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Found 131 results

  1. Any advice would be massively appreciated! We are in the process of packing up our house in the UK and getting it shipped to Perth. My husband is a diesel mechanic and has been for 15 years- he has a huge collection of tools and his tool box. He’s spent weeks cleaning them all but we are now not sure what to do with insuring them for the shipment. Should each tool be listed individually and should we cost each one or should just a general total for the whole tool box? He stated listing each tool on a spreadsheet today- 8 hours in and he’s only on box 4 out of 11 so if there is an easier way we would love to hear it!!
  2. Hi, my hubby is a builder and wants to buy new tools (drills and hand tools ) before we move to Australia. Just wondering if anyone had imported new tools in their belongings and if you had to pay duty/gst and how much it was. Also if anyone has and good websites for tools in Australia ?? Thanks in advance
  3. Hello all, I’m new to the forum so hello to start! I’m moving to Perth in May this year with my girlfriend who’s from Perth. Ive lived there previously for two years on WHV’s. I’m a tiler by trade and want to bring my main tools with me. A manual tile cutter, a dewalt combi drill with two lithium ion battery’s, a dewalt laser level with one lithium ion battery and two spirit levels. All items are in separate secure boxes/cases. What I’m wondering is, does anyone have any experience of shipping simular items and what company’s did people use? I also have about 2 or 3 large suitcases and two push bikes I’d like to ship over. I’m not being lazy I have searched the forum looking for information on this. I heard through the grape vine you cant ship drill battery’s for some reason so any information regarding this would be great. Thanks so much in advance : )
  4. Hello We hope to move to Australia soon on a 457 visa (with the hope/intention of becoming permanent residenets) My hubby's dilemma is whether or not to ship the tools of his trade ( i.e. he's a vehicle mechanic, so toolbox is what I mean) He has a job lined up and they want him to start asap. He has to provide his own tools. A friend has offered to lend him some in the meantime until our shipment arrives from UK. Question. Is it worth shipping his toolbox or would it be more cost effective to replace his tools in Perth when we get there? Any mechanics on this forum who could advise? Many Thanks
  5. Me & my OH are flying out to Perth in June, the shippers are coming in in a couple of weeks. My OH is a carpenter and wants to take most of his hand/power tools. I have just sat down and started to clean up some of them, but I've given up! I have spent ages cleaning one of his power tools, and there are so many more to go!!, however clean it maybe, it still does'nt look like it's just come out the box, obviously they have all been well used so will never look band new again, exactly how clean do they have to be? or has anybody has their tools professionally cleaned, maybe thats an option? He has purchased some new ones to replace some that we towards the end of thier life, so they will be ok, but he has so many that need to be cleaned, it's going to take forever!!!
  6. Hi all, we have finally made the decision to move to Perth and are after advice about being a self employed gardener in WA. What is the process for registering as self-employed? I read about getting an ABN, but is there anything else I need to do? Any advice on shipping tools (mowers, hedge cutter, chainsaw, strimmer, general hand tool- spades, rakes etc)? Is it is best to sell them here in the UK or ship them over- how easy is it to get them serviced and replacement parts? Any advice gratefully received!
  7. BenAtherton1

    Do I take my tools or not?

    Hi all, The wife and I are moving out to Perth and it's surrounding areas in March on a permanent residency 190 visa which I have secured through my original trade as a bricklayer. Need to decide whether or not take my tools, gear and equipment. From what I understand, the majority of work available for newcomer brit brickie s is new build residential sites, and as such I'm thinking the only real requirement for tools should I end up working in this environment is basic hand tools, levels, profiles etc (no power tools or other building equipment). I do have a good amount of my own gear which I have accumulated whilst working for myself in UK over the last several years as bricklayer / general builder. But am beginning to question whether it's worth the hassle/expense of shipping it over, or simply selling it before I go. Can anyone else see the point of me bringing power tools and equipment such as stihlsaw, breakers and generators all that way, when the chances are ill most likely be working back on new builds using only my own basic hand tools, where all other equipment and plant should be supplied by employer? Or is it looked on favourably by potential employers if I already had the gear? As always, all your posts/thoughts and opinions are greatly appreciated. Cheers and and all the best for 2014.
  8. Yvonne HornbyTurner

    Cleaning carpentry tools for import

    Hi everyone I am moving to Brisbane in 4 weeks and I am taking all my hand and power tools, I know they need to be clean, but how clean do they need to be to pass through Australian quarantine. Does my hammer and chisels need to be gleaming or can I just clean them with jays fluid. Thanks :err:
  9. Hi All My husband and I have been in Perth for 6 days and he starts work tomorrow (only two weeks temporary work). He did bring the majority of his hand tools and a drill so he is ready to work but looking to start buying tools to replace the ones he sold on Ebay before we left. Could someone please let us know the best place to buy tools that isnt extortionate! We have a car so we can travel, but currently living NOR. Thanks in advance Lisa
  10. angelofmercy186

    Buy new or ship old?

    Hi all I'm a sparkie hoping to move within 18months and was wondering whats best? Selling all tools in uk and buying fresh when i get over OR keep old tools and pay the shipping? Been told tools arent that cheap bit neither is shipping any help will do cheers Nick
  11. stephaniepomroy

    Taking work tools??

    hello, my partner is a plasterer and is coming to oz sept, was wondering if he was aloud to take work tools? (hawlk & trowel) silly question i no but dont fancy hefty fines at brisbane airport x
  12. ..............hi guys, i have been searching through the site looking for a conclusive answer to my Q but cant seem to find one. Im a carpenter from essex, i have my 175 GSM visa granted and im looking to move to Sydney around october time. My dilema is...... Do i ship all my tools over from the UK to oz, will they work ok if a just change the plugs, or take my transformer and use adaptor on that plug??. Should i just leave them behing and just take all hand tools and cordless tools and buy new plug tools in OZ???? As i stated, ive searched and searched this site for a definitive answer seems to be a 50/50 split. Could anyone advise on which shipping companies to use and if anyone has any construction contacts in Sydney then that would be great help too. The time is nearly here for the big move, was waiting for visa for 2 years and now its all happening panic is setting in a little. All help is greatly recieived Jonny
  13. Hi, Does anyone have any bad experience of shipping out work tools or garden tools. We have heard that the authorities are quite particular on the condition of certain items ( i.e. no soil or rust etc. ) We have garden table/chairs that show a little rust but are thoroughly clean. Should we spray paint them too? ALso have lawn mower & strimmer. Are these OK to take or too risky even if cleaned to the best of our ability? Finally, hubby has loads of tools, general household and wall/floor tiling tools. Should these also be rust free & clean? Thanks for any helpful advise you want to throw our way! :wink:
  14. Guest

    Mechanics Tools

    Hi, Can anyone answer this question, as OH is a Motor Mechanic and his tools will be shipped, he wants to know if it would be cheaper to buy new one's here, or wait until we get there. We know that the container will be arriving after us, so won't have tools to start a job ect.. Would it be more costly to buy in OZ?? If so where do you buy these from ? do you have specialised shops .....if so can someone please provise a link to we can check out the prices. many thanks Ally x
  15. liniloo

    Shipping work tools

    Hi Guys can you tell me what is the best way my OH can ship out his work tools and also the cheapest!!!! (to Perth):biggrin: cheers Linda x
  16. Please could anyone advise me as to what carpentry tools my OH should take to Australia? Would it be a lot of hassle to get them sufficiently cleaned and do they actually use the same tools out there as here in UK? He is a lock up and fix carpenter. Thank you :wink:
  17. Im not talking about toolbox wrapped in 6 suitcases. i mean the likes of a small 1/4 drive socket set power robe, digital multi meter snips couple screw drivers spanners etc. just a few small things?
  18. Hi there, I am a mechanic currently in the process of relocating to Perth however am unsure how to go about organising to have my work toolbox shipped over. Any advice or recommendations would be much appreciated :biggrin:
  19. Guest

    Carpenters tools in Perth

    Hi moving to Perth been told different stories about which power tools i can take with me. I have 110 power tools and a transformer box, is it true i can change the plug on the transformer box to make my power tools work any help we would be grateful. thanks Lee:chatterbox:
  20. :wink:hi im moving to oz in january but im finding it hard to get my tools over there at a reasonable price just wondering if anyone out there has any experience with this. many thanks
  21. Can anyone please help me. My OH is as truck mechanic and has his boxes full of tools that he needs for his new job in Oz. They way a fair bit. Do they need to be cleaned and also what would be the average cost to send them and what is the best option for sending. He doesn't need them straight away as he gets there.
  22. Hi all just wondering if i would have to pay any taxes on my tools? if i ship them inside my car? I would like to hear other peoples experiences in shipping their cars full of there personal stuff, obviously import taxes apply to the car and all the other items , steam cleaning etc, but what about my stuff inside it ?
  23. If we want to ship our bikes, Hubbys fishing gear & Tools, what special requirements are needed to be done prior? :unsure:I have read before about cleaning etc
  24. Hello people, this is my first thread after lurking for a while! Wondered if I could pick any Carpenters brains on how they managed to ship their tools - the issue being that Husband will need them right up until leaving date (early feb 2012) so putting them on the container isn't really an option. We've considered selling them here at the last minute and purchasing second hand on our arrival in Perth. Is there much of a second hand market for tools in Perth? We're both a bit stumped on this one really! Any feedback greatly appreciated. Sarah
  25. Guest

    shipping tools

    Hi Guys Has anyone shipped tools to australia, hubby is a bricklayer wants to take cement mixer, acros and other tools. Is it worth taking as would cost alot to buy everything again in Brisbane. What are your thoughts. Anisha