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Found 214 results

  1. https://www.legislation.gov.au/Details/F2018L01472 More commentary soon. Best regards.
  2. Has anyone managed to claim back there super if you are a permanent resident and have moved back to the UK for Good. Any advice would be great or if they don't pay it out can you transfer the funds over to a UK pension? Thanks
  3. Hello, I am new here but have been a lurker for a few weeks. I am an Australian citizen who has been living in the UK with my now-husband for 15 years (i am a dual citizen). We got married last month in Queensland and have now come back to the UK. We've decided to move to Australia permanently with our two children in 2019 and I wanted to get the ball rolling with his visa. Am i right in thinking that he applies NOW for his temp visa ... which then eventually will turn into the permanent one? I can apply for this visa now even though we won't be there for another 19 months? Our children will have citizenship via me so i won't need to do anything with them besides get their Aust passports sorted out. If anyone else has done this, i'd love to hear from you. I understand the visas can take up to 3 years to obtain so now is a good time to start right?? Do some people wait until they're IN Australia? $7,000 is a lot of money! Thank you for reading!
  4. UKFrann

    Re-entering after claiming DASP

    Hi all, I have just left Australia after doing an exchange program from my home University in the UK for one year on a Student-Working visa. I have a question regarding Superannuation (DASP). I am completely at grips with the ATO and Tax return (already claimed this for the year 2016/17) and that I am entitled to claim my Superannuation back via the DASP online system. My question (and I am unsure as to whether this is a myth or not) is whether would claiming my Superannuation for the past year affect any future chances of myself re-entering Australia with the intention of living there permanently one day on a different visa and starting to earn Superannuation again? I understand this is perhaps quite vague but my bottom-line question is if I claim back my Super now, will I be able to apply for a Working visa in the future and be able to extend this eventually to permanent residency/citizenship and start a new superannuation fund? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  5. So I'm wanting to move to Australia, permanently. I plan to get a two yearly working holiday visa, and then after this - what are my options? I'm an exotic dancer so I really don't have a career path. While in Australia I'd like to do some beauty courses. Ultimately I'd like to set up my own business which is very doable, weather it's mobile, in home or small store.Is there a visa for me to start a small business and stay in Australia after the two year working holiday visa? Or what are my options, if any, to permanently move and live in Australia?
  6. Hi there, I'm hoping someone can help me please! I'm currently on a 457 visa but have started the process with my employer to apply for Permanent Residency. I'm married to an Australian Citizen and having our 1st baby in September 2017. I'm not entitled to Paid Parental Leave from the government whilst on a 457 visa and my permanent residency will not be granted before the baby is born. You can however claim paid parental leave up until the child is 52 weeks old. My question is, can I apply for paid parental leave within that 52 week period if my PR visa is granted even though I was on a 457 when the child was born? Any help or advice is much appreciated :-) Nicole
  7. Hi Folks. New to this site and need some help. I'm currently on a 457 visa (4 year) which I got granted back in October 2011. I have worked as a Project Manager my full time working in Australia. I moved company in November 2013 due to the previous company going broke. So basically from when I started work again there is only 1 year and 11 months left of my current 457 visa. I understand to transition to permanent (subclass 186 visa) through your employer you have to work with them for 2 years. So I think I am stuck there? Is there any other options? Thanks in advance for your help.
  8. Hi Guys, I am really stressed and concerned at the moment and desperately need some advice! At the moment, i am sponsored by my employer in the NT and my visa RSMS has been lodged at the start of february 2014. However, I am still on my student visa and have to comply. The thing is, my education provider is based in Melbourne and have not told them that I am being sponsored. I cannot attend classes due to the fact that I am based in the NT and would be expensive for me to fly in and out to Melbourne on a regular basis. What should I do as i am really worried that my education provider will report me?:arghh: Any input helps!
  9. Hello there! I am a 21 year old British resident and I have just left Australia after having a two year working holiday visa. During that time I have met the love of my life and would really like to be able to live in Australia. I am now moving to New Zealand so we can stay together although still, ideally I would love to live in Australia. I would be happy to get married but i'm sure that's not even as straight forward as that. We have lots of proof of living together and I've met all her family and have photos etcetc. Just wondering what are my options? I've heard it's pretty expensive which ever way, but yes, just wondering if anyone has any experience or some advice for me? I understand that this topic will be very talked about, but I want a personal recommendation!! Thanks for your time, any help would be appreciated. Alex
