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  1. Phoenix16

    Calling All MAC Experts!!

    So, my iMac has been showing signs that all is not well for a while, I would say it’s around 5 years old, generally used for just internet browsing and managing the iTunes account which tends to dominate our viewing (everything I download I drop into iTunes as the easiest way to watch via Apple TV). So recently the ‘black’ screen of death, won’t restart etc. I was pretty panicked, managed to set it back up in safe mode and do a time machine back up (another fault of mine, never ever backed it up, I know, massive slap on the hand). Basically the machine is now in safe mode, it has been for weeks and I even turned off screen saver and sleep mode so the machine is constantly on 24/7 (yes I did get a warning this will deteriorate the life of the screen, but didn’t know what else to do). So now I’m in limbo, daren’t turn it off but safe mode means so little functionality..., I’ve checked tonight, time machine is still backing up, I’ve managed to format a hard drive on the Mac Pro that the iMac is now recognising and I’ve shoved heaps of files and data onto it. Also, in disc utility it is suggesting the hard drive is damaged.... so, do I now unplug and take to the apple store? Have I done all I can? We’re off on hols so thinking we could miss it for a few days/week max!! Hubbys thinking we should just buy a new one, I’m not so sure, the biggie Mac from many years ago is daughters now, still working fine possibly 10 years old but it’s not networked to all our appliances and apple TV’s and I would not know where to start trying to do it and apple gets so confusing!! Final note to add, NO we are not in the cloud, it’s too confusing and we don’t even want to go there ha ha!!!
  2. Just feeling so bloody angry and stressed..
  3. Phoenix16

    Please delete - posted in error

    Should have just kept my mouth shut but when the lovely @BacktoDemocracy enquired as to my stress and anger I just couldn’t help myself!!! .....but hey, I thought despite everything we are all a supportive family on here and so what the heck xxxxx
  4. Phoenix16

    Please delete - posted in error

    Some lovely responses, some thought provoking responses, can not argue with any of them. We didn’t make a deliberate choice to send daughter to the school she is at, it was really very much circumstances at the time but now she is very very settled and I don’t want to upset that equilibrium. She was at a lovely local public school that I loved but there were quite a few kids in the class with special needs which I was completely ok with until she got whacked quite a few times and started to display distructive behaviours herself, I was called into school so many times and was even advised she see the school psychologist, at this point I was like NO, this has to change. It was 2 days before the end of term for pre primary, I rang the school she is now at, was offered a place and told the school on the last day she would not bebh coming back. I advised the new school of all of the issues and the recommendation to see the school Psychologist, they undertook to to have their psychologist assess her and monitored her ongoing, she has simply thrived, they could not find a single issue with her and regularly feed back to me what a thoughtful, kind and lovely girl she is. That is all I wanted, I hope she will academically thrive in her environment, she’s doing pretty well but Is still by no means as academically inclined and some of them, however, that was never my motive for sending her there, she is simply now a well adjusted girl who is loving and thriving in her environment and working hard, the school pushes and encourages excellence but in a nurturing way, she will achieve what she is capable of in a supportive nurting environment but she will become what she wants to be from her own inner self and aspirations not from being forced. I just wanted her to have the freeedom to be herself, it was a though call at the school she was at before despite the fact the school did everything they could but she was in a class of 30 with many different needs and little support to cope with this, she’s now in a class of 18 and doing amazing for herself. I did rant off because I do get pissed of with the Uber wealthy and competitive mums, (yes wealthy and competitive seems to be a package), I just need to learn to rise above it, and it can be a draw back for my daughter constantly being told by kids of said mothers how rich and amazing they are, but, she’s also got loads of normal friends and perhaps it bothers me more than her!!!!!
  5. Phoenix16

    Raised in Australia - Returning Resident Application

    Am patiently waiting for what I hope is a great outcome!! You do have a complicated timeline but you also seem to have pretty strong ties to Aus so fingers crossed for a wonderful result for you and a happy ending for us all here holding our breath with our fingers crossed for you xxxxx
  6. Phoenix16

    A 457 Story!!

