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Found 151 results

  1. Robbie330

    Want to move to oz

    Hi folks after some advice and don’t know where to start! me and my fiancé want to move to Australia from uk I have a nephew there already with his Australian gf and kids, I am an IT manager (past 15 years) also qualified barber my Partner has an MBA works in sales we don’t know where to start or know if we have a chance... when browsing jobs in Aus, they want someone already with a visa. does anyone have any advice on what options there could be for us? Do we need sponsorship or can we do anything ourselves? Are we best of chatting to a migration agency etc? I am 40 my partner 32 thanks
  2. slashoholic

    Migration Pathway Dilemma

    Would appreciate any kind of possible help folks...have entered a migration pathway dilemma I am an international student from India and am currently pursuing a 2 year MBA course in Australia. My MBA course commenced in Feb 2017. The sole purpose of my coming to Australia, as many others, is to obtain a PR in Australia. Need help with the best possible route and options for me and my partner. Following are my circumstances which would give you a better understanding of my case : About ME (Currently residing in Australia) Male, 32 yrs DOB – Nov, 1984 Marital status – Unmarried Sister is an Australian citizen since 7 years, residing in Sunbury, Melbourne – 3429 Have completed a 3 year “Bachelor of Science” degree from India Have 9 years of work experience in Human Resources No professional Human Resource degree like MBA Currently pursuing a “2 year MBA course with specialization in IT” from a university in Melbourne About my PARTNER (Currently residing in India) Female, 24 yrs DOB – Dec, 1992 Marital status – Unmarried Currently residing in India 4 year “Bachelor of Technology” degree (Electronics & Communication) from India 1 year “Bachelor of Education” degree from India Total of 1 year of teaching experience in 2 different schools in India No engineering based work experience
  3. Hello, Here is my complicated story... I'm still in shock as I have just found out in the last few days that I am pregnant (5 weeks). It wasn't planned, and I'm not with the dad (we were off and on). He is Australian and I am English. I am worrying/thinking about a lot of things, but worries about my visa situation are adding to an already complicated situation that I never thought I would find myself in. I have been in Australia for almost 2 years, at first on working holiday visa and now on a 457 visa, which I have been on only a matter of weeks. I know, bad timing... I would like to know what my options are if I decide to have the baby here in Australia. I don't think I will be entitled to maternity benefit from my place of work as I have only worked there a few weeks so I am presuming that if I leave to have a baby, I'll be in breach of my visa conditions after 28 days? Or would I be entitled to another kind of visa if I have my baby here in Australia (as the mother of an Australian citizen perhaps?), as I don't want to go back to England to have it as it's dad (who is Australian) will be here and this is where my life is now, too. I am also worried that if I have the baby here and I am not entitled to stay that the dad would have to give his OK for me to travel abroad with the baby anyway, but if I were in breach of my visa how could I legally stay? If we did get back together and I were with the dad, would we have to marry for me to be able to stay? Or is there some kind of de facto visa that I could get because I am expecting his child? We haven't lived together and haven't been together more than a year, but is it different rules if you are pregnant? I'm so confused and upset by this whole situation, I really don't know what to do for the best. Please let me know if you can answer questions re my visa options and whether I can stay in Australia with my baby. Thank you
  4. Hello I have been in Australia for almost two years on my WHV. I met my Australian partner here, we are now engaged and life is good. The only problem is that he had an ex girlfriend from Brazil and they had a partner visa together, which means we can't apply for a new partner visa until 5 years after he applied for the one with her (there are nearly two years left). So my question is... should I stay here on a student visa or should we go and wait it out in the UK? The international student fees are very expensive so I can't afford to study anything I am actually interested in, just an online Business course (the cheapest option). It will be a struggle for me to get by, but it is doable. However, would it be easier to go to the UK? What is the work situation like at the moment? Any advice for an Aussie settling in the UK (I feel like the drop in wages and weather could be issues for him). Any experience on the process of getting a spouse visa for the UK? Thanks for any opinions / advice.
  5. Hi all, just discovered pomsinoz and hoping someone will be able to give a little advice i am a hairdresser currently working in Melbourne on a 457 sponsorship I have been on this visa for 3 and a half years now, the problem is my employer does not want to nominate me as he has not fofilled his visa duties , example ;not paid the nominated wage award (was agreed at beginning ) Not used 2%of the company's income on training and education and am sure there is a few other things,, so am wondering what happens once I reach the 4year mark? Am I able to apply for P.R without nomination? or am I better off looking for a new employer who will nominate me??? any help would be much appreciated !! therr could be a haircut in it for you regards beandos
  6. Victoria Carol Gadd

