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Found 14 results

  1. MrMakinson

    189 chef technical interview

    Hi guys I've 3 weeks until I sit my technical interview with vetasses for a chef, had anyone got a positive result from this. If so what kind of questions were asked ect
  2. MrMakinson

    Chef skills assessment

    Hey everyone I'm new here and have just submitted my evidence to vetasess for skills assesment as a Chef. Could anyone give me an idea on specifics of what is discussed at technical interview? I've got the fact sheet which matches up close to my nvq that I did way back when. But hopefully someone can give me a better idea of what to expect
  3. Hi all! I am currently collating evidence of all my trade related work experience such as customer/client references, past employer references etc. and honestly consider my case to be a strong one. Our migration agent has informed us that as I have periods of my employment history wherein I was self employed. I need extensive evidence such as invoices/tax documents etc. Which is fair enough as I have many of each. They have also stated that I need to have a letter/written reference from 3 different builders merchant (materials/tools) suppliers for each period of my self employment. Does anyone else out there have any experience of having to get these? Or indeed any advice of how they have got round this requirement. Our agent informs us that a end of month credit account statement will not suffice, and that we must have a written letter/reference from the supplier. I can't really see any of the merchants I used, being prepared to write a reference. They'd probably laugh me out of the store. Is it really that important? Surely past monthly invoices, tool purchase receipts, skip tickets etc would be seen as enough!!! Any information on this would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards
  4. Guest


    Has anyone found it hard to get all the information together for the vetasess, im a gas engineer, we are applying for the 175 visa as anyone else gone with these (migration bureau) we feel its all pay pay pay ,dont no if we been taken for a ride :arghh:
  5. Hi, I received the invoiced confirmation from vetasess on the 12th of december, its 6 weeks now & havent heard anything. Does anyone know how long this might take?? My skills are asessed for ''project/programme administrator'', which also looks at your work experience.... Really really need your input as i am getting quite nervous about this as you can understand.:wacko:
  6. Guest


    Hi Has anyone got any idea how long Vetasess take to get back to you with the results of a Skills asessment? Quite a lot is riding on the outcome (along with everyone else) I have heard nothing in over three weeks and cant get a reply from them. Tim
  7. Hi to all, Can anyone help to explain what will be expected on the 2nd stage of vetassess. I have prepared stage 1 and my agent Mick tells me it will fly through. Can't help but feel a little aprehensive about the 2nd stage. Has anyone gone through this stage lately or if any guys out where i want to be can recall or have photos of what they expect i would be really greatful. Also if any guys already in SA know of any employers that may offer sponsorhip please drop me a line with the details!!! Hope this aint to big of an ask but i wont get anywhere if i just stew on these thoughts and will buy you a BEER! when i get there!!! Cheers Gary & Sue:Randy-git:
  8. Nick and sez


    Are there any other plumbers going for the vetasess practical in June at Accrington
  9. Nick and sez

    Go TRA or Vetasess.

    HI guys, im nearly finished filling out my Vetasess paper assesment to go back to vetasess and have spoken to quite a few peple who are plumbing and heating engineers with NVQ and ACS tickets like me, and most say to go via the Vetasess route, but reading through many threads it seems lots of different Trades have gone the cheaper AQF route which is what i would like to do. This is mainly to save about £1400.00 on the application and practical test if i get that far. Are there any other plumbers with gas ACS tickets and NVQ level 2 that have any more thoughts because i want to know if i can ngo the ACF route and save a shed load of dosh to put towards the Migration agent, as we are currently going it alone. Any solid replies would be good . Thanks NICK.:err:
  10. We dont have enough available on one card to pay the fee, has anyone paid using multiple cards ?
  11. clumbo

    Electricians vetasess test

    Hello Everyone My Husband will be doing his vetasess Electricians test in April and I wondered if there is anyone that can give us a bit of a clue what to expect. Also what would happen if he fails? (I hope he don't) Can he take it again? I am begining to have sleepness nights and I am not the one doing the test!! Any info would be great. Thanks Jane xx
  12. Hi, Hubby is having practical Joinery exam in Oct, anybody done this and could tell him what to expect. Cheers Claire.
  13. Well received great news via email this morning - passed vetassess paper assessment! yippee!! Quickly booked practical in october 17th - as next one is in feb and really want to get cracking now. Only spaces left were in glasgow (quite far as we live in bournemouth!) Any managed to book flights, which were only £40 for us both there and back. Now need to book a hotel/travel in for a couple of nights. Having never been really anywhere in uk can anyone whos done practical in glasgow reccomend a place to stay which is close to North Glasgow college, where practical is being held? Practical starts at 8.00am so dont want to be miles away and dont know area! Any help will be greatly appreciated. :notworthy:
  14. Guest