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  1. Gary H

    Retuning to London with a dog

    I was speaking with Dogtainers today 29/06 to quote them. "It's a fluid situation right now, pets can be moved via Doha but communication isn't great, there are other options although Qantas isn't one and won't be for a while yet" Emphasis was on having jabs including rabies up to date so good to go as flights come up short notice, seemed confident that as the year progresses it will improve.
  2. Gary H

    Retuning to London with a dog

    "For goodness sake, it's a dog not a baby". What a crap attitude to someone asking for help. Claim to be an animal lover righto.
  3. Gary H

    Retuning to London with a dog

    British Airways Sydney - Singapore - London with dogtainers
  4. Gary H

    Moving back home to UK

    You can leave to UK if you want to, relocation for work or to care for a family member is enough you will get permission. We also want to leave (know we can) but have decided to sit it out in Australia for a while, I'm off the opinion its the best place to be right now. We will review in Sept then again in December, Can't wait to leave and start over back in Uk but the reality is right now its a mess. I couldn't see my parents anyhow as both vulnerable, setting up again is very difficult with all the restrictions. I have a good friend who arrived end of March and they are effectively holed up in a bedsit in somerset with the kids out of work all COVID related. Nobody saw this pandemic coming and that includes the government.
  5. Gary H

    Moving from Cairns to the UK

    Looking forward to Uk weather, move is on hold right now but can't help that with current situation won't be forever
  6. Gary H

    Terrible timing

    Yup also frustrated, turned down work contract, put house on market started to clear out. Ready to be back with wife and Dog in July. Spend the summer with olds in UK who have been ill........Hahhahahhaha no chance right now entire thing on hold whilst this plays out, we have planned on a delay of 6 -12 months
  7. Gary H

    Aussie Electrical items in UK

    Have bounced all over the place last 30 years. If the appliance has a kettle (figure8) removable plug and lead you can replace cheaply, simply swap them out. Most TVs etc have these. If a fixed plug normally easier to sell on and buy new when back unless you want adaptors all over the house. Computers easy, just buy UK chargers. Another thing to look out for is area codes, DVD players and some other media players x box for example bizarrely have area restrictions placed on them, you would need to reprogram resubscribe etc pain in the butt.
  8. Gary H

    Moving back after 31 years

    Have run employment programs for disengaged youth last 6 years in FNQ, working closely with the government and job service suppliers. Its been eye-opening and shocking how skewed it all is, be the right demographic and you can pretty much guarantee to be offered any traineeship or job. It's all about KPI's and looking good. The same applies to all age brackets. Plenty of work out there in FNQ but mostly on a casual basis, making it difficult for most to get ahead. Uk seems much less skewed had great replies from EOI I have sent whilst planning ahead for the move.
  9. Gary H

    Moving from Cairns to the UK

    Doing the same this year Cairns to Uk, have you looked at Woree markets to clear out I believe it's on monthly. Looking forward to crappy wet grey weather, 6 summers here now and over it. Have you looked at Bournes for shipping or move cube as its a small amount?
  10. Gary H


    Posted before as grass greener? Just waiting on citizenship ceremony now online status states approved, plan was always to have the option to grey nomad in retirement and stay until retirement if we loved it (which hasn't worked out). Anyhow lots to do, sell apartment after some renovations all underway, truck, camper etc, decide on shipping options sell all our crap or ship it or just the possesions we like. Work, finish of old contract start off new one to then hand over meaning income until the day we leave (great option and frees us up for house sale timeline etc), Dog is being crate trained for flight and improving every day. Look set for Dec- April possibly hit Uk in mid winter from FNQ also just after the looming Brexit will be interesting Regardless feels right we are both excited trying to be patient and enjoy the time we have left here. So after recommendations Shipping company Pet shipping company Money transfer service , we have ING and Uk accounts already, hedging our bets with exchange rate over Brexit if hard then will take advantage of the downturn initially
  11. Gary H

    checklist for moving back to uk

    You don't mention your age or financial position so makes it hard to answer. If age is a factor look at super and pension rights, if you have assets liquidated after the split how to move them without capital gains tax. Ensure you have an Aussie bank account that you can access in UK, until you get a UK one. We have ING online it claims no ATM fees overseas, notify them you will be in UK to stop them thinking someone has unlawful access. They don't need to know you're moving back permanently Driving license apply to DVLA if you plan to stay, they have been updated from the old paper version. Register with a GP as soon as you arrive, you can move GP'S later on when you decide where you will settle. This will ensure you are back on the NHS roundabout. Get yourself some credit based purchases 2 if possible, to assist with future mortgages etc you would have disappeared on credit score. Even if you can afford it put on UK credit and pay back on time. We bought a cheap car and 6 months later had proof we are creditworthy in the system when last back. Look for work now if you need to, online job agencies can be accessed now just tell them when you're getting there. NI number dig it up or use online search you will likely need it. As others have said be ruthless with what your taking possession-wise, get several quotes for shipping and then ask for a better price. If shipping be sure to get TOR (customs exemption) clearance to avoid import duties you can do this online.
  12. Gary H

