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  1. Hi all, I am due to undertake my skype technical interview this coming Tuesday (08/01/13) in manchester and am just wondering if there is anyone who has recently completed theirs and if so want to know what advice would they give me? After opting for the technical interview rather than the practical because of the large waiting time and distance to be travelled to available practical dates/destinations, I am a little uneasy as to how they can assess your skills over a skype telephone/video call. Are there any particular areas that they specifically quiz you about, that i could perhaps do some last minute 'swotting up' on? My agent tells me that with my quals/varied work experience in the trade i should be fine, but better safe than sorry. Any help will be greatly appreciated............ Cheers
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    Help With Employment

    Hi all, Jade I hope you dont mind but I would also like to tag on to this as we too are moving to the same area. My wife and I emigrate from Manchester to Perth this coming Monday. We are initially staying with friends in Joondalup until we secure our own rental, at which point we too will be looking for jobs. Im a bricklayer, which is how we got our visas, and my wife worked an admin role for the local council. Although we both eventually aim to retrain, we recognise we will prob increase chances of settling in by securing employment by doing what we both already know best. If anyone can offer us any advice at all, it would be greatly appreciated. cheers
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    Do I take my tools or not?

    Hi all, The wife and I are moving out to Perth and it's surrounding areas in March on a permanent residency 190 visa which I have secured through my original trade as a bricklayer. Need to decide whether or not take my tools, gear and equipment. From what I understand, the majority of work available for newcomer brit brickie s is new build residential sites, and as such I'm thinking the only real requirement for tools should I end up working in this environment is basic hand tools, levels, profiles etc (no power tools or other building equipment). I do have a good amount of my own gear which I have accumulated whilst working for myself in UK over the last several years as bricklayer / general builder. But am beginning to question whether it's worth the hassle/expense of shipping it over, or simply selling it before I go. Can anyone else see the point of me bringing power tools and equipment such as stihlsaw, breakers and generators all that way, when the chances are ill most likely be working back on new builds using only my own basic hand tools, where all other equipment and plant should be supplied by employer? Or is it looked on favourably by potential employers if I already had the gear? As always, all your posts/thoughts and opinions are greatly appreciated. Cheers and and all the best for 2014.
  4. Hi all! I am currently collating evidence of all my trade related work experience such as customer/client references, past employer references etc. and honestly consider my case to be a strong one. Our migration agent has informed us that as I have periods of my employment history wherein I was self employed. I need extensive evidence such as invoices/tax documents etc. Which is fair enough as I have many of each. They have also stated that I need to have a letter/written reference from 3 different builders merchant (materials/tools) suppliers for each period of my self employment. Does anyone else out there have any experience of having to get these? Or indeed any advice of how they have got round this requirement. Our agent informs us that a end of month credit account statement will not suffice, and that we must have a written letter/reference from the supplier. I can't really see any of the merchants I used, being prepared to write a reference. They'd probably laugh me out of the store. Is it really that important? Surely past monthly invoices, tool purchase receipts, skip tickets etc would be seen as enough!!! Any information on this would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards
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    Prospects in Yanchep?

    Hi My wife and I (both aged 27) are planning our move early next year (2014) and are currently progressing nicely through gaining our 190 visas. We are at the stage of trying to decide exactly where on the map to try and settle and after much research, have both been struck on Yanchep. I am a bricklayer, my wife is an admin assistant for the local council here in the UK. To my understanding at the moment, Yanchep is quite remote, which we see as a plus, with several large urbanisation projects in the pipeline for the next many years. This in turn creating many localised employment opportunities throughout all industries. Im basically after confirmation, (ideally from expats that are/have a similar age/working background as us) that my wife and I would find work relatively quickly/easily upon our arrival in Yanchep, thus helping us settle, and that the local economic outlook for the area (within the near future at least) is a bright one. Cheers
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    Bricklayer thinking about moving to oz

    As MaryRose02 has stated, those links will give you a rough idea of how to go about starting the journey, as well as ascertaining your eligibility for various visas etc. I am also a bricklayer, who alongside my wife are planning to move early next year on a permanent residency 190 visa. If you do decide to go for it, and require further information on any of the stages involved in gaining visa (for residency visa there are a lot) then please drop us an email on here and i will try and help you out. It aint easy, it aint quick and it aint cheap, just hope its worth it.
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    bricklayer arriving

    Yea I keep hearing conflicting reports, quite worrying. Prob gonna be 12 months before we can afford to go. Just hope things stabilise.
  8. BenAtherton1

    Vetassess Technical Interview for Bricklaying AQF III

    ...................... anyone else offer any advice?
  9. BenAtherton1

    bricklayer arriving

    Sweet, hope it keeps that way. Whats the word on the ground over there regarding the future local economy?
  10. BenAtherton1

    bricklayer arriving

    Cheers Daz Yeah i've heard its like starting all over again regarding brick size, mortar type, materials etc. Australian brickies are supposed to be among the best in the world i hear. Im looking forward mainly to be able to work without the constant threat of a bursting cloud above me. haha. Do most lads manage to find work before they go, or is it just a blind leap of faith, with you pretty much finding work as soon as you land? Or do most try and secure contacts before hand. Only, through my research on the net, there doesnt seem to be many vacancies anywhere in WA considering the supposed demand for brickies!
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    bricklayer arriving

    Alright pal, Congrats on getting through the process, i hope the final part of the move all goes smoothly for you. I am also a bricklayer, however with much less work experience than yourself (8 years) and my wife and i are also going through the process. The Uk has had it and by the time things come good again, il be an old man!!! Ive got my Technical interview this coming Tuesday in Manchester and wondered if you have any advice for me as to what questions/topics they cover in it. We are also aiming at WA, around Perth and have actually looked at Mandurah briefly, however were not getting carried away with ourselves as i believe states can change their SOL without warning. Seeing as you are further ahead in the process would you mind keeping in touch through this forum site? It would be really helpful to have someone whose from a similar background to turn to for advice. Cheers
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    Wanted Down Under - New Series 7

    Ha ha, nice rant! I agree with every point you have made. My wife & I would trade with any of the houses seen on the show today 'at the drop of a hat' if it meant we could 'up sticks' from our own modest little terraced house in Northern England immediately. I think that if Brits continue to suffer from the housing economy 'bust' in this country as they are doing currently over the next 10 years or more, future migrants will not be so fussy.
  13. Hi all, My wife and i are currently 'going through the motions' toward gaining our 190 (state sponsored visa) for either WA or SA. We are hoping to expect to be invited to apply early 2013. I am a fully qualified time served bricklayer, and whereas i am no longer currently working as a bricklayer within the UK (due mainly to the severe economic downturn), i am using my trade experience to gain access into Oz via the skill requirement (as bricklayer is still currently on various state SOL). Meanwhile, back at home, due to the effects of the economic downturn, 2 years ago i started studying toward a HNC in building studies (one day a week, as there wasn't much work about anyway). After recently graduating from my HNC, as the only doors gaining the qualification has opened for me are toward further study, 'toward Hons Degree level', plus the fact that the industries economy hasn't really picked up any, i have decided to pursue studying toward my degree in building surveying. With this in mind, my wife and i have eventually decided were prepared to continue with securing the 190 visa immediately, and upon receiving it, activating it with a holiday over there (which we cant really afford to be honest) and returning to complete my studies, with a view that on immediate completion of them in 2015, we would relocate to Oz before our 5 year relocation period would expire (which would be disasterous after all we would have been through). The main question i have for all you 'lovely people' is... ...... would having a recently qualified degree in Building Surveying, seriously make much of a positive difference toward me finding work over in Oz? Bearing in mind that, although i have many years work experience within the industry as a bricklayer, i have no experience as a building surveyor. And whereas i'm constantly seeking to secure work placements within the UK in order to gain this experience, due to the way things are over here, together with the fact that i cant afford to simply volunteer in order to gain experience (which is what some people are having to do in the NW), there s a real possibility that i'll end up qualifying without any.... Am i wasting my time with university or is it worth waiting out the next 3 miserable years as it would give me more career prospects when i eventually do emigrate? I have also heard horror stories regarding the role of building surveyor in Oz is more similar to our role of a project manager, if any one can give me any further information on this id really appreciate it. Do the Ozzie construction companies recognise a HNC qualification? Would this in itself present me with further work opportunites, or would i still be stuck 'on the trowel', which i don't mind doing whilst i'm young enough, but do intend to one day come off the tools and use my experience within an office/supervisory role. It s very much a case of ... our heads says... do the degree, don't be impatient! ... but our hearts say ... bugger it, you only live once, lets get over there asap! Any information relating to any of the questions i seek advice toward would be greatly appreciated, i would also love to hear from anyone who may be going through a similar journey, i'm well aware i'm not on my own. Cheers everyone.....
  14. Does any of you helpful people out there have any information regarding financial bank funds/assets required for state sponsorship to WA and/or SA. Due to the recent July alterations to sol my partner and I are having to consider state sponsorship as my trade is no longer on the schedule 1 SOL, and we have heard rumours that in order to stand a realistic chance of being nominated through skill select you need to have around 25 k in AUS dollars. However, after consulting the government website (WA), it states that only 3 months worth of financial support would suffice. Does anybody know if it asks you what amount you have when lodging your EOI, and if so, is it likely to affect being nominated? Basically, does the Australian government ever require proof of savings etc. Cheers all
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    Vetassess trade assessment- initial stage, bricklayer

