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Found 47 results

  1. We are a family of six. We have 4 kiddos (4, 6, 10 & 13) trying to decide between Mandurah or Bunbury. Our kids are into soccer and little athletics, we enjoy the beach weekly and love having a strong community to plug into and be apart of. We don't need quick access to Perth for anything. Just looking for a good place to raise our family that's pretty chill and beautiful.
  2. I am interested in the Albany/Denmark area. Here are my questions: What is the winter weather like? Is it cold? Or is it warm compared to Melbourne and Sydney during the winter. Also, is Anvil Beach a safe beach for swimming (with kids) and also surfing for beginners older children learning to surf. Is it a surf beach overall. What is the community surrounding Anvil Beach like? :yes:
  3. Apriljcarlisle

    Visa help!

    I'm not too sure which area to post this question in so hopefully it gets to the right people and its a bit long winded so bear with me! I moved to Western Australia in 2014 when i was eighteen as a dependent child. I moved with my mum, my sister, my brother and my step dad who is actually an Australian citizen. Currently I am 22 and on a bridging visa while I wait on a decision for my permanent residency. I have been in regular contact with migration officers, providing them with documents that they need etc. Recently they contacted us and told us that our medical assessments are out of date (we did them 3 years ago when we initially applied) but they only asked my Mum and my sister to re-do their medical assessments. Im not sure why they havent asked me and I'm wondering if that is a sign i may be rejected? There is a possibility i could be rejected and my family accepted. If anyone could share similar experience, insight, general information..just anything relevant i would appreciate it immensely
  4. richselina

    Weeks Holiday in WA

    Hi, We've been to WA before and spent a lovely week in Perth and Margaret River and want to travel back again this October and looking for somewhere different to stay. Ideally, we are looking for a beach/pool type holiday so that my wife can have a few days relaxing and I can play with my daughter if the sea/pool is warm enough. I'd appreciate any thoughts/comments on the areas we should look at (about 3 hours max drive from Perth) and any recommendations on hotels/apartments. All comments would be most appreciated, especially about the weather in late October in and around Perth. Thanks, Rich
  5. Hi All, Please suggest me - I have received invitation from WA govt. for Subclass 190 but my occupation is under schedule 2. So it requires 1 year job contract. Does it mean that without job contract I can't apply for state nomination? WA State Govt. gives me 28 days time to submit the application. Thanks for your kind suggestion.
  6. Hello I am graduate Primary School Teacher wishing to move to Perth with my boyfriend (whom already has been granted a 190 visa). My occupation has been moved onto the CSOL as a schedule 2, which now means I cannot continue with my 190 visa application myself, I have to apply for 457 subclass (190) visa and the criteria for that is that I have a contract of employment for teaching. I have recently sen off my documents to AITSL to be skilled assessed and these can take up to 10 weeks for a decision. The reason that I am not being added as a de facto on my boyfriends visa is that we have never lived together in the 4 years that we have been together, this is for a number of reasons such as, work and university. I am currently working in Moscow as an English Governess, I have been doing this job since graduation University so that I could save up enough money to move out and start my life in Australia. Any guidance or help in regard to the visa process and more importantly, the job, I would be eternally grateful. Many thanks! Felicity
  7. cooper1984

    how much money?

    don't want to sound cheeky but how much money did people save up to go over to Perth with? we are planning to take £20,000 is that enough?
  8. Hi All, I my occupation is listed in WA SOL under Schedule 2 and Available. So I believe I am eligible for WA State Sponsorship (Subclass 190) since I met all minimum requirements and I already lodged EOI through SkillSelect. Now my questions are - 1. Will WA search/assess EOI by own and send the invitation to apply for WA State Sponsorship? I mean do I need to wait till automatic invitation or I need to do any other formalities beforehand? 2. Under Schedule 2 Occupation and as per State Nomination Criteria http://www.migration.wa.gov.au/SiteCollectionDocuments/2013-14%20State%20nomination%20criteria.pdf (Page 3), do I need to submit evidence of full-time contract employment at the time of applying for state sponsorship? Or it belongs to the applicant applying within Australia? For me, I would like to apply from outside Australia. 3. If the above answer is yes, then how likely to get employment offer who stays outside Australia? Thanks in advance for your kind attention.
  9. Hi All, I know that this matter has been discussed several times in so many different threads, but I really need to get to the bottom of it as my situation is slightly different than others. Here is my story: I applied for my PR in August 2009 with WA state sponsorship. At the time I was a student and was really willing to move anywhere in Australia, that’s why I applied for WA Sponsorship. I'm saying this, because I don’t want you guys to start judging me and saying that you are a bad person cause you got the limited number of sponsorship and did not move there and you are violating your visa conditions etc.... As I stated above at the time I applied for state sponsorship, my situation was really different than what it is right now. After I lodged my application I started doing my masters and I finished it in December 2011. After that I started hunting for jobs and fortunately I got a really good job in the state I am in now (VIC) with a good salary. I was not really thinking about my PR application until I got CO in March 2012. Co started asking for different documents which I supplied and I did not hear from Him until last March (2013). Suddenly I got an email from him stating your Application has been approved. Happy days, I got my PR after more than 3.5 years. Now I need to move to WA. What should I do? I know that I will be eligible for citizenship in less than 6 months because I have been in Australia from 2007. I started looking for jobs in WA and even asked my employer to relocate me there. But the response was that they do not need my role in that office. I did not even get 1 email back from the 20 to 30 jobs that I applied for in WA. I really cannot just quit my job that I love and is paying my life expenses and go somewhere that I'm pretty sure I cannot find any job and will end up doing casual jobs. The reason I'm saying that is, even my occupation is not listed in WA SMP anymore. I contacted Citizenship department and they checked my visa entitlement and said that I will be eligible next year. No question asked about my 2 years commitment to WA. I even contacted WA migration and explained my situation, their response was basically a pre-made template outlining my commitment to WA government. Here is the question: What will really happen? Has anyone seen anything like my situation before? Do you know anyone that applied for citizenship without completing the 2 years commitment? Please share your opinions here and help me decide what the best course of action here is? Thanking you all in advance...
  10. Hubby has been offered a job pending medical as a train driver for Aurizon /western Australia on a sponsored 457 visa, so we are at the very beginning of the process. Just wondering if there are any more Brits heading out with this batch that would like to get in touch to share the experience.
  11. Hi, I am not sure why but we have spent a long, long time no knowing where we wanted to live in Australia and today someone mentioned Geraldton to us and for some reason I feel like that is where we 'need' to live but I know nothing about it (slightly weird, I know). I did think I could search the internet but then thought this forum is such a wealth of information, I'd try here first. All views greatly appreciated :cute:
  12. Hi, First post, so here goes:chatterbox: I've just received my conditional offer of employment with WAPol. I took part in their latest recruitment drive over in London. Its now time for Visa applications! Just wondered if anyone else on here is at this stage or has recently made the move who could offer me some advice. Main things I'm looking at; Rentals, where to rent? Should I rent near the academy? How much money is advised to bring over as a minimum? Pension Transfer Shipping Any general advice? Thanks in advance x
  13. Hello, I am looking to apply for the skilled migration PR 189 visa, I work as a chef, currently still working in Perth. My temporary 2nd working holiday visa expires end of February. I realise that because of my profession, that i need to choose either the 457 or PR subclass 189 (state sponsorship to WA). I am not interested in 457. I know that i already pass the points score, i just need to do the skillselect then do my EOI I'm undecided whether or not i should start this process whilst I'm in this country now - if its not already too late? (or wait to return to the UK and apply from the UK) The only reason that i thought about applying for the PR visa in England, was that i can claim all my Superannuation payments back (a few thousand dollars) then use this money to apply for the visa. A few questions... if I applied in England, can I pay in australian dollars, or do i have to exchange my money to GBP (losing money) If i had the permanent residency visa, how much time do i have to spend in WA each year (can i spend 2 months a year in the UK) I will want to become a citizen of Australia as soon as possible... is it easier and less expensive to apply for this visa in Australia, or is it just as simple to apply outside of Australia. (will i find it harder applying in England) I would really appreciate your opinion, I am really confused, and unsure where i can receive help. Kind Regards,
  14. PTobin

    2008 Rav 4

    Hi All, We have a 2208 Rav 4 for sale it has 81,500 on the clock with bull bar roof rack and hitch its an immulacte 4WD has full service history and 9 months of Rego. I have pictures if needed were looking for 18K but is neg looking for a quick sale. We are located in perth.
  15. First off, I hope you are having an enjoyable day, with a cuppa by your side while reading this. I've been working as a Recruitment Consultant in NSW since 2012, under student visa and temporary visa 485. My qualifications are accepted by Vetassess with positive results and I should get assessed as Recruitment Consultant within 2 months time. Now in order to get PR 190, my best bet is to move to another state (Recruitment Consultant is not on the occupation list in NSW anymore). Out of all states, Western Australia is the simplest as it doesn't require 3 months work at a company (Canberra and South Australia does). I was happily looking through the occupation list of WA to find out Recruitment Consultant is not on there :wub: they have HR Adviser instead. So my question is, if I get assessed again by Vetassess as an HR Adviser and work as Recruitment Consultant job in WA, will I be eligible to apply for visa 190 ? Or do I have to work as HR Adviser? I spoke to a person in immigration department in WA and they said it doesn't matter what the job title is as long as it is related to HR Adviser, and if Vetassess accepted me as an HR Adviser then the application is through. Not sure if this person should be trusted or not haha Both occupations are under the HR group 2231: http://www.abs.gov.au/ausstats/abs@.nsf/Product+Lookup/1220.0~First+Edition,+Revision+1~Chapter~UNIT+GROUP+2231+Human+Resource+Professionals Oh the confusions! Thank you all!
  16. Now then, That electricians forum is madness, Helpful yes but there are too many posts and different conversations happening at the same time. Some of the posts are now out dated and I think its time for something new! I'm still in the UK. I've passed the vetassess (electrician general class) and I understand the different ways of obtaining the licence. Its obviously difficult to get a job as a spark with the restricted licence. In the UK I work in the oil & gas industry/power industry onshore. I have CompEx. I wanted to know whether its easy enough to to the oz hazardous area training and whether its worth it. I've seen the price list etc. Is there much call for hazardous area inspectors/installers out there? I'm moving to Perth and hoping for work on Kwinana or somewhere alike. Also is there any rope access work out in WA? Thanks
  17. BenAtherton1

    Prospects in Yanchep?

    Hi My wife and I (both aged 27) are planning our move early next year (2014) and are currently progressing nicely through gaining our 190 visas. We are at the stage of trying to decide exactly where on the map to try and settle and after much research, have both been struck on Yanchep. I am a bricklayer, my wife is an admin assistant for the local council here in the UK. To my understanding at the moment, Yanchep is quite remote, which we see as a plus, with several large urbanisation projects in the pipeline for the next many years. This in turn creating many localised employment opportunities throughout all industries. Im basically after confirmation, (ideally from expats that are/have a similar age/working background as us) that my wife and I would find work relatively quickly/easily upon our arrival in Yanchep, thus helping us settle, and that the local economic outlook for the area (within the near future at least) is a bright one. Cheers
  18. Hi I am currently a band 6 community psychiatric nurse in the UK with 6 years post qualifying experience. I am hoping to go out to Oz on a working holiday visa and my intention would be to have a 6 month contract job with WA government in regional WA and then spend some time doing temping shifts around the perth areawith some time to travel alongside. My understanding is that my salary would be around the $67000 mark, but from talking with a representative from WA government at an immigration fair, i understand that work in regional WA attracts more financial benefits due to the remote location/weather etc. Does anyone have any knowledge about how much extra i might be ble to earn by doing this? and also in general what the benefits tend to be ion top of the basic salary in perth for superannuation, shift work, etc? Thanks!!
  19. Hi My husband is a qualified Carpenter with 10 years+ experience. He has been job hunting for two weeks now in WA with no success. He has tried all the websites, and travelled hundreds of km's to ask builders on site if they have any work but with no success and very little response. Any ideas? Lisa x
  20. Hi, I have just been granted my WHV and plan to fly out the perth on january 2013. I am a qualified bricklayer and will be coming with a white card and some hand tools hopefully. I know that I am best off to start in a hostel. Could anybody 1st of all give me an idea of what hostels are like? Also I understand many of them provide work opportunities, does anybody know if they have links to trade jobs? Any help would be great , thanks. Ian.
  21. Hi there. We have just had a positive skills assessment back today and so next step is to apply for sponsorship from the government of WA. All very exciting! Hoping to move to WA in the second half of 2013. We have three children - currently 6, 4 and 2 years old. Can anyone give us advice on how we go about starting the eldest two in school? For example, how quickly after arriving do we have to send them to school? Basically, are we able to let them have a 'holiday' for a couple of weeks to get over jet-lag etc even if we land in term-time? We've got a good idea of the government primary schools in Perth we'd like them to go to, but how do we make that happen? Is there an information source on catchment areas? Can we secure them a school place before we arrive in Oz or is that not possible due to the need for an 'in-catchment' address before you are awarded a place? Is it always the case that if you live in a catchment area, the local school has to take your children, or are there exceptions to this? Thanks - any advice gratefully received!
  22. Guest

    Granted WHV

    Hi Everyone, Just been granted my working holiday visa and plan on going to Western Australia on January 18th 2013. I am a qualified bricklayer from the UK. Can anybody give me any advice on the best places to find work in my trade? p.s. Any advice would be brill, even if it's not related to this topic cheers, Ian.
  23. Does any of you helpful people out there have any information regarding financial bank funds/assets required for state sponsorship to WA and/or SA. Due to the recent July alterations to sol my partner and I are having to consider state sponsorship as my trade is no longer on the schedule 1 SOL, and we have heard rumours that in order to stand a realistic chance of being nominated through skill select you need to have around 25 k in AUS dollars. However, after consulting the government website (WA), it states that only 3 months worth of financial support would suffice. Does anybody know if it asks you what amount you have when lodging your EOI, and if so, is it likely to affect being nominated? Basically, does the Australian government ever require proof of savings etc. Cheers all
  24. Hi there, We're currently gathering everything to submit our Visa to move to WA but the skill we were using for an AQF qualification has just been taken off the list! Argh! We're now wondering whether to apply for another state, ie Victoria, Southern or Northern but WA is really where we want to be as our family are already settled there. Is there anyone else having the same problem or can anyone recommend where else is good to move for telecommunications work? We'd even consider fly in, fly out from WA if that was acceptable! Many thanks for any help! :cute:
  25. Guest

    Accommodation in WA

    Hi, I will be landing in Perth Jan 2013 on a working holiday visa. I plan to take tools as I am a bricklayer. Can anybody advise me on what I am best doing for accommodation?e.g. flat share, hostels, etc. Cheers, Ian.