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  1. Phoenix16

    Feeling Stuck in Australia

    Thank you! I think you understood the essence of my post and it’s really appreciated. My concerns were never about the quality of treatment we would receive in the UK, my mum recently got diagnosed with heart failure and cannot praise the service enough. I am comparing our ability to see specialists very quickly, get appointments with GP’s literally on the day which is vital for the meds my hubby takes, just generally the accessibility to specialists and services that we have here in oz, granted I appreciate much of it is because we have a great private health policy but I cannot imagine waiting 2 weeks and more to see a GP, it’s a worry.
  2. Phoenix16

    Partnership visa

    As you are unlikely to meet the de-facto requirements for a partnership visa, I would suggest you have a few trips between you to be sure you both want to be together forever and then just go the prospective marriage visa! Me and hubby knew within weeks ‘this was it’! Engaged within 3 months, joint house bought within 6 months, would have been married soon after if little bun in the oven hadn’t been a wonderful surprise!! Easier for us as we were of course living in the same country but when you know it’s the one you know!! Interestingly, we went through the whole visa process proving we were bona fide de-facto, not too arduous with a child and everything in joint names but stressful nevertheless with the additional documentation, we then, after going through all that pain, got married the day before we flew out !!
  3. Phoenix16

    Desperate to allow this visa to process

    I feel so sorry that you are in this position, I simply cannot imagine and you have my bestest wishes, is it worth having a chat with your employer so they fully understand the predicament you are in? Do you have any idea how far away your visa is from potential completion? Your case really does highlight the pitfalls of a 457 visa these days. Despite that, I hope you get constructive replies that are helpful rather than the boring ‘told ya so’ rubbish that some of the more bitter members seem to love to roll out, my bestest wishes to you and I hope it all works out for you xxx
  4. Phoenix16

    Isis schoolgirl wants to return to UK

    My initial reaction is that she should never be allowed to return, it particularly concerns me that she shows no appararent remorse or regret, that concerns me for the future, her immediate desires are to return to UK in order to access the best medical care to deliver her baby safely and presumably to access benefits and housing to continue to provide a standard of living for herself and her child that she cannot achieve in Syria. I gather the UK cannot refuse her re-entry, however, I applaud their refusal to give her any assistance whatsoever with her attempts to return, Her lack of remorse and insight into the utter evil she has been a party to is worrying and quite frankly the Uk is better off without her. She is fortunate (unfortunately for us) she is in Syria, if she had been caught in Iraq she would be likely facing a life sentence (similar to the young German girl who did the same as her)...
  5. Phoenix16

    What Book are you reading??

    Ok I know there is a similar thread but just can’t find it... happy for an expert to link it up!! anyway, just finished a few; Minette Walters ‘the last hours’ and sequel; just amazing, fantastic story but learned so much about the pestilence, how the church ruled, lords, serfs and desmesnes, a history lesson wrapped up in an amazing story, loved both books!! Peter Fitzsimmons ‘Mutiny on the Bounty’; could not put it down, read it in 2 days and loved every page. Then felt compelled to watch the movie (Mel Gibson version!!) so disappointing after such a great read, the movie ends where the book just gets started!!
  6. Phoenix16

    Best beaches to visit in Australia

    If you’re willing to travel then the Ningaloo reef is stunning, so many amazing beaches and on the way up there have a quick stop at Wedge Island, also stunning, particularly in the height of summer on a day with little wind, turquoise bliss with blindingly white sand, it’s a great day out with a picnic xxx
  7. Phoenix16

    What Book are you reading??

    Quite a few replies have mentioned how the film never lives up to the book and I tend to agree.. so I will pose the question has anyone ever found the film to be better than the book? Someone once commented to me that The Godfather is the only film that is better than the book, I’ve read it and watched it but so so long ago now I wouldn’t like to give an opinion!!
  8. Phoenix16

    What Book are you reading??

    I’ve also read Lethal White, loved it, read all the Galbraith books and they get better and better, was a long wait for Lethal White to finally be released though!!!
  9. Phoenix16

    What Book are you reading??

    I loved this book. I like to read the book then watch the film, the film never lives up to the book and in this case it didn’t either!!
  10. And obviously the American population would just love to be saved by Bezos, may be aspire to work in one of his Amazon ‘sweat shops’ (what...? You actually need to urinate more than once a day....? You need to eat? Are You kidding me, I need to deduct your already minimum wage.....), oh, and his current shenanigans with his best mates wife, ok, top presidential material I don’t think xxxx
  11. Phoenix16

    Immigrating with a child on the spectrum

    I’m no expert at all but yes you do face some hurdles, the best thing you can do is contact a Migration agent that specialises in health issues. There are many wonderful migration agents on this forum but for your particular health needs I would highly recommend George Lombard (easy to find on google!), he is renowned for his specialty in dealing with complex health issues in terms of migration and I really do think he’s your essential first port of call, I think he will let you know from the start if you have a chance and it’s that knowledge that will determine how you proceed. The very very best wishes to you xxxx
  12. Phoenix16

    Feeling Stuck in Australia

    This is such an interesting thread because firstly I had never ever thought about the points #marisawright has raised. Important basically. We came here living the dream and oh so niaive, we have loved every single minute up to recent points! My graduating as a Registered Nurse and actually not being able to get a job, anywhere, whatsoever, has been a blow and didn’t expect that given so many nurses still want to come out here??? Then, hubby hitting a massive health crisis, I’m not sure we do want to go home but trying times have made us truly reflect on the fact that we are all alone here. Hubby now has an auto immune disease that has a not great outlook, we get amazing treatment here (thank you HBF), but every single treatment we go through that is outpatient costs us, last month we spent over 1500 dollars on Mri’s, bone scans and xrays, it is all worth it to get seen and results so quickly, it is frustrating the results don’t lead to a resolution, we get the answers we really don’t want! I am so thankful we are able to access health treatment so quickly it’s just unfortunate for us the treatment isn’t the cure we hoped for!! We are at a little bit of a crisis point in terms of the future, it would seem easy to go ‘home’, I’m sure with a permanent move we could easily prove our permanent residency intention in the Uk, but I don’t believe he could get the treatment he gets here and the accessibility to health care and his specialist team that we have here. It Is the fact that we live here with no family support network that is making me reflect back on the UK, it’s not really that I miss it at all, it’s that it does feel very lonely trying to cope with all of this. If I do really reflect, I doubt we would get anymore help in the UK, both sets of parents are elderly and coping with their own health issues, that tends to be highlighted when we call them and we end up saying ‘everything’s wonderful here, just a little auto immune thing, nothing to worry about’ but how’s your hip, knee, leg, other body parts!!! It’s the choice we made, it’s the price we pay, but not sure if we were in the Uk we’d be getting anymore sympathy!!! Hey ho, onwards and upwards, just wanted to share, hopefully it helps with perspectives xxxxx
  13. Phoenix16

    NSW 190 Secondary school teacher

    I think these are words of wisdom and I think it’s testament to much of Australia and many professions. There are many many graduates here in Australia in many different professions, preference is now ALWAYS given to citizens and PR’s, but for those still eligible to apply for PR I think you have to appreciate now that many graduates can fill your roles and whilst you are still on the list you face stiff competition when you get here and a surplus of highly qualified people who can do your job, many of them citizens and fully acclimatised to the Australian way of recruitment.
  14. This is the view from my camp kitchen in Ningaloo marine park, this is also my camp set up with no power hook up or amenties, I love solar ha ha.... and I hope it gives you a taste of the camping opportunities you have here xxxxx
  15. Phoenix16

    Need ideas for a starter for dinner

    Being from Yorkshire, I would suggest a big fat Yorkie pud with the richest yummy gravy.... it was designed to make you so full you didn’t want a main and I have to say when we do it here we’re so stuffed we do tend to abandon the rest of the dinner!
  16. And yep, the rangers will find you in WA!! You could be behind the most remote sand dune, trust me they will find you, they know all the tricks!! Saying that, I do see so many camper vans quietly parked up in areas around Freo that seem to get away with it, I think the odd night you will survive but a permanent camp for a few months, naw, you’re dreaming....
  17. Big camper so here... hubby says no way will your 20 quid power lead work here but on the plus side you can buy an Aussie one in Bunnings for around $20... happy to answer all your questions, we camp often, we often go off grid with full power and all amenities, including my hair dryer which was a deal breaker for me, thankfully hubby got a 1500w inverter to accomodate my needs!! So so many camping opportunities in WA, our rig allows us to bush camp with all amenities, I’m sure your Uk stuff will be very useful but the gear you can get here in OZ will blow your mind!!!
  18. Phoenix16

    Help! Retrain but as what?!

    I’m so incredibly jealous! Nursing jobs in WA do naturally exist but they are few and highly sought after, the competition is tough. There are so many graduate nurses without jobs, there are so many experienced nurses working multiple part time contracts to get full time hours, was speaking to a 20+ years experienced midwife recently who can’t even get one shift as a bank nurse, even she was shocked at how bad it is when in the past she’s been able to just call the NUM and grab a shift here and there. It’s not the right time to come over here as a nurse from the UK or anywhere, it’s not like it was the n the past. We all hope things will change but right now the Aus government needs to put a full stop on future nurse migration, they really aren’t needed right now.
  19. Phoenix16

