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  1. Woo Hoo!!! 100 granted today for Hubby and Daughter!!!!!! AB must be on a roll - granted just 3 months and 9 days after we sent it!!!!! Thank you all for the help at the start - flying to Tas on Jan 17th!!!!! A great Christmas in store xxxx
  2. Danandclaire

    Certified copies?

    We have our solicitor lined up to help us with our copies but have what's probably a daft question - do we take originals and copies and our solicitor stamps them or do we take just the original and she copies and stamps? Thank you all
  3. Danandclaire

    Medical for non migrating child

    We are migrating in January - my OH on a partner visa as I am a Aus citizen. He has a son by a previous relationship awho is not coming with us. His son lives with his mother who takes all financial responsibilty for him. Because of this we think he won't be considered a dependent and therefore won't need a medical. Has anyone got any idea? We have the opportunity to get him a medical and are wondering if we should just do it anyway if we may be asked by our CO???!!?!?
  4. Danandclaire

    children not migrating do u still have to put on?

    We are on the same boat, my Oh is leaving his son behind. He lives with his mother who pays for all his food etc so he is not my OH dependent - do you think he will need a medical..... So confusing!!!! B
  5. Danandclaire

    Can we take equity back to UK?

    This may seem like a daft question,. What are the implications of selling a house in Aus, making money then taking that back to the UK? We are migrating in Jan, our plan is to buy but we want to return in approx 5 years, thanks all.
  6. Danandclaire

    Where to get certified copies

    Hi all, we are just about ready to submit our partner visa application and have collected up our evidence...... Where has everyone got their certified copies from? Thanks in advance!
  7. Danandclaire

    Visitors visa first?

    Hi all, Has any ones partner gone with them to Aus (I have an Aussie passport) on a visitors visa and then applied for a partner visa once there? I know these can be valid for up to 12 months so should give us time to get the partner once there. We can stay with relatives whilst we wait and it means I can get there sooner to start job hunting!
  8. Danandclaire

    Cost of Medicals?

    That's brilliant thank you, will be booking Monday so will let you know when we are booked in.
  9. Danandclaire

    Cost of Medicals?

    Thankyou, was there a waiting list to book in Maidenhead?
  10. Danandclaire

    Cost of Medicals?

    Has anyone had a medical done in Maidenhead recently? How much did it cost? Also my 3 year old needs one too, has anyone experienced this? From reading other threads I don't think she will need all the blood tests and x-ray, if you have, how much did that cost? Trying to spread the cost! Thanks in advance!
  11. Danandclaire

    Average time for a Partner Visa?

    Hi All, Pretty new to this! We are just in the process of filling in the forms to get my husband a partner visa. How long has anyone found these are taking? My brother and partner did it last year and it took 7 months. Embassy reckon 6. Cant believe how much there is to do!!:wacko:
  12. Danandclaire

    Should we get the health check 1st?

    Thank you both
  13. Danandclaire

    Should we get the health check 1st?

    Hi, my husband is going to apply for a partner visa, we've had conflicting advise on wether to get his health check done before lodging the application, any advice? Also he has a son who wnt be coming with us and staying with his mother, has anyone experienced this, we are wondering if he will need a healthcheck even if he's not coming? Thank you in advance