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  1. Gary H

    Christmas is always difficult

    One thing Australians are big on is volunteering, there are lots of community events over Xmas. These will help you feel connected.
  2. Gary H

    UK to Rural Qld

    So many variables Qld is huge, remote, regional rural very different lifestyles too. Rural will depend entirely on which part of the state you end up in, big difference being rural in the SE corner versus the central coast or FNQ. Personally, I love rural living, having moved to Gold Coast although it's spectacular and very convenient and the world seems to want to move here, I can't wait to move back to a rural/remote area. As for wildlife don't stress about it, easy to get ontop off and all part of it.
  3. Have you asked them (parents)? I felt guilty for moving away, especially for the inlaws as their family unit all lives on top of each other. My parents packed my bag and drove us to the airport smiling it has been over 25 years on and off, one day I asked my father in law, "What's your thoughts on us moving back?" His response surprised me, "What do you need to stay away?" In his mind and her mum's moving away was the one thing they were proudest of, it is difficult they admitted at times but they are happy we have done something else. They love the fact we have lived all over and their daughter has experienced a different life from what was expected.
  4. Gary H

    Just returned from visit decision time

    Always focused on super, there are other ways to secure income in the future. Income streams have been a focus for us since our early 30s, super is just one of them but frankly not one of any merit. I have always disliked being told that we must give money over to a super fund and to be given conditions on how, where and when it's accessed, I understand the advantages for some but for us who tend to bounce about, there are better options.
  5. Gary H

    Homesick for both places

    Lived in SE Asia for 14 years in an amazing community (a small island in Thailand), Australia for 10 FNQ and now GC, and come from the UK. Still feel unsettled, especially having just visited the UK for the first time in 7 years. Had I never left UK would I have felt the same?, I wouldn't have known first hand the opportunities, alternatives, or experiences out there. It changes a person, it changes views, and opens up the mind. It's a conundrum of sorts would I have been better off not knowing and feeling like this, or better off experiencing what I have? Short answer I wouldn't change my life to date It has been mostly incredible as a result of leaving. Does it leave a person unsettled, for many yes, but it also means you have a past history of being courageous or taking the opportunity that many wouldn't remember that person moving forward.
  6. Gary H

    Unsure whether to return to UK

    The TV literally had the migrants on a loop when I was back, the story rotating from hotels being full, to the new barge then statistics of how many arrived.I spent 3 weeks on teh south coast near Folkstone, the coast guard sat mid-channel every day. The news hardly touched on the fallout from Brexit, the Tories awarding billions in contracts that evaporated to their mates, the councils going bankrupt, and the NHS issues. However, they did seem to villainize the same people applauded during the corvid for having the audacity to strike over crap pay and conditions. Yes, it's an issue with people coming over but glaringly obvious that these people are being pushed to front and centre of public attention. A more cynical mind could think it was a distraction from other issues. My cousin summed it all up, living here is better if you watch your finances and turn your TV off. Trust your own eyes and not what you're told to see.
  7. Gary H

    Just returned from visit decision time

    All considerations, I am looking at NI and set ball rolling a while back have been told we would get an answer on contributions by the end of October.
  8. I have been lucky to be a UK and Australian citizen. Spent 9 years in Cairns, and a couple in SE QLD (GC) before that 15 years in SE Asia. The last time I went Uk was 7 years ago, and well it messed with my head, reconnecting and feelings of familiarity. COVID happened, and life changed. We moved I started a business and well became somewhat settled. I have just spent a month back there, same feelings are stirred up. I miss my family terribly, they are dispersed all over the UK , Cyprus (parents), and Canada but accessible if in the UK as opposed to Aus. Our flights to the UK cost a fortune compared to pre covid, The UK had changed, and there was a noticeable difference in the poverty gap. My old grounds (Thurrock) are now classed as some of the most economically deprived parts of the UK the council has gone bust, the roads in SE corner are well shocking, and the country is noticeably different post covid and Brexit. I won't talk about the need for everything requiring an app cost of living compared to Aus nor the health system but all a negative overall. However some parts are thriving, and there is still a buzz to London that is unique, there is a lot I prefer about living there we had incredible weather (although I suspect we got lucky overall I don't mind the UK climate) It is decision time I now know that I would have to live elsewhere in the UK than where I had imagined, work what to do the wages are not comparable, there is a possibility I can transfer my business ( MH training) Glad we returned as expensive as it all was, plenty to think about, recognise now how Australian I have become, and the gloss of rose glasses is gone any decision we make will be with current experience in mind. 50 years young, no kids to worry about just a house to organise and sell/rent really, or make eth most of Aus and spend retirement time in Uk but Q is will it be too late by then? Either way, we are lucky and thankful for the choices.
  9. Gary H

    Cairns, Sunshine Coast or elsewhere...?

    8 years in Cairns and 2 in SEQ GC. For me it's like comparing apples and oranges, SEQ is nowhere near as laid back, the climate I prefer down here summers up FNQ are brutal (I lived in SE Asia for 16 years so used to heat ) Crime wise it's everywhere, just much more visible, petty and annoying up FNQ, lots of antisocial behavior in both Cairns and Townsville. Health service-wise, no comparison between FNQ & SE Qld there is much more access to specialist procedures in SE Qld, but that also depends if you have a private health fund or not. In FNQ there is 1 oncall (yup you read that right 1) emergency helicopter covering Cairns to the tip of cape york and out west, a second one is in TV covering south to Mackay. SC is a good spot, We are looking at the hinterland in that region as an alternative, and between the middle of FNQ and GC will see
  10. Gary H

    Western Australia vs Queensland

    Both states are huge, and offer vastly different experiences depending on where you want to live, lifestyle, climate, opportunities, etc QLD out west, Far North, Gulf country, hinterlands, or the SE corner completely different, Same for WA except it is SW corner.
  11. Gary H

    Housing - Moving Back

    First up by whatever means get yourself registered somehow at a Uk address, technically you should be there, but you can always work out a way with good friends or family. For example, cheap mobile plan, Uk driving license, Look up NI number and move to address, any RN status renew at the new address. The more you can create a digital footprint in the UK in advance the easier the rest will fall in place.
  12. Gary H

    Emigrating to Cairns

    Spend the money get an agent, let the agent know you hope to offset the move costs (as its works related) against tax in coming years. As for visa you can look at skills list and also know that FNQ is part of a special zone classed as remote living with appropriate visa's.We entered on a remote works visa years back, now citizens. As for property secure an air bnb have a look around, suburbs vary vastly. If I lived back there I would be looking at Redlynch area. Just left Cairns after 7 years, the summers got to us both in the end. Cairns sits in a bowl shape valley, as does the humidity. Moving now to cooler less humid climate.
  13. Gary H

    Moving Home and Passports

    When planning route back look at Singapore you have then returned from a green status country via a green status country. Routes via the middle east now require a quarantine on return. Even if you have both jabs, although its shortened to 5 days.
  14. Gary H

    Moving Home and Passports

    Maybe not hard for you or as you perceive it. I have a service dog that needs to be transported with us, plus other issues that are nobody's concern. Covid has made it all but impossible for us now in our situation.
  15. Gary H

    Moving Home and Passports

    I cannot see things opening up for at least another year and life is what passes by while you wait for the opportunity. So house sold, have a van moving off see what happens heading south for now.