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  1. wooddar

    Should we move to UK

    We are still here. I have citizenship and organised Mortgage. Just now trying to work out next steps. Buy here and return to UK (rentals are low so it would be tight) and rent in UK and then return in 5-10 years or continue to travel back once a year. let's see.
  2. wooddar

    Should we move to UK

    We are still here. I have citizenship and organised Mortgage. Just now trying to work out next steps. Buy here and return to UK (rentals are low so it would be tight) and rent in UK and then return in 5-10 years or continue to travel back once a year. let's see.
  3. HI, Does anybody have experience on this? We are moving to the UK for some time (we are both dual Uk/Australian citizens and have worked there for many years in the past). Will leave a mortgaged property in Australia which will also be rented. Will the UK banks give us a mortgage and will there be any restrictions or hurdles to navigate Thanks in advance Darrell
  4. wooddar

    Should we move to UK

    Thanks. I have been perm resident for 1yr and a bit years Having been on 457 visa for 4 years. I was eligible per Immigration on the 16april 2017 and commenced my application online on 16th submitting and paying fee on 21st April delayed due to Immigration systems issue. Hope that explains. Kind regards
  5. wooddar

    Should we move to UK

    Thanks for the note. I applied for citizenship 1 day after they changed rules. Sadly I could not apply earlier as their system was down otherwise i would have beaten the deadline.... ! I am an accountant/Transformation/Assurance professional.
  6. wooddar

    Should we move to UK

    Thank you for taking time to reply. I am not sure your permanent residency works like that re retuning every year and then going again. Once your travel part of your PR lapses then you need an RRV. And they are not indefinite nor do they keep handing them out year after year if you don't show any intention to actually reside in Aus. I would need to complete right to return yes. Immi agent says if my wife has family that is enough and I would need to return for at least 1 day (cost $300 for right for return extension) The leave in April and then have 10 years PR am not sure I understand. By April 2018 I will have accrued enough time in Australia to extend my visa for another 5 years from 2021 when my current Perm visa expires. TBH none of your options really work for me but that is me. Its not about what I want, its what you and your family want for the future, short and longer term. What option would you create? You can make all the plans in the world and find they unravel once you've made a move as time moves on. Some for the better of course, if its what you want, but some perhaps not. Your daughters are getting older and will soon be off living their lives. If you moved to the UK would you be living close by enough to see them often? Is it a part of the UK you would like to live and work for a number of years? We could live close. We would meet atleast once a month or more. If you remain in Aus does it have to be Sydney or Perth? Its a vast country and if you are happy in Aus and wanted to you could explore other options in terms of somewhere cheaper to live with decent job prospects. Doesn't have to be based near a big city. The eastern coast is more densely populated and I would hope there could be other options along there somewhere or another city. Preference is Perth due to family and cost but Jobs are fewer. Also can you even move to the UK currently based on the UK partner visa rules and regs and the costs etc involved in this? It requires a fair amount of money or a job secured. The visa isn't anything like the Aus partner visa and is much more constrictive to many who want to take their partners to the UK. Many simply cannot return with their partners and so have to remain living elsewhere in the world. My wife is UK and Australian citizen . Thanks again for your thoughts DW
  7. wooddar

    Should we move to UK

    HI. Hoping for some thoughts. Background My wife (Australian), Daughter and I (47 years young) have been living in Australia for 5 years. I have family, 3 daughters (11, 14 and 15 now at secondary school) from my ex wife in the UK. We Skype my daughters and take them on 3 week holiday in Europe once a year to keep up relationships (especially with their half sister).We had planned to return to UK when I received citizenship but I now have to wait another 3 years for my Australian citizenship having missed out by one day when they changed the rules. Our daughter in Australia is due to go to School in Australia January 2018 and UK September 2017. We love weather and outdoors. Options 1. Leave now to UK to ( I would need to return from 2021 every year to keep my Perm residency) 2. Leave in April (This will give me 10 years perm residency) and buy property to rent out before we go. 3. Stay here and bring girls to Australia every other year for holiday. Buy property in Australia. My wife has family in Perth (houses are cheap, 4 bedroom vs 1 bed flat in Sydney and jobs not so good) 4. Return to UK and return to Australia when girls go to university. Hope this makes sense. Would be really interested if others have had the same decision to make and what they decided and why. Thanks again in advance. Anon