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      Found 279 results

      1. Morning all, We've just received quotes in for a 40ft container shipment of household goods from Melb to UK (southampton). Eye-watering... If you've done the move back to the UK from Melbourne, I'd really appreciate if you could let me know some ballpark figures of what it cost you. Many thanks in advance, R
      2. https://www.border.gov.au/ReportsandPublications/Documents/budget/visa-price-increase-fact-sheet-2017-18.pdf Details of the increased Visa Application Charges from 1 July 2017 are here. Best regards.
      3. Afternoon, I am an Australian Citizen with 2 children under 2 and a husband who is currently a fireman. I work as a makeup artist. We obviously have no visa worries but I have LOTS of questions! We are planning on moving to Sydney & initially renting. Is there a website/source anyone knows about that gives you a checklist/moving info? So far Things on my list are- How to organise medicare card How to get Tax file number I have a bank account in Aus but how do I get my husband one? What do we need to have to rent (bank accounts/proof of employment/one million dollars?!) Is there a benefits system I can apply to? (I am due to give birth to my 2nd in November and we are planning on moving in February 2016 so I will probably be unable to work for a few months initially while the baby is so young) As we understand it the NSW Fire Department do not recognise my husband LFB qualifications. Does anyone know of any industries that a fireman could be employed in?? We have savings to buffer us for a few months but if anyone has recently moved I would love to know your approx costs all up!! Any advice or links to appropriate advice would be massively appreciated! Thanks
      4. Need a dentist

        Hi I'm looking for advice on dentists in Melbourne. I'm based in brunswick and I need a few fillings. I've been quoted $150 per filling. I'm on the working holiday visa. does anyone have any recommendations for a cheaper dentist or is that about average here? Very expensive compared to the UK
      5. Hi folks, I quit my 457 sponsored job. There was too much overtime at odd hours on weekends and public holidays, with the only compensation being time in lieu(at a rate of 1:1, no extra time provided for working Sundays/nights/public holidays). I also found out that my salary was not very competitive at all. They ignored these and other complaints and gave me all the unwanted tasks, no doubt thinking that they had me tied up in the contract and visa. I have since found a much better job with a new sponsor. Although I had signed a contract with the initial 457 sponsor declaring I would pay back any costs incurred by the company in recruiting me(pro-rata for 3 years) I also understand that I do not have to honour unlawful obligations. They want me pay back a bunch of expenses they incurred. They paid for one month's accommodation in a apartment and a flight over for myself(and not for my defacto partner!). I understand that an employer can not seek to get back any recruitment costs including costs paid in connection with finding and attracting an employee(from the Immi website). I would not have taken the position if I had had to pay for the these costs while also looking for somewhere to live. Any opinions on what my obligations are here? I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has had a similar situation and how it ended. I will also contact fair work this week and ask for their advice. Has anyone used them before? Also, can anyone recommend a lawyer/law firm who has experience with immigration contract law? Btw, have done a search but couldn't find relevant posts(and besides, the regulations seem to change every year). Many thanks for any advice
      6. Hi guys, I made an Excel spreadsheet that I'd like to share with you. I would appreciate your comments on the costs that I estimated based on the information below however, my intentions are to share this so everybody can adjust it to their own situation. * I started this spreadsheet with one that was here, I can't find the link now. * This cost of living was estimated for a couple without children living in Melbourne with a PR visa. * We will arrive at Melbourne in March/2015 without jobs, I hope I can find something full-time and my wife anything part-time. I tried to estimate a low salary just to prepare for the worst, and hoping to get anything around month 8 after we arrive. * We are trying to live with moderation, specially while we are living only by our savings. * We hope to bring at least 30000 USD, but you can adjust this. With some luck we can arrive with 40K. * There are some subjects with an estimation of zero, like car registration and EA membership. Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/roypnnfwvjyz4eb/Expenses%20%28Shared%20PIO%29.xls?dl=0 I also attached it to this post. Enjoy! Screenshots: P.S.: There might be some Spanish words even tough we tried to translate everything into English. Expenses (Shared PIO).xls Expenses (Shared PIO).xls
      7. Hi! I am an older lady going to Australia for six weeks next year. :cute: I have been using 2,25 grams of snuff every day for more than 20 years now. What happens if I declare 108 grams (net weight)? How much fines will I be forced to pay (Duty and GST and perhaps other taxes), when declaring this tiny amount tobacco/snuff? :skeptical: I am well aware of, that I have to pay for all of it and not just 58 grams. How many AUD would that be roughly? Would appreciate a little answer, so I at least have a little hint :smile:.
      8. Hi All We have been here now for just under 3 weeks. I know a lot of you wonder about costs and so forth. Here are some of the unexpected costs we have had. Satnav $150, essential for finding our way around. Plus I spent $30 on a decent map book, fab for looking at localities when driving around. Printer $150 plus ink $150, must admit we bought a slightly better than basics printer, but found necessary for printing the numerous forms we have had and CVs for job interviews. Driving Licence. $110 each. this was not necessary, but we had bought a car from a friend in Sydney so made the transfer easier. This also made taking out a rental easier. Working with children registration $80, hubby wants to work in a college, to obtain the necessary paperwork we had to pay out this cost. Food Costs Our first shop came to about $300, but you have to remember you have to start from scratch again, so all the stuff you take for granted in your cupboards, oils, bin liners, toilet rolls, kitchen rolls, bug spray, washing powder. Its unlikely back in the Uk I would have bought all of these at once, but were needed here. I did not buy too much food in that shop either, bread, milk, beans, cereal and some meat maybe. Since then we have spent about $130 each time, and added more essentials when we go, probably at the mo going every 5-6 days. If you are switched on you can get some good buys, the first time we shopped we got Heniz baked beans for 97c, so bought a few tins. Also meat and veg seem cheaper than in the Uk, and if you look out for the specials. Alcohol is a ridiculous price, I drink souther comfort, so glad I brought a bottle in my case, as $60 here. Also brought Pimms as again $50. Bring you allowance in your case, I am then asking people who (hopefully) visit to restock us! The wine we drank at home which was australian was £8 in the Uk is $17 here. Eating out In the first week, we must have spent a fortune on food and drinks, this was from being in the car all day driving around looking at houses, so budget more for food. An average medium coffee is $4.50, and bottled drinks are about $3 upwards. We kept bottles of water in the car which have been bought at the supermarket. Food costs for an average meal, e.g. pizza has come to $100 for the 4 of us, and a Mcdonalds was $35, so much more expensive than back in the UK. Subway was also coming in at $30+ for 4 of us. Now we are more in the habit we are planning better. Fuel Cheaper than in the UK at approx $1.50 per litre, and the supermarkets give you 4c off a litre as well. Clothes I have had to buy a few bits and pieces, as did not pack for this wet spell we are having. Clothes are more expensive and don't seem as good a quality. My mistake was not bringing a decent work suit for an interview, thinking I would get one here, big mistake, costs a fortune for a suit which feels cheaper than next, but probably cost double. Will now be ordering from Next as they deliver here for free if over $30 plus M & S also deliver for free. (not sure how returns work...) Other We have also had to buy stuff that will become necessary once we have our long term rental next week, while we wait for the container. This included Beds for the kids, plus bedding, kids needed new beds anyway. Bed for us, plus bedding, which we will use as a spare once ours arrives. Table and chairs, left ours behind. Sofa, again left behind. Iron and ironing board, didn't think to pack, left in my rented house. New school shoes and uniform. School has summer and winter uniform. Summer starting the 7 Sept. Pens, paper and other stationery bits, again more expensive than back home. Essential for kids homework and form filling! Will update this thread if people find it useful, once I become more aware of more costs. Cheers Nikki
      9. Hi there, I am beginning the process of visa application. I have been in contact with a few agencies to sort this for me... I'm in Brisbane atm on my 1st WHV. I have been quoted $10,000 for an rsms and $6000 for a 457 by no borders migration in Brisbane. I want to get the best quality of a migration expert, i'll need to work hard to find the funds though. Just wondering if anyone knows the best agency to go though and costs?
      10. Moving back to UK with pets

        Hi All Its been a while since coming on here as 2 years ago just over I up sticks and moved to Perth, now after some time and a marriage breakdown I am looking at shipping myself and my 2 cats and dog back to Blighty. Wondered if anyone had any advice on shipping pets from Perth and what the general costs are ? I assume its going to be anywhere between $5/7k :arghh: God that's a frightening amount of money. Anyway also would love to know how people have settled back into life over there as I have been away from the UK for such a long time as before Perth I was living in Europe. Would love to hear what people think and any ideas to make the process smoother would certainly be very welcome. Hope to hear from you all soon.. enjoy the day guys wherever you are in the world :tongue:
      11. Child Care in Melbourne : Costs????

        Well , we recently landed in melbourne from South Africa . Hubby and I are on 457 work Visas , so we are getting NO rebate on Child Care . The cost are huge , so I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction of who and what we could do???? We are paying $700 a week for 2 children , thats my whole pay going into child care .is there a cheaper option??? Please Help Thanks Bri From Sunny glen Waverley Melbourne
      12. Hi I am moving to Sydney in the Autumn and just wondering if there is a mix of furnished and unfurnished rentals, as there is in London, or if Sydney has more of one than the other? We have some furniture so it will effect whether we ship it over or put it in storage in the UK. Also roughly how much would a one bedroomed apartment cost furnished or unfurnished in central sydney or the surrey hills area? Thanks in advance!
      13. Medical Costs + Police Check

        No doubt it is all over the forum, but thought I would post up the costs if anyone wasn't aware as I was a bit shocked by the costs. £285 for me & £285 for my wife plus Hep B & C tests at a further £35 each. I am not sure if this varies, but I might phone another place to check. Police standard service is £35 each. It is amazing how it is so easy to get into the UK, but very difficult and costly to get to Australia. Perhaps we adopted the same migration policy we wouldn't be in such a mess. :biggrin:
      14. I might be going slightly mad, so this could be more of a sanity check question but are there shipping companies who will take half the money on pick up and collect the other half upon delivery of your things? I may have imagined this was possible, but in my head it makes sense because they are taking all of your worldly goods (in some cases), leaving you with nothing for a couple of months, with no real guarantee that you'll ever see it again.
      15. Cat costs in oz

        Hi we're moving to rockhampton qld in June and are bringing our two indoor cats. Just trying to put together living costs and need some help. Rough cost of pet insurance for both, how much is dry cat food we normally get 10kg so just a rough idea would be great and what cat foods available. Litter costs? we pay annually for all our boosters worming and fleaing here do vets do that in oz? or any costs for boosters etc. All help greatly appreciated
      16. Hi There, I have recently started work for a small long established joinery firm, i think i may be able to talk them into sponsoring me to stay here? I am a qualified 23 year old joiner currently living with relatives in Penrith. I have looked on the immigration website and it gives you the costs for nomination and loging a sponsorship application. Which isn't a lot of money really. around $600 max. Seeing as my company hasnt done this before, does anyone know if there are any additional costs involved? I am looking to fill out all the forms myself to keep costs down. Has anyone done this before?? Would be grateful for any advice, Thanks in advance Chisel :hug:
      17. Can anyone tell me how much it would cost to install an average size pool and the upkeed costs, is it worth it?
      18. Morning all We have just signed on a property in SL. Can anyone give any ball park figures on monthly costs for elec, gas, water etc on a 4/5 bed house in this area. Also any recommendations for best value service providers would be great. Does anyone have any thoughts on broadband vs cable - could anyone give a recommendation on this? Any help would be gratefully received. We have been contacted by Direct Connect (through the estate agents) who are willing, but can't give any figures on pretty much anything they connect! Thanks everyone - Fiona
      19. Living Costs in Adelaide

        Hi, My partner and I are hoping to move from the UK to Adelaide soon, but for the life of me I cannot find a lot of information on the web about the Living Expense in Adelaide. Can anyone help?:rolleyes:
      20. Living costs Melbourne

        Hi all, just have a few questions on cost of living in mornington. I will be arriving in Oz in Feb with husband and two children. I've been offered a job which pays 71000 a year ex supperan. We are looking at public school and will be bringing over about $ 17000 for set up costs and a car. We've been looking to rent for about 400-450 pw. we are going on a 457 visa. We will have paid medical insurance as taking out global cover on our policy here. Is this enough to survive on confortably ?? My husband will hopefully be working within first few months as has law degree and business experience . Will we pay much tax on that income if I'm the sole earner? Is rent and education tax deductible ? Sorry for so many question just confused trying to get through all the info!! Thanks Mol
      21. Hello, My husband and I plan to rent a small self-furnished flat while we find our way in our new home of Melbourne; I'd like to know how much, per month, we should expect to pay for storing the contents of either a half or full 20ft container (we've not decided what to go for yet). All helpful replies keenly welcomed! Thank-you.
      22. Hello My husband and I and our 3 year old daughter are moving from the UK to my native Australia in January. We are unsure whether to take everything or if it will be more cost effective to just take our clothes and some of our most treasured possessions and re-buy the rest in Australia. Also, if you are someone who did take everything, are there some things you now wish you didn't bring because they proved costly to ship or unnecessary in Australia. Looking forward to your thoughts! Thanks.
      23. has anyone used RORO for shipping their car to OZ and if so what was the cost and was there any issues:wacko:
      24. I have just confirmed quarantine for my four for later this month and saw on their website that from the beginning of Feb the fees will have to be paid upfront at the time of applying for the import permits. That will make the process that but harder to manage financially, I've at least been able to pay for my lot in stages with quarantine being the final thank god. Good luck to all that are going, this time two weeks my furries will be there
      25. Hello there, Not long before we make the awaited move down under, been waiting long enough though. I have completed the OTSR and now have a 176 visa, to which I may be heading off in the next 2-3 months, tried to search on-line with no explained answers to the full package that has to be completed to obtain an A Grade License. Any info on the fastest route this can be acheived in WA and also likely costs? Also any input on the job front at present for a restricted licensed sparky in WA, experienced in the waste/water industry with quite a wide range of electrical experience in maintenance, installation and commisioning. Have registered with BA Jobmail, plenty of jobs advertised daily, but all seem to be asking for A Grade, likely to have any issues on seeking work in this current period? All feed back would be very welcome as this is my first thread and now its time to get busy.