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Found 28 results

  1. JadeKeeligan

    Help With Employment

    Hi, I have recently arrived in Clarkson, Perth, Been searching for a job but had no luck. Does anyone know any jobs available around this area, or some places I could look at to help me? Thanks
  2. Guest

    6 Months in Clarkson

    Hi all, "Warning Long Post" Hope everyone is well. Just thought I would give an update on how things have been for us in the first 6 months of our new life here in Oz. It all started on 15 May 2009 when we left our friends and families back in the UK. That was not easy especially as we were leaving two of our children behind. They had the opportunity to come with us but decided not to which is a shame but may be when they come to visit they will want to stay. We landed on Australian soil in the early hours of the 17 May 2009 with nothing but a suitcase and travel bag each and $9,000 in our pocket. There are 4 of us, 2 adults and 2 teenagers. Our holiday rental was fab, nice cool pool and fully equipped for just $500 per week. The guys who own the holiday home have been fantastic in helping us start our new lives. I managed to gain employment within the first two weeks of arriving at the Real Estate Agents where we were looking for a rental. Not only did we manage to secure a rental but also I managed to secure employment. We hired a car for the first 7 weeks while we were in the holiday accommodation which was really reasonable. Then for a few months we just walked andused public transport. I will not pretend that it was easy as we were living on one income for a while but we had a place to live, a great furniture package from Fantastic Furniture, had made some friends and of course have each other. There have been times when I thought we had made a very big mistake, especially when Steve could not find work but then I thought about the reason for being here in the first place and things did not seem so bad. Kayleigh started school almost immediately and that again was not easy. During the first couple of weeks I had to drag her to school kicking and screaming. Then Liam, he could not find work. At 17 and having left school and done a year at college in the UK he was not prepared to go back to school for a year. He would just sit around all day and do nothing but watch TV and I became quite concerned for him as he did not really want to come with us and I felt guilty that I had forced him to leave his friends and life in the UK. Steve also was in a bit of a rut because he felt guilty that I was supporting the family. We could not complete our Family Allowance claim because Steve had not received his TFN despite the fact that he is the Australian citizen. Eventually 12 weeks after applying his TFN number turned up but not before I had written a letter of complaint. We were then able to apply for the Family Allowance. We did this and received confirmation of our entitlement which was backdated. Then within 4 weeks both Steve and Liam had obtained employment. It was strange because just when I was fearing the worse the change happened. I applied for finance to buy the car and got it. Liam went for his interview and got the job and then Steve all within the space of 7 days. Kayleigh has now settled at school and is doing really well. Liam has now changed jobs and we never see him as he is always out. Steve is doing OK but wishes he could get a better job but hey it's a job and it brings in the money. I have settled in to my job after a bit of a bumpy start and everything seems to be working out just fine altough a little tight but we are used to that any way. We have just this weekend moved into another rental which is fab. As I sit here enjoying the sunshine and trying to get into the Christmas spirit I realise that everything happens for a reason and there is a reason for everything. It is difficult at the moment because it is so close to Christmas and it is not cold and wet and my boys are not here nagging me about what they want but it was our decision to make this move one which I do not regret. Where in the UK would you see the wonderful wildlife that we have seen here in Oz not to mention the beautiful beaches and parks. I am almost certain that there will be tough times ahead of us but we have come this far and I am sure we can continue to strive. I suppose really my message here is that if you really really want it you can have it even on a shoestring. It will not be easy but all you need to do is be strong and believe it can happen. Wishing luck to everyone battling to get here and I sincrely hope that things work out for you all as they have for us. Kind Regards Karen :wubclub:
  3. The ugliest and oafest man on tv has put his foot in his mouth again saying that striking public sector workers should be shot in front of their children, funny? I thought it was funny when he called Gormless Gordon Brown a one eyed Scottish idiot, but he was lambasted over this crude offensive comment and later apologised. The unions are wanting him sacked, me i don't know, i think he's a plonker, but there was a bit of a silly sick joke about it, but a comedian he's not. Anyone think he should be sacked? Congratulated? Shot in front of his family?
  4. Hi, Can anyone help. I am looking for childcare for my 2.5year old. I will be working shifts and not quite sure yet whether it is a rota or request system. Obviously for childcare reasons I am hoping to work set days. I need someone in either Clarkson or joondalup as I will be working at joondalup hospital and will be going there by train from clarkson. Horizons in clarkson would be my first choice but I think they are limited on spaces in the toddler room. Does anyone know of any day care centres or family day care that would be any good? Also does anyone know if baby earth childcare is still running? I came across it via google search but the website wasn't available. Thank you for any advice! :wacko:
  5. staceyirvine

    Clarkson, quinns rock, butler

    Hi PIO what a great site this is! I have become a regular reader of the comments on here...anyhow does anybody know what the above areas are like and what the schools are like in these areas? Stacey and Damian Damian -floor finisher passed aqf III april, wa applied april 2011, wa approved, lodged 176 19th May...
  6. Hey Everyone! Just moved back to Perth after spending a year in Gladstone, QLD and are now looking to meet some new friends over here. We've just moved into a rental in Clarkson near train station so would love to meet up with anyone living nearby. Loving living in Australia so far, even if I feel like I'm melting at times, but personally think it is worth it, just need some friends to share it with!! Angela and Tony
  7. Guest

    Clarkson High School

    Hi Does anyone have children attending this school? How have your children settled? Are you happy with the education they are receiving? I have four children, two them aged 13 and 15 will more than likely attend this school, 15 year old comlpletes GCSE's this summer and therefore will have to start in y10, ifwe move August. 13 year old will be 14 in Oct so Y8 in August? gratefull for your opinions cheers Eve
  8. Anyone know of a good driving instructor in clarkson area who has the patience of a saint. I arrive late nov but want to start lessons asap, want to be able to get out and about, not stuck in feeling sorry for myself cheers joe
  9. Hi, Looking to move out this year and considering the commute into the city centre (CBD) from Clarkson train station. Anyone doing it? If so how's it working out? I already commute in the UK on the train everyday. Is the Clarkson line train super crowded? OK to travel at night?? So many questions...! MatandNic
  10. Hi moved to perth in April with my husband and my girls ages 5 and 18 months and have made a few friends but still feel abit alone here and would like to meet up with some more mums who would be up for meeting for a coffee/play area etc. Hope to hear from you all! Donna
  11. hi looking to get out with my two girls on a tues/wed, just thought i would ask if anyone iknows of a mother and toddler groups on a tues wed? we live in Clarkson. cheers joe:wacko:
  12. Hi All Our new house build is ready earlier than expected, so we are breaking lease on our rental. It is a massive open plan 4 x 2 on a quiet street with a theatre room, games and study. There is split reverse air con and the bedrooms are all big. The house is less than a year old. The rent is $410 per week and pets are negotiable. It is available from 15th December. It is currently advertised with Century 21 as of today, but if someone would like to arrange a private viewing, please reply and I will contact you. Thanks Gill
  13. Whale and Ale. :jiggy:I think thats what it is called!!:jiggy: Anyway, has anyone been there and can tell me what it is like. We will be moving close by and it would be nice to have a local. Cheers Folks.
  14. Hi, :jiggy: I am 33yrs old, married with 3 kids. Hubby aged 34yrs (Jon), kids are aged 5yrs (girl), 3yrs (girl) and 4weeks (boy). I am a senior oncology nurse but am not going to work for the first yr as I have a baby. We have been here since June 09 and live in Yanchep. Yanchep is a lovely area but maybe a tiny bit 'far' out. So far we have made some great friends, but like in the UK they are all busy bees, rushing around whilst I am stuck at home. SO, I AM LOOKING FOR SOME NEW FRIENDS........ ANY AGE, WITH OR WITHOUT KIDS (but aware that I have some). WILLING AND WANTING TO MEET NEW PEOPLE, GO FOR COFFEE AND MOST OF ALL, "HAVE A LAUGH/FUN/TAKE LIFE AS IT COMES". Thanks for reading my post..... Am getting ready for all my replies!
  15. HI can anyone tell me where the nearest Catholic school is? we will be living in Clarkson, any help appreciated cheers joe
  16. Guest

    Clarkson- here we come?

    hi we are arriving in Clarkson in 4 weeks time! We are moving to a place off Celebration drive. Does anyone know it? What is it like? Is it like a little Britain? Anyway hope we meet some like minded people we are a family of six . we are touching the big 40! Looking forward to it now can't wait , also what is the nearest beach like? cheers joe
  17. Guest

    Nurseries clarkson?

  18. What's it like in this neck of the woods? Is it in the sticks? notice the highway only goes so far? Any help about these areas would be great cheers joe:no:
  19. smitsav

    IT jobs Perth

    Hi my wife and I are hopefully moving to Perth and are expecting our first child in September. We were thinking of the Clarkson area does anyone know how this would be for a young family growing up. I'm an Applications Developer on the mainframe (Cobol etc). Does anyone know what the job prospects might be like in the Perth area for this kind of work and what the average salary might be?
  20. The Cheshire Cat

    Whale & Ale Clarkson Meet 2 August

    Hello Poms in Clarkson and surrounding area's. A few of us are meeting up in The Whale & Ale in Clarkson this coming Sunday 2 August around 4pm. This meet is mainly for youngish! 30's couples/singles without kids. Although it's a free country and anyone is welcome to show up!! lol!! :hug: Please feel free to come along and hopefully make a new friend or 2? If you want to attend are unsure how to find us, please pm us & I'll give you my mobile number so you can find us in the pub!!! Thanks, & look forward to meeting you!!!:jiggy: Andy & Stacey
  21. Hi Folks, We have been in Perth ( NOR ) for just over 2 months now and are slowly adjusting to our new life.:jiggy: Perth is a great place and we love Australia but everyone who has made the emotional journey here will understand when I say that something is missing. FRIENDS! Its harder to make them here and I feel that you really could do with like minded people for support when trying to settle into a new country and a new way of life. I have seen a few posts on here for meet ups around Hillarys etc which is great, but I feel that it is mostly for parents and their children. We do not have any children and I feel that we may just not fit in with the crowd... If anyone out there wants to arrange a meet up or something, let me know. Regards, landv:v_SPIN:
  22. eammon

    Schools in Clarkson

    Can anyone tell me what the schools are like in Clarkson. We've got two girls aged 7 and 13 so interested to hear about both Primary and High schools. Thanks Denise x
  23. shellj


    Hi there anybody in the Clarkson area, Want to meet up. We Have been here a week. With 2 teenagers wanting to make friends. shelljx
  24. kangaroo.bruce


    hi could you please tell me what the area of clarkson is like. i have 2 young children is it a nice place or not to bring up kids.?????????????:unsure:
  25. And hamster and James:notworthy: I also love Clarksons take on Australia and I hear they are coming to Oz to do a show.:jiggy: Quote Clarkson has a long history of having a laugh at Australia's expense. After England defeated Australia in the rugby world cup final five years ago, Clarkson used a newspaper column to compare the development of Australia and the United States. "What have the Australians ever done? What is the name of their prime minister? How much is an Aussie dollar worth? Name five films that they've made. Now go round your house and try to find something that was made there. Your computer? Your car? Your trousers?," he wrote. "When someone has outgrown their home country, they move to America to become even more successful. "Whereas you never hear anyone say, 'Well I'm totally happy. I have lots of friends, an enjoyable career and a great family. So I'm moving to Australia'. Jeremy Clarkson tanked about Top Gear Australia | The Daily Telegraph The man is a legend.