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  1. Gary H

    Making connections for arrival Cairns

    When you get here go hang out at Muddies on the espanded plenty of freindly parents there. Also, get into the lifestyle and go camping at the weekend at either Genzanno resort or Granite gorge. Guaranteed to meet families and make connections.
  2. Gary H

    Fast track Diploma

    Still not clear which diploma your after, you need the exact code, seems to be a variety of management diplomas dependent on industry. This link is for diploma of leadership and management known as BSB51915 https://training.gov.au/training/details/bsb51915 If you look at the bottom of the first box you will see a list of RTOS able to deliver https://training.gov.au/Search/SearchOrganisation?nrtCodeTitle=BSB51915&scopeItem=Qualification&tabIndex=1&ImplicitNrtScope=True&orgSearchByScopeSubmit=Search&IncludeUnregisteredRtosForScopeSearch=False FInd out the exact code for diploma they are after use the training.gov.au site to find then search as in examples above. hope that helps
  3. Gary H

    Fast track Diploma

    Often Diplomas do not cross straight over but you can easily fix with gap training. Uk diplomas seem to sit between a cert 4 (not recognised in UK ) and an an actual Australian diploma. Other Diplomas sit between actual diploma and a bacherlors degree in Australian system. What your asking for is an RTO (Recognised Training Organisation ) to apply (RPL) recognition of prior learning. Sometimes it's easy, other times the proces to gain RPL is just as hard as doing diploma again. Example my training and assesing qualifications easy took 2 days (RPL), my wifes bookeeeping easier to do whole thing again 13 units and 8 months, my diving and medical quals crossed straight other with a little gap training. I would contact an RTO ask about the diploma then see what they require, and then see what they say about RPL based on previous diploma. Do you know exactly which diploma you require?
  4. Gary H

    Where to live in the Gold Coast

    As I said no offence intended nor meant. Maybe I have my bias due to work, I'm exposed to the worse FNQ has to offer in the hope that occassionaly we can make a differnce. Pleased to say we often do.
  5. Gary H

    Where to live in the Gold Coast

    No intention of being harsh nor insult intended. Maybe it's my Essex upbringing, indigenous blood, FNQ mindset (lived here 7 years been coming and going for last 18) I just don't take being steamrolled with non-factual but bias confirmed retorts in areas I am very knowledgable and qualified in. If you read the reply I got you will see my point.
  6. Gary H

    Where to live in the Gold Coast

    I have been polite but clearly daring to disgaree with a moderator is not on.
  7. Gary H

    Where to live in the Gold Coast

    Sadly neither are the Australian press. The press are warning of armageddon up here this cyclone season, based on the latest BOM cyclone outlook which means slightly above chance of more cyclones due to La Nina. On a positive sea temps are down so bleaching unlikely this season.
  8. Gary H

    Where to live in the Gold Coast

    Hahah wow. You know nothing about me, my background ,my work with ATSI, my experince here. But hey carry on with your assumptions, enjoy your week.
  9. Gary H

    Where to live in the Gold Coast

    Glad you like it up here, as your pictures show its stunning to look at. But in all fairness, I could post pics for a recent trip to sunshine gold coast and give the same impression. Tourist spots always look good. Crime is an issue here mostly with the transient mobs from the cape it's gotten a lot worse since troubles in Weipa etc. I live in an apartment in a posh part of town near the esplanade, step outside run the risk of getting hassled abused, mugged, assaulted. Police do absolutely nothing they cannot most of the time, beyond locking them up let them out again it's a joke. It's the main focus of the politicians up here Tourism doing well plenty of work? Seriously so far off the mark not funny, obviously have no real knowledge of this industry and how bad it is at present. Our company alone has just laid of 90% of its staff we count ourselves lucky as at least we are still not in liquidation many others are. The marina is full of boats that normally should be on the reef, international tourism accounted for 85% of tourism arrivals in the last 5 years now it's reliant on QLD tourism only. Hotels are sat at less than 10% occupancy. Compared to the SE corner we are dying here in fact from Airlie beach Northwards it's dire. As for work where? on a farm fruit picking as that's pretty much all available for most ex tourism-based workers or working as careers after reskilling
  10. Gary H

    Where to live in the Gold Coast

    Spent the last 6 years in Cairns can't wait to leave, Summers last 3 years have been horrendous ( we have lived 20 years in Tropics so no soft to heat and humidity). Not experienced any serious Cyclones in that time. But the crime here is ridiculous, petty, and annoying from a demographic that seems pretty much untouchable, it has gotten noticeably worse over the last 5 years with no end in sight. It's remote outside of the 2 hr driving bubble you are into nothing in all directions. COVID has pretty much destroyed the economy up here being so reliant on Tourism. A good place to retire to in the winter but will not be returning once left
  11. Gary H

    Impossible decision

    Yup trial year is paying twice and for a working family, I should imagine very expensive.
  12. Gary H


    Same situation the world over depends on many variables, what you do, how flexible you are, age experience etc. So no doesn't bother me, Australia has a better support system IMO if you are unemployed and a citizen.
  13. Gary H

    Retuning to London with a dog

    I was speaking with Dogtainers today 29/06 to quote them. "It's a fluid situation right now, pets can be moved via Doha but communication isn't great, there are other options although Qantas isn't one and won't be for a while yet" Emphasis was on having jabs including rabies up to date so good to go as flights come up short notice, seemed confident that as the year progresses it will improve.
  14. Gary H

    Retuning to London with a dog

    "For goodness sake, it's a dog not a baby". What a crap attitude to someone asking for help. Claim to be an animal lover righto.
  15. Gary H

    Retuning to London with a dog

    British Airways Sydney - Singapore - London with dogtainers