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Found 105 results

  1. Deano Nicholson

    Job Agencies - Sydney

    Hi all, I am Relocating to Sydney from the UK in Mid-December and was looking for any recruitment companies I could start submitting Resumes to, to help me get some interviews as soon as possible after I land. I am a Senior Planner/Scheduler. I have already started applying directly for Jobs but was advised employers would not be interested until I was physically in the country. Any help or pointers in the right direction would be much appreciated!! Thanks Dean
  2. The last time I had to contend with the job market, I walked into temp agency offices, told my story, and got sent out on assignments. From there I made permanent, got promoted and sailed on for many years. Having moved to Melbourne recently, I find that none of the agencies (temp or permanent) will see me for an initial assessment meeting. Every one said to submit a CV for a specific position and then wait for them to contact me. My background does not fit into the square box to be ticked format, so I anticipate and have had no contacts via that route. In fact, my plan is to start over at the bottom in logistics again and work my way up. Does anyone have experience with getting access to temp recruitment agents? Are there any agencies that still talk to walkins? Is going directly to private employers my best approach now? In my experience, temp/casual workers always come from agencies. Thanks in advance Phillip
  3. Hi, My husband, Son, dog and I are hoping to relocate to australia soon. (Im Aussie, my husband british). My husband has been in operations director level roles for years in London, and we are trying to link him up to the right connections to find work in Aus. Are there any good agencies or head hunters anyone can recommend by any chance? I know its a long shot, but worth a try! He's mainly worked in media, or digital media. Thanks so much for any pointers!
  4. JadeKeeligan

    Help With Employment

    Hi, I have recently arrived in Clarkson, Perth, Been searching for a job but had no luck. Does anyone know any jobs available around this area, or some places I could look at to help me? Thanks
  5. This was posted on one of our sister forums. I thought it very interesting. The job these candidates are applying for may not even exist. WE'VE all missed out on scoring a dream job, but have you considered that wise, helpful recruitment agent might be lying to your face? Or pumping you for information about what's happening at your work? News.com.au spoke to a former recruiter who worked at three different agencies about what life is really like in the cut throat industry. On the recruitment game The former agent - who didn't want to be identified - said recruiters make their money filling positions in exchange for a commission from the company and the business is all about the bottom line. "You are just dollar signs. Often you know they're not the best person for the job and they'll get into the role and quit in two weeks. But all you care about is invoicing the client before they do. "It's an awful lot of resume flicking and luck. Sometimes you find other recruiters represent the same candidate. If you find out the other company has put them forward, you try to convince them they're your client, otherwise they get the $20,000. "It's hard because sometimes I've had four or five jobs on the go and you have 500 messages. Often there is no way to get through them all so you're just deleting them." "It's awful, I used to feel sorry for them. Some people are so lovely and you're lying to their face." On how much they make "It's anywhere from 15 to 30 per cent of the salary. Let's say a business development role is $60,000 base, if there is a car included it's usually 20-25 per cent of that whole package, so we're talking $10-13,000 for one placement and of course the consultant gets a piece of that depending on how well you are performing. "It's a lot of money for what is sometimes just resume flicking … you're thinking 'oh my god I just billed $15,000 from this candidate I've never met who happened to email me'. On creating fake jobs to drum up business "Often when it's quiet and you don't have much going, you'll put a fake job online to get candidates in," the former recruiter said. "Let's say I was working on a marketing job, I would put up a generic ad saying a company is looking for business development manager with five years' experience blah blah blah. "You'd get resumes, call up candidates and say 'you've got good experience,' when what you're trying to do is work out where they're going for interviews so you can ring up that company and say 'oh I heard you're looking for staff' then you pitch other candidates in." The fake position is never filled and the people that applied are none the wiser. "Sales people are always full of BS, they say 'oh the roles been filled or the client has pulled the role. Smart candidates can generally see a fake job and they're very wary. Particularly in IT where they do it all the time." On how they're really just pumping you for information The recruiter said once they have someone in an interview, they can find out "whatever you want" about their workplace. "You try and find out who their managers are so you can call them a week later and say 'oh I heard you're the IT manager at XXX here's my card'. A lot of the time you're just trying to get information out of the candidates about the place. They might dish the dirt on 'five people are leaving' and that's great because that's five roles you can fill. Often it's a fact finding mission. "It's harder over the phone but usually in the interview, because they want the job, there's so much trust in their recruiter and you don't know what they're thinking. Half the time they're thinking 'I hate you'." ‘I think I’m worth $50 an hour.’ ‘How about I pay you $25?’ Picture: Thinkstock. On fleecing people out of their pay "Let's say you have a temp candidate that wants $50 an hour. The client will often say we're going to pay you $80 so they pay us and we pay the candidate. So we say fair enough and you get your candidate in. "The candidate knows their worth $50 an hour but you say to them 'oh this client is on a really tight budget' you don't tell them who the client is at this point. You say 'look, they can only afford $25 or $30' whereas really you could pay them $40 and still make a profit margin." "Another thing we did is really screw down the temps, particularly if they're new. You have a lot of people that come from overseas, so they wouldn't know much about the market so you would try and hook them in on a six-month contract where they were being grossly underpaid. "A lot of the time people are desperate ... you can just say whatever you want and the candidate will often take it and you think 'wow I'm going to make commission this month.'" On advice for job hunters The recruiter said he eventually got out of the game and is now retraining for a different career. "I always say don't go to recruiters, go direct to the company. They've got an internal recruitment team and they don't care about making budget, they care about filling the role. I always tell people to stuff recruiters unless they can prove to you they've got this ongoing relationship with company. "If you're going to a recruiter for a temp job, don't believe their BS about 'they can only afford this much' really put your foot down and see what you can get."
  6. Guest

    Nursing Agencies in Brisbane

    Hi there, i am registered with Queensland Nursing Council and plan on emigrating with the family in the next few months to Brisbane area. Can anyone recommend a good nursing agency to register with please? Cheers X
  7. samclamp22

    Labour Work

    Hi, I've just arrived in Melbourne and am already low on money! Whats the easiest and quickest way to get work! Im a labourer back at home ad have already got my white card over here! Is it best to go through agencies (if so which are the best in the Melbourne area) or if not what is the best way to get into employment, fast! Any help would be appreciated!
  8. Guest

    Reccomended Migration Agencies?

    Hi! Myself, my husband and our 11 month old are planning to start the application process for getting a visa for Oz soon. We're thinking that it might be worth going through a migration agency to make sure that we're going about everything the right way. Obviously we want to use an agency that's worth the money and knows what they're doing. Does anyone reccommend any UK based agencies that are really good? Any advice or experiences would be much appreciated!! Thanks x
  9. Guest

    IT Agencies

    Hi All! I am currently looking into starting the whole Visa process and making the big move down under. I was thinking it would be nice to be able to chat to someone who may specialise in the whole recruitment process for English people wanting to work in Oz, just to get a sense of the job market, and whether my skills are valid out there. Does anyone know of any good recruitment agencies that specialise in this sort of thing?
  10. I would really appreciate to hear from any of the nurses who were interviewed by the NSW crew in September either in Manchester or London this year and are awaiting their 457 or PR visa. The interviews were arranged by professiobnal connec tions agency and Health Staff recruitment.:daydreaming::confused: Please get in touch so we can keep in touch and update each other as well as sharing ideas.
  11. emmaroo

    Recruitment Agencies in UK

    Hi Can anyone advise any agencies in Uk to register with? I have done a google search but never found that much! Thanks Emma
  12. Hi, Anyone know any good 'job agencies' that deal with Auto electrical work?
  13. Hi, We have been subject to an Agency that is not genuine, we did pay a bit of money, however from the advice from members, we have decided to start from scratch and apply through another agency that is recommended and GENUINE. Any reccommendations out there? Cheers
  14. Hi everyone, wondering if you can help!? my partner and i are desperate to move to Australia since visiting for 6 weeks last year - been thinking about it since we got home and have decided to take the plunge! i am a registered paediatric nurse and my partner is a plasterer with 4 years experience. We are hoping to go for the 175 skilled independent visa. I understand this has one of the longest waits (12-18months) but we are happy to wait for that. At the moment we are deciding whether to go with a migration agency to help us with our visas, move etc... do people tend to go with agencies or try and apply themselves? ideally, it would be good to not have to pay an extra £2000 out as it is already expensive but are you more likely to have a successful application if you do?? is anyone else in the process of applying for a 175 visa or hoping to move to Brisbane and can give me some insight of the visa process? Thank you in advance!! xx :biggrin:
  15. Guest

    Renting agencies???

    Hey guys, We are moving over in October...looking to rent rather than buy, going to Brisbane, no jobs yet...any advice regarding how to do things for the best. I have been looking at areas, rentals, etc but it is really hard to sort anything from here as I suppose it is going to have a lot depending on the areas we find jobs:frown: anyone know of any agencies or companies that sort these kinda things out for you before coming over?? We have decided to probably stay in Brisbane for a while when we first come over to sort out a rental, look at areas a lot more and sort banks out and things but if there is anyone we can be put in touch with before doing all this ourselves please share....:rolleyes: Thanks,, Dennise
  16. Hi, Can anyone recommend any Melbourne Recruitment agencies that specialise in IT jobs? Thanks in advanced ...
  17. hey guys been gettin a lot of pms about mining jobs and thought i would put up a few links for recruitment agencies based in perth ......i would imagine that all these agencies require u to have permanent residency already ....in my opinion agencies are defo the people u need to be speaking to first as the big companies like rio bhp etc tend to hire from them ......anyways hope it is of some help :biggrin: www.mimingpeople.com ......... www.kirecruitment.com.au ......www.corestaff.com.au .... www.trgaust.com ......not sure why the third one hasnt linked but u can type it in manually ...lol mrs keily .......looks like it has linked lol
  18. Just starting job hunt for senior roles in Graphic Design/Art Direction. Any recommendations for Recruitment Agencies and useful websites greatly appreciated!
  19. Hi to all, I'm not from the UK. I am from Serbia (Balkans). I am also interested in migration to Australia. I would like to share this info with you. We all know migration can be hard and stressfull. Requirements of age, qualification, experience, IELTS (yet not for most of you)....And once there, we must find work. It would be better if we could find job while still at home. So, I did some research on agencies and find lot of them searching for job on candidate behalf. Some of them charge a fee, some don't. I compiled a list and would like to hear your opinions. Did anyone of you use this kind of agencies? Would you use them? Can they find a job or just taking money? Here is a list : EasyMigrate Information on Permanent Residency Migration to Australia, New Zealand and Canada EasyRecruit: An efficient, cost-effective way of sourcing skilled, motivated workers (most trades) Immigration to Canada, America, Australia and New Zealand (Construction: bricklayers, carpenters and tilers, Cooks, Engineers: Chemical and civil, IT specialists: at least bachelor level and 4 years of experience, Hairdressers) In Work | Employment consultancy for Business, Job Seekers, Schools and Government Work in Australia, migrate to Australia (skill match 100 Australian jobs for just £100, trades, engineers, medicine nurses, UK based) Complete Migration Solutions- Jobs in OZ (trades, IT network) 1st Contact Australia - Contact Us (Kickstart Australia package, 149 $) http://www.ultimateskills.com/ Aspire » Welcome To Aspire Australia… (Job search assist) Jobs in New Zealand, Visa Australia, Jobs in Australia, New Zealand Visa (UK based, Australia and New Zealand, free assesment) Department of Australian Immigration & Work Visa Australia | Migrate To Australia (UK based, Australia and New Zealand) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Traditional agencies Welcome To Business Solutions (WA) |* Licensed Western Australia Employment Agency and Labour Hire Company | Employment mandurah, Employment services mandurah, Jobs Mandurah, Personnel Services Mandurah| Mandurah Western Australia (Western Australia) Interpeople - Moving to Australia? (Engineering, Law, Accounting, Commerce, Technology, Administrative and Support Staff) Mosaic Recruitment (skilled professional, IT, Government and business support staff at all levels) Sunshine Coast Recruitment Agency - Jobs by RecruiTrain (Sunshine Coast, Health and Medical Jobs, Doctor Jobs, Legal Accounting Jobs, ITJobs, Media Jobs) Candidate Service - Executive Recruitment Solutions, West Victoria (Victoria; All core executive business areas : Administration, Secretarial, Human Resources, Sales & Marketing, Accounts/Finance, Customer Service, Operations, Technical, Management) UltimateSkills Global 2008 - We Look After You - UltimateSkills- International recruitment, Migration & Visas, Relocation, Orientation, Salary Structuring - Australia, Philippines, India, United Kingdom, Canada This Is Australia Migration Services (Vehicle Panel Repairers, Vehicle Spray Painters, Motor Mechanics, Metal Machinists (CNC Machinists), Bakers and Pastry Chefs, Bricklayers, Welders, Plant Fitters (Heavy Machinery) Registered Nurses) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Agencies with skill matching database International recruitment services for Australia and New Zealand | Migration Matters Skill Matching (free) Migration Matters: MARA Registered Australian migration agents - help with DIMA - help with NZIS - expert registered migration agent for Australia and New Zealand - immigration lawyers for UK, Canada and the USA - Home Australia,New Zealand,UK,USA & Canada visa and migration agent > Home > Australia > Recruitment > Candidate Assistance ( free) Migrate to Australia - The Immigration Group - the Name you can trust Visa and Immigration Australia – FREE Assessments Apply online Now (15 Eur / 3 months) I expect your feedback. If you are interested I can post similiar list for New Zealand. Regards, Goran, Belgrade - Serbia
  20. Please can someone advise which is the best nursing agency to register with, to get casual work with on the gold coast. Currently have a job in Brisbane in a private hospital but want OUT..... Hate it, so I just want to do some casual shifts nearer home on GC, choose my hours, not be ruled by ward rotas that you only get less than a week before the next months rota. Applied for permanent job with queensland health but just want to leave other job asap, work a little until ideal permanent job comes through. Thanks in advance, x Helen
  21. Guest

    Nursing agencies

    Hi all, so....my APHRA application has finally gone in after months of getting all the paperwork together....Im not holding my breath at getting it back any time soon!:SLEEP: But just thought i would ask if anyone can recommend a good Nursing agency in perth to register with? Just so i can get a feel for whats out there work wise. thanks
  22. We are looking to move back to Australia in the coming months and are looking for some help with choosing recruitment agencies to represent us. We have permanent residency status on a 176 visa We are interested in moving to Melbourne and surrounding areas My husband's line of work is social care commissioning and contracting within local government and the telecommunications industry. I would be grateful for any advise than can be offered :biggrin:
  23. Hi Just wondering if anyone could recommend an immigration agency (specialises in nursing) Thanks
  24. Hi, Moving to Aus (WA) to be with family and work as a doctor. Huge number of medical recruitment agencies out there. Wondering if anyone knows who's good and who's not. Thanks, HH
  25. Hi folks, I'll try to keep this nice and short: 36 year old communications / PR worker wanting to move to North Queensland (Cairns) with his 28 year old girlfriend who works in education sector. We know employer sponsorship is the only real way of getting the visas we need, so have started looking for jobs... which is proving difficult! Can anyone suggest employment agencies online in Oz that we may be able to sign up with? Can't seem to find agencies for the communications industry easily... Any other tips gratefully received too. Thanks for any help