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Found 68 results

  1. Steveozz1

    Very Difficult Decision

    Hi everyone Having read some honest and very touching posts here recently re the dilemma people face when deciding whether to "go back or stay", I thought I'd add in my own experiences of this. My partner and I moved to Australia about 10 years ago. He was the main driving force but I wanted to give it a go too. I think the weather was one of the main things...and we were both in our late 30s at the time so it might have been early onset midlife crisis!! Anyway we moved to Canberra then after 9 months to Adelaide. We both have good jobs we have a house with a pool, chickens and a dog. We live in a beachside suburb and are 10 mins from the beach. We don't have kids. However, over the past few years I have been becoming increasingly homesick for family and for Scotland. My parents are in their 70s and I'd like to spend time with them before it's too late. I miss the TV, I really miss snow, I miss trees that turn in the autumn, I miss clear flowing rivers...I could go on! I have never thought of Australia as my "home"...I am from Perthshire in Scotland and one of the main differences I find with a lot of Brits who moved here is that they have come to "escape" the big cities or the hustle and bustle. We didnt. Also I quite like the rain! Like others who have posted recently, the dry dusty hot Adelaide summers are lost on me and I miss the lush green countryside of the UK. Snakes are also a problem here as we are keen dog walkers and there are places you just can't go in summer safely with a dog. Also, and this is weird, but for all the fact that it is vast, we are really restricted with places we can take our dog off leash in Australia...there is nothing like the right to roam here and the so called "dog parks" are really just prison yards. I am not bagging Australia or Adelaide at all...both are wonderful in their own way...but they are not my home. Of course my partner loves it here and we are heading towards an impossible situation..if we stay I will be unhappy and if we go he will. We may end up having to split after 23 years. I'm not sure how this will end up yet but wanted to share my situation and say thank you to others who have posted similar stories...they have really helped me to know I'm not the only one
  2. MissionAussiePR

    Returning Resident Visa - Substantial Ties

    Hi All, What are possible ways to show substantial ties to Australia to get RRV visa considering one has stayed only 3-4 months in Australia on PR. But stayed 2 years on work visa. Problem is I don't have wife, child, relative, property. What else one could show as substantial ties. The only thing is I am working here from last 2 years. Where can I get more info on showing substantial ties Is there any other way to maintain PR status ? or Is there any other way to get citizenship quickly ? (I know nothing like that but just asking as sometimes you get some clue) Cheers, MA
  3. Hello, Can anyone clarrify what visa process I'd have to look into to move back to NSW. After about 7 years living in Syndey we moved back to Europe for a few years so our kids could spend time with grandparents. We were initally buisness sponsored and then independent permanent residents and our first child has an Australian Passport, but not citizens. Still have superanuation, have degree from an aussie uni etc but no property. We stayed away longer than planned as additional children followed on but now are thinking of moving back We have now been gone just over 5 years ( other than a month long holliday a couple of years ago) which looks to be problematic but but have maintained good ties and could easily have my employer move my job back with me. What approach should we take? Can we use a resident return visa? Should we look at a family visa based on our son? Would I have to go down the route of another buisness sponsored visa. Cheers
  4. Guest

    Regret returning to the UK?

    This is a long thread, so be warned!!! I returned to the UK last year after moving to Sydney with my husband and 2 children in 2007 – I only lasted 7 months. One of my problems was that I could not get a job as my UK teaching qualification was not recognised by the NSW Education Department (despite being used to get the PR visa!!). The only way to fix this was to go back to uni and do more study. My husband quickly got a job but I earn more and my wages were really needed. We had also put our son into kindergarten as soon as a place came up and kept him there as I got some supply work in a private school and we thought that I would soon be working properly… This meant that we were still using our savings despite a wage coming in. I had a couple of great interviews with some private schools, but no job. Another issue was that my husband has a sister and her family there as well as some aunts, uncles and cousins and their families. I had met them all on previous visits to Oz and when they came here and they are all nice enough, but they have their own lives and families to think about and we never really became a part of that. I missed my family and I really felt a complete lack of support networks while I was there, it was like all the scaffolding of my life had fallen away. I felt isolated, alone and literally like I was on another planet, away from everything I knew. Also my 11 year old daughter (not my husband’s daughter) got terribly homesick and unfortunately, the first lot of friends she made were particularly unpleasant girls who made her life hell. As my husband felt that things were coming together nicely with his job, family, beautiful suburb, lifestyle we were living etc, he just stuck his head in the sand and got extremely annoyed if my daughter or I got upset or expressed any sentiments about going home or regretting being in Australia, he felt we weren’t doing enough to make ourselves settle To cut a really long story short, it was when my sister-in-law (who interfered a lot, she sponsored us, so kind of acted like she owned us) suggested I seek professional help because I felt down, that I realised maybe I was in the wrong place and should come home. It ended up with me and the children coming back and my husband refusing to. I had quite a nasty, lecturing email from my sister-in-law, who knew about 5% of the facts and the whole of my husband’s family now think I returned to the UK because my daughter didn’t like Australia. Anyway, when I first got back here, I was so relieved and happy and quickly got a job and a house to rent. My husband and I had a few shaky months but he eventually decided to join us back in the UK four months after we had first left Oz. He has a job here now and we are still trying to work out what went wrong between us and the whole emigration thing. My daughter is now in the same school as before we went to Oz with the same friends and sees her aunt and uncle and nanny now (she doesn't seem to view my husband's family as her own) and our son is in the same nursery as before. But it isn’t the same. I realise that I actually probably could live with seeing my family once or twice a year. I hardly ever see my friends. It’s cold and dark and expensive. The people here look miserable and poor, the streets look dirty and poor. Maybe I couldn’t see it before, maybe it got worse while I was away. When I first got back I couldn’t even get any Income Support until I got a job as I was told I was not a habitual resident of this country! I really miss Australia and I regret coming back. Obviously my husband really does not want to be here. I work in a school where half the kids come from homes on benefits and have no intention of working themselves and have no respect for themselves (I have a couple of Year 10 and 11 mums-to-be in my classes) or anyone else ( I frequently get told to f**k off) and just despair at where it will all end. We are talking about going back and I am doing an OU course to get my qualifications sorted out and think that if I can get a job when we go back, at least I'll be out of the house and busy and I will meet people and start forming a network. I could also do some hobbies or something and my son will be starting primary school soon, so I can make friends with other moms. I think I did kind of think that my husband's family would go out of their way for us and realise now, I could have done more for myself. Has anyone else experienced this kind of dilemma? Gone back and it's worked out? If we do go back, I'd be more scared than before because so much is riding on it this time. I don't think my husband would allow me to take my son out of the country again if I couldn't settle. Also my daughter really doesn't want to go back and it causes a lot of stress if we talk about it - she says she'll come back to the UK as soon as she's 18 - I couldn't bear that - but I'm sure in the long run she'd be okay. My family are hot and cold all the time, sometimes saying I'd be mad to go back after everything that's happened at other times saying get the hell out of here while you can. Who would have thought that trying to get 'A New Life Down Under' could be so traumatic? :wacko:
  5. Guest

    Totally Lost

    Hi, I have been reading the forum and thought it would be a good idea to write on here to see if there are other people out there feeling how im feeling. I moved out to Aus 7 years ago with my mum, dad and brother i was 16 at the time. So i left a lot of very close friends back in the UK as well as my mums side of the family. I went back to the UK a couple of times when i was 17/18 years old, and was always very excited to get back to Aus as i considered Aus home. I have since then got married and my husband and I went back to UK (for the first time in 5 yrs) in November 2011. As soon as I got there i had this instant feeling of that is where i want to be, seeing my friends, close family again was fantastic. my husband absolutely loved the UK and is very keen to go back. We decided to see how we felt when we got back to Aus to see if we really did want to move there or whether it was just a holiday crush. Since being back i have felt more unsettled than i ever have and cannot stop thinking about the UK and everyone there. My parents have basically gone balistic as this, telling me its ridiculous that i should want to go back and how i have an unrealistic view of how the UK will be like to live in. My husband and I have researched things like average electricity/gas, water costs, mortgages, food bills etc etc and we know how much we could expect to earn there (thanks to a friend in recruitment), and we realise that it is very possible. I miss it so much it hurts to think about, my husband has said he will take me back but i do not want to make a mistake...........
  6. Guest

    Returning to live in australia

    Hi I am new to this so apologies in advance! I am looking to find out if I can return to OZ based on the fact that I lived there as a child with my parents who emigrated in 1969 but left again about 7 or 8 years later. I still have aunt and uncle there who went out at the same time and cousins whom I am in touch with. I have wanted to return to live and work for many years but things have always got in the way and sadly I dont fit into the skilled migrant category as a Crime Scene Investigator. Can anyone offer any help/advice on how I might be able to return? Thanks Leigh
  7. Hi all I'm a producer with BBC Breakfast TV - and we're looking at covering the story about record numbers of people moving back to Britain on tomorrow's programme. (Wednesday) I'm looking for someone/a family who've recently returned to the UK to come on the Breakfast sofa. If you can help, do give me a call or email and I can provide more detail Cheers, Sarah sarah.stewart@bbc.co.uk 0208 624 9700
  8. hilton

    Considering returning to UK

    Hi, 1st time poster just looking some advice on what to do as my mates out here have nothing balanced to say about thought of leaving Oz. Ive been Oz 8months on WHV and have just recently got a job in my field after doing really tough work for 6 months. Despite the better working conditions I still feel homesick and long for home. My new company would be prepard to extend my stay but I dont want to lead them on much longer. I would just like to know is it really that hard to get a job back home? Im a professional in construction industry and realise there wont be an abundance of jobs. I think its the fact of leaving a job (I get paid double here than my last job in Uk) and not having a job at home is whats keeping me here. Im relatively young and have no family to support etc so I wouldnt need a massive salary to survive. Ive heard the 6-9mths period in Oz is the toughest period for feeling unsettled etc. Any thoughts or views would be much appreciated.
  9. Hello, My parents moved out to Australia when I was just a babe in arms (14 months old). My wife and I have done several trips to visit family over the years and in 2010 we spent 3 months having a good look around, considering our options. Both our children are high functioning autistic indviduals and we have heard that resources, facilities, opportunities, etc are beter in the UK than here in Oz. :confused: Could anyone confirm this and also give us a run down on who to contact, how to get them into 16+ schooling. Our son is very much into computers and wants to be invovled in game making (xbox, DS, etc). Anyone able to suggest/help with options. Also, how do you get a National Insurance Number? Cheers:policeman:
  10. I was wondering if a 176 visa stays valid when returning offshore. Imagine I have the visa, and want to return back to Europe, does my visa stays valid too? Can I use it again like when I should want to return to Auz after 8 years?
  11. scmercer

    Returning Residents Visa

    We have just returned back to the UK after 2 years in Oz. I think we may have made a mistake in returning and I am now trying to find out what our options are should we want to return in the future. We have two years left on our Permanent Visa, however I am concerned that if we don't return in that time do we have to reapply for residency or can we apply for a returning residents visa. I have heard bits about the RRV but don't understand the grounds for applying for it . Also is there an age limit for PR Visas? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!!!
  12. Hi all, Living in UK and currently considering a move to OZ. This has probably been covered already and I appologise if it has been but I'm new to this forum. I'm very interested to hear from people moving back to the UK as to what the main reasons are. thanks in advance Claire
  13. Guest

    Elderly Parents returning to UK

    Came across this forum whilst researching the feasibility of my elderly parents (late 70's) returning to the UK. It looks to be comprehensive and popular They have both been out the UK since they were 17 so have made no NI contributions in the UK. We are living in the UK and are happy to support them financially and expect no direct financial support from the state, but it is not clear to me whether they will be entitled to NHS support, which is obviously essential for this to be an option. Will they be entitled to any other support if they do return?
  14. Hi everyone, I'm hoping to get some comments/thoughts on the following situation: If you had been married to an Australian for a decade and spent most of your working and adult life in Australia, would you stay or return home after your divorce? (looking at it from the point of view of a single woman with no kids in her late thirties) Family at home, but no friends there anymore. Not a lot of work opportunities and even with a good job not enough money to pay for living expenses and paying off debts. Good friends and better working opportunities in Australia but worried about homesickness & the possibility of either staying single in a place far from home or in a relationship but having to raise a family far from home. Any comments would be appreciated.
  15. Hi, Sorry to be so shameless, but for those returning to the UK, or still in the UK, we are heading out to Perth and will have landed 5 weeks today, Gulp! Currently, we have a house still to rent out and two cars to sell, so if you're interested, please get in touch. Details as follows: House - 7 Seaforth Avenue, Annan, DG12 6DX Large 4 bedroom sandstone semi-detached villa in Annan, south-west Scotland located close to the English/Scottish border. 1.5 hours to Glasgow, Edinburgh, Newcastle and Bolton/Preston. 30 minutes from Lake District! www.ljresidential.co.uk/rental-properties ’09 TOYOTA AVENSIS, 2.0 D-4D TR Excellent car suited for all road types with 34,000 miles. Average (actual) 52.5mpg. Full service history and four new tyres with balance of manufacturer’s warranty. Standard TR Specification, complete with integrated bluetooth, cruise control, rear spoiler, alloy wheels, leather steering wheel and gear knob. Silver in colour. Photograph’s available by request. Available for inspection. £11,000 ONO. ’08 RENAULT MEGANE 1.6 EXPRESSION Excellent car currently used as a second family car with 26,000 miles. Service history and four new tyres with MOT until March 2012. 5 doors, alloy wheels, air conditioning and CD player as standard. Black in colour. Photograph’s available by request. Available for inspection. £4,850 Many thanks. Alistair, Louise, Ruby (4 going on 14) and Ella (2 going on 20)
  16. Hi all I am not pregnant yet but may be (hopefully) within the next six months, at which time we may well be returning to the UK. I am just a bit confused about what I would do in terms of organising any pre-natal care such as scans, appointments, etc as well as the birth itself. Has anyone else experience this? I have been out of the UK for 7 years so am not even sure if I can access NHS services even though I am still a British citizen? I know the NHS is funded through tax which I have not paid since I left the UK.... I know its silly to ask when its not even an issue yet but it would be nice to know anyway! Thanks all :hug:
  17. Hi All, If your returning to the UK from Perth and are selling furniture please let me know! I am setting up home here and need most things thanks J
  18. Guest

    Returning to the UK

    Hi Just how many people out there are returning back to the UK after emirgrating to Australia on a permanent visa and what are your reasons for doing so? Is it family, can't find a job you like or want, change of culture or just can't plain settle in oz? I look forward to your replies madplumber
  19. Hello My girlfriend and I are going back to the UK to get married in October next year. It's a civil ceremony. We really don't want to have our trip planned for us by the antiquated laws around having our bands read.... meaning we have to live in UK for a short period prior to marriage. Does anyone know of a better way to do it? Can we get them read at the embassy in Melbourne? Cheers
  20. getus2oz

    Returning SOR

    Hi Folks.... Our adventure is starting over again.... and we are returning to WA in May. We previously lived in Halls Head for 7months last year, but returned to UK last summer.... an expensive but necessary exercise because of family ill health in England. We are now trying to get our lives back on track and my OH has a job lined up in Fremantle. We would ideally like to return to Halls Head, and my OH has offered to commute to work but I am worried about long term fatigue. Can anyone give us an idea of travelling times from central Fremantle to suburbs such as Port Kennedy, Baldivis, Singleton and Secret Harbour....or any nice reasonably priced areas with good schools upto 1 hours drive of Freo.... cheers for any advice xjo
  21. Hi All, On Saturday the 5th March, i saw an ad on carsales.com.au and went to inspect the car. I did a revs check online and found there were no encrumbances or written off details. I decided to book the car by paying a deposit of $800. I also asked the seller and he said everything was clear. On Sunday, once the seller sent me the Engine No and other details, i did a Vehicle History Check with RTA. I found that the vehicle had a repairable write off. It had the rego on a pensioner and i would have to bear extra rego charges if any. When i found this i was really shocked. Monday morning i informed the seller about this and told them i will not be buying the vehicle with a bad history. The private seller is denying to pay my deposit of $800 back Please let me know what way should i go to get back my deposit. I have all the conversations in my SMS's. I raised a Fair Trade complaint today but not sure if it will be helpful Cheers, maddy
  22. RegDwight

    Returning on Tourist Visa

    Hi All, I have applied for the 885 visa and I have been waiting for a long time and there has been no communication from DIAC. I now will have to go overseas as I cannot continue living here on a 'homeless' basis. Ideally, I would like to return when my visa is about to be finalized. Can anyone recommend some options I can take? I am not keen on the Bridging Visa B as it only last 3 months and I will be overseas for longer than that. Any help is appreciated
  23. Guest

    Sadly, returning to Oz

    Some of you may have read some of my posts before, so apologies if I'm boring anyone. I'm an englishman who does not love Australia, in a relationship with an Australian who very much loves her country and we have a 4 year old daughter together. Therein lies the problem. My partner and I have been together for 8 years and love our daughter and each other very much. When we met in London, my partner was fed up with Brissy and what she perceived as the small-town ('Brisvegas') attitudes which prevailed there. She wanted life on a bigger, more expressive canvas and believed London would give her that. After a couple of years though the lustre of London faded for her. Too crowded, too expensive and too difficult were her complaints. The call of home, of blue skies, friendly faces and easy living became a beguiling one. I resisted this Sword of Damocles that was hanging over me as long as I could. I had holidays in Oz. Three weeks was great. Sun, surf and serious liver abuse with old friends from London days and then the big bird home and a sly sigh of relief that I wouldn't have to go back there for another 2 years. Nothing against the place, it's just, well, not for me, and never could be. But when you're swimming against the tide (so to speak) you're at the mercy of the elements. In 2008 the missus's mum fell ill. Nothing life-threatening, but nasty for a person of advanced years. My OH gave me an ultimatum, Oz as a family in 4 months, or our relationship in the dustbin and her and our daughter gone asap. Faced with an offer I couldn't refuse, I played ball. We made the move to the Gold Coast in mid-2008 and my life disappeared down the U-Bend. I'm a person of context. I grew up in northern England in the 80's and 90's and I believe your upbringing gives you a certain sensibility, a certain way of looking at the world. My world was one of grey skies and washed out summers, of muttering about late trains and post-office queues. If asked to define 'beauty' it would have been to nominate the opening credits of 'Coronation Street' or Johnny Marr's intro on 'How Soon Is Now' by The Smiths. When I moved to London that shifted to an appreciation of the timeless beauty of St Pancras Station or the view on a summers day from Alexandra Palace. None of that gave me any preparation for the Hiroshima-hot blast of the Queensland sun, or the 'It Aint Arf Hot Mum' humidity which accompanied it. I was overwhelmed by the technicoloured brightness of the Australian palate and spent my time there waiting for someone to turn the dial down from 10 to something more bearable. It never happened. To compensate, I muddled through. Always of a depressive mind-set, i went the whole hog and fully succumbed to Depression. Friends and other readers may have read my posts on this subject. Safe to say, it wasn't pretty. Gargantuan amounts of alcohol were consumed, patience was stretched on both sides of our relationship and I had to studiously avoid my local AMCAL Chemist just in case I was tempted by the vast array of pain-killers on sale there. There's more than one way to leave Australia. But leave we did. After two years, or more precisely, 742 days, 9 hours and 35 minutes we finally boarded a flight back to the UK. Kiss the tarmac at Heathrow?, I'd have licked it clean. Taking the Heathrow Shuttle into Paddington I was like a prisoner off death-row. I'll never forget the sensory overload of being jet-lagged but ecstatic on a Virgin train up to Liverpool racing past green farmers fields and non-descript suburbia, needing to sleep, but wanting to drink in every moment. I was home. But sadly, it's not to be. My OH and I are public sector workers and the government cuts have decimated the job market. Where once there were plenty of posts offering moderate salaries, but job security, there's now a desert. I scored work, but my partner hasn't and with it meant that we could not secure a home of our own or a school place for our daughter. And with these difficulties, her prejudices against the UK and it's perceived inferiority in relation to Australia have come squarely into view. She now dislikes the UK as much as I dislike living in Australia. So, in a desperate attempt to keep our family together I've agreed to returning to Australia. It's Melbourne this time, not my partner's home town, but her location of choice. This really is our last throw of the dice as she's made it clear that she won't live in the UK again and that if I do head back to the UK again in the future then I'll be making that journey alone. Fingers crossed it works eh? Oz
  24. Honestly, Is it the recession that is making up your mind or is it the adjustment that you cant get used to. I have noticed an increase of people leaving and I have my own reasons but what is yours. Regards
  25. Guest

    17 months after returning to UK

    Anyone who read my first thread on here will remember I wrote about returning to England 17 months ago after living 7 years on the Gold Coast. I personally love being back home for many reasons, no real issues with Australia and nothing bad to say, think it's more the case of you can take the pomme out of England, you can't take England out of the pomme. I missed everything essentially English plus I returned for business reasons. I own a clothing design and production business and I am one of the mad few that produce a product here in England instead of China. It was a risk but I am here to tell you that after 17 months of living very carefully, being miserably frugal with preserving the capital we brought back, ignoring all the politics, not getting depressed by reading a newspaper, telling the next person to tell I was mad to return to the UK to go and try living abroad then come back with an opinion before I smacked them one, and living on our narrowboat for 8 months to keep living costs to a minimum so the business wasn't under any pressure to support us (had huge fun and some great time out), I can tell you all that as of yesterday and after doing our figures, we are now in an excellent position financially and thriving. Not only are our figures up on last year, we can now afford to buy a house and we will also be able to save at least 1,000 pounds a month spare cash because after 17 months of hard slog, I can now pay myself a wage. Hubby has a job as an electrician and has been offered a good mortgage. I can't get a mortgage until I've got 3 years accounts but that's OK because we do have a good deposit and I don't have the time to clean a mansion so we won't be buying one! It's the essential English character cottage for me. The upside is that we have absolutely no regrets about returning to England. I do not find much has changed, things that mattered to me when I left are exactly the same. The worst thing I find is the Brits doing down their own country by being so negative about it, while personally, while it is tough at the moment for some people, I can see new shoots of life springing up. As soon as I got back I could see a lot of improvements, better roads, more traffic calming measures and a lot of new housing. We came back to the Midlands, small pretty market town on the outskirts of Leicester, and I made sure I set up business where there is plenty of money so I would recommend that if anyone is thinking of returning, because of the economy, there are places to avoid and places to aim for. I can honestly say that while retail, which is my field, has done it tough, it is picking up now. However, I would research and choose an area carefully before returning. The middle of England is pretty much close to everything and has been good for us. Anyway, hope this helps anyone thinking of moving back. It is a huge thing and not to be taken lightly. The one thing to remember, same as Oz really, nothing is instant, you don't fall straight back into a comfy life, you have to build it and start from scratch all over again. It's not easy but it's worth it. I am now going to book a holiday. First one in 8 years. Whoopeee! cheerio