    Great idea, will look into that.
  16. BenAtherton1

    Vetassess trade assessment- initial stage, bricklayer

    Yea they were removed from the overall Australia SOL, however are still required in WA and SA and were going for the state sponsored 190 Route as a result. It just means that we need more financial capacity behind us and were tied down to whichever state we choose for 2 years. Beggars can't be choosers though. I will approach my old local suppliers this weekend for a reference and fingers crossed. Cheers to u both for your advice.
  17. Hi all, May I foremostly point out, I am brand new to this forum and as such would appreciate any tips/guidance regarding its use within any responses you may give me. My wife and I are at the second stage of pursuing the process of the general skilled migration visa. The compiling of all work experience including all skilled competentcies (as detailed on the ANZCO fact sheet) and employment history etc. I am a bricklayer, who alongside many other lads, has had to adapt to the declining state of the UK economy over the last several years, as such my employment history is a bit erratic to say the least, with periods of both being company employed as well as periods of working self-employed. Due to lack of work, earlier this year I had to settle for a non- trade related employed position working for my local college. And as such have decided to secure a gsm visa now whilst I still have recent experience working as a bricklayer full time. Within my Vetasses application I have included the last two years bricklaying experience that I have, and have a statement of employment from an old employer for whom I worked for as an employed bricklayer within the last two year period. This period of employment only covered the first 12 months of the required 2 year period, for the remainder of trade related work experience I worked as self employed. The question I have, and the main issue I can see preventing the TRA from inviting me to the next stage (practical demonstration) is... Will this single statement from my old employer be enough, or would I be better contacting my personal clients and customers to ask for references etc. ( As I don't particularly want to) I do have official documents such as my certificate of accounts from my accountant as well as all invoices for work I undertook that made up my self employed earnings. Does anyone have or has had any similar experience regarding these skill/work experience issues, if so I would greatly appreciate any advice. We cannot afford the luxury of using a migration agent at this stage and obviously are worried about getting refused. Regards Ben Atherton
  18. Thanks Longtime Lurker, I have just been studying your link, And it seems that bricklayers are still in considerable demand within SA, I can't seem to understand (based on the info within your link) whether or not we would require a substantial financial capacity, and if so at what stage of the process? Would not having the required funds prevent us from lodging an EOI or would it just mean that if we could lodge one, would we never be chosen from skill select until we had enough? Thanks Taylors4, Its encouraging to hear of someone else in the same position (feels trapped in the UK), which agent did you use and would you recommend them? As you have progressed further down the route than we have, would you mind if I add you as friend on here? (so I can bend your ear from time to time for advice)
  19. We're both absolutely gutted on hearing this. Kicking ourselves for not checking the updated lists before now. Just never would have imagined s trade that had been so greatly required and for so long would be ever removed. Ive got my ielts exam this weekend and we've just ordered the foreign bank draft for vetasses checking!!! Please someone! Do I have any other alternative options to consider?
  20. BenAtherton1

    References for ACS skills assessment

    Hi, What trade are you? What does acs stand for?