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Found 330 results

  1. Okay so. - Restaurant manager, NSW. 187/RSMS 17th May 2016 - RCB Approved 14th July 16 - Submission documents for Visa waiting. ... Waiting ... Agent requested police checks to update file - (Not Immi.) 1 st Feb 2018 - Visa Rejected. reason: The employer had stopped operating under original ABN (Mentioned during time of application) Although business was still running - had changed the ABN in Jan. Immi had contacted place of work requesting for documents during Jan 18 requested for documents/reason for/inline with reason of changing ABN # Employer had not submitted docs within allocated time frame (14/21) days. Visa rejected - giving me 20 days to appeal / withdraw (notification to agent 01st Feb) My agent got back to me on the 5th / Feb (5 days in) Now I have been told that I have till the 20th to appeal - or it will be a permanent rejection. Cost of appeal 17xx odd dollars so around 1800/- ++ this is addition to previous "paperwork charges" 2 years 7 months .... and again I am waiting. with all this patience and calmness - I may ascend at some-point. Lets all wait it out ..
  2. Hi folks,please accept my upfront apologies if this is a repeat request, I couldn't find anything similar to my situation from any of the recent posts. Situation:I am currently employed as an ICT Business Analyst with a large firm on a 457 that was issued in August 2016. For number of reasons, I am looking to change jobs, and the new offer is for a Management Consultant role with a different firm. My question is, can my new employer simply transfer the sponsorship of my existing 457 on a different occupation? If yes, will this entail submitting a new nomination?Many thanks in advance!
  3. Hi I have a job offer in Sydney and my new employer is going to be sponsoring me for 4 years. The VISA was lodged 3 weeks, but I aint heard anything yet... my employers told me it would take about 2-3 weeks to be processed. Im really worried cos I have handed in my notice and my last day at work is Friday. I had to hand in my notice as my new employer wants me to start working ASAP. Can anyone else tell me how long they have had to wait for sponsorship? Also who is the best airline to fly with (i aint even booked my flights as I dont have my VISA!)
  4. My company is in the process of applying to be a nominated employer, and to nominate me under the Employer Nomination Scheme (186). I wanted to check what the law, and general procedure is regarding who should pay for what relating to the Visa process. For example, who should pay for the employer nomination application, the candidate application, and then all the associate costs related to the application - such as police checks and health assessment for example. Thanks for your help, I look forward to hearing back from you.
  5. So i have been working for a company for about 6 months...they did my initial 457, sponsoring me for the maximum 4 years...the work they thought they had dried up, so I am looking for a new employer and have found one. The company is an approved sponsor but there is a problem: they are under the impression that if they sign me up, they are effectively signing me up as a permanent employee for the duration of the sponsorship under law. No matter how much I plead, they won't listen that they are 2 separate things. Does anyone have official/semi-official proof that this is not the case? Thanks in advance!
  6. Hello all!! My immi lawyer has said I need to obtain a ref for 3 out of the last 5 years from my employer on our company's stationary. However, if my company knew I was considering this move they would surely fire me or ask me to resign... I don't want to do that as I plan to be in UK and at work for at least another 6 months. Plus I doubt they'd give me ref as they want to keep me!! Has anyone else come across this situation? If so, how do you deal with it? Thanks, Jen (Going for a regional sponsorship visa - 190 visa - completing VETASSES at the moment)
  7. Hi All I have been working for the employer for nearly 2 years . i have got assessment from Engineers Australia And from TRA , IELTS 6.5 . Unfortunately Company going to terminate the full time contract with my and now I am on gardening leave ( still in company but no pay) because they are trying to find another suitable position for me. I had an interview recently and now waiting for response . The point is that the position is fixed term, 1 y, and it means that I can stay on 457 visa for a while but my application is not valid any more (I pay AUD 540) . It is known that I have to find the job and sponsorship within 90 days but seems not much position on job market. Looks like company wants to save money by keeping me in business otherwise they have to pay for 6 weeks (as I am redundant ). big mess this days for my family . If anybody had this challange kindly just give your suggestion in that kind of situation. Thank you , guys in advance and wish you had no experience I am having now
  8. I am currently sponsored by my employer on a 457 visa...I have accepted another job and the new employer has applied to take over the nomination..this has not been granted yet however I dnt foresee any problems...I know if I remain with current employer then I dnt need to reapply for my 457, just transfer nomination but what if I was to leave my current employer now while waiting for immi to approve new nomination? Would that cancel my visa and therefore mean I would have to reapply for another 457 from scratch? I know about the 90 days, working notice n work restrictions but im unclear on this...I knw its a risk in case new nomination refused but could nomination still be transferred even though i would have left current employer? Hope that makes sense. I just want to leave current job as soon as Thanks
  9. Hi Folks, Urgently need your help in this matter! I am a 5.5yrs experienced IT Professional working for an Indian IT Major, who sponsored my UC 457 two years back. But now , due to lack of business, they are not able to send me to Australia. Is there any way I can find a sponsor in Australia (any location) and change my job sitting in India? Alternatively, if I leave my company here in India, can I travel to Australia in the 28 days timeframe without employment letter and try to find a job there? (not a good option I feel, but can it be an OPTION, what do you guys feel?) Need your valuable inputs, please help!!!
  10. Hallfamily

