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Found 27 results

  1. Hi all,, I'm a nurse looking to work in Perth for a while with a view to moving there permanently if I like it!! It's my dream to move to a beachside apartment,, maybe somewhere like Cottesloe,, but I'm single and love to socialise so I'm not sure if I'd be better located in Perth City Centre?,, I know there are lots of hospitals in Perth so I'm unsure of which one to apply to for a job,, would love some advice about where to live and work so I can have the best of both worlds i.e. beach bum / city social life ??? Thank you so much.....
  2. Hi All, I was just wondering what people's opinions are of having a baby at a public v private hospital in Oz. I've recently found out I'm pregnant and although my husband and I have private health insurance with Medibank which includes obstetrics, I'm not sure whether it's worth having the baby at a private hospital. I work in GP Clinic and my boss is also my Dr - she recommends I go private but I'm not sold. Does anybody have any experience of private / public hospitals and if going private, do you know roughly what the out of pocket expenses are? I know I'm in the very early stages of pregnancy and don't want to get my hopes up too early, but my Dr has told me I need to make a decision about this sooner rather than later. For reference, the private hospital I'm looking at is Peninsula Private and the public ones are Frankston / Sandringham - all in Victoria. Thanks for your help!!
  3. Hi all If possible mods could this be made a sticky to help future enquiries? We are just about to start applying for nursing jobs at hospitals in the sunshine coast, Gold coast and Brisbane. It would really help us a lot if the nurses amongst us could just briefly post a contact name and e mail address on whom to contact regarding employment. To keep it concise if we could keep it to just the info and no banter that would be brilliant. LOL:policeman: That way it can become a definitive list. Many thanks JOHN AND LISA
  4. hi we will be landing in sydney mid october, and hopefully i will have my ahpra through by then. thought i should take the bull by the horns and start applying for midwifery posts. wondered what public/private hospitals there are locally or within say a 30 minute drive from Thornton NSW which is in the Hunter New England region can any one help please and give me any names. many thanks nicola
  5. Hi, Can anybody send me the names on the main hospitals in and around Sydney City Centre? Much apprecaited. :biggrin:
  6. Hi is there anyone who works at either of the hospital in these areas or knows thier reputation ....or just has an opinion on these hospitals, what are they like to work in and work for, the areas there in etc thanks for any replys :chatterbox:
  7. Guest

    Brisbane Hospitals

    Hi there, Just wondering which hospitals in Brisbane are the best to work in ??? :unsure:
  8. peggsgreen

    hospitals in WA!!!

    Hello all again, As some of you may know we love bunbury ........ however theres not much happening with there hospital. Soooooo now looking around perth wa ..... halthway to bunbury :confused: For hospitals to consider? I am a deputy sister at a childrens cardiac ward and really want to make use of my skills.................... so any advice , help wanted please ! We really feel we need to move on now so not sure if 175 visa right way to go ( so slow) We did look at Rockingham general hospital .... as that has childrens ..... anyhow any feed back greatly wanted.......... we want the sun ! thankyou :wubclub:
  9. General67


