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Found 42 results

  1. Hi all, I am due to undertake my skype technical interview this coming Tuesday (08/01/13) in manchester and am just wondering if there is anyone who has recently completed theirs and if so want to know what advice would they give me? After opting for the technical interview rather than the practical because of the large waiting time and distance to be travelled to available practical dates/destinations, I am a little uneasy as to how they can assess your skills over a skype telephone/video call. Are there any particular areas that they specifically quiz you about, that i could perhaps do some last minute 'swotting up' on? My agent tells me that with my quals/varied work experience in the trade i should be fine, but better safe than sorry. Any help will be greatly appreciated............ Cheers
  2. Hello All, I have been aggressively applying for IT jobs in Adelaide. It has been really tough. Not that easy to get through. I have gotten a Skype meeting setup with a recruitment consultant from a big IT recruitment agency in SA. I am not sure what to expect. I have spoken with lots of them in the US but I am really nervous and confused as to what to expect on this call. If someone has done this already, can you please shed some light on the same? It will be really helpful. Thanks.
  3. Hi, Can you tell me how long is normal in Australia for a prospective employer to get back to you following a skype interview. I have had a few job interviews over the past year and there is a flurry of activity and then all interest diminishes and no one gets back - is this normal? Here in Britain a prospective employer usually gets back within a few days - or a week tops following interview. How long should I wait before a chase the employer following interview? It has been 12 days now and heard nothing. Should I be worried?:dull:
  4. Hello :smile: Im a mechanic and have a job interview via skype lined up for Tuesday. Any tips/heads up on questions they might ask would be greatly appreciated! Thanks. Sean
  5. Hi I am sitting my technical interview in glasgow this monday 3rd october via skype with assessor at melbourne uni. Anyone done this interview? What sort of questions do they ask and how long it takes? Thanks :biggrin:
  6. Totally stunned...had an email ofering a Skype interview next week! Been very upfront about needing sponsorship and it hasn't put them off! Finally, trawling through Seek.com is paying off! I hope its a voice and not a video call as I think my 7am face might frighten them off! :biggrin:
  7. janemaria

    skype interview

    Hubby's got his skype skills assesment on wednesday at 8am, any tips, he's a carpenter and is unsure of what is expected, would have preffered manual test but time not on our side, thanks
  8. Hi Everyone, Has anyone had a Vic Uni Skype interview for general electrician? I have one soon which will be in Glasgow. I would be very interested to know what it was like and what questions you were asked. Im planning on doing some general revison on the electrical stuff, and what jobs i have done in the past. As soon as i have my assessment i will post and let people know what was involved. Also wondered what happens if you fail? and has it happened to anyone? Thanks for reading, :err:
  9. Hi I am sitting my technical interview in glasgow this monday 3rd october via skype with assessor at melbourne uni. Anyone done this interview? What sort of questions do they ask and how long it takes? Thanks :biggrin:
  10. tonyman

    skype an invasion

    i have the skype set up if need be but i dont agree with it ......i feel as though its an invasion of my property , i / we could be doing anything while one of the children are on it to almost anyone ......they could hear things , see things ......ive put it off for 4 yrs now ..... am i being unreasonable ......or sensible.........:confused:
  11. cartertucker


    Hello :cute: I am trying to find my Nan (who is in her mid 80's) an 'easy to use' Skype video Nothing too complicated.....Fool proof in fact :wink:
  12. Hello, I remember reading somewhere here (I think) that there's a way to extract the history via excel/word? I'm compiling docs for my spouse visa & would require this. Thanks in advance, sw.
  13. Hi all, Not for me but a relative.... Has anyone recently done a skype interview and been asked to download the live meeting software? My brother in law is about to do the interview but not sure how it is going to feasible on the current contract he is working on, there is no internet access in the building as it is just a shell. How have people got around this??.... Thanks for any advice in advance
  14. Hi Has anyone had a successful Skype interview and landed the job? I have an interview with one of the uni's for a post I applied for a few weeks ago. I am still based in the UK and the uni are aware of this. I've checked out some websites about postioning on webcam etc and looking direct into the camera when you are being asked the question - but I will be stressing about the questions never mind where to look!! Any tips and/or advice would be great :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::wideeyed::wideeyed::eek::eek:
  15. woodsy16

    skype interviews

    Hi PIOers My husband and I have 176 visas granted and are now on the trawl for jobs while we are still in the UK. I have noticed a few people have mentioned that they have had skype interviews and have been wondering how people found these and if they have had any success. I am obviously used to the whole sit down in a room shaking type of interview and am more then a little curious as to how formal/informal the skype versions are! Thanks Kate
  16. Took my skills assessment this morning via skype to perth, nervous to start to with , but was completley put at ease when examiner said, we don't give out interviews unless we're serious about putting them through after reading references and viewing photo's. Things to read up on are health and saftey on spit guns and platform scaff, he asked me to explain current work and whats involved and did i have questions for him, good idea to have one. all lasted around twenty mins and a lot simpler than taking manual test. Hope this helps
  17. Hi Has anyone on here done this interview yet? My oh has sent away paper application. What happens now? We only have 10 weeks before Victoria state cancel our state sponsorship application so need to get this done asap. Help please :confused:
  18. Guest

    Skype Interview

    Hello lovely Pomz, I had a telephone call this morning from a law firm in Sydney to arrange a skype interview for the end of next week. I just wondered if anyone who has had an interview via skype could let me know what to expect? I am a paralegal/qualified conveyancer. I'm soooo nervous I can't think straight! Any idea of success after a skype call? It will be with the 3 partners of the firm! Thank you for any information Katie x
  19. My OH has his interview with Vic Uni on tuesday and we were just wondering if anyone else has done this yet could they give some advice?if any other electricians have done it what sort of questions do they ask? Does anyone know how long it takes to get your results back
  20. Hi all, I am new to this site but have a few questions. My oh is electrician and we sent off our forms for the skills assessment under TRA to Victoria University this week. I understand the process has changed and it now involves a technical interview via Skype. Just wondering does anyone have any information on this or has anyone got this far yet and had their interview any details greatly appreciated. Also from the website it states you go to their offices to conduct the interview via skype anyone know where these are based. we are from ireland so just wondering where oh would have to travel to. many thanks
  21. Guest


    My wife and I are in the process of applying to migrate with her hairdresser skills, we started Feb 10. I understand that things have changed over the past 12 months regarding hairdressers, we submitted all the relevant documentation to our agent. We have now been informed that my wife will need to sit a skype interview (£1,600) and do an english test (£170), and only certain areas are taking hairdressers. I am trying to establsh if others have come across this hurdle, is this the route to take? If so, any points on the skype interview would be useful. Thanks Neil
  22. Hi guys, As some of you know it was a really tough decision handing in my notice last week as I love my job. I have a little bit of positive news as the HR department there want to do a skype interview this Monday. i;m not sure if there are even vacancies but I guess they want to get to know me etc. Does anyone have any tips for skype interviews? Do you look into the camera or at them on the screen?!! Any pointers most grateful. Thanks everyone x
  23. LukeM

    Skype phone

    Hi all Just a quick one really. We already know about and have used Skype, but basically, if we make it to Aus this summer (house just gone on the market), we will be wanting to set up a Skype phone for one of my grandparents. We know about the little IP phones etc, but we were thinking about the larger "video" phones you know the ones with a good sized screen etc and I think they also have a camera in them so both people can see each other... I gather such a thing must exist, but I'm going to assume it's expensive since a good standalone (i.e. you don't need a computer to work it) IP phone looks like it's going to cost upwards of £70 And yet they don't want to take the easy option and just get a Skype phone on 3... I understand for the camera part so they could see us on webcam etc but do these things exist? Are they cheap? Do they have an ok-sized screen? Do they require an Internet connection to work? Help!! It's late...ish on a Friday evening, I've just got back from a trip to Yorkshire and have a Bundaberg Peachee to keep me going is all!!
  24. what is the better way to call diac? earlier I was connecting through a conference call but these days I cannot do that.. Will skype worksout well? anyone tried that out???I am finding skype to be little expensive! or is there any other service providers provides cheaper than skype?? urgent pls! thanks for your time.
  25. Guest

    Skype Interview

    Hi all, Has anybody had the Master builders Skype Interview? If so how did it go? Any tips or advice would be great. Thanks.