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Found 152 results

  1. In June 2022, I found out that I was eligible for citizenship, no problem going through all of the 32/34 pages on the immi account. Now I found out over the weekend that I am not eligible any longer and can't proceed past step 4. I believe this is because on the 26/6/2018 (4y ago), I traveled overseas until 21/8/2018. Despite the fact that I have been in Australia for 4Y with less than 12 months of total absence (I was in australia since May 2018), the immi account (and the Immi person I talked to on the phone) says that I am not eligible until the 21 Aug 2022. I am thus thinking that the 4Y period from submission date cannot start with a period of absence...even if I was in Australia in May and Jun 2018 ? Should I just suck it up and wait 1.5 months ? Any advice? The person on the phone told me to go for ministerial discretion if I think I'm correct, but I wouldn't jeopardize my application over this... Just feel silly and played that I lost 45d because I waited another weekend to submit.
  2. I need some help when I should lodging my citizenship application, since there lot of confusion using the online calculator. Here are my entry dates and absence dates: Lawful residency: 19/04/2010 Permanent residency: 17/03/2010 From the online residency calculator, tells me that I am already eligible. However, based on the rules and legislation, I think the calculator may not be accurate with calculating the eligibility since it does not take into consideration the absence from the country for more than 1 years (in the last 4 years). Is my understanding correct? What should be my "Intended lodgement" date? The applicant should not go out of the country for more 3 months in the 4 year, just before the citizenship application. For this I am planning on traveling for 93 days on work starting Aug 2019. Absences: 01 Apr 2010 to 07 May 2012 07 Jul 2013 to 19 Sep 2013 22 Oct 2013 to 19 Nov 2013 27 May 2014 to 25 July 2016 ==> Out of the country for 2 years (the 4 year period starts here on re-entry) 02 Sep 2016 to 01 Oct 2016 15 Nov 2016 to 30 Nov 2016 13 Sep 2017 to 02 Oct 2017 23 Apr 2018 to 31 Apr 2018 01 July 2018 to 02 Sep 2018 09 Aug 2018 to 10 Nov 2019 ==> Upcoming trip for 91 days. Safe to travel, if Iam lodging the app during Sep 2020 With the 4 year rule is the expected lodgement date Aug 1, 2020 correct, since I reentered Australia during 31 July 2016 (after living outside for 2 years). Now assuming if I lodge the application after a month later during in Sept 2020. does this impact my eligibility requirement of not staying outside the country for more than 3 months in the last 12 months? Please advise. I would like to know if it's ok to travel for 3 months and 1 day because of family and work commitments during this year.
  3. urbancoyote

    Residency status

    Hi I’m planning on emigrating to Australia. I am just looking at a couple of scenarios. If I was to come on shore to a lodge a visa application at the back end of 2019, but then left soon after to go back to the uk, before returning in 2020 on a bridging visa, given I only own property in uk and will have no job in Australia in 2019 would I be a tax resident from when I first lodge the visa or from when I return in 2020? Many thanks mack
  4. Hi there, I'm hoping someone can help me please! I'm currently on a 457 visa but have started the process with my employer to apply for Permanent Residency. I'm married to an Australian Citizen and having our 1st baby in September 2017. I'm not entitled to Paid Parental Leave from the government whilst on a 457 visa and my permanent residency will not be granted before the baby is born. You can however claim paid parental leave up until the child is 52 weeks old. My question is, can I apply for paid parental leave within that 52 week period if my PR visa is granted even though I was on a 457 when the child was born? Any help or advice is much appreciated :-) Nicole
  5. Lauren Jones

    Super hostage

    HI, i currently hold a Employer Nomination (Residence) (Class BW, Subclass 856) visa that was granted five years ago this October 2015. I have now left Asutalia and am trying to claim back my Super to no avail. Super says i need to ask tax office, tax office tells me to cancel my visa, immigration say i am unable to cancel my visa as it is not temporary. Please help!
  6. danchamp89

    Residancy or citizenship?

    I have been in australia now for 13months i am on my 2nd WHV but the plan was always to stay origionally. I am now 25 I currently live with my mother and step.d but we are struggling on visas origionally we looked at the child visas before i turned 25 but not being in full time education i couldnt apply i live with my parents still and i have no contact with any other family back in the uk does anyone know what the best route is or if there is any loop holes cheers
  7. Mighty boosh

    Miss held information what now!

    Hi I have been living in Australia for over 5 years. First on working holiday visa, then wwoofing, then 457 visa. Now I am at a point where I can apply for residency via ens. I have started the process, and when I got my uk police report back from the uk. It came back with convictions that I never declared. So now I am freaking out. I listened to friends that applied, and said if it was over 10 years it's wiped. So I naively did not declare them. A conditional discharge, small fine for handling stolen goods more than 20 years ago, and a caution which I didn't declare from 2008 for having MDMA on me (1 pill) stupid I know, but was experimental phase of my life. I thought as it was a caution and not a conviction, I didn't need to declare ( how stupid of me!). So now having spoke with my lawyer. He says it's 50/50 decision. As there is a question of character involved. I am gutted. My life is totally invested in being here. I love it. My partner has literally just had our 1st child. So now am concerned about my families future. Does anyone have any experience of such things happening to them. If so any help is much appreciated. As I am caught between a rock and a hard place apply and potentially get refused. And lose thousands. Or quit and go home? Which I cannot even think about! would very much appreciate your replies
  8. Jesse Wragg

    Do I need a resident return visa?

    G'day! So I've just booked some flights home to the UK. It's the first time I'm leaving the country since I've had my de-facto PR 801 approved (yay!) and I'm a bit confused about this resident return visa thing... Previously (e.g. when I was on the temporary stage of the defacto 820 visa), I've left and re-entered Australia without issue. It's all electronic and I've never had an issue. I've booked this trip home pretty spontaneously though and I'm heading away in a few weeks so I'm a bit concerned if I need to apply for the RRV. Am I correct in thinking that the RRV is only for permanent residents who've been living away from Aus for an extended period? Or is it for all permanent residents who want to re-enter the country? Thanks in advance for any help!
  9. Hello all, I am currently on a 457 visa. My visa runs out June 2017 - in short 3 years left. I was planning on a PR so i submitted my papers to ACS for skillselect. My skills are approved by ACS and my skill is on SOL list. I got another job offer from another company with higher pay. I have yet to accept that offer. Question is - Can I ask my new company to sponsor me for 186 visa - direct entry? - if the new company does go with it.. What happens in general once I lodge the 186. E.g I get to complete my 30 day notices with my current employer under 457? - what happens after I have completed 30 days and the decision for 186 is not yet made? Have any of you done this before? Kindly tell me how things works out... Maybe its better to stick with a 457 transfer which seems straightforward.. Many thanks for your help.
  10. Hi everyone! If a company sponsors a temporary resident from the UK (457 visa) to become a Permenant Resident, is there any limit to the payback restrictions they can impose on the person if they leave the company afterwards? E.g. 100% of PR costs to be repayed if leaving within 12 months, 50% within 24 months, etc. I heard somewhere that such restrictions were illegal, but that's probably hearsay. Thanks heaps
  11. iamwillcreative

    Obtaining an ABN on a subclass 186 visa

    Hello Poms in Oz community! I am currently applying for PR through the employer sponsored stream of the subclass 186 visa. I am a Graphic Designer and Photographer based in Brisbane. Whilst I was on my working holiday visa (over 2 years ago), I got an ABN and worked for myself for a while, then when I got sponsored as a designer on a 457, it meant that it was illegal for me to earn any money other than from the sponsored role. I am quietly confident that the PR application should be quite straightforward as we have done everything to the letter and followed the rules, it's more of a formality than a problem. Once I become a permanent resident, is it possible for me to be able to do photography on weekends and be paid for it as a legal side business? I'm not looking to leave my sponsored role but I currently have to turn down a lot of work I really enjoy as I'm unable to be paid and it would be wonderful if I was allowed to earn a bit of extra cash again and do it legally. If anyone has any info that could point me in the right direction, I'd be very appreciative. Thank you in advance.
  12. Hi everyone, My name is Andy and I have a question that I would like anyone's thoughts. My family and I migrated to Australia and subsequently returned to the UK in 2003. I wanted to stay in Australia however I was 11 years old at the time and unable to do so. My permanent residency visa expired in 2008 before I was unable to return as I was only 16 years old at the time. I am now 20 years old and am in a position where I would be able to return to live and work in Australia on my own. I believe I may be eligible for a one year resident return visa as long as I meet the certain conditions. I have returned to Australia on a tourist visa in 2011 so this is the last year I can apply as I would have left Australia as a resident 10 years ago in July this year. I have an employment offer from the company I work for, Apple, so feel confident I could meet the substantial ties due to employment condition. I also have family who have been citizens of australiangor over 30 years however they are Aunties, Uncles and cousins so not immediate family. I also will have completed a degree in BSc Computer Science in June this year so I am sure this will benefit Australia as I will be employable in an area that is in high demand. For compelling reasons I feel that the fact that I wanted to stay in Australia and was forced to come back to the UK because of reasons out of my control would suffice. If I had been of an age and in a situation where I could have stayed then I would have done so however I was unable to. I also would have acquired a college and university education in the uk which was another reason that I did not apply earlier or return before my visa expired. I am in the process of completing the application currently and would love some advice from anybody on what would be necessary in the application and any advice anyone can give on whether you think that my reasons would be sufficient to secure a resident return visa. Another question I have is can documents be certified by univeristy lecturers or do they have to be certified by certain people in particular? Thank you in advance, I look forward to hearing from you. Andy
  13. I've just applied for my PR (!) from Australia and I clicked on the icon to check where to get my Health Check done, and the nearest centre is in Japan - is this for real? When I look on the immigration website, the only countries available where you can get a health check are outside Australia. Am I missing something here? Or do I need to start packing my kimono and looking forward to authentic sushi?
  14. The Scientist

    Residency 856 de facto removal

    cut a long story short, with my partner for over 3 years, came to oz in 2009 and we got residency in september of this year through my company. soon as we got it she left me. how do i go about removing her from the residency. basically she has admitted that she used me for the residency and moved out straight away. any advice would be good before i go down the legal route.
  15. HI Guys I need some help we have been told by our agent that our Visa is in the process of being granted on a 457 I have asked if it will be pretty simple to apply for a permanent residence once we have been in OZ for around a year but I was so shocked to be told the process is almost as long as it has taken to apply for the 457 and it looks as though it is going to cost around £5000 english pounds :arghh: I am now panicking my husbands job is not paid as well as he is here how will we save this and live has anyone applied for permanent residency and how long after arriving on a 457 was it really difficult and how much did it cost help please:v_SPIN: We are leaving everything and going out with our three children with not very much mainly for quality of life I am prepared to work but will have to pay for childcare which I would imagine to be expensive. I soo hope this is all going to be worth it!!!!
  16. Hey guys would appreciate your help..I'm heading to Oz on 457 visa and my employer has offered sponsorship for permanent residency if all goes well.however I am only one year qualified as a midwife and from reading the immi website I've noticed that I need three years experience and a skills assessment (which I have) to be eligible for ENS. I know can wait til I have worked two years in oz and then apply for ENS then but if we wanted to apply for permanent residency sooner then what are the options when we are in Oz? Hope someone can help
  17. Guest

    De Facto visas and travel

    Hi. I've been looking all over the internet, but it seems like those immigration websites are purposely vague about nearly all aspects of immigration... My partner is Australian and I am English. He has a job in which he can work for 6 months of the year in each country. What I'm wondering is, if I were to get a de facto visa to be able to work over there, would I be able to come and go for 6 months at a time? And would that affect an application for permanent residency? Do you have to have been living continuously in Australia for a certain period before permanent residency is granted? Sorry, lots of questions I know! But we are still looking at options so we don't really want to pay an expert a whole load of money for information we may not need!!
  18. Guest

    Permanent residency visa

    Hello Everyone I have recently arrived into Sydney on a 457, 4yr temporary work visa. For a variety of reasons I'd like to apply for a permanent visa now that I'm here. What experience do people have of applying for permanent residency? How long does it all take? What visa did you apply for? My employer is happy to support this move, I just need to know what to do!! I think I might need an ENS? Thanks for any guidance or suggestions of where to look next :wink: xx
  19. Hi newbie Dave here, I have only about two weeks left in the uk before I leave with my Aussie partner for australia. Is there time to apply for residency ( de facto ) in London-offshore ( forms 40SP and 47SP) . Or should I wait and apply in Brisbane? I understand that there are some possible issues- Applying in the Uk means I have to get permission from CO to leave for aus. Will I have one to ask in time? Applying in Australia means I have to be there at the time of the granting of visa. What happens if I want to travel to the uk say after a month of application being lodged? At present my circumstances are : I'm on a tourist 676 visa. I have a defacto relationship with my Australian partner of some 25 years and we have a 5 year old daughter together(dual citizenship). Plenty of proof of the ongoing relationship etc. What are the chances of being granted a permanent (100) visa straight away? Any advice would be appreciated.
  20. Guest


    Hi people Just wondered if anybody knows a way of gaining more points on the migration points test.. I am a qualified bricklayer. I have sat the english test and scored a level 7 but still only have 55 points. need 65 for my type of visa any ideas???? thanks
  21. Leeandalsav

    457 to Permanent residency

    Hi My hubby is sitting his plumbing gap training next month in the hope that we can get company sponsorship and get the 457 visa. Anyone know how easy it is to convert the 457 to PR please? Thanks! :biggrin:
  22. Hi all, Was hoping someone could please help,I am currently looking into ways to move to Australia permanently.Here is my situation: I am a 33 year old UK resident,I have had regular work since I left school,I am a self taught landscape gardener but have no formal qualifications so I suppose I can't class myself as 'skilled' I entered Australia on a WHV in 2007 and stayed with an old schoolfriend who had met an Australian woman who's father ran a fruit farm.Having worked on the fruit farm for 6 months I then returned to the UK. Earlier this year my friend got married and obtained a permanant Australian visa,and I was best man at his wedding.I ended up obtaining a 3 month extension on my holiday visa and stayed for a total of 6 months in Australia before again returning home. During this stay I met a wonderful Aussie woman who I love dearly and have now been in a relationship with for 4 months.I am currently now looking into all ways of getting into Australia on a permanant basis.We are looking to set up our own business in Oz,and looking closely at investing in a franchise.As I am not skilled then the skilled migration visa is a no go.We looked at a student visa but the costs are somewhat prohibitive-we have the money but the course I would like to do costs over $30000 and to be honest i'm not overly keen on the idea of becoming a student again!We have also looked at the spouse visa but it says that you have to have lived with each other for 12 months prior to applying and this is where we have our main problem.I could apply for another holiday visa but spending 12 months not working would bore me to death!!Could I apply for a 12 month holiday visa so soon after returning to the UK if I can prove I have funds to support myself for 12 months?I heard you can spend 6 months of every year in Australia-is this corrrect?I have trawled the immi.gov website but am hoping someone could help me with any visa suggestions from this forum. Thanks!
  23. Permanent Australian Residency offered to CAT Trained Heavy Equipment Fitters / Mechanics – We pay migration fees, visa costs and relocation. If you are a CAT Trained Heavy Equipment Fitter / Mechanic in the UK or Ireland and are interested in working in or migrating to Australia then please email me with your details and your cv cat-jobs at cat-jobs.com There are currently 45 positions available, these are in various locations around Australia some are in Capital Cities and some are regional – the Permanent Australian Residency visa offered will be employer sponsored, either the RSMS or ENS depending on job location, this means you and your family will be Australian residents from day one in Australia, your obligation under this visa is to work for the employer for min two years. The salary offered is high, as these are mining related positions, the company will be paying all your migration fees, all medicals, all visa fees, air fares, is offering a relocation payment and the company will subsidise the cost of house rental for the first 12 months. This is a genuine opportunity to not only join a great team working for a very good employer, but to also get permanent residency for Australia for yourself and also your family. This is the first time I have used this forum to post a job, if I have made a mistake or breached any rules it is not intentional and please advise me if changes are required or my post is not appropriate. My team and I will be in the UK and Ireland in May to interview CAT fitters and talk to them and their families about relocating to Australia, feel free to come along and ask questions about relocating to Australia, this is not an Australian Expo, there is no charge, we are genuine Poms who live in Oz and have the chance to offer that opportunity to other suitably qualified people in the UK and Ireland, why not come and have a chat with us, we will be interviewing in Manchester, Reading, Dublin, Cardiff and Edinburgh in May, exact dates and venues will be published on the websites in around two weeks time. If you know anyone that works on CAT heavy equipment in the UK or Ireland that is interested in discussing living and working in Australia – please let them know, they will never have a better offer than this. Please PM for more information. Thanks Dennis Migrated from UK in 92 and still loving it
  24. Hi there guys, I am currently living in Penrith with my Uncle, i am 23 and a qualified joiner. I have been here three weeks now, and it was always my intention to try and stay out here, so i am now trying to look into the steps to take towards getting PR. Has anyone done this and has any advice to offer? I am a qualified tradie and i have family willing to sponsor me, so what are my chances??? :eek: There seems to be a number of ways to do this and i have heard horror stories aswell as successful ones, just trying to get things right first time! :biggrin: Please post, i would be grateful for your thoughts and experience. Peace out Mark