    CSOL List

    Am I correct in saying that if your occupation is on the CSOL List and not on any SOL List you can only get a visa through an employer nominating you?
  11. Hi I moved to Australia in July 2008 on a 457 visa to work in regional WA. I remained on this visa until 1 month ago when my application for a 857 visa was granted. The conditions of this visa are that i remain with my company for a period of 2 years. I am currently in a position where i am extremely unhappy in my current roll, to the point where it is effecting my health. I enjoy living in Australia and would like to remain in Australia, however i would really like to change my job. Does anyone know if immigration would make me leave australia and revoke my visa should i leave this company??
  12. Cerberus1

    ENS (121/856 visa) Timeline

    The old ENS timeline thread was a bit off topic and out of date. Here's a new one.
  13. ​My partner is currently in the process of putting together documents to support a 457 visa application however one of his employers over the past 5 years has since gone into liquidation and therefore he is unable to obtain nor provide a reference for this position. He was in that role for just under a year. He has been in 3 roles over the past 5 years however he has worked for his current employer, who is sponsoring his 457 visa, for almost 3 and a half years. Has anybody experienced this when applying for a 457 visa (I would imagine so!) - any advice on what to do in this situation? Any info would be appreciated!?
  14. Dear Experts, What are the consiquence if a employer breach all the conditions of agreement paper in rsms visa..for example no super, no penalty rates, no award wages, no fulltime work. will the employee visa b cancelled if he leaves the position.. What if DIAC finds the employee later that he left the position ..will the above reason be sufficient to prove that the employee have done best.. or does the employee needs to notify diac that the he have left the position.. can some one give me a proper advice ..what an employee should do in this circumstances.. Thanks in advance..
  15. I would be grateful, if you could help me with getting another nurse employer or point me in the right direction. I am here in Brisbane since November 2012, and my new employment is a nightmare, really unhappy there. I am an aged care nurse of 7 years but 20 years in the trade, could anybody point me to where there is other sponsership nurse employers in Brisbane. Thank you for your time xx
  16. Meadows73

    RSMS 119 & Employer Nightmare

    Does anyone know of someone who could offer me advice about my visa and problems with my employer? I only started work yesterday and it is a nightmare already, I was brought out to work as Medical Administrator and there is no job for that and my employer would not let me start for 8 weeks despite insisting I get here ASAP, I am now working as Assistant in Nursing instead, which is pretty heavy going. My MIA just says suck it up as I got my visa with an age exemption, and that I should stick out my 2 years, they tell me the pay will be the same, not yet had any pay yet, only just started the job. Is there anything I can do? I am desperate!
  17. Hi everyone, I am having to change my employer due to the position no longer being avaiable. I have found a new employer and am currently working my notice at my old employer. The problem i have is that i have a family of four to support as my husbands wage does not cover our bills, and i am being told that after i have finished with my old employer i will have to wait the time it takes to transfer the sponsership (which immigration are quoting takes three months currently) until i can work with my new employer. This is a problem as the new employer needs someone to start immidiatly as it is an urgent position and also if i dont work we will not be able to cover our outgoings. Any help or suggestions would be very welcomed. thank you Toni
  18. Hi all, I got my rsms last Nov and came to regional area in Jan this year to start my job with my employer. Just yesterday, one of the mgr shouted at me in the office and made an insulting remark which i felt was uncalled for. And i felt insulted by it. this is the last straw as i have had to endure previous similar incidents over the phone. When i spoke to the business owner abt it, he implied that the mgr was not in the wrong. I was not given any feedback as to my work performance before this incident but was only told during the talk with the owner that they do not think i am performing. I was also called a racist but they could not give any examples when i asked for it. Neither was there any clarifications with me when he 'heard about it' from 'the staff'. I am getting stressed about going to work everyday and not knowing when i will be shouted at again or being accused of not doing things which I did not know i should be doing. (Note: I took over from my predeccesor and did what I was taught and no one said things were done the wrong way then). After this incident, I am dreading to go to sleep because it will be tomorrow then when i wake up and I will have to go to work again. My question is will my RSMS be revoked if i leave this employer and work for another employer in the same town? I do not mind living and working in this town if i can find a job. My husband and I have even bought a property in town and he has also got a job. So i think we are committed to stay for the long haul. My employer has kinda threatened to say that if this is my way of trying to get out of the situation, he will have no choice but to report to Immi. Do I have a case? Distressed and teary. Cell13
  19. pinkpolkadot08

    very confused!!!

    Hey, Just wondering if an Employer has to pay a fee to register their business for sponsoring people? I tried to find some info on imm gov Australia but its pretty confusing stuff. My Husband has a meeting with his potential sponsor (457 visa) at the end of this week so we want to have all the facts. Do they just pay the relative charges each time? Eg: Visa app:$350 Nomination charge:$80 Sponsorship charge:$405 Is there any extra charge for dependants included in the application? Thanks, Niamh
  20. good morning my fellow poms, i have just registered on this site in the hope of obtaining some helpful information regarding employment sponsorship and whether it is enough for me to obtain temporary residence and eventually permanent residence: I'm currently working in christchurch as a painter and decorator fixing all these shaken homes. I've been working for the same employer for about 6 months now and have been offered 'sponsorship' by that employer.......by that i mean he says he is willing to offer ( and put this in writing for immigration purposes) me continuous employment if i can legally work in NZ. I'm currently on a 1 year IEP work visa which will expire in October. The occupation in question isn't on the long term shortage skills or the immediate shortage skills list, neither is it on the recently introduced canterbury shortage skills list. It is however on the ANSCO ( skilled occupation list ) however to qualify for this i may need to have trade papers ( which i don't have ) of some kind, but i'm unsure of this. I completed a dummy run of the Skilled Migrant Category Points Indicator and my score was 135 points which apparently qualifies me to submit an expression of interest to the immigration bureau.....however: A big chunk of this 135 total (50 to be precise) came from my qualification, i have a HND in graphic design which incidentally is identified as an occupation of future growth in NZ. I'm unsure as whether or not the employment offer I have has to relate to the qualification or not?........obviously a qualification in graphic design is unrelated to a job offer as a painter and decorator. Also i didn't gain any points from experience as a painter and decorator as i can't prove any, other than experience gained with my current employer ( which doesn't count for anything as it's only 6 months).....so the 50 points for my qualification is the deal breaker.....without this i'd drop below the 100 requirement mark. So that is my situation, does anyone know if i'd be successful with my expression of interest?......i'd be grateful to anyone who has any sound knowledge of my dilemma. Thanks in advance
  21. Hallfamily

    Employer References

    How does everyone handle their current employer finding out they are looking into migrating to Oz. We've heard that once you get your skills assessed done they will also want a current reference from your current employer,the question is do you let your employer know before hand what you are planning? I think this would be an uncomfortable situation. Do you agree? :confused:
  22. Hi I am a qualified accountant looking for employer sponsorship to australia, preferably perth. Can anyone help find potential employers? Navin
  23. hi, all, it is so sad that most of us, the visa holder of RSMS 857 have all kinds of problems. we have been treated unfairly i have been working for the company for 2.5 years in total. but it has only been 8 months after my pr was granted. due to the financial loss and the restructure of the manage team. i was offer a part-time position instead of full-time position. two days ago, the new CEO notice me that our contract will be terminated shortly. i have seen a few similar cases in this forum. Yesterday, I have gone to the immigration office to report the problem as well. I have also call Immi, and send an email to them. waiting for the result please whoever has similar case, let us know your result and give us some hope :cry:
  24. boardie

    Employer sponsored visa advice

    My husband has been offered a job in WA for a job that isn't on either the general or state skill lists. Am I right in thinking we wouldn't qualify for a visa even though the company is happy to sponsor us? I'd appreciate any advice, I'm going round in circles here! Thanks
  25. Hi There, I have recently started work for a small long established joinery firm, i think i may be able to talk them into sponsoring me to stay here? I am a qualified 23 year old joiner currently living with relatives in Penrith. I have looked on the immigration website and it gives you the costs for nomination and loging a sponsorship application. Which isn't a lot of money really. around $600 max. Seeing as my company hasnt done this before, does anyone know if there are any additional costs involved? I am looking to fill out all the forms myself to keep costs down. Has anyone done this before?? Would be grateful for any advice, Thanks in advance Chisel :hug: