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Found 102 results

  1. Hello to all the mates from this excellent forum. would like to know, if someone knows if a Bachelor from my country (Colombia) in graphic design, 4 years duration (8 semesters) would work to validate the Skills Assessment? I have seen from some Migration Agents that this Degree would fit an Advance Diploma, because it’s a 4 year only and not a 5 year. pdt: The titles degree name is Graphic Design Professional, in Spanish. thank you!!
  2. Hi, I would like like to know if there is anyone that did the Electronic Equipment Trades Worker (342313) technical interview that is actually in the photocopier industry? My husband is a photocopier service technician and must do his technical interview on the 11th, i just need to know how do you do the interview if none of the below is part of his job description.
  3. Hello everyone this is my first post on this site. I passed the first stage of my assessment and on to stage 2 which is the Technical interview. I've been working in building maintenance mostly (I probably do more joinery these days.) and my technical jargon knowledge is a little rusty. So I am a bit worried about failing the test. Has anyone sat the Carpentry test recently and can provide me some typical example questions? I would even pay for a decent revision tutor! Thanks in advance! Steve
  4. PLUMBER Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189) - Skill Assessment | HELP PLEASE! I am really hoping someone can please assist me and my partner (a UK citizen). I am an Australian citizen and my partner wants to move to Australia to live and work as a plumber but we are finding the visa process extremely difficult and confusing. My partner is 32 years of age and a qualified plumber/gas fitter in the UK with over 8 years’ experience. We enlisted the help of a migration consultant in Sydney originally and she told us initially that he should apply for a Skilled Independent Visa 189. However we have just been told by her that she provided us with the wrong information initially and he is not eligible to apply for the VISA. To be eligible for this visa and to send of an expression of interest, he needs to do a skill assessment (OSAP - Offshore Skills Assessment Program) to gain a Offshore Technical Skills Record (OTSR) through a company called VetAssess but he doesn’t meet the following criteria: “Your evidence must show you have worked in your occupation for at least 12 months within the last 3 years and must be able to be verified.” Unfortunately my partner does not meet this criteria as he has been based in Bali for the past 3 years working in another field. However prior to that he has always worked as a plumber in the UK and now wants to settle down in Australia with me, as a plumber. Is there a way around this criteria? I am now looking into the option of my partner finding a plumber to sponsor him so he can apply for sponsorship visa. However it appears even for these sponsor visas, my partner still needs to do his skill assessment to obtain an OTSR. My partner has a holiday visa for Australia currently. He flew back to the UK about a month ago to get together all his paperwork/evidence so he could do his skill assessment but now we don’t know what to do since apparently he isn’t eligible. We are really hoping there is a way for him to be able to work in Australia as a plumber. Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  5. Hi friends, I have bachelor degree Business Administration. And I have my own music education school for 4 years. I want apply to Vetasses for Education Manager NEC skill assessment.(ANZSCO 134499) I know my bachelor degree is not about education but my job title is one on one . Do you have any suggestion ? Can I get positive skill assessment for this job ? Or choose another code according to my career ?
  6. Did any one with experience in Drug safety/Pharmacovigilance underwent skill assessment for Australian visa PR by VETASSESS? Which occupation to use under IFSOL or STNOL for skill assessment of pharmacoviglance Experience.
  7. Hi all, I am new with a big question in my mind regarding Australia Migration: vetassess. I am Diploma in pharmacy (2yr), Bachelor of pharmacy (3yr), Master of Pharmacy in Pharmacology (2yr) with experience in Pharmacovigilance as Drug safety associate (2.5yr), Scientific & Medical writer (2yr), Senior Process & Quality Analyst (1yr), Lead Process & Quality Analyst (6 months). Since I have a different Designation but experience in domain of Pharmacovigilance with which Skill should I be applying for skill assessment? What are the possible points on where Vetassess can give negative assessment?
  8. Hey guys, I'm pretty worried; I had my skills assessed as an Industrial Designer with VetAsses, and had a positive result, so went ahead and applied for my 186 DE visa. The application has been in with a month, and I was just looking over my VetAsses letter for another random reason and noticed that the dates on the positive skills assessment are wrong. I've looked at my application and all employment documents i supplied and all point to the correct dates, yet for some reason they've invented dates on the letter. Either they made a mistake in typing up the letter, or botched the whole application. Just wondering if this has happened to anyone, and what the outcome was, as really looking to sort this ASAP. What's the likelihood VetAsses will just admit the mistake and reissue a correct letter? Any reply would be massively appreciated
  9. Dolly123


    Hi everyone, I wondered if anybody could help me..... I applied to vetasses as a cook and passed my technical assessment but they want me to take a first aid course. The course they have suggested is a 3 day course at a cost of £380! They require me to have a level 2 first aid certificate I wondered if anybody else has been in a similar situation and can suggest any other courses that aren't so expensive and aren't 3 days as It will be difficult to get time off of work. I am using a migration agent but the one I started with left, so I am using a different agent within the same company. When I first started the process I wasn't told that I needed a first aid certificate it was only during the technical interview it was brought up. I have suggested other courses but they say they don't meet their standards yet the course they are comparing to in Australia is a one day course and they haven't provided what the course entails so I can compare. If anyone has any suggestions or could help I would really appreciate it! Many thanks
  10. Guest

    Vetasses Reassesment

    Hi I have had to do a reassesment as I failed Vetassess the first time . I believe I did not provide enough information and a decision was made on the information they were given .. Did anybody ever get their employment reassesed? How long did it take
  11. mahfuzul80

    VETASSESS Paper Processing Time

    Hello, I have submitted my Educational & Skill Assessment Papers to VETASSESS on 23/04/2014 through online. It's almost 10 weeks gone but yet to hear from them. How long VETASSESS may take to assess the submitted papers? Can anybody give me an idea? Or do you have any advice right at this stage? Thanks in advance!
  12. Hello all!! My immi lawyer has said I need to obtain a ref for 3 out of the last 5 years from my employer on our company's stationary. However, if my company knew I was considering this move they would surely fire me or ask me to resign... I don't want to do that as I plan to be in UK and at work for at least another 6 months. Plus I doubt they'd give me ref as they want to keep me!! Has anyone else come across this situation? If so, how do you deal with it? Thanks, Jen (Going for a regional sponsorship visa - 190 visa - completing VETASSES at the moment)
  13. Hi, I am new in this forum and need some idea of people who have experience of skill assessment with Vetassess. My wife has applied for Skill Migration with Vetasses for the Occupation "Training and Development Professional" on 21st Dec 2011 and hard copies of the supporting documents were received by them on 6th of Jan 2012. However there has been no communication from their side after that. I have called them up a couple of times and have mailed them also regarding the estimated time required but always get a standard reply that it will take 16 weeks without getting details of the case. I am worried that if takes that long and the assessment is not done before May, I will not be able to apply for South Australia SS as they closed the same on 2nd May last year. And if we miss the deadline this year the changes in the next year will be a total different scenario. It will really help me if I get some idea of the time required for assessment from people with experience of the same. Please help!!!
  14. joehoop

    Electrician or Data Cabler??!!

    Hi guys, My gf and I are trying to get started on our visas for Australia. I am a qualified electrician but have also done a lot of data cabling. I have seen the vetass assessment for electricians is quite expensive! I was wondering if you needed to carry out a similar assessment for data cabling or if this would be an easier route to go down. Any suggestions or help would be great. Thanks Joe:biggrin:
  15. JenPen

    What is it?

    What is it that my husband actually has to do? He is a Carpenter and I have seen 2 different names of assessors etc that he has to do? could someone clarify what he has to do to confirm to WA that he is a carpenter and with whom? Also I have seen different numbers of assessments…..I thought I knew all this but I think I have been reading too much or it has changed! :nah: Thanks:cute:
  16. Hi Everyone, Im new , please be nice! Im just starting the process. Ive filled out my VetAssess form and now compiling all my documents to send by carrier pigeon to Melbourne...My head is completely fried. Ive decided against using a migration expert and im going it alone. I may or may not regret that! Just testing the water and seeing who else is going through it and maybe can support each other through the blood sweat and tears... So far today ive spent around £500 on the application and my kettle has just packed in... reaching for the wine while I spruce up my CV.. :confused::wacko::arghh: Would be great to hear from anyone....anyone at all.....:cool: Sarah
  17. [h=2]Moved from ACT to this Forum:[/h] Hi All, Sorry if i have created a duplicate thread with the same inquiry. My agent had submitted the Vetassess applicaiton on 29th October 2012 and the Documents where uploaded on the 10th November 2012, Still awaiting response. The occupation is Call or Contact Centre Manager – 149211 state Canberra. 1. Need to know if some has filled for the same occupation and got any response till date? 2. Please advise, as my agent is asking us to wait for the verrification call that my employee referance may receive for verification by the DIAC and only then i may know if my application is getting processed - Id this true and there is no other way to find out the status? 3. Also need to know what is scope of a call center manager getting a job in Canberra - is it difficult to obtain one and what are the usual requirements. Given IELTS on the 12th Jan 2013 result awaited by the 25th Jan2012.
  18. Hi all, May I foremostly point out, I am brand new to this forum and as such would appreciate any tips/guidance regarding its use within any responses you may give me. My wife and I are at the second stage of pursuing the process of the general skilled migration visa. The compiling of all work experience including all skilled competentcies (as detailed on the ANZCO fact sheet) and employment history etc. I am a bricklayer, who alongside many other lads, has had to adapt to the declining state of the UK economy over the last several years, as such my employment history is a bit erratic to say the least, with periods of both being company employed as well as periods of working self-employed. Due to lack of work, earlier this year I had to settle for a non- trade related employed position working for my local college. And as such have decided to secure a gsm visa now whilst I still have recent experience working as a bricklayer full time. Within my Vetasses application I have included the last two years bricklaying experience that I have, and have a statement of employment from an old employer for whom I worked for as an employed bricklayer within the last two year period. This period of employment only covered the first 12 months of the required 2 year period, for the remainder of trade related work experience I worked as self employed. The question I have, and the main issue I can see preventing the TRA from inviting me to the next stage (practical demonstration) is... Will this single statement from my old employer be enough, or would I be better contacting my personal clients and customers to ask for references etc. ( As I don't particularly want to) I do have official documents such as my certificate of accounts from my accountant as well as all invoices for work I undertook that made up my self employed earnings. Does anyone have or has had any similar experience regarding these skill/work experience issues, if so I would greatly appreciate any advice. We cannot afford the luxury of using a migration agent at this stage and obviously are worried about getting refused. Regards Ben Atherton
  19. Guest

    Vetasses or Engineers Austraila

    Hi people, I am about to apply for working visa to Oz. I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering which complies with the Washington Accord system but have been working in construction for the past 10 years. I understand that Engineers Austraila are quoting 12 weeks and Vetasses are quoting 16-20 weeks. I need to get my application in by July 1st 2012 and Vetasses would be cutting it close to the line. With my degree and working in construction would I be better off applying to Vetasses as a construction Project manager or as a Mechanical Engineer with the Austrailian Engineers?? The Project Manager in construction description with Vetasse actually best suites my area of work. The Engineers Austraila occuptation description is a bit more broad based. Any advice would be much appreciated, Thanks,
  20. awan1956

    Vetasses information required

    I have mining engineering and have all experience in construction industry. Construction Project Manager suites me. But I am little curious that is it mandatory to present any professional license or registration in the field of construction industry? Actually, I applied for Professional Civil Engineer to Engineers Australia but they objected my nominated occupation. Now, if I apply as Mining Engineer to EA then it would be difficult for me to write Career Episodes as Mining Engineer as I have full time experience of construction industry. On the other way, if I apply to Vetasses as Construction Project Manager then will it mandatory for me to present Professional License or not? P.S: I have done my M.Sc Construction Management from UK and then have more than 10years of experience in construction industry. Please help me urgently.
  21. We applied for Vetassess to assess Oh's application at end of October. To Date have received no receipt or confirmation of accplication. When I contacted them was informed that we need a first aid certificate to proceed. Agent is confused by this as its never been asked for before. When I researched it says that it must be by Australian standards and the First aid providers in Ireland don't think the one we do here will suffice as it doesnt include obvious things like snakebite which I am sure is a big possibility in australia..stressed already and we are only at the beginning of the process the RSMS visa has to be lodged yet. Husbands contract finishes here in Ireland on 13th Feb with no prospects on horizon...just want to leave now as he has been offered a good job in Queensland...how do you cope with all the waiting and confusion and are things a bit more organised when you get to Australia or is this kind of incompetence normal??? Any Advice please??????????????
  22. Hi guys I just had my vetasses result after 4 months of waiting and its negative. I applied for archi draftsman but im actually an interior designer so now I need to change occupation to vetasses and need to pay $500 aud. Anyone here who experience this situation .. needed to change occupation in vetasses? How long did it take? thanks for anyone who will share :biggrin:
  23. Hi, just send off all documents for VETASSES to assess my OH skills as Carpenter, any idea how long they are taking at the moment thanks
  24. Alanlisa

    vetasses portfolio

    I'm hoping someone can help, I'm reading all of the vetassess information, including the portfolio builder and I am at a total loss and have no idea where to start! I'm going to be a little cheeky here and ask if any1 can let me see a copy of their's! :tongue:
  25. Guest

    Vetasses assessment

    Hi ......i completed my Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Sociology and Public policy and a graduate diploma in Journalism , media and communications. Please guide me which occupation i should choose for my assessment to get positive assessment for 485 Visa ? I am planning to choose Journalist and other writers Nec Please guide me ...Following is the list i can choose occupation from http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/transitional/_pdf/sol-twoabc.pdf Both my Bachelors degree and graduate diploma is from Australian University.