    Moving to the UK with a Dog

    Hi flew our dog from Thailand to Uk 7 years back then couldn't get her to oz due to stricter laws here as she had a tick disease when young and had antibodies. We were distraught but got lucky she now lives with my awesome aunt. We will be flying another from Oz to Uk in the next year when we return. From Oz biggest issue is the rabies jab must be done 30 days in advance. The best advice I can give is to get the crate your dog will be flying in ASAP, they need to be used to and comfortable with it. We are training ours now and won't be flying for at least 6 months. Also, get an old t-shirt you have worn and place in the crate when they fly, ensure nails are cut short in case they catch one on the crate. As for pet passport, it's a UK thing dog must be in Uk 6 months before you can get one, flying to Uk will just need the relevant jabs up to date and health check from the vet. You can arrange this all yourself but much easier to use a professional who has done this countless times, they have connections and will/should keep you up to date. Our shipper will be texting us as our boy gets transferred plane to plane. Be sure of which route you take, we are going Cathy pacific, Cairns - Hongkong then Hongkong - Heathrow saves our boy almost 13 extra hours of delays and extra travel. At Heathrow end we found them to be excellent last time, took about an hour that's all but be aware you do not pick them up at the airport, but a building outside be sure to check opening hours to avoid any extra delay. There is no quarantine required in Uk from Australia.
  13. Gary H

    Suggestions please and update

    Hi all posted before "grass is greener?" House undecided to keep and rent or just sell freeing up capital? Cars, camper etc will be sold Dog, (most important part for us) crate training underway, all jabs up to date and awaiting on fixed move date for rabies as required. ANy experience with different pet companies? My question, we have stuff we wish to ship back figured it will save us in the long run, anyone have any recommendations? Job wise when we return, daunting, but we work on contracts here year by year so no stability really. Any suggestions as to which industries are doing well or up and coming.? Thanks
  14. Gary H

    Grass greener?

    Agree, when back for that 18 months we were semi-rural, New Romney, with the eurostar 20 mins away. Its that lifestyle that's drawing us back. Very different from where we grew up in Uk Tilbury which to be blunt is dire, violent and grim as it gets.
  15. Gary H

    Grass greener?

    Hi all, long term lurker used this forum 5 years back to research aspects of move. Spent 5 years in FNQ now, following on from 18 months in uk previously spent 18 years living in Asia as an expat. So very used to being away. Wife and I have lived in 6 countries including UK and here. We moved to Oz after business and lifestyle in Asia mostly Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore just got too hard. Australia seemed perfect, first world and ability to own land house etc. Inbetween the big move spent just over a year in Uk in a new area away from where we both grew up, left as we grabbed the opportunity for oz I love my work here, recognize lots of opportunity for us both, live very comfortably and have no financial issues at our current level of lifestyle. In short, life seems perfect. but....... I am willing to give it all up and try Europe based back in Uk which I left at 22, QLD has surprised me. Beautiful yes, but cannot stand the heat anymore, cannot swim at 95% of places, over bitey sting things when out bush. We are not soft we lived at one point on an island for 12 years intermittent power, floods, typhoons, dengue etc etc Social dynamics are stuffed, it borders on a socialist system IMO I struggle with the culture here banter sucks, booze, redneck mentality, I have found my own views becoming changed after an incident with local drunks (indigenous) Cairns has a real issue with transient interants, yet stand up for yourself your in the wrong as I found out. Was told wasting our time trying to charge them you, however, have used profanity in public and was cautioned. Yet I was racially abused, spat at and had items snatched from me on the way to work by 4 males in police presence at 8am The nanny state mentality is really grinding me down, we have considered moving interstate for climate etc, but that would mean a change in work direction in which case may as well go anywhere. Recently applied for citizenship, told upto 2 years now due to that muppet Dutton and his changes. So Uk it is, everyone thinks we are mad. Personally, I can't wait for the cooler climate, history everywhere, access to Europe, proper friends again, and access to my ageing parents. Accept that our housing will be vastly different, Uk has its own issues, work well no idea at present. We plan to see out the present work contract, give it another year for citerzenship so at least we have options. Interesting times ahead, but change is living I guess. No kids in tow, a dog to move who is literally my best mate here (wife aside) Any tips ?