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Found 295 results

  1. Faced with very difficult choice Our PR visa was granted in 03/2013 and at the time my husband didn't want to move to OZ. Two years fast forward and my mother-in-law was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. She has been battling the disease for almost 3 years now and we wanted to care for her but she refused to move in with us. She says she will only do so when she is incapacitated. We live 2 1/2 hours flight away from her and only see her twice a year. She has 2 other children that don't live in the same city as hers but her brother does and he has been a big help. Our 5 year visa expires in 03/2018. I still want to move to oz and my husband says that if his mother passes before the visa expires he will move. Part of me feels that our live has been on a hold for a while and I've been trying to let go of the tought of moving but can't get over it and if we did go I'm afraid that her and the whole family would resent us forever and I would probably regret being so selfish.
  2. Hi I moved to Sydney about a month ago with my partner and we're all settled with a house in Caringbah. Unfortunately my job hunt is taking a bit longer than I'd hoped so it'd be good to meet some people- there's only so much Australian daytime TV I can cope with! I was wondering if there's anyone in the area who fancied meeting up for coffee/drinks/BBQ's etc? Suzie
  3. Hi All, Jus trying to establish are there many Irish people here heading for Perth. Thought is would be a good idea to get a thread going for us all. We are a family of 3 hoping to hit Perth late 2011 or Jan 2012. (Age 30/Age 29/Daughter Age 4) Was wondering if there are many others from Ireland in the same boat and was wondering if there is enough of us to arrange a big group meet up somewhere over the next while. Anyway include your details and chat soon. Cheers:biggrin:
  4. Hello everyone! I'm a 26 year old female Environmental Consultant and I'm going to be moving to Sydney (from Manchester) at the end of October. I'm really, really excited about coming over but I don't know anyone in Sydney, and as I'm coming over by myself I thought I'd post a quickmessage to try get to know a few people for when I get there! I’m easy-going and I love reading, films, theatre, cooking (and eating!), arts and crafts, music, walking, having a good old chat over a glass of wine and loads of other things! I'm looking forward to getting out there and discovering the city and the people who live there, so please get in touvh if you can help Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope to hear from you soon, Ellie
  5. I think your all mad, you'll be back five minutes and realise what a dirty stinking dump the UK has become!! I was back for a holiday in August and everyone is miserable as sin........ Wild horses would not send me back, here I can go to the beach and walk in blazing sunshine.......back in the UK they'll stand in the pub all day, look at the pissing rain hitting the window and moan about the place....... That is half the problem with people emigrating to Aus, there here 30 seconds and want to catch up with English people and have there fish fingers and chips and beans and expect it to be the UK with sunshine.... Embrace the Aussie lifestyle not the English, this isn't the Algarve!!! Good luck if your returning, I wish it worked out for you but half the people on this forum who moan and groan I'm glad your leaving the place.........I can't argue when the Aussie's call us whinging poms, on here we are!!!! I'll wave you off from the Airport and return to a House I can only dream of in the UK, and kids leave their bikes on the front lawn all night.........where will you get that in the UK..........I don't even lock my car and I haven't heard a car alarm go off in two years!!!!
  6. Hello everyone! I'm a 26 year old female Environmental Consultant and I'm going to be moving to Sydney (from Manchester) at the end of October. I'm really, really excited about coming over but I don't know anyone in Sydney, and as I'm coming over by myself I thought I'd post a little message to try get to know a few people for when I get there! I’m easy-going and I love reading, films, theatre, cooking (and eating!), arts and crafts, music, walking, having a good old chat over a glass of wine and loads of other things! Any advice or friendship you could offer would be gratefully received, so please get in touch if I sound like your kind of gal (in a non ‘Lonely Hearts Column’ kind of way!) Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope to hear from you soon, Ellie
  7. milliem

    OCD Anyone?

    Okay I know this term is branded about a bit these days but I am wondering what it means to you? I reckon mine has become worse as I have got older. I do a lot of the usual stuff, I like to be neat and tidy, put things in rows, stack things like soldiers in the airing cupboard. Some other examples. 1. Can't walk on the pavement cracks, thankfully I draw the line (pardon the pun) at cobbles. For some reason these are not a problem. 2. I don't like food mixed on my plate, for example beans on toast is actually beans AND toast. If somebody stacks the fried egg on top of something, I can't eat it. No clue why. 3. I buy new pillows every 8 weeks. Marks and Spencers saw me coming. I still bought new ones today despite the fact that I am leaving UK in less than 4 weeks. The old ones look brand new, as do the other 8 sitting in the garage waiting to go to the tip. :eek: Millie x
  8. Hi All, My company has secured overseas preferred supplier status with 2 major mining companies. We now have open roles in Queensland, Central NSW and WA. We need a Senior Mining Engineers (7+ years / Underground), Mining Engineers (upto 5 years / Open Cut) and a Senior Geotechnical Engineer (7+ Years / Metalliferous environment). Anyone interested, please drop me a line. Many thanks. Adam
  9. Hey, I'm sarah 26 from the uk, im in melbourne at the moment and looking to meet a few people and make some more friends. Wondered if anyone else had just got here and wanted to arrange something? xxx
  10. Hi we have been granted a 4yr temp visa and are looking to buy/start a business. Need the business to meet the various criteria to gain perm resi. Do we buy a business that already meets the criteria or start fresh?:mask:
  11. Guest

    A rare event

    Just noticed that there are 59 people viewing the News, chat, and dilemmas section and 50 people viewing Chewing The Fat. This is rare... usually there is a lot more people on NCD than on CTF... I've always wondered why that is so.... but as with life's other mysteries, I might never get an answer :sad:
  12. Hi there I'm a 28 year old single mum of three looking to meet new people in the Hills District/Kellyville Ridge area to catch up for coffees and have some fun girlie nights out. I've lived in Sydney for 4yrs now and have made alot of friends but they are all a little older than me and are not really Interested in going out as much as I am. I have recently separated from my husband who I was with for 15 years, I would love to meet up with some fun outgoing people and start a fresh. Chat soon Tara x
  13. We are actively seeking experienced PVC-U Installers, Surveyors and Sales People in the Melbourne area. For more information, please contact Craig We look forward to hearing from you
  14. Hey guys... Ive just lodgd my application for my defacto PR visa... how long has it taken for you to receive your visa... the only peope I know here in Australia it has taken them 3-4 weeks.... please advice Kind Regards Tony xoxo
  15. Just reading some of posts about people moving to Hobart and I just want to say I wish it was me! I'm from Armagh and have been to Tasmania numerous times over the years, still trying to convince the wife to move over...Making slow progress! Anyway, my dad founded the Irish Association of Tasmania over 20 years ago and it's still going strong today. It is based in the New Sydney Hotel on Bathurst Street in Hobart and is an extremely welcoming place. Some of the founders are still actively involved, while others have passed away. They hold a seisún every Saturday in the New Sydney so you go down and check it out. They also hold a Fleadh every year and I went to my first one last year. It is 3 days of brilliant craic, music and drinking! They get bands from all over Australia to play and is really a great time. This year is their 20th Fleadh and so will be a big celebration. It is held in the first couple of weeks in March so if you are over for then make sure you go down. Either way you should call in to the New Sydney and chat to the bar manager, Alan, about the Irish Association and he'll give you more info. The guys you should seek out in the IAOT would be Mick Lynch, Joan Crossin and Peter Grubb. They have been there from the start and are really great people. If you do catch up with them say Peadar McMahon sent you! I know it's hard settling in a new place but it helps if you have people you can relate to and the IAOT can help with that. Hope it can be of some help to you.
  16. Hi Folks I'm having a bad day, please bear with me! Well I'm not sure if I'm just imagining all this, being a neurotic woman and all!! But I can't help but think that just lately, my friends and family are beginning to withdraw from me. And I'm really beginning to feel hurt. (But then I suppose its nothing compared to what I'm puting them through.) I try really hard not to talk about Australia and the Visa when I'm with them. But thats difficult when they're the ones that bring it up! As you all know, this process throws all sorts of unexpected emotions at you as it is and I'm finding having to deal with this one is really tough. I'm beginning to feel alone, and alien in my own country. (well if nothing else its good training for when I really am an alien!) I'm really not sure how to handle it, does anyone else feel this kind of thing happning to them?? Or am I truly alone :cry:. I dear.... i do sound pathetic don't I!! Help......
  17. I moved out in 2007, I still find it hard to associate with anyone as I am a stay at home mother of two beautiful children and I am happily married to my australian partner I am just looking for people to get to know and hopefully have a strong friendship with.
  18. Hi Everyone, I am looking for 30 sheetmetal and fabrication gurus. This is further to my post for Boilermakers, which is the job title however a little misleading in the name itself! The client is in South Australia and will sponsor 4 year 457 business visas to successful applicants. The location is coastal and near some beautiful national parkland. This is a great opportunity for an overseas secondmentor perhaps something longer term. Please let me know if you are interested or know someone who might be. We have a referral reward system up and running :biggrin: Many thanks, Adam W.
  19. I didn't want to highjack Woodyds thread. So I'm starting a new one. Whilst reading around online news in general I came across this... Legislation allowing gay people to hold civil partnerships in places of worship could be derailed by a group of Tory MPs and peers I think it's wrong in this day & age that there is still so much inequality, it's barking mad . The average Hetrosexual person is probably not even aware of half the things The LGBT population face. This article already states that religious venues have an option where they may op out of performing Civil Partnership Ceremonies so why the need for more legislation. I had clients who are a lovely couple these men have been in a relationship for fifty years, imagine thats an incredible thing in itself but when you think for the first ten years of their relationship they were illegal & could've been sent to prison. After fifty years they had a civil partnership because it meant their wills could actually be the way they wanted instead of family inheriting in the place of their partner. Those of us in Hetrosexual marriages get to take so much for granted. While we are gaining licences to marry in ever more outlandish places. There are those within government position trying to make Civil partnerships even less equal now trying to legislate where such cermonies can be performed, even though every religious venue already has an opt out available. I think if you are a gay person who follows a religous faith this must be even worse. http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2011/12/02/gay-partnerships-churches-threat_n_1125704.html
  20. Hello Stupid question :goofy: - but when you go on an areoplane you get asked so many security questions - it is pretty hard to do anything you shouldn't - thank god. But if you are trusting a packing company to pack everything for you, for them to then take it to their depot and fill the container (our house does not have easy access for a 40ft container) - who is reasonsible if someone in the company is dodgy and no one knows till the container gets to Aus????? :frown: Told you it was a silly question !! Any thoughts????
  21. Hi my names Aisling I'm 21, just moved to bunbury saw this site and well its hard meeting people on your own as ive moved from london with my family.. I would like to meet people in bunbury.. so if there are people in the same position or just looking for friends don't be shy to contact me
  22. I'm a bit stuck here , i don't usually ask for help with this matter but would love some comments . my daughters school has just called to say her purse has been stolen while she was playing hockey. ( i did think that maybe she had just misplaced it somewhere ) She has just called me crying( bless hr )saying mum i put it in the tray with all our phones too, that the teacher holds . :dull:Best thing is the school isn't looking into it till Monday ! I did say to the head hangon one min .....why hasn't all the children all been asked to empty their bags to make sure they havn't picked the purse up by mistake :wink::dull: she said oh we aren't allowed to do that ! My Daughter has had no end of trouble with the kids in this school , she gets teased because she is top in each subject, they have even given her another language to do because she soaks foreign language up and enjoys school( now i know kids will be kids ) and she takes this on the chin , also the comments of geek nerd and the old favorite Name calling because she is ginger . She had a 15 yearold boy slam her against a wall ,in the laneway they walk.. to get their buses ! She took control of that herself ( he won't be doin that again, thnkgod for muay thai training ) Millie is a gentle soul who sees no wrong in anyone and she lets things go over her head , but today i think it came to a head . How do i explain why people are like this to her :sad: she is only 11 Brides x :wideeyed:p.s sorry about the way i typed this im just so angry lol
  23. Never posted before, first forum i have ever registered to... Im flying into Brisbane early january 2012!!! alone hopefully to find some carpentry work anywhere on the East coast. Im not sure of anything to be honest so im keeping a complete open mind and am willing to do any kind of work anywhere on the East coast. only Three months of crazy saving to go! A mate was supposed to come with me but cant get his backside into gear to save money and hes blown me out Alone it is... Although im very nervous about it. I cant wait to get out there and meet people and just have an unbelievable time! Ive dreamt of being in Australia since i can remember! Im mostly worried about finding the work... Chhhheeeeeerrrsss
  24. Hi We moved to Brisbane a couple of weeks ago. So far we love the place but we we are living in a serviced apartment in city centre until we find a home and so are feeling like we in a bit of a half way house just now. We would love to meet up with some people to see Brisbane with or hang out with. Any tips for meeting new folk or feeling more at home are really welcome Thanks!
  25. Hi. We are emigrating to Joondalup on the 14th December and are struggling to find accomodation of some kind for the 4 of us (preferably 3 bedrooms). It's difficult as its holiday time so does anyone know of a place? We have looked at: fully furnished -struggling to find any available in December/Jan non-furnished-hard to get while not able to view caravan sites- none big enough... HELP! Or even, does anyone want any lodgers for a bit while we find an empty place to rent?