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  1. chisel1

    Skills Assessment - Cabinetmaker??

    Hi Darren, Well you've pretty much answered all my questions that ive been pretty foggy about! Thanks! :notworthy: As either a Cabinet maker or Joiner in WA a base rate to expect would be $25 ph Bare minimum! But usually it pays between $30 - $40+ ph, with you being an experienced tradesman you won't have any trouble punching for the higher rates, bearing in mind this is all private work. If you are interested in bigger jobs, there's loads of building work just started in the city, and the big companies are always hiring. These projects always have some sort of union attached to them and therefore pay very well, great rates plus all the usual benefits aswell as great overtime rates ($70 - $80 ph). Don't worry about finding work, there's so much happening, and with all the younger generation disappearing into the mines these days, it leaves the trades crying out. The west Australian is a good place to look, also http://www.seek.com.au I have plenty of pictures and videos of me using machines and manufacturing so i think ill be fine. Still helps to do the homework though! Ive since started work for myself alongside a colleague, and we are always flat out. Well ill be in touch with them tomorrow morning and i'll get the ball rolling, i have to be quick because my lawyer is flat out too! Take it easy mate, i hope ive helped a little bit too. Mark
  2. chisel1

    Skills Assessment - Cabinetmaker??

    Hi Darren, thanks for the reply mate! So you're perth bound too? It's a great city, and plenty of work on for us guys! Good rates too. Im assuming you passed it then? Sounds like I'll have to brush up a little bit, but I'm sure ill be ok. Did you have to submit any evidence like photos or suchlike? Sorry for all the questions, but it's great to be finally getting some sound advice, because the assessing bodies out here are as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike! So how far are you with your visa now? Cheers Mark
  3. chisel1

    Skills Assessment - Cabinetmaker??

    Hi Guys, I'm currently going through the RSMS 187 Process (or hoping to!), But first of all i need a positive skills assessment....... So im in exactly the same predicament. it seems nobody assesses Cabinet makers under the 187 program? But they do under the 457? Its looking like i will have to do the same as you both have, ill have to go down the joiner route! Now, this thread is pretty old now so im guessing you guys will be well on your way now...... How did you find the assessment? I have a good knowledge of most aspects of joinery and cabinet making, but have never really done things like roofing work? Plenty of work on static machines though, manufacture and installation. Any help or advice you could offer would be greatly appreciated. Kind Regards Mark, WA
  4. Hi Guys, thanks for your advice so far. What is the satellite phone grant then? Ive no doubt my mobile will drop out of signal when im in the Nullarbor! I have worked out that if i go straight across from here to Adelaide and then the coastal route past the Bight etc.... Leading me onto the Eyre highway through the Nullarbor, Pretty much straight across really! Yeah i have figured that fuel is a key thing out there, i have a 20l jerry can which i will take with me along with plenty of water, oil and spares. Drinking water of course too! Are there regular fuel stops on the crossing over to Perth? How much would you expect to pay in the 'outback' fuel stops? Thanks Kate for moving my thread! Very much looking forward to the trip! Regards Mark
  5. Hi there guys, I have decided after recently visiting Perth, that i now want to live and work there and try and get residence via the RSMS visa. However in the middle there has to be a long drive!!!! I have worked out it is 4050km thereabouts and will cost me $800 in petrol in my Ford Courier Ute. I have a friend who is willing to fly over from Perth and make the journey with me. What advice can anyone offer, distance between fuel stops? Accommodation, best route to take etc...........? If my friend should not be able to make the trip with me would i be ok going it alone? Mobile reception (telstra) ? Many thanks in advance for any posts. Mark:notworthy: :rolleyes:
  6. chisel1

    Totally Lost

    Hi there, I can completely understand how you must be feeling, i am currently living in oz around the same age as you (23) over from the UK. I am living with non immediate family at the moment, and as lovely as they are, when i first arrived here we were mere strangers. I find it very difficult at times knowing i left my roots back home, a lot of friends and all my family behind, all of whom i am very close to. However i can advise on this matter from personal experience. I dont know what line of work you guys work in but personally i am a time served tradesman, the UK has one of the HIGHEST unemployment rates in Europe at the moment and is only getting worse, the country is suffering a huge financial recession, that is estimated to last around 5-10 more years yet. We are the one of the highest tax payers in the world! People from all walks of life are being made redundant in their thousands every week, whilst immigrants claim benefits of obscene cost to the tax payer. Pensioners who have worked their entire lives there are being screwed for every penny, and not having delivered the promises they were made by the government. In summer 2011 the country was nearly brought to its knees in the space of a week, due to rioters running amok in the main cities and surrounding areas, which has brought the UK into serious social decline. I could go on forever, but as a fully qualified Joiner who was struggling to take home 300 quid a week, i feel strongly about this. The other side of the coin is that the UK has some really beautiful places and true greenery that Australia doesnt have, the weather is **** to be frank but i do miss going away to Wales and the Lake District. These are some of the few good points. Your parents obviously left the UK for reasons better known to them, but there was still a reason. The UK is Finished! I would strongly advise you dont go back there to live! I hope i haven't poured too much cold water on any plans you may have made, but seriously i only tell you what i have experienced and for the last 10 years it hasnt been a good chapter in many Brits lives. Chin up, and try and find more reasons to live here in Oz, the UK for a holiday is harmless, but to live there is a disaster. Hope this redirects your thought process. Regards Mark
  7. chisel1

    Student visa options + Mild rant! Help!!

    Ahh Mr Russell! I emailed you the other week at your office in St Marys, i am only down the road in Werrington. Good to hear from you. I am a time served Joiner (bench) Current salary is $38,532 i am working as 'JOINER LEVEL 5' I am led to beleive that the current market salary rate is $49,300 or there abouts. Any ideas? Regards
  8. chisel1

    Student visa options + Mild rant! Help!!

    Hi shel, Yeah i thought that would be the case, i had heard that, but just wanted to get it set in stone. No girls on the scene YET! I never thought it would be so tricky, but its just the way it is i suppose. I would probably be able to complete a GSM application, but in order to do that i need a positive skills assesment from VETASSES ( 3 years experience required). I have worked within my trade for 5 years, 3 years of that was doing my apprenticeship, so they only take 2 years into account. Which is frustrating as i was still 'on the job' so to speak. So in September of next year i will have had 3 years experience, so maybe thats an option then? Anymore thoughts? Thanks for the reply! :notworthy:
  9. Hi there, After working for two months for an employer and finally talking them into sponsoring me, i decided to go and see an immigration lawyer to see what i had to do next. GREAT! Right, i work as a fully qualified joiner (5years) i am 23 years of age and living with relatives whilst here on a WHV. So it turns out my employer cant sponsor me now as im not earning (or earning below) the Market Salary Rate. BUMMER! It has been hard enough to persuade my employer to do this finally, and i know for sure i wont be able to squeeze another $10k per annum out of them. So im back to square one peeps. Ill probably do my regional work in the new year and get my 12 month extension. So seeing as there aren't a lot of options for me (as i dont live in regional australia) I am toying with one of my final options which is a Student Visa. Has anyone done this before? I have found International student course fees to be very hefty indeed! ($10-30k) So i was wondering about a modern apprenticeship, and a complete retrain. Again has anyone done this? So for a 23 year old, English speaking, Fully qualified tradesman + Family willing to sponsor + Employment within trade. My options are to either 1, Get married 2, Find a new employer 3, Become a student AGAIN! 4, Go home. COMPLETE BULLS**T !!! :wacko::arghh::em0300::happy_face_mummy_go Thanks in advance folks! Mark
  10. chisel1

    Employer Sponsorship costs? First time around!

    Thanks for that! Had your employer sponsored before? Ive heard if not there is a bit of a process to go through? All new to me! Thanks so much, Mark
  11. chisel1

    Employer Sponsorship costs? First time around!

    Hi there mate! Was looking at the 457 Temporary Long Stay visa. Any Ideas on how much this will cost, as ill probably have to reimburse my employer. Thanks in advance. Mark :notworthy:
  12. Hi There, I have recently started work for a small long established joinery firm, i think i may be able to talk them into sponsoring me to stay here? I am a qualified 23 year old joiner currently living with relatives in Penrith. I have looked on the immigration website and it gives you the costs for nomination and loging a sponsorship application. Which isn't a lot of money really. around $600 max. Seeing as my company hasnt done this before, does anyone know if there are any additional costs involved? I am looking to fill out all the forms myself to keep costs down. Has anyone done this before?? Would be grateful for any advice, Thanks in advance Chisel :hug:
  13. chisel1

    Working holiday visa - Permanent residency

    Thanks guys! I realise its not a cheap process, small price to pay though if you wanna stay here. How soon after arriving here on a WHV did you go ahead with your other visas? I heard that if you try to go from WHV to PR, you could get knocked back because it was your initial intent to come here for a holiday, not to stay.............. Anyhow thanks for the advice,
  14. Hi there guys, I am currently living in Penrith with my Uncle, i am 23 and a qualified joiner. I have been here three weeks now, and it was always my intention to try and stay out here, so i am now trying to look into the steps to take towards getting PR. Has anyone done this and has any advice to offer? I am a qualified tradie and i have family willing to sponsor me, so what are my chances??? :eek: There seems to be a number of ways to do this and i have heard horror stories aswell as successful ones, just trying to get things right first time! :biggrin: Please post, i would be grateful for your thoughts and experience. Peace out Mark
  15. Hi Dudes, Im currently living with my uncle in Werrington Downs, Penrith. Just been on the job search lately as i arrived 3 weeks ago. I am a 23 year old joiner from Wigan on a WHV, looking to get a PR soon though, really dont wanna go home!!! How do you all find living out here? Also if anyone knows of any work gizza shout! Cheers. Mark