost to get his statutory declaration signed, when he returned and gave me the form the dates written by the Auspost employee and stamps are wrong. The employee wrote 01 of November while the Stamp she used was 30th of November, while the actual date was 1st of December. Does the form need to be remade and rewitnessed because the Auspost screwed up the dates or does the department understand that this was caused by the JP and not us so it is ok to upload?
  10. Questionsearch

    Are you considered permanent resident once 820 is granted?

    The complicated part with the 820 is that it is a temporary visa yet it has no expiry date, that is why I am confused.
  11. I am trying to clear up the definitions between Australian resident and Australian permanent resident. "A permanent residence visa allows you to stay in Australia indefinitely. The Department of Home Affairs issue and administer all Australian visas." I have been granted the 820 which says period of stay as "indefinite" but the 820 is technically a temporary visa, so am I considered a permanent Australia resident or not? Just trying to clear up the definition.
  12. Oh ok that is good to know then, thought something was wrong
  13. From what I understood I should be receiving an email saying I am now able to apply for the 801 visa once the 2 years after the initial 820 application have passed. Those 2 years passed yesterday, wasnt I meant to receive an email(double checked, the email address in immiaccount is correct) confirming I can apply for the 801 or should I just go on through immi account and apply online without that email. I am waiting for some paperwork first so I assume there is no issue if I delay making the 801 application for a couple weeks, correct?
  14. Questionsearch

    Statutory Declaration–Partner Visa(Sponsor) file format?

    Are you certain it is the "Partner Visa(Sponsor)" version? I have found the normal statutory declaration form but not this specific version. According to home affairs the sponsor would need to complete this specific version which is linked here: https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/form-listing/forms/stat_dec_sponsor.pdf But that is as an uneditable pdf
  15. Questionsearch

    Do you need to reupload certain documents for 801

    I was mainly referring to the statutory statements. To be more specific, due to lacking the required forms of ID it took us quite a while to be able to create a joint bank account, we had to explain that in our statements and link certain email evidence proving our attempts to make such an account while waiting for the 820 to be approved. Now when I apply for the 801 I will have to again talk about our financial aspect of our relationship which means I will be mentioning some facts about our joint account, would I for example need to explain why it took us so long to make that joint bank account again? or can I say "the reason why was explained in our previous statement"? and move on to more relevant details?