    TOP TIP make sure you know where your nearest public hospital is. My 17 year old son was taken ill on Saturday with chest pains. Drs was closed so i took him (in a panic) to the emergency department of our nearest hospital. It turns out he has a Pneumothorax which thankfully will heal itself. It has cost us $400, and as the hospital was private am not able to claim this back through medicare....apparently if i had used a public hospital it would not have cost me anything. I will say that the service we received was worth every single penny but i will be spending the rest of today researching a) public hospital locations b) the merits of having private medical insurance
  10. Hey all, I’m new to POMSinOZ so please bear with me. I am a midwife who has been qualified for almost 18months and my boyfriend is a math’s teacher at a secondary school. We are looking to make a quick escape from Scotland to OZ in the summer. Despite neither of us having ever been to Australia we have been drawn to Queensland and in particular the Brisbane/Gold Coast areas. I am looking for some advice from other midwives working in these areas (or indeed any areas of Australia) on the hospitals and the general midwifery practice. I am keen to work in the public sector where I hope to maintain my autonomy as a practitioner. ANY INFO/CONTACTS would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Nat
  11. Evening all, I am a hospital pharmacist, applying for a 176 with my OH. Hoping to secure some jobs before we go (aren't we all eh?):rolleyes: Was just doing some research on hospitals in SA, the state we're aiming for and wondered if anyone had any opinions on working for any of the hospitals there. Particularly in Adelaide?
  12. Hi to all Our son is living in QLD at the moment, and we are thinking of moving back to Australia (having previously lived in Adelaide). Bargara is where he's living - property prices seem affordable also. What is Bargara like to live in and does it have any 'local' hospitals (if not what is its nearest?) as my wife and I are both nurses and would be looking for jobs. Are there any other areas that might be worth looking at - it seems that you can buy a decent unit for around $400,00? Many Thanks!! Jasp
  13. A new superbug that is resistant to even the most powerful antibiotics has entered UK hospitals, experts warn. They say bacteria that make an enzyme called NDM-1 have travelled back with NHS patients who went abroad to countries like India and Pakistan for treatments such as cosmetic surgery. Although there have only been about 50 cases identified in the UK so far, scientists fear it will go global. Tight surveillance and new drugs are needed says Lancet Infectious Diseases. NDM-1 can exist inside different bacteria, like E.coli, and it makes them resistant to one of the most powerful groups of antibiotics - carbapenems. These are generally reserved for use in emergencies and to combat hard-to-treat infections caused by other multi-resistant bacteria. “Start Quote The fear would be that it gets into a strain of bacteria that is very good at being transmitted between patients” Q&A: NDM-1 superbugs And experts fear NDM-1 could now jump to other strains of bacteria that are already resistant to many other antibiotics. Ultimately, this could produce dangerous infections that would spread rapidly from person to person and be almost impossible to treat. At least one of the NDM-1 infections the researchers analysed was resistant to all known antibiotics. Similar infections have been seen in the US, Canada, Australia and the Netherlands and international researchers say that NDM-1 could become a major global health problem. Infections have already been passed from patient to patient in UK hospitals. :eek:
  14. Great news for both my wife Jane and myself Tony. We have both got a telephone job interview next week. I have a telephone job interview for a Mental Health/Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Manager post at Royal Adelaide Hospital - Glenside Campus. Which from my own research seems an amazing hospital setting. It provides a modern mental health and substance abuse treatment services on the site. This includes a 129-bed hospital costing more than $100 million, 40 supported accommodation places and 15 intermediate care beds. In addition state-of-the-art health facilities will be integrated with new public open spaces, a cultural precinct in the heritage buildings, and residential, retail and commercial areas. I am so excited and really really want this job. Any advice which will help me gain this position will greatfully received. Interview next week at 11.30pm UK time. Jane my wife as gained a telephone job interview for an Oncology Healthcare Assistant with the Calvary Wakefield Hospital/Calvary North Adelaide Hospital. Calvary Wakefield Hospital is a private Catholic hospital in Adelaide providing acute care with inpatient and outpatients facilities. It also provides dental care and plastic and reconstructive surgery to patients. Now then the awkward bit, if either or both of us gain these job/s I assume we will have to emigrate a lot earlier than we had planned. We were planning to emigrate once our house is sold (if it ever does) or at the latest April 2010. Another worry is that we do not have enough saving as of yet to actually pay for our 5 flights and transfer our furniture over and we have only got $5000AUD in our NAB Account in Adelaide. But hopefully we can gain Accommodation on Arrival, which will help us. Today sometime I am going to make some enquiries about changing my mortgage to a buy to let mortgage or interest free only mortgage just in case I have to rent my home instead. So readers any advice about these telephone interviews, the hospitals in question, buy to let mortgages/interest only mortgage or even finding the money from somewhere so we can initally pay for our flights over and transfer of our furniture. The cost of flights and furniture is about £8000. (THATS IF WE GET THE JOB/S) !!!
  15. Hi Everyone, We're planning on moving to Oz at the end of October and are torn between Brisbane and Melbourne. One of the factors which will determine where we end up is the level on cancer care provided as I had cancer treatment 2 years ago (radiotherapy and chemotherapy) and need to have follow up check ups until 2012. Does anyone know which hospitals offer the best oncology facilities and consultants? Is there a vast difference in the treatment/survivor care in Queensland and Victoria? Also, does anyone have experience with regards to cancer treatment at public/private hospitals? I'm not sure whether to take out private heathcare as my premium is likely to be higher because of the pre-existing condition. Also, I notice they don't cover any pre-existing conditions for the first 12 months. Does this mean they won't cover the check ups privately, and will I have access to the same consultants if I can't use the private insurance for the first year? Many Thanks, Emma
  16. Guest

    Nursing in Sydney

    Hi Guys, I'm new to this site, but it looks great! I'm looking for information on all things 'nursing' within the Sydney area, as we've just got our case officer after months of waiting and we're hopefully almost there on a 175. I'm 9 years qualified, mostly surgical, and ITU for the last year - I'd like to stay in ITU, but would take surgical if necessary. A couple of questions though... With only a year in ITU, what are the prospects of staying in ITU in Syndey? which are the best Sydney hospitals regarding surgical and ITU work? Where's the best place to find jobs - do you go direct to the hospital, is there an umbrella website for nursing jobs? Can you let me know the best nursing agencies...and the ones to avoid? I really appreciate any help and advice you can give and look forward to being able to give some back when I can! Thanks! Catherine
  17. I currently work in commissioning for my local pct (part of the nhs), i have only been doing this since June of last year but i find the work interesting so i may want to continue working in this area withing Health when i get to Oz. However my qualifications and the majority of my work background and experience is in business administration and working in the water industry. We are currently going through the visa process and obviously need to have medicals. Hubs only needs a chest x-ray as he works in IT as i havent got a job to go to they are asking if i am likely to work in a hospital and if thats the case i would need a full medical. Normally i would say yes and go for the full medical but im having a few problems health wise at the moment and i really dont want to fail my medical. Can someone tell me what is fully involved in a full medical, what questions are asked etc? Im really worried that im going to scupper our plans to move down under. Do you think the following will make me fail - I had gastric by pass surgery in May 08 (BMI is now well below 36 which i believe is a trigger point) For the last 7 weeks ive suffered with inflation in my left hip, so bad that im now off work on complete bed rest as i cant walk and Im in agony the majority of the time. Im prescribed tramadol (sp) for this and have a private specialist appointment this week to hopefully get some advice on how to get better asap. Please be honest, do you think i will pass? Should I just say 'no' to working in hospitals and apply for jobs elsewhere? Ive been told that if i go the x-ray route and then change my mind i can have the full medical in Oz (once im better), does anyone know how much this costs? Many thanks for any help Emma x
  18. Guest

    Hospitals in Melbourne?

    Hi everyone I was just wondering if anyone had any experience or knowledge of the Avenue hospital or the Penninsula hospital. Both are run by Ramsay Healthcare. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks Claire
  19. Joan01

    Mental health hospitals

    Hey, Can anyone enlighten on me on what and where the mental health hospitals/wards are in Queensland. I seem to draw a total blank when I'm doing a google search:wacko: Joan xxxx
  20. Guest

    Hospitals in Australia ??

    Hi I need some advice, I have had the worst asthma attack of my life the last couple of days and was admitted to hospital, I have now been prescribed steroids which is worrying me as I dont like the idea of it. Is there any nurses on this site that can tell me whether taking seritide and rulide is safe and whether there is any alternatives other than steriods. They have diagnosed me with acute asthma which is worrying. Thanks appreciate your advice on this and also I never had this problem before I came to OZ so am wondering whether it is the climate that is causing this... regards
  21. mr luvpants


    Hi Can anyone tell me where the nearest hospitals (distance and travelling time) are to: Ormeau Windaroo Springfield lakes North Lakes Pacific pines Many thanks JOHN
  22. Guest


    Hi Just wondering what peoples experiences are with the Australian Hospitals? I have 2 children, but would love to have more, just wondered if they were similar to ours. Any feedback on good, bad experiences would be appreciated
  23. Hi all, Been nursing in WA for nearly 7 months now. Just thought i would tell any nurses intrested in my personal opion of the private sector here. Almost 50% of healthcare here is private, so i thought this would mean more money for the hospital, better pay and condition etc. But i was wrong. My current private hospital is so short stafed (as are most hospitals in WA) I would estimate the 65% is run by agency staff. Although they do seem to have up to date equipment -there isnt the time to go on study days to learn how to use it all! Patient ratio on a night shift is currently 12-14 patients per RN, in public it is around about 8 patients. You get paid slightly more in the public sector than i do in the private at the moment, and night shift enhancements have only just come upto 35% inline with public sector hospitals. We are also the last hospital in WA to still not allow a break on nightshift-unlike public sector. In Public sector hospitals you get to salary package, so things like mortgage/rent, cars etc can be paid for before tax is deducted-but not in my private hospital! From my own experience and that of my colleagues, public hospitals are often run on a larger scale and so they seem more efficient with their employee relations. The most shocking so far though that i have found is the patient care in private sector-because it is all money orientated i find that patients that come in for quite simple conditions end up having the most invasive procedures which arent beneficial at all. Patient length of stay seems to be averaging at several weeks, maybe months!! And i feel it is all down to finance. In the NHS patients would be assessed early on for expected outcomes, and if very sick and warranted they would have a 'not for resus' order, i hardly see that here, and if they have it its because a nurse has pushed for it. In short, i feel the private sector is all about profit and the public sector is more focused on patient care. With hindsight...i probably would have gone for the public sector. I dont know if anyone else feels this way or if its just the hospital i am working in?
  24. I am a nurse. I have been offered a few jobs in Perth. Some in private hositals but what are they like? Have never worked in a private hospital in the Uk never mind in OZ. I know the wages are lower in OZ, so think it may be worth while working in the private sector. Does anyone have any advice???
  25. Hello Can anyone recommend a long stay travel insurerfor us, we are visiting for 3 months? Also what happens if we fall ill in Oz can we use the hospitals and do we have to pay or is there an agreement between Oz and the UK s that we can use the medical service if we are on holiday? Thanks Viks