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Found 14 results

  1. Hello, How likely states giving sponsorship (Subclass 190) from CSOL list? Do you have any idea? I can see Northern Territory accepting applications from CSOL list. Can anybody confirm me? Can apply for sponsorship (Subclass 190) any states if my occupation in CSOL but not in SOL list? Thanks for your kind advice.
  2. Hi, I am new in this forum and need some idea of people who have experience of skill assessment with Vetassess. My wife has applied for Skill Migration with Vetasses for the Occupation "Training and Development Professional" on 21st Dec 2011 and hard copies of the supporting documents were received by them on 6th of Jan 2012. However there has been no communication from their side after that. I have called them up a couple of times and have mailed them also regarding the estimated time required but always get a standard reply that it will take 16 weeks without getting details of the case. I am worried that if takes that long and the assessment is not done before May, I will not be able to apply for South Australia SS as they closed the same on 2nd May last year. And if we miss the deadline this year the changes in the next year will be a total different scenario. It will really help me if I get some idea of the time required for assessment from people with experience of the same. Please help!!!
  3. Hi, I got my skill assessment certificate in Mar-2011. Now my professional experience is of 5 years and I am eligible for GSM. I need information as follows. I'd be grateful if u provide information accordingly. 1) What visa category is the most suitable for GSM. 2) Is there any state sponsoring "Telecommunications Network Engineer" with ANZSCO 263312. 3) What is processing time for GSM and state sponsored applications. 4) Is there any upper limit for number of applications to be accepted against a particular occupation is GSM. Thanks in advance.
  4. noob

    State Sponsership

    Hi - I am going to file SS for Victoria today, can I also file SS for other states like ACT or SA in the middle because Victoria SS would take 3-4 months and than they would inform me whether its positive or negative. I would loose lot of time. Please guide me.
  5. IceMan1000

    Documents for State Sponsorship

    Hi Guys, When applying the for Victoria State Sponsorship for subclass 190, we are required to submit a few documents. Some of these questions may sound obvious, but I would really appreciate if someone could clarify my doubts with regards to the following, I don't want to mess this up.. 1. The declaration form is a word document which we need to sign. We should print, sign and upload the scanned copy right? 2. Do we need to upload the Covering Letter as well with the detailed resume? 3. Skill Assessment/IELTS, Just the original soft copies should do it right? I hope we DON'T need certified copies.. 5. There is a section for "Please attach additional attachments, if necessary" What kind of additional document are they looking for? Degree Certificates, Employment References? Or should I just leave these fields blank? 4. Should all documents be in PDF format? Here is what they say in step 12 - Attachments Thanks in advance..
  6. Hello I finally obtained the visa: Skilled (Migrant) (class VE) Skilled - Sponsored (subclass 176) from WA as a sponsoring state, however I plan to live in Sydney where my friends and girlfriend are living. I had to do state sponsorship because I did not have enough points to apply for General immigration due to: my age is over 35 years and also my current job was not on the SOL. You may tell me now that I will not have job in Sydney, but this is not true as my current employer has a branch in Sydney and they have a potenitial position for me. So if I do that and ignore living in WA for two years; will that be illegal? Would I lose my visa? I am asking this question because in my standard visa letter that I received, there was the following phrase: Your visa has been granted on the basis of a nomination by a State or Territory government. States and Territories providing nomination require applicants to agree to: ● remain in the State or Territory for a period of at least two (2) years; ● keep the State or Territory government informed of changes in address details before and after arrival; and ● be prepared to complete surveys and provide information as required.Please I need your guidance here as soon as possible.
  7. Does any of you helpful people out there have any information regarding financial bank funds/assets required for state sponsorship to WA and/or SA. Due to the recent July alterations to sol my partner and I are having to consider state sponsorship as my trade is no longer on the schedule 1 SOL, and we have heard rumours that in order to stand a realistic chance of being nominated through skill select you need to have around 25 k in AUS dollars. However, after consulting the government website (WA), it states that only 3 months worth of financial support would suffice. Does anybody know if it asks you what amount you have when lodging your EOI, and if so, is it likely to affect being nominated? Basically, does the Australian government ever require proof of savings etc. Cheers all
  8. Guest

    Victoria State sponsorship

    Hi all, I'm a software engineer with 3 years of experience, and I'm willing to migrate to Australia. I was thinking of applying for a state sponsorship from Victoria, since I would like to settle in Melbourne under visa sub class 190. The problem I have is that the Victoria state web site mentions that they require minimum of three year of post qualifying experience, which I do not have at the moment. When I met an agent he said I would be able to apply for the state sponsorship from Victoria. Does anyone know whether Victoria strictly look for post qualifying experience? Will I be able to get a sponsorship? Please give me some advice....
  9. Hi folks! I'm am new on this forum so nice to meet everyone:) I am on the last stages of getting my 176 State sponsored visa to WA. Originally I planned for Victoria but unfortunately, after few changes to SOL, I am lacking 5 points! I know that if I had a job offer from Victoria located firm, I actually would be able to get those points. But now I have no such offer and it's also too late. So my question is if I arrive to WA and then get a job offer from a firm located in a different state, will it be possible to make any changes to my 176 visa which will allow me to apply for this job? Thanks in advance! All help is greatly appreciated!
  10. Dear All, I have completed my ielts, got a positive reply for my assesement as a engineer with my qualification which i did a distance learning of a Australian University in Singapore. I launched a SS with WA, got a response from them, asking me to prove my 12 months of working and explain how i worked while studying in australia. Which i explained to them that i was doing distance learning from a reconized insititute of aust government and gave them my pay slips letter or appointment and tax contribution for employment evidence. Guys please advice does this mean my chances got worst, if SS email reply asking explaination chances dimnishes? The anticipation is killing me. Please advice Thanks Worried Jay.
  11. Guest

    AQF level3 and TRA

    Hi guys I'm new to this so I hope ye can help me. My fiancé and I are starting off our visa process.he is a plasterer and is currently waiting for his AQF level 3 papers to arrive that he has been granted. This weekend he is doing his IELTs test in Dublin. My questions are dose his AQF level 3 now need to be assessed by the TRA before we lodge any visa application.as there is over 3 months backup. We are going to apply for state sponsorship in WA and then lodge our 176 visa providing WA grants us sponsorship.dose that take long?? It's all so confusing and quite stressful.alot of our time was wasted with visa agents not giving us the correct info.very annoying!! If anyone can help us out we'd be grateful.thanks. Ger.
  12. Florenty

    Catch 22......What do I do?

    Hiii Guyz... Now am doing the whole process myself.. I got ,my IELTS results, my Positive Assessment from Vetassess for P.R Professional ANZSCO 235311. Unfortunately my results came on 30th June 2011 so I was caught up in the changes.. My profession appears in Schedule 2 which means I have to get State Sponsorship. So far according to my research into the SMP's for different states I got ACT so I sent my application then they declined reason being as part of my 4.5 years of experience I included 2years as an Assistant (my 1st job after college)!! so technically i have 2.5 & there require 3yrs! So that's where I am..a'1 with an idea of my next move?..... pleeeeease don't tell me I have to wait till July 2012 for the changes!!LOL!! hola back people......
  13. Angekins

    Pls help - I'm confused!

    Hi, this is my first post so please be gentle!! I'm hoping some of you will be able to give me some advice/guidance on what to do, my situation is as follows (& apologies in advance for the length of this post!) I am currently a student nurse, due to start my third, and final, year of study in Sept. I was intending to complete my course, get three years experience, apply for state sponsership and then apply for a 475 visa. All the time keeping my fingers, toes and everything else crossed that there were no further changes..... However; I picked up a copy of the Oz & NZ mag which has a breakdown of the new points system which I "think" means I could apply now for a 176 visa, using my previous occupation of Hotel Manager, which is a role I still undertake in a part time capacity to enable me to study the nursing - see confusing!! I worked out my points as: Age (40) = 15 English = 20 (Obviously will need to get IELTS sorted) Employment = 15 (Have worked as a hotel manager for 18 years) Qualifications = 10 (Need to get HND & experience assessed) State Nomination (NT) = 5 Total = 65 So, I'm looking for some advice as to whether I should apply now or wait? If I do go ahead, what order do I need to do things in? I'm thinking: IELTS, VETASSESS, SS, then Visa app, is this right? Any advice would be gratefully appreciated and many thanks for taking the time to read this very long post!! Angela
  14. makita199

    SA State Sponsership.

    hi peeps,does anyone know how much research is needed for state sponsership? with the deadline set for 2nd of may i really need to get my skates on and am srtuggling to get pen to paper.any help would be good kind regards.