    Help with my options!

    Hello! I am new to this brilliant forum and I am hoping some of you lovely people could help me out with a few things, firstly i'll tell you a little about my situation. I am 25 years old, from the UK. I have a business degree in Events Management and currently work as an assistant manager for a health and beauty company. My sister moved to Perth September 2012 as her now finance moved over there a few years before with his parents who had enough points. He now has citizenship and an Australian passport. My sister went out on the year working visa, she didn't complete the 3 months working on the land as she applied for a spouse visa and is currently on a bridging visa until she hears back from the outcome of her application. I am now wanting to move to Australia and I am wondering what my best options are. I am wanting to move in June 2015. Should I apply for a working visa, complete the 3 months in order to get a second year visa? But then what happens once the second year is up? What about a student visa? I know you can only work 20 hours per week when on this visa which is not a problem. Should I complete a course in the UK for a job that is on the SOL eg a PGCE in teaching before I leave? But then do I have to have so many years experience working in that role? Also I am thinking of possibly using a migration agent, Does anyone have any experience of using one? If so what are your thoughts and anyone you can recommend? And lastly, what advice can you give me? Anything would be appreciated. I have spoken to people I know from various different age ranges who have done it however I am always willing to listen to more experiences, especially as all the people I know live in Perth, what is it like in other parts of the country? Many Thanks for your help Victoria X
  7. I am an industrial pharmacist wishing to migrate. My sister is a permanent resident living in sydney as a house wife. New SOL excludes industrial pharmacist. but i found Chemist is included. i think pharmaceutical manufacturing plant is similar to a chemical industry and my job responsibilities is similar to a industrial chemist could i nominate Chemist as my occupation? Should I apply SMP or relative 176 visa? I have 4 years B.pharm and Ms in pharmaceutical sciences According to VETASSESS relevant study must be 25% major related to nominated occupation which might have been completed. Should I submit my syllabus to VETASSESS for positive assessment? Plz help me to take decision as i am planning to proceed as early as possible
  8. Hi Everyone! I'm new to poms in oz and thought I would give this a shot to see what advice I can get! So, I am currently in Brisbane on a international student visa and have just completed the Certificate III in children's services. I would really like to work and live in Australia and really do not know what route to take next?! Does anyone know whether if I go onto doing the Diploma of children's services will I be any more eligible to get a permanent visa?? If I go through the skilled migrant option do you need higher qualifications such as bachelor degrees rather than Diplomas?? My partner is also over with me and is also from the UK and he is currently the de-facto partner on my student visa which expires in March. I'm really worrying as Ive kinda been putting things off ignoring the fact my visa expires and I will have to go home! I'm running out of time :unsure: If anyone has advice please help me........ Thankyou!!! :cute:
  9. Hello all, Just wanted to ask a few questions if I may...I am currently in my 2nd yr of Nurse training...and am really wanting to emigrate to be with my family who are in Australia once i qualify. Have just been told about the 457 visa, where you can go on a temp visa for 4 yrs, and be sponsored by an employer. The only worry I have with this one, is how easy is it to get a hospital to sponsor you? Do they generally want at least a few yrs work experience after qualifying? Alternatively is the Graduate Nurse program the way to go? Where I can possibly apply to one of the hospitals and get on one of these, straight from uni? But how do you that with what visa?? Am really confused! Can anyone help by having experienced either of these? Many thanks Sarah
  10. Hi everyone, I will be graduating next year with an English law degree (hopefully getting a 2.1) and I want to know what my options are vis-a-vis immigration to Oz. Anyone out there with knowledge specific to law/other similar areas able to tell me what I should be doing after my degree to enhance my chances of getting a visa for permanent residence in Australia? Thanks!
  11. Hi All, Just got word back from the ACS, they wont give me System Analyst, however they will give me Systems Administrator. Looking to apply for 175/176 visa. IELTS booked for Jan 21st, aiming to head off late 2012 / early 2013. From what I can see, no-one is offering State Sponsorship on this at the minute. My questions, if anyone can help.... 1. How often to the lists change and how likely is it to show up on any SS lists. (Or is it currently on a list I have missed..?) 2. Is it worth accepting the 262113, or is it worth another application to the ACS under a code that is on SS. Any feedback is very welcome, thanking ye all in advance, Kev
  12. Guest

    Route to PR - Pros/Cons

    Hi All, After spending much of 2010 in Australia on a working holiday visa (no regional work experience) I am more and more focused on permanent migration by the day! After a failed (it seems the list of "recognised institutions" from which your degree must be from make no sense!) attempt at a recent graduate visa late last year I have been looking at my options. I am a UK citizen, 25, Mechanical Engineer with no dependants so points test wise at least I don't think I have any troubles. Ultimately I am looking to live in Melbourne (Automotive industry and Mountain Biking) within 12 months with the right to work and ideally no ties to an employer. I think I have missed out on a few jobs due to not having a visa in place so I am being drawn towards a VIC sponsored 176 visa would be my best bet to get me where I want in a realistic period of time. I am looking to apply for state sponsorship ASAP but would initiating this process have any knock on effects if I were to secure 457 sponsorship in the mean time? What are peoples experiences of the VIC sponsorship and 176 visa processing time scales at the moment. Can I submit my 176 application before i receive state sponsorship conformation (would there be any benefit of doing this). Are there any changes due on the horizon which I should submit before/wait until after? Luckily I have a Canadian work visa ready to go so the plan will be to go and sit out the wait in Vancouver for the summer and for however long it takes... could be worse!
  13. Hi there, After working for two months for an employer and finally talking them into sponsoring me, i decided to go and see an immigration lawyer to see what i had to do next. GREAT! Right, i work as a fully qualified joiner (5years) i am 23 years of age and living with relatives whilst here on a WHV. So it turns out my employer cant sponsor me now as im not earning (or earning below) the Market Salary Rate. BUMMER! It has been hard enough to persuade my employer to do this finally, and i know for sure i wont be able to squeeze another $10k per annum out of them. So im back to square one peeps. Ill probably do my regional work in the new year and get my 12 month extension. So seeing as there aren't a lot of options for me (as i dont live in regional australia) I am toying with one of my final options which is a Student Visa. Has anyone done this before? I have found International student course fees to be very hefty indeed! ($10-30k) So i was wondering about a modern apprenticeship, and a complete retrain. Again has anyone done this? So for a 23 year old, English speaking, Fully qualified tradesman + Family willing to sponsor + Employment within trade. My options are to either 1, Get married 2, Find a new employer 3, Become a student AGAIN! 4, Go home. COMPLETE BULLS**T !!! :wacko::arghh::em0300::happy_face_mummy_go Thanks in advance folks! Mark
  14. Husband and I over here on a 410 visa (10 year, renewable retirement visa, but we are classed as temporary visitors), we have a son & daughter in Sydney, both of whom are being sponsored by work & are intending to apply for the PR during 2012. We have one remaining daughter in the uk who is a 30 year old police officer. What are her best options of getting her out here visa-wise? If any of the oz police forces were recruiting she would apply but none are that we know of. At present we are thinking that she should apply for a working holiday visa before she turns 31 (end of December 2011) then come out here on that at the end of 2012 but it seems a bit temporary. Any suggestions or advice very much appreciated
  15. Hi Guys, I have been offered a 457 visa by a company in Brisbane, but after reading a number posts i am concerned as i have a young son and i also believed i was going to be offered a permanent residency visa. I have a number of concerns as to whether i should accept the offer or maybe try and persuade the company to offer a different type of visa? I have copied the wording of the visa offered: :confused: "[Company] agrees to sponsor your visa, being a Temporary Business (Long Stay) – Standard Business Sponsorship (Subclass 457), to a period of four (4) years." My main concerns are: (I am 44 yrs old, married and my occupation is an Engineer) How difficult is it to obtain PR after arriving on this visa? My son who has asthma might require medical treatment when here, would the treatment be free with this type of visa? What would be my options should my employment with the sponsoring company not work out as i have heard a couple of horror stories? What are the main differences between PR and 457? I have been offered $115,000 pa: could anyone advise if this is an amount that would afford myself and my family a decent living in Brisbane as my wife would probably not be able to work due to us having a young son? Many thanks, Brian and family
  16. Guest

    Container Options

    Hey all, Im shipping my car and a few other small belongings (clothes, TV, playstation etc) to Brisbane in Jan/Feb and wondered which would be cheapest? Now I cant go roll on roll off because I cant put anything in the car so that narrows it down to either a 20ft container to myself which I will never fill. Or half a 40ft one. Not sure which is cheaper? If someone is in the same boat (excuse the pun) it may be worth sharing to get the cost down.. Luke
  17. If you have lived outside of the UK for five full UK tax years and intend returning to blighty, consider your UK pension options carefully. It could be worth hanging on for a few days/weeks to be able to benefit from some significant facilities. In theory it should be possible to transfer UK pension schemes to a Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme of any country. NZ QROPS are the most flexible in the world, bar none. If you can get your UK funds into an NZ QROPS, many will allow you to withdraw the entire fund as a tax free lump sum once you are ex-UK for the five years and non-NZ resident. Thus, somebody who has lived in Aus for the required five year period satisfys both these rules and if you are a few months short it might be worth staying on for even a few days to meet the five year requirement. The transferred funds can be held in the QROPS and be payable to you in Sterling so you can take them back to the UK with you! It may seem unbelievable but you can effectively unlock your UK pension fund/s and have them paid entirely UK and NZ tax free at any age, into a UK bank account. Even more hard to believe is the fact that you can take the released funds back to the UK with you and pay them back into a UK pension fund and get upto another 40% tax relief on top! This is all totally possible under the QROPS and UK legislation.
  18. Guest

    Visa Options for Bank worker???

    Hi everyone, I currently work for a UK Bank & would love the opportunity to move to oz. I've spoken to the MD of an OZ company that do the same role as I currently do (asset finance) and he did advise me I have a "skill" that would add value to a company. However my actual job title doesnt appear on the skilled job list so im confused if I would be able to make the move. Ideally I would like to be able to get a visa based on having a skill as im finding most companies I've contacted are not forthcoming in sponsoring?? Please help!
  19. Hi all, I just wanted to say this is a great website and the support you guys provide must be invaluable for all those making the scary decision to move to Australia or move back home. So...I have been toying with the idea of moving to Oz for a long time now and have decided I have nothing to lose and to go for it but easier said than done as you all know! I have read through lots of posts and can't find one that specifically answers my question so I'm hoping you can help. I am 26 years old and work in Human Resources with 6 years experience but unfortunately I didn't go to University and get the bit of paper to say I can actually do it! I have a diploma in HR and a diploma in Psychology so I am hoping this will help although I know in the real world it doesn't count for much. It appears that I can't get a visa through the local programmes without the degree so my options are sponsorship or working holiday visa. What are the chances of obtaining sponsorship and what is the best way to go about this? I am attending some of the expos in the UK to see what they have to offer but most of the agencies in Oz want you to be there in order to get a job! The only alternative without sponsorship is a working holiday visa which will obviously limit me to 6 months with each employer (as well as having to do 3 months seasonal work to extend for a further year) and hope that I find something permanent. The frustration is I am good at my job, have lots of experience and could get great personal references of my contribution to all the companies I work at, but again, this doesn't mean much in the visa world. :goofy: If the worst comes to the worst I will have to do the two year visa and then come home, I would be grateful for the two year experience but I don't want to have to come home unless I want to. Any advice of what is best would be great. :cool: I am not looking to move until Dec 2012 at the earliest but I want to make sure I am prepared. Thanks again and hopefully if I manage to make the move I will be able to help out others in my situation in 18 months.
  20. Guest

    Pre school options

    Hi everyone I wondered if anyone could offer some advice. We are planning on migrating over to Perth in 2012 and we have 3 children, our youngest will be 4 . At the moment in the UK she is in reception class and doing really well , what would be our options in Oz ? is they anything part time , or pre school ect ? Ideally we would like to wait until the starting year but we feel my wife may need to find work therefore we may have a childcare issue. If anyone can help it would be very much appreciated:biggrin:
  21. Guest

    Pre School options

    Hi everyone I wondered if anyone could offer some advice. We are planning on migrating over to Perth in 2012 and we have 3 children, our youngest will be 4 . At the moment in the UK she is in reception class and doing really well , what would be our options in Oz ? is they anything part time , or pre school ect ? Ideally we would like to wait until the starting year but we feel my wife may need to find work therefore we may have a childcare issue. If anyone can help it would be very much appreciated. thanks riknbev :biggrin:
  22. Hi all, I have a complicated situation that I need answers too. This isn't related to me as I've got an Australian passport. I live in Manchester and I have a boyfriend who I want to bring to Australia with me who is a British citizen and 23. Problem is, he was convicted of hit and run and sentenced to 6 years prison (big mistake, I know). Soon his to be having an open prison setence and I told him I'll be taking him to OZ when the first opportunity arises. Now I am sick of horrendous salary, uncompable government benefits and the continuous cuts in jobs, pensions and increased educational fees. I told him I wouldn't leave without him and my brother won't go to Australia unless I do, which in effect has a negative impact on him. Now I am wanting to know what I should actually do. If you're going to say - find someone else or some other rudimentary response, then don't bother posting. Should I inform the Australian government that we are in a relationship? How should I start organising things for our relocation? Furthemore in relation to his sentence, he has served almost three years with another three that will be on open prison. This is absolutely heartbreaking but I'm unsure of how to begin preparation for our relocation. Does anyone have any suggestions? Would his visa be refused applying with an Australian citizen? It was a once off offence if that helps. J
  23. Hey Guys, I hope you're all well and thanks in advance for taking the time to read this thread. My problem: I'm in Melbourne at the moment on a tourist visa with the "no work" restriction. I really love it here and would love the option to work and stick around for a few years. I'm quite an honest person and would only do things in the correct manor. History: In 2005 I was issued a WHV but as far as I can tell (it's been a long time) I didn't complete enough regional work to get a second WHV. Is there any exceptions made on this (probably not!) My occupation: Well I'm a trained Sound Engineer to Diploma level and have been working in that business on and off for the last 15 years. I've been self employed and running a successful audio production and DJ service for the last 7 years. I have invoices and contracts for most of my previous work as proof. The issue: I'm quickly running out of money and really this is that last throw of the dice for me. My budget for visa application (whichever visa is available to me) is about 2000-3000$ Any suggestions how I should proceed further? Which visa do you think would be most suited to me? Many thanks Tony.:huh:
  24. Hi, I hope you can offer some advice. We have been back and forth from UK to Oz twice now. Well we have decided we want to come back to Australia for good this time. We gave up too quickly. The problem we have is our 16 year old son. He will finish his GCSE's next year. He wants to go back but has said he doesnt want to go to school in Australia. He has never been academic and his more hands on. He will be in year 11. What other things can he do to learn a trade, can he go to TAFE etc... We would like him to mix with kids his own age, rather than get a job. Or can he try and get an apprenticeship and go to day release where he will gain qualifications and also be with others same age, interests to him. Thanks in advance x
  25. Proview220

    What are my options?

    What are my daughters boyfriends options of living with us in Australia, he is 18 and doing further education in "IT" will he be able to get any type of visa? Proview