    So I’m just sharing a personal experience of a friend, back history is that they came on a 457 visa in the full knowlede they could never move to PR, age being the biggest factor but also so many family ties to the UK,they didn’t really want to go PR, it really was (and still is) a massive adventure to make fabulous memories. However, this guy (my friend) was very much enticed over here because of his particular talents, he came over and worked hard on some pretty major projects, as his contract ended other companies snatched him up and took over his his 457, we would host Christmas and joke every year you’ll still be here next year! They still are by the way, the moral of the story is, he was working on a project that was critical, he worked 24/7 was promised so much TOIL in return, worked public holidays, weekends the lot but as he was salary the real returns for him were TOIL down the line. Overnight the company went bankrupt, he literally got a call to say ‘don’t come in tomorrow’. To cut along story short, he was snapped up literally within days and is still here on a 457 or whatever, it was 24 hours turnaround allocating it to his new employer, but.... whilst all of his work mates got paid out for their extra hours he was told that because he was on a 457, he wasn’t entitled to anything, all of the late nights and weekends he had worked for nothing in return for extra time off was worthless, simply because of his 457 status, as I said, all of his PR and citizen colleagues were paid out by the administrators. As it is he was snapped up by a competitor instantly and offered a higher salary, they are still living their dream/adventure in the full knowledge they will return to the UK at some point, he’s made enough to complete his full retirement plans (especially being able to collect all his super as he departs) and as I said loving every minute of his life in OZ. This is not the usual story of a 457 visa holder but I wanted to highlight how his status was very detrimental to him when the company went bust and how disadvantaged he was despite paying the same taxes as everyone else, for him it was a que sera sera moment in terms of his visa stability as his long term plans were to return to the UK but it could have been pretty devasting for others, myself included as our initial entry was via a 457 visa but many years ago under very different rules. I just wanted to share this for those who might find it useful.
  7. Phoenix16

    Please delete - posted in error

    Oh I was just so upset about my daughters school, a pretty expensive school, we are just the mere mortals making sacrifices to give her great opportunities but at the moment it’s seems that the Uber rich families rule the roost, just was a big rant and wondering whether we really are doing the right thing by her but I bottled it and deleted the post because I felt I revealed too much...
  8. Phoenix16

    I'm Addicted

    Chicken Jumpys , they remind me of a snack from oh so very long ago in the uk, bacon and bean piggies, puffed up potato type thing with a bacon and bean (Heinz of course) flavouring, many years ago I have to say but jumpys gave me that déjà Vu feeling!
  9. Phoenix16

    I'm Addicted

    I’m trying to imagine but I just can’t !!
  10. Phoenix16

    I'm Addicted

  11. Phoenix16

    Raised in Australia - Returning Resident Application

    Hey! Gutted you’re not a citizen, was hoping for a really lovely surprise ending! However, the second best surprise lovely ending will be you get the RRV, it sounds like you have so many ties to OZ for a good MARA agent to make a compelling case on your behalf, an agent will be worth every penny/cent, besides the much lower costs of going the full PR route again and I would imagine, be a much smoother and less stressful process. I wish you all the best, please do keep us updated on your progress, many of us on here really do love a happy ending (and I’m confident yours will be a happy ending, especially with a great agent behind you), my bestest wishes and fingers crossed for you xxxx
  12. Phoenix16

    Raised in Australia - Returning Resident Application

    I think there has been discussion on here about previous PR’s travelling here on visitor visas then later being granted an RRV so don’t give up hope and perhaps consult with a MARA agent for expert advice as it seems you can prove strong ties.... that is if your not a citizen, we’re still hoping here...!
  13. Phoenix16

    A bit heavy handed?

    There was a bigger article on the news about this, I agree with peoples right to protest but I don’t agree when it breaches the law by breaking into abattoirs and breaking into farms and running amok. A sensible protest will usually raise public awareness around the issue they are protesting about rather than just being perceived as a bunch of yobs trying to enforce their opinion on everyone else.
  14. Phoenix16

    Raised in Australia - Returning Resident Application

    Just a random thought, but you can’t get a HECS loan unless you are a citizen, was it the same back then or were PR’s eligible at that time? Just made me think perhaps you are a citizen without realising..... (fingers crossed!)xx
  15. Phoenix16

    Bulk billing??