    Advice for difficult conversation with family

    That is great advice from Captain Tor, agree with every word. I would add a few comments.... If you have the opportunity and desire to come to Australia, ensure it is on a secure visa (or assurances of security i.e agreement to sponsor you for permanent residency ASAP). If you really do want to move to Australia, then take the opportunity sooner rather than later. There is no guarantee if you delay your decision that your job will still be available for migration, everything is changing rapidly here, Australia has many doctors and nurses graduating every year that are struggling to gain opportunities and Australia now gives priority to either it’s permanent residents or citizens, it would suggest that migration opportunities will certainly diminish in the future. Secondly, on a more personal level, I totally get your moving from anger to guilt thoughts!!! It was a really emotional decision for us, thankfully ours was a whirlwind, we didn’t have time to really think, it was just such an amazing opportunity that we couldn’t say no to, but we did bring with us my parents only grandchild and the only grandchild they would ever have, obviously I know and realise this was a truly difficult thing for them. In the end they realised and understood that for us as a family we had a fantastic opportunity and they believed their grand daughter would have a wonderful life in Australia, they were able to put their feelings aside and support us. My dad dropped us off at the airport and I found out many months later he actually pulled into a laybe and simply sobbed afterwards, it broke my heart. But they have made the effort to visit us many times since and it has been wonderful, I will acknowledge that the distance has meant the bonds (from my daughters perspective as she grows up) are not as close as they would have been if we lived in the UK, she gets frustrated when they visit that they treat her like a baby (the baby she was when we left), they really don’t get her growing up milestones because they’re not here to see them, it is and has been a big sacrifice, but we do believe that we are giving her opportunities here that we just could not have given her back in the uk. We are based in Perth so if you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to PM me, my pleasure to help xxx
  20. Phoenix16

    2019 Australian of the Year

    Plus also thrilled for the cave divers, I hoped at the time they would be nominated and a complete joy to see them both jointly awarded the accolade xxx
  21. Phoenix16

    2019 Australian of the Year

    Did a clinical placement as a student and found myself in the same theatre as Prof Fiona Wood, a very rare and complicated case, very intense, she was just superb and inspiring and a lovely, warm person, was a complete privilege and such a fortunate opportunity and experience for me, didn’t realise who she was at the time though, I answered a call in theatre as we were setting up asking to speak to Fiona, when I approached another surgeon saying hi Fiona there’s a call for you she looked at me in shock/horror and said OH NO I’m not Fiona..... I’m mortified every time I think about it!!!!
  22. Phoenix16

    Where to look for sponsorship

    You know, the halcyon days of 457 visas that lead to PR seem to be over. I say this as someone who came over in that exact way, it was so so much easier then, we actually never tried to come to OZ, we just got an offer we wouldn’t refuse (in those oh so different days), we progressed to PR literally a few months later, we were PR within less than a year of arriving and citizens within weeks of applying. It’s not like that now, I wish is could encourage you with my rose tinted glasses but I have to be very honest and say sponsorship is very unlikely and if it does happen to you you have to be clear about how that might or might not progress to PR, it does have a massive impact on families, we never even thought about school fees which now most stares impose. We came out with very little knowledge, much enthusiasm, never really thinking about emigrating, then falling in love and being privilidged enough to be allowed to stay, that dream doesn’t really happen anymore and I’ve seen so many people struggle and juggle visas, be aware and my best wishes xxxxx
  23. Phoenix16

    457 visa maternity entitlements

    My friend had a baby here whilst on a 457, everything was covered under the public health system, she was classed as higher risk due to her age and says the care she received was just superb, so I wouldn’t worry about that. Your employer seems very supportive, 12 months off is great but obviously unpaid, it can take time to get pregnant and then there’s the 9 month wait so everything could potentially align in terms of your PR eligibility and hopefully plenty of time for you to financially plan for your maternity leave. All the best to you xx
  24. Phoenix16

    Moving to Perth for 6 months

    If you’re in west Perth you’re in the prime area for many great private schools, if you like the look of any you research I would say definitely contact them, I know they are suffering from the down turn and places are much more easily available right now, some lovely schools around the area and great ‘parent’ communities for you to meet a few friends in the area. I would suggest chatting to them about your ‘short term’ stay as many do have pretty hefty acceptance fees but in the current climate they just may be willing to negotiate... best of luck and enjoy your stay here, you never know you might not want to leave!! Xx
  25. Phoenix16

    The role of a migration agent

    Personally, I really don’t see how you can comfortably apply for a visa without a MARA agent right now. Yes there is a cost, however, firstly you will get an honest, realistic appraisal of your chances of success (really not so easy these days}, secondly, they will submit on your behalf an application that has the best chance of success, without errors and silly mistakes, and will keep you informed along your questions and concerns. As I have seen in my 9 yearsin OZ the rules have changed so much, it’s so much more difficult to get a visa and so much more expensive, the rules are incredibly rigid, not something you would want to leave to chance these days, a MARA agent can help immensely to navigate you through the present minefield xxxx