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  1. Questionsearch

    Partner visa(820) with a partner with disabilities

    Just had to google it again to confirm "If you haven't been in the relationship for 12 months, tell us in writing why the 12-month requirement does not apply". For example: provide evidence you have registered your relationship with an Australian births, deaths and marriages agency, or explain any compelling and compassionate circumstances exist to grant the visa" Maybe it was my mistake for forgetting to mention it, but we are married (in Qld) and in our statements we did include the importance of being together for mental reasons and his disabilities which I would assume counts as compelling and compassionate reason.
  2. Questionsearch

    Partner visa(820) with a partner with disabilities

    Yeah I actually remember this being a big issue for many agencies but after some research I remember finding cases where it was possible to apply if you had enough evidence that shows the relationship is genuine without the 1 year requirement(we knew each other online for many years but only then did we decide to be together). That requirement was a little absurd since unless he moved to Europe with me there would be no way to live together for a year together. I assume big agencies like Australian migration agency wouldn’t just outright lie since they also looked to be more reputable and experienced with all types of cases and they did tell me that it is possible without the 1 year rule though it definitely makes things harder. We were also advised that we can submit more evidence after the application was lodged, things like extra 888 statements, joint bank account info, work documents and I assume bank statements would work as well to add to the proof that we are genuinely together.
  3. Questionsearch

    Partner visa(820) with a partner with disabilities

    I am pretty certain they were talking about the future aka the period after the application when the department officers check our case and not before unless you somehow already lived together in a previous country. I remember the specific requirement for shared finances BEFORE making the application, it was pretty complicated because in our case we decided to be together after my second vacation together here(was on a tourist visa at the time) so our only shared finances were hotel bills, shopping and food really. Only AFTER we made the application we moved together and started living together full time but the only evidence the department has is our rent agreement, this discussion makes me think that we should give our bank statement for the last year as further proof that we live together but I am a little bit hesitant since like I said I do worry that living with my partner’s dsp ‘could ‘look bad’ in their eyes
  4. Questionsearch

    Partner visa(820) with a partner with disabilities

    It might not be there officially, maybe I didnt type it clearly enough, my immigration agent said before making the application a year ago that the department when checking our case would mainly care about 2 areas: -That the relationship is genuine, which I believe our detailed statements, history and the fact that we ve been living together for more than a year now should make it clear (Though I am not sure if they know that fully since we havent uploaded things like bank statements since we made the application and from their perspective they just see 2 partners moving to Melbourne and not much else outside of backround checks from their side.) -That we are able to live and be safe financially, i dont remember the exact wording but I assumed it meant that you are meant to have a steady source of income and some savings so an emergency doesnt send you on the streets and it makes sense to a degree, cant really approve someone who is barely surviving since one accident/emergency could ruin them financially. I would argue that with our quiet and cheap lifestyle we are more than safe financially and being able to get through the pandemic easily proves it but my view isnt really important here, what matters is how the department officers view it and I wouldnt be surprised if they view it in a negative way since living only with my partner's Dsp(disability support pension) has quite a bit of stigma on it and they might also believe someone needs to have a job to be financially stable and a decent amount of savings, maybe around 10k
  5. Here’s the situation, It has been around 14 months since I ve made the onshore partner visa(820) application BvA and since we moved together in Melbourne and due to my partner’s disabilities/needs and the whole pandemic finding work has not been our priority, especially because I wasn’t aware of the extend of his disabilities until we started living together. After many years of medical issues he finally found out that many of his issues were caused by fibromyalgia which is good news since we finally can explain many of his medical issues and find actual treatments that work, he has been improving in that area lately through exercise and a more balanced schedule and has been talking to an disability employment agency hoping to maybe finding casual work soon. Though another issue is his paranoia which does have mild schizophrenic symptoms like auditory and visual hallucinations(seeing a figure at the corner of your eye in the kitchen, hearing someone walking behind him etc) which specifically happen (some times) when he is alone which finally explains why he never liked living completely alone, this is a thing that again he only recently explained, it can be hard to get him to talk about those things sometimes. Anyway the issue is that because I wasn’t aware of either, in our initial statements for my visa application I mostly focused on saying how my presence helps him a lot mentally and in reality it helps both of us, and I also wrote how the plan would be to find jobs sooner or later after moving together in Melbourne, this sadly hasn’t happened due to finding out the extend of his disabilities and mental needs and the pandemic making things harder too. I worked as a 2nd officer in the merchant navy in the past so I had a decent amount of savings but those are long gone after paying the pretty high visa and agent fees so at the moment we live with his Disp payments, it isnt hard since neither of us care a lot about luxuries and I always cook homemade food so budgeting is pretty easy but savings are limited to 2-3k but slowly rising. My concern is about the department’s visa decision since my agent told me they mainly care about 2 things, that the relationship is genuine and that we can live financially ok, my worry is the latter part since living with just his disp probably looks bad so I would like to ask for your opinions in two areas. 1) Do you think it would be a good idea to send his diagnosis(once he gets the ) of the above to the agent to upload to immigration as proof and explanation about why my daily presence around him is important and the main reason i haven’t focused on finding a job? 2) Because I am worried that due to lack of work they might outright refuse the visa with no interviews or chances to explain our situation should I just abandon everything and just try to find some form of work in order to guarantee that the visa won’t be refused? Because for both of us a refusal of the visa would be the worst possible scenario. I do have an agent but sadly the one I was assigned to doesn’t seem as helpful so I would like your opinions, I know you cannot know for certain but would like to hear your opinions or experiences, especially if you know any similar cases with disabled partners.
  6. Questionsearch

    How are you meant to open a joint bank account?

    That is a good suggestion, will have to try that. If that is true then I could do that then, thanks I did but it expired last June and the embassy was pretty much closed till November due to the virus, only managed to finally get a new one late December, took them almost a month to ship here, now I am just awaiting for my immigration agent to upload it so details are updated. I live in Victoria so I assume my options are either this proof of age card and keypass ID, proof of age card seems easier to get though I assume there is no issue with me being 28. On category B though the only thing I have is my debit cards from my EU accounts and I am not sure if they count as "Credit card or bank passbook" so might have to wait to get that medicare card first.
  7. Questionsearch

    How are you meant to open a joint bank account?

    Yeah in that case it wouldnt work again mainly cuz they need a document with the address on and neither passport or my ID has the address. And my license agreement is the only thing that includes and address which I could use since i have no utility bills since they are included in the rent. And I am not sure if my mobile internet bill from optus would count since it is prepaid
  8. Questionsearch

    How are you meant to open a joint bank account?

    I have not contacted them directly to ask but the application "Medicare enrolment form (MS004)" question 19 asks for an Australian bank account and considering how medicare works(You paying first and then them returning an amount) I assume that having an Australian bank account is mandatory. And yeah my bridging visa has full working rights so I know that is possible though from what I hear there are times people arent aware that this is possible. After some research I found that what the Auspost showed as 100 point system doesnt seem to be the full 100 point system option and each bank seem to have different requirements under the same 100 point system(At least that is how they call it, they dont mention points) For example mebank has these which dont include any rental agreements or medicare cards but does include this "centrelink pension card" and doesnt have any option for medicare card "Primary identification documents • Australian driver licence or learner permit (current) • Australian passport (current or expired within the last 2 years) • International passport (current) (in English or with NAATI translation) • Proof of age card/NSW photo card (current and government issued) • Australian birth certificate (not an extract) • Australian citizenship certificate Secondary identification documents with residential address • Utility bill or council rates notice (less than 3 months old) • Taxation notice or Centrelink statement (less than 12 months old) • Centrelink pension card (current) • Under 18's letter issued from a school principal (less than 3 months old) " Meanwhile HSBC has different 100 point requirements PRIMARY IDENTIFICATION DOCUMENTS You MUST use one of the following to verify your identity: • Photocard Australian drivers licence issued by an Australian State or Territory # • Passport• Government issued Proof of Age card • Foreign National Identity card † • Foreign drivers licence * SECONDARY IDENTIFICATION DOCUMENTS You MUST use one of the following to verify your address (except if using an Australian drivers licence): • Local Authority or Government Department letter, or statement dated within the last twelve months, e.g. Australian TaxationOffice (ATO) notice letter or Council Rates Notice • Bank statements and utility bills (including e-statements) dated within the last three months (internet screenshots are notaccepted) – must contain full first and last names • Residential property lease agreement / Residential Serviced Apartment lease agreement ^ ( Must record the individual’s lease of a residential property; be current; and be issued by a real estate agent or serviced apartment ) •Mobile phone bill, home internet bill, pay TV bill or utility welcome letter ~ From the looks of it HSBC seem to accept lease agreements unlike mebank, I just hope mine counts because it has this specific clause "be issued by a real estate agent or serviced apartment" and my agreement is "AU-PRres18 Lodger agreement: licence to rent a room" and was issued by my landlord, not some estate agent and unsure what serviced apartment means.
  9. How are you meant to create a joint bank account as a partner visa under this 100 point system? I am on a bridging visa(From tourist to partner) and been for a while due the whole pandemic and assisting with some of my partners disabilities. Now that things were improving I was planning on making a joint account on mebank since it seemed like the 2nd best choice after bank of Australia since they are more ethical, the issue is they said they only needed your passport if you go through Auspost identification. I went to auspost only to find out that they have that 100 point system which makes it impossible for me to actually make a bank account with my Australian partner, which I will kinda need if I am to get a medicare card/find work etc in the future. I only have very limited number of documents that could work but most dont seem to be an option, my updated passport, my rent agreement which has our address/names etc(bills included in rent), marriage certificate, Eu debit cards, Greek issued national ID, translated birth certificate I dont have a drivers license cuz I dont drive and never plan to. I dont have utility bills because those are included in the rent, and apparently the rent agreement doesnt work for that. I dont have tax payment forms since I havent started working first and will kinda need to make a bank account first for that. I dont have a centerlink card since I am not a citizen and I cant get medicare card because the application requires an australia bank account. (Also apparently the employee asked my partner for his medicare card only to find out that they need a centerlink card instead so medicare card isnt in the list anymore) The employee noticed I had things like marriage certificate but when she checked her list none of those were there so we couldnt use those either. Is there any way I can make a joint bank account with my partner with the documents I have available? Because there has to be a way.