    I have my trusted GP who I always go to, charges $75 and worth every penny but 4 GP clinics have opened in the last year within a couple of KM’s from home, all bulk bill, have used a couple of them for weekend ‘emergencies’ for various family members and have to say all we’re absolutely superb, would have happily paid for the service/treatment we received.
  16. Phoenix16

    Let the Good Times Roll Again

    It was always good fun when it was light hearted and didn’t get personal though!!
  17. Phoenix16

    Primary school age children moving from UK to Aus

    This is clearly a really big factor in your decision to move to Australia and as you say yourself it may not be permanent perhaps for peace of mind it might be the right decision for you to stay in the UK. Another option may be to consider private schools? My daughter goes to a private school, they do not normally move children up a year, in fact they try resist it in most cases, however, there is a child in my daughters class now who was moved up, she was exceptionally gifted and has adjusted well, and I would say she is still now far advanced than most of her current cohorts, however, as I said it was an exceptional situation and I can see clearly the rationale for their decision, but just thinking out of the box that perhaps private schools have more discretionary powers available to them? Although I don’t know, just a thought xx
  18. Phoenix16

    Say goodbye to Underwear

    But.... I will say @tonyman your back with a bang and funny as ever, welcome back xx
  19. Phoenix16

    Say goodbye to Underwear

    My concern is that some of you post some really interesting and thought provoking comments on other threads but I don’t think I’m going be able to read them objectively ever again and take you seriously , TMI has been shared for that xxx
  20. Phoenix16

    What to watch - Recommendations!

    Now someone else has fessed to watching MAFS I will put my hand up too, love it and yeah I like to let a few episodes build up then have a binge!! Another one mentioned on here was The Windsor’s, I’d never heard of it but gave it a go on the earlier posts recommendation and it’s just hilarious, a proper belly laugh and cringe at the same time!!
  21. Phoenix16

    Hello from tonyman

    Its just to make you feel right back home again!!!
  22. Phoenix16

    Hello from tonyman

    I doubt we are ever going to agree, I just find it very disrespectful to those contemplating a move to Australia to assume the majority of them are incapable of doing sufficient research to gain a true understanding of what's ahead. You may believe that those contemplating a temporary visa are 'bonkers' and I wouldn't necessarily disagree, however, that's a matter of our own opinion and i'm not in the habit of forcing my opinions on others, relentlessly, particularly where they clearly don't want it. There are still success stories coming out of temporary visa's, quite a recent one on here where the new poster was clearly very irritated with all the unwarranted advice being forced on others. We can all see the dwindling numbers on here and i'm sure its largely due to the stricter visa rules etc but I am also inclined to think there are a number of new members who come on and ask a question, endure the 'rundown of things they might possibly have missed (or simply aren't capable of researching for themselves, obviously)' and decide never to return, perhaps we are just not welcoming them in the way they had hoped and they just don't get this 'supportive group all helping each other' feel we think we promote........(New poster referred to in last paragraph being a case in point, only a hand full of posts but most recent ones indicate they won't bother sticking around and its not hard to see why).
  23. Phoenix16

    Hello from tonyman

    I take your points entirely and no I'm not including you in the negative brigade! I just think there are a handful who have no regard whatsoever to the actual question being posed and go straight into a very patronising spiel questioning whether they have a visa and if not how unlikely they are to get one now and wobetide if its a temporary one...it can feel quite aggressive reading it and I have cringed at times. Australia is a very different place it was 10 years ago and basic research will show that, I think its just courtesy to assume that most people asking questions on here will have done some research and do have some awareness of what migrating might entail, I think its courtesy to just answer the question they ask and not patronise them..
  24. Phoenix16

    Hello from tonyman

    I remember you and welcome back! A bit shocked at the ‘nasty’ comment... yes many agitators In the past but then the site was bustling and thriving, it accommodated those wanting advice and those wanting some banter with some sparring included, you chose to engage or ignore. If you want the honest truth, the site has quitened very much and the ‘nasties’ have definitely been taken over by the ‘bitter’ ones who love to come out and burst the bubbles of those hoping to move here, offering their ‘wisdom’ whether the OP asked for it think or not... it’s very draining to read and you do always detect the undercurrent of glee behind the words, bring back the ‘nasties’ any day I say...
  25. Phoenix16

    18 year old returning without parents

    In the beginning it was a truly awesome opportunity for young people, I started as an admin assistant back in day, the skills I learned and on the job training, when I finally left to migrate I was a senior manager with a compliment of 147 staff under my management, I learned so much ‘on the job’, I don’t think there was anything more I could have learned in a university environment but alas on arrival in OZ the elusive degree meant more than 20 years plus on the job experience! My best friend went the same route into a massive supermarket in the UK, YTS entry and he now sits on the board of directors, and NO, he doesn’t have a degree....