  10. Hi everyone, My name is Andy and I have a question that I would like anyone's thoughts. My family and I migrated to Australia and subsequently returned to the UK in 2003. I wanted to stay in Australia however I was 11 years old at the time and unable to do so. My permanent residency visa expired in 2008 before I was unable to return as I was only 16 years old at the time. I am now 20 years old and am in a position where I would be able to return to live and work in Australia on my own. I believe I may be eligible for a one year resident return visa as long as I meet the certain conditions. I have returned to Australia on a tourist visa in 2011 so this is the last year I can apply as I would have left Australia as a resident 10 years ago in July this year. I have an employment offer from the company I work for, Apple, so feel confident I could meet the substantial ties due to employment condition. I also have family who have been citizens of australiangor over 30 years however they are Aunties, Uncles and cousins so not immediate family. I also will have completed a degree in BSc Computer Science in June this year so I am sure this will benefit Australia as I will be employable in an area that is in high demand. For compelling reasons I feel that the fact that I wanted to stay in Australia and was forced to come back to the UK because of reasons out of my control would suffice. If I had been of an age and in a situation where I could have stayed then I would have done so however I was unable to. I also would have acquired a college and university education in the uk which was another reason that I did not apply earlier or return before my visa expired. I am in the process of completing the application currently and would love some advice from anybody on what would be necessary in the application and any advice anyone can give on whether you think that my reasons would be sufficient to secure a resident return visa. Another question I have is can documents be certified by univeristy lecturers or do they have to be certified by certain people in particular? Thank you in advance, I look forward to hearing from you. Andy
  11. I've just applied for my PR (!) from Australia and I clicked on the icon to check where to get my Health Check done, and the nearest centre is in Japan - is this for real? When I look on the immigration website, the only countries available where you can get a health check are outside Australia. Am I missing something here? Or do I need to start packing my kimono and looking forward to authentic sushi?
  12. It is coming upto my 1 year here in Fabulos Australia, and my sponsership company, who brought me out here ( i am a Nurse) on a 457 visa, said i can apply for PR after one year. Could anybody out there give me some advice how to start this process, i would really appreciate your knowledge. Thank you for your time......
  13. Hi, I am currently on a 457 visa with my husband and have been living and working in Oz for over 2 years. We are looking to start a family soon but I've heard there are no family benefits for people on a 457 visa. Does anyone know if I have a baby whilst on a 457 visa and then apply for perm residency, would I be able claim maternity pay for the child if I am not working. Wasn't sure if you could claim after child was born. Also if I become pregnant whilst in process of applying forperm residency, does this effect our application at all? Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks
  14. Can somebody tell me whether i can apply for a PR whilst on a 457 sponser. I have only been in Australia 3 months??? Very unhappy in employment. Thanking you
  15. HI Guys I need some help we have been told by our agent that our Visa is in the process of being granted on a 457 I have asked if it will be pretty simple to apply for a permanent residence once we have been in OZ for around a year but I was so shocked to be told the process is almost as long as it has taken to apply for the 457 and it looks as though it is going to cost around £5000 english pounds :arghh: I am now panicking my husbands job is not paid as well as he is here how will we save this and live has anyone applied for permanent residency and how long after arriving on a 457 was it really difficult and how much did it cost help please:v_SPIN: We are leaving everything and going out with our three children with not very much mainly for quality of life I am prepared to work but will have to pay for childcare which I would imagine to be expensive. I soo hope this is all going to be worth it!!!!
  16. Hey guys would appreciate your help..I'm heading to Oz on 457 visa and my employer has offered sponsorship for permanent residency if all goes well.however I am only one year qualified as a midwife and from reading the immi website I've noticed that I need three years experience and a skills assessment (which I have) to be eligible for ENS. I know can wait til I have worked two years in oz and then apply for ENS then but if we wanted to apply for permanent residency sooner then what are the options when we are in Oz? Hope someone can help
  17. Hi Every one, can you plz help me by providing the visa timeframe for Offshore (subclasses 309 and 100) visas especially from the Middle East. Thanks in Advance
  18. Hi I just wanted to check if anyone else has been recently applied/been granted for the permanent spouse visa 801, following been on the 820 temporary spouse visa. I rang immigration this week and they said that they will contact no sooner than the 2 year mark or anytime up to a month after. Is this the usual thing they say even though I have heard many people receive letters from immigration 2 months before the 2 year mark to request an update on the situation and to apply for PR? Thanks Smiler:biggrin:
  19. Angjol

    Student to Permanent Residence

    Hi guys... I am new to this forum n glad to see ya'll ! We are planning to go o a student visa to Australia.I have done bachelors of business admin a 4 yrs course from pakista.now me and hubby are planning to go to Oz , me being the main applicant.We have some issues: 1) Can I do a diploma in a skill in demand course as doing masters will require a lot of fee that we can not afford.Would we b able to get PR through a diploma course? 2) If we cannot get PR through a diploma course then which university is the cheapest in whole of the Oz like around $8000 a year for doin masters.? 3)How much chances are there to get PR after 2 yr study? 4)If I do a diploma course, will i get a work permit after 2 yrs for further stay in Oz? 5)What are the per week and per month expenses of accomodation, grossary, daily life issues if some one can share their routine life exenses with me? 6)Can I get scholarship from any university in Australia that can cut down my university fee into atleast 50% ? 7)*****The most imp Q....At the time of applying for permanent residency, would we need to show our 3 yrs experience of work (in our home country or in Oz)? Or is it that oz gives leniency to students onshore? 8)Is work /employment verification done in the process of PR in the home country even if we have applied onshore from Oz ? We aew very worried abt all ths situation, some one told that Australia is hardly giving PR to students after the new rule implementation...How much is it true? Thanking you all Ang
  20. Guest

    Permanent residency visa

    Hello Everyone I have recently arrived into Sydney on a 457, 4yr temporary work visa. For a variety of reasons I'd like to apply for a permanent visa now that I'm here. What experience do people have of applying for permanent residency? How long does it all take? What visa did you apply for? My employer is happy to support this move, I just need to know what to do!! I think I might need an ENS? Thanks for any guidance or suggestions of where to look next :wink: xx
  21. Hi, I need info about student visa if im moving with my Husband and mother in law. I want to initially go on a student visa to study for a diploma over the course of 2 years with the intention of applying for a permanent visa once I complete my studies, I have 2 questions with which I'd be delighted to hear any response to, 1: Has anybody had any experience with a Student Visa to Permanent Resident?What difficulties can we face? Are the rules tough for bridging visas? 2: I've read all the Great things about Oz but I'd love to hear from somebody who lives there to hear what its really all about, Thanks in advance to any responders Angjol
  22. hello everyone and am new to the site.we are looking for advice and wondering if anyone can help us.we are poms residing in NZ and basically wife and kids are bored stiff here in NZ.NOW ARE LOOKING TO GO TO OZ.i am 44 years old(getting on now) and a boilermaker/welder working here.wife is a health care assistant at whangarei hospital and boy/girl,16 and 14 years old and 2 pommy and 1 kiwi dogs.i have a brother who is a oz citizen living in brisbane.are we eligible to move to oz,i know age is a concern but would it be easy to get into oz.i know all about meds and expressions of interest and ITA to apply.what do you guys reckon?
  23. Guest

    Permanent visa

    i an in melbourne with 309 temporary visa but my partner does not want to help me get the permanent visa but we are still together and have a child together ..... she have 2 years old ? Can I take PR if i have child born here? What advice can you give me....THx
  24. Hello, My husband and I will be moving to Australia next August (2012). We are on a permanent resident visa and would now like to get a job as soon as possible. I'm an HR manager of 31 years old with more than 7 years experience and extensive exposure to Industrial relations (International). Currently working in the Packaging Industry, previously in the Automotive Industry. Our first intention is to go to Sydney, however, we would be happy to go anywhere in Australia where we could bothe get a job (Husband is IT consultant, specialised in Oracle) Anyone in the field has done the move? I'm just starting looking around.... wondering if it makes sense to have my skills assessed to "prove" to Australian employers my experience in the field. Wondering if it makes sense to go to law school to grasp the main points of Australian labor law... but feeling the cost very expensive for uncertain result If you had any advice on where to start, that would be muche appreciated! Thanks a lot!
  25. liudic

    WHV to permanent..?

    I have looked this up but cant get my head around which category i am in. Heres the page with the fee's listed. http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/990i/partner.htm At the moment i am on a WHV and am for the next 11 months. I have an australian girlfriend, we are now living together but have been together for 2 years. Im realising very quickly that alot of the jobs I have the most experience in will only except people on permanent residency. So I can either get some bottom end job that excepts WHV people or I was thinking to just try and pay for the defacto visa straight away and get myself permanent if possible sooner than later.. As I am already in the country and have WHV does that mean im the $345 category? Or $2960?? Thanks.. Or is there another way of doing this im not aware of? Help appreciated thanks!!! :cute: