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Found 30 results

  1. If that's how some fellas behave with Heinekin,what would they be like in a Camra joint!:confused::wink:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1ZZreXEqSY
  2. I am aware that the title of this thread sounds a bit generalised and blunt but i didn't know how else to put my question quite frankly. This is also my first thread so if this is posted in the wrong section or what ever please forgive me! :cute: Basically, I have heard a lot in the past about Australians not being as 'laid-back' as they are portraied and in fact being quite violent and racist. (Again please don't think i'm generalising or being mean in any way at all..) and i have just shrugged that off thinking it was just rumours. Today i spoke to my uncle who lives in Perth, Australia. He is 70 years old, married and has a family with a lovely Indonesian woman. He has lived in Auz for 30 years before he married his wife and never had any trouble. Until he married her. Now the Aus locals are chucking paint up his drive way, over his cars, graffiti all over his house and drive, Had to move house/change numbers, He's had death threats if his wife doesn't leave, they have beaten my uncle up and most recently he has been stabbed. Just because he is married to this woman. Which is obviously making me ask the question, Are there a lot of Australians like this? And if so, Why? :err: Australia has always seemed such a beautiful place to me and i have often thought about moving out there to my uncle but if it's like this i don't want to bother. Please don't tell me there is racism everywhere because obviously i know that i was just wondering if and why it is worse there. Thanks for reading :wink: .x
  3. :biglaugh: :biglaugh: :biglaugh: Forget gumtree.............this is where the real bargains are to be had http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Blue-used-HOLY-Undies-Still-has-many-years-left-/320733047765?pt=Men_s_Clothing&hash=item4aad2debd5
  4. I was thinking about this carbon tax and thinking that Oz is a large country with huge forests and a small population. Surely all the trees absorb a lot of our CO2 emissions compared with other countries. So I dug out some information off the net to find out for some countries; the land mass, % of land covered by trees, total area of trees, total number of trees (assumed an average spacing of 20m), CO2 emissions per year, how much CO2 each tree absorbs per year and hence finally calculated the % of CO2 produced which is reabsorbed by the trees. (This is apparently more for mature trees, which I expect there are more of in Australias forests than forests in the UK for example. Results are below Country %CO2 absorbed by trees US 1.38% Germany 0.33% UK 0.12% Australia 12.3% So, as Australia has been careful to preserve its forests instead of cutting them all down and concreting over them like the US and the UK, we still have forests to absorb 100 times more of the CO2 we produce than the UK for example and many more times the other countries here. So are we justified in having such a harsh carbon tax compared to other countries. Has the amount we absorb with our carefully preserved forests been taken into account?
  5. cherylant78

    household stuff $2000 the lot

    Was just looking on gumtree for bookcases and came across this, might be useful to someone whose just arrived and starting out again, especially if like me they sold most of the furniture before moving... I cant vouch for any of it though so if its all rubbish please dont blame me. Apartment Set | Furniture | Gumtree Waterloo Leather corner sofa, bed,washing machine,microwave, dining table and chairs, fridge, kitchen utensils etc.
  6. No doubt this is the question on everybodys lips... Im not exactly sure the expected wait time at the moment but last i checked it was 3-6months, and I have read a lot of peoples taking about 4 months. Is there any miracle stories where people were granted there front loaded applications quickly? My partner, a british citizen (currently in the UK who i havent seen for over 3mths) is sending application in a week to London has all the medicals and police checks ready. One other question, i am Australian and lived in the UK for probably a total over 12 months but was coming back and forth so it was more like a few long holidays. Would i still need a UK police check for the application?:policeman: I have put in my Australian one.
  7. whopperdaisy

    Small moments That Mean A Lot

    Sometimes there are moments in life where someone makes a kind gesture that means more than they realise. Today I took the little one to a local beach. We wandered along the shore looking for shells and stopped to watch a dog bounding into the sea to fetch his ball. The dog owners, noticing my little one looking on, offered the opportunity to come over and pat the by now very wet pooch. Then they offered the little one the ball to throw, many times over. What those lovely dog owners couldn't have known is that this evening there's a little kid still thrilled at the memory of throwing the ball into the water and watching the dog fetch it. A pure simple joy that I can't offer because we can't have a pet where we live. The story of that dog will be repeated to me for weeks. How has a stranger touched your life recently?
  8. hey guys ... so first up just want to give a shout out to everyoone posting on thise site you have provided us with so much information that we are very thankfull for. just a few questions, firstly myself (australian) and my boyfriend (irish) are applying for a defacto visa in the next few weeks . we have been living together for just about 12months and dating for around 5 months before that . we have been collecting our doccuments needed and are just about done but are struggiling to find answers on the following: 1. must we get a health check before we submit the application. 2. do both of us need to get a health check or just my boyfriend (applicant) 3. how many photos can we submit and should the be oringals or printed etc etc? 4. when writing up our own stat dec/ letter of realationship is there any key points we should consider or any particular layout . (im worried i will just jumble useless info together and it wont look efficeint) 5. most of our recipts for little weekends away are in my name is this an issue (i would mormally for for accomidation and then my boyfriend pay for all activities we did- which we dont have recipts for) and finally any other usefull points anyone would like to add would be very helpfull.. thanks again guys and goodluck with all your applications
  9. Guest

    Failures, The Lot Of Yer.

    As some recent statistics show there seems to be many more Brits returning to the UK from Australia, I know statistics are often misconstrued, but they do bare out that over recent months and years a few more migrants are returning to the UK. We all have different reasons for loving, hating, feeling indifferent to Australia, each to their own. But if you have chosen to leave Australia for your own reasons then good for you. Don't believe anyone that says the UK is up .... creek without a paddle, it is NOT, yes there are many faults but if it is a place you call home then good for you. No matter what you are not failures, the only failure you could blame yourself for is the decision not to 'try' Australia as a destination in the first place. At least you had the power of your convictions and gave it a go. You don't have to justify the move back to the UK to anyone else, if that makes you happy then so be it. Don't listen to anyone (particularly Brits in Australia) who think you are stupid to return, nothing to do with them. I'm only saying this because a long time friend rang earlier and said he and his family were coming back to the UK in three months time, and in no small measure he was feeling guilty about the decision as he had been pilloried no end by some Brits in OZ. It is his decision and his families, who knows, maybe it won't be what they expect but they have come to a decision to return for very valid reasons. They were never what could be called 'Whinging Poms', just accepted that their hearts are in the UK and the final decision has been made with a reasoned mindset. So don't feel as if you have failed, rather tried, came, saw, and conquered for a while a country that doesn't suit all. Cheers Tony:wink:
  10. OK, so now I have your attention a serious question. How many Aussies have looked all the way back into their ancestry, from the very first settlers. I guess this is a generational thing as a lot of Aussies are fairly new arrivals, could be wrong though. But if you have links back to the first settlers have you tried to look into your past. And no, I am not trying to start yet another heated debate, I only ask as I am extremely interested in all things Australia and in particular its history and the very first settlers who must have met many a hurdle and obstacle. Another reason I ask is that my sister in law did my family tree a few months ago and it turns out my ancestors, well some were from Germany:shocked:. Anyway was just wondering if any of you have done this sort of thing. Was your great great great............granddad one of the many convicts who were sent to Australia those many years ago, you never know one of your ancestors may have been Ned, (such is life) Kelly. There were many convicts shipped to many different reasons, even nicking a slice of bread. But Australian history is unique in the world, and it would be fantastic to read some factual stories about your ancestors. I know over here we have 'Ancestry.com, and I would imagine there is something similar in OZ. As I said, not trying to start a ruck, I am genuinely interested in peoples lives (i.e. bloody nosey) some would say:embarrassed:. But because it is such a young country it may be easier to trace your roots. Looking forward to the posts. Cheers Tony:wink:
  11. Hello... My name is Marco 26 years older and i'm from Italy, Rome... (sorry for my bad english!) I read this forum for a very long time... and i found a lots of helpful information in there. I know , i'm not from england but i'm asking some helps. I really would like to immigrate to australia and i would like to study at university . I was waiting the new skill list from the governament about what is the best choice to do about which course to study for having the permanent visa in australia. (possibly degree) Any suggestion? i should to contact a migration agent for ask some information ? which one? Currently i'm working like a computers repair ..just saving money for the university. what i have to do ? i really don't know what i have to do. Any helps i really appreciate it. Thanks everybody for your attention
  12. Hi everyone, My current 457 visa is coming to end in April and I have just got another 1 year contract doing exactly the same job for the same organisation - a government organisation. Do I need to go through the whole 457 application again or is there some easier way to extend. Many thanks!
  13. My parents, both in their 70's have been going on holiday to the South of France for the past 40 years. My Dad being the one choosing this routine, my poor Mother suffering in tow all these years, and when I was a kid many moons ago it used to drive me mad. Well last week my wife and I agreed to go with them for 5 days just to keep them company. Boy It was a tough shift, :cry: so predictable now in what they want to do and where they want to go, and having been there a few times before with them we knew what to expect. So it was a pretty boring 5 days. Sad to see how getting old and older can change your lifestyle and more so your personality and how you live your life. as much as these two oldies frustrated me you can'tt help but feel sorry for them. We were pleased to spend some time with Mum and Dad having been so far away for a year, and who know's it may be the last time we spend a holiday together, as I don't think there's much chance now of Dad flying to Australia to see us when we go for good. Who knows? Just wondering what do folk on here think of France? Obviously apart from Ireland, it's the nearest place to Britain, but in my humble opinion it may as well be a million miles away. Having had a year in Oz, maybe it's just me, but I found the French so ignorant and discourteous in so many ways, so arogant. Also I thought all countries now in the EU had a non smoking policy in public places. Well I have to say it hasn't reached the South of France where we were. People in bars, restaurants and places smoking, staff to far up their own bum to be courteous or polite to people, and expensive, well unbelievable. 4 Capuccinos and a Kit Kat , €17 a taxi maybe a mile, (my dad can't walk far) €10. My wife and I had a bagette and fries one day plus 2 cokes in a small cafe bar, €27 and not keeping on about the smoking thing, but the waiter there had a fag between serving people. We stopped off at one bar near a beach and had 3 glasses of champagne and 1 water, €65. Add to that €330 to hire a car for 2 days because it Peed down with rain and all in all it was a pretty crappy trip. I was glad to get back to Britain. No doubt about it for us, Australia has ruined us!! can't wait to get back there. Sometimes we knock Britain, but I tell you IMHO :rolleyes: it's a lot better than many glitzy places people talk about. REDDERS
  14. All the shops in Birmingham were heaving when I went shopping last week (so bloody cheap) and the pubs all seem are doing a good trade throughout the week, I don’t see many miserable faces about….where the eck is this miserable Britain in recession you lot were on about.:nah:
  15. So weve booked our reckie trip in May Perth and Melbourne. So the plan is to travel to the surrounds of Perth to see where we would like to settle! Were going to look at Freemantle, Bunbury, Rockingham, Mandurah where else sholud we visit? Any where North of Perth? Look forward to some ideas!
  16. Im sure I read somewhere recently that if you buy a car from a car lot you have to get finance and cant pay cash - am I correct or have I gone mad??? Also how difficult is it to get finance if necessary??? Am i better off buying privately in CASH??? How many of you have financed their car on arrival and was it an easy process?? Thankies. Tinks
  17. Hi Guys, Are any of you moving to Australia or have you moved to Australia and given up so much to make the move financially? Are all the material things here in the UK not worth it anymore, do you want something thats just new and different? If you are in Australia did you leave a lot behind and financially not better of but richer in your new life? If you are here in the Uk still, do you have any doubts and what are you consoling yourself with (apart from the alcohol lol)? Just wondering :wubclub:
  19. KazzE

    Oi you lot are CURTAINS

    What is going on, so many stressed people today? NOW just you listen to me......................... PULL YOURSELVES TOGETHER
  20. hi guys, i am stressed out as we have had no luck with the house like many on here, plus can not rent out so my worry is we have to validate visa's by begining of dec so looks like have to take a holiday but want to do it as cheaply as possiable as 5 going. we have give ourselfs another 12 weeks if no one comes with offer then have to book flight as all going up in price. what i am asking all of you is do you know any good cheap places to stay holiday homes/appartments we will be going end oct for 2 weeks (2 adults,3 children) have looked on auzzie.com and a few others but can anyone recommend any others hopefully perth or SOR. it is getting very stressfull living in limbo, as if we have to go on holiday i know i will be crying all the way home plus fed up as money spent will be less to take with us to start our new life's, could be a long wait till house is sold till we go back as we have dropped it to the limit we can go to :arghh: so if does not sell our dreams will be on hold until it does.................... sorry to go on hope someone can help julie :wubclub:
  21. welsh in oz

    you lot will understand

    Haven't been able to get to a computer all week and had a funny feeling.......so I got my OH to check my mail................................. I GOT MY VISA ON TUESDAY!!!!! AND I DIDNT KNOW UNTIL WED EVENING!!!!!:jiggy::spinny: WOO HOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Been telling friends and family but they dont really understand, all they say is 'well you knew you would didnt you?'. Seems like only me and Max are excited so thought I would let all you PIO's know.......
  22. bottle top

    what you lot doing tonight

    hi its 8 45 pm in perth ,and im bored , so i was thinking what are you lot doing tonight where ever you are. :notworthy: scott
  23. Hi, Me and my husband was wondering if anyone out there is in the same situation as us. We are planning to emigrate to australia but have very little money, we will not be taking hardly anything across with us obviously apart from some personal belongings. We were just wondering if anyone has moved or is moving across in the same situation as us. If you moved across, how well are you coping, was it difficult. Leelee:smile:
  24. Guest

    hi you lot in oz

    hi guys, i am a hairdresser coming to oz in july. Just want to know what the hairdressing is like. I have been freelance for 10 years and i def do not want to work in a salon, mayb start a new bussiness there. What do you guys do and do you tend to go in the city. Hopefully i can gather people around the subburds to have there hair done. Worried about my hair as my friend puts colours in my hair every 4 weeks. ps, very fussy thanks nicky xx :smile: