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      1. I entered Australia on a Prospective Marriage visa in April 2017 and got married the following month. I then applied for a Partner visa. At the time the application was submitted, I attached the same statutory declarations that I used for the Prospective Marriage visa (from my mother-in-law and sister-in-law.) They are from April 2016. I have not yet provided any additional statutory declarations. So far, I have received one letter requesting further information (which was supplied) and my husband received another from the Sponsorship Assessment Unit. We supplied the information that they requested. However, on neither occasion did they ask for another statutory declaration. Looking back through the documents I have submitted, I am apprehensive that they may not accept the "old" statutory declarations even though they have not flagged this with us in the two instances they have been in contact. They didn't mention the fact our police checks were more than 12 months old either, but to err on the side of caution I ended up obtaining some new ones in November. Do you think we need to supply more statutory declarations, or should it be fine as is?
      2. Hello, I am new here but have been a lurker for a few weeks. I am an Australian citizen who has been living in the UK with my now-husband for 15 years (i am a dual citizen). We got married last month in Queensland and have now come back to the UK. We've decided to move to Australia permanently with our two children in 2019 and I wanted to get the ball rolling with his visa. Am i right in thinking that he applies NOW for his temp visa ... which then eventually will turn into the permanent one? I can apply for this visa now even though we won't be there for another 19 months? Our children will have citizenship via me so i won't need to do anything with them besides get their Aust passports sorted out. If anyone else has done this, i'd love to hear from you. I understand the visas can take up to 3 years to obtain so now is a good time to start right?? Do some people wait until they're IN Australia? $7,000 is a lot of money! Thank you for reading!
      3. Hi Guys. My wife has applied a partner visa 309 on 28 June 2016. The application is in the final stages. Today she receive the email that your medicals are not valid after 1 year. Online immiaccount showing medical is clear for the processing of this visa. My query is that the visa processing has been delayed by the immigration deptt then why should one undergo the medical checkup again? Does it happen to anyone else who are waiting for decision for more than 12 months?
      4. Need advice please Ok where do I start LOL i was sponsored on a 457 as a gym manager in 2013. Met a girl had a baby girl, unfortunately the relationship ended as my daughters Mum fell in love with another man. The problem is that we were just about to launch my spouse visa. I have 50/50 custody of my daughter and pay child support. Now the problem I have is my 457 is being soon and until recently I was under the impression that my company would continue the visa for another 2 years but now have decided against it. I asked them a while back about sponsoring me PR but it turns out they couldn't because they'd not fulfilled the training requirements tied into the process. I'm now in another relationship but it's only 3 months in and my partner is very supportive of my situation but I think we are way off spouse sponsorship. Does anyone know of anyone who might of been in a similar situation?? i can't leave my daughter she is my world and she needs her dad. Any help would be helpful or I pray that someone has experienced something similar and can shed some light or point me in a direction of assistance sean
      5. The IELTS test and the point system

        My husband is the main applicant for a skilled 189 visa however, he is taking the IELTs test for extra bonus points but he is underconfident about how he will do. I wish to take the exam aswell in the hope that my points will also count towards the visa application. Can anyone clarify for me the following, will my test results gain points (provided they are proficient or superior) for the visa or am I taking an unnecessary exam that won't be counted in the points test. As you can see my quality of grammar is very rushed in this post haha! my apologies!:biglaugh:
      6. Has anyone who immigrated to Australia with a 189 visa and a dependent spouse ever received a surprise visit of the DIBP to check whether the marriage (or de facto relationship) was not just a "convenience relationship"? Does anybody know whether they really do this kind of thing?
      7. Hello Everyone, Great forum. Very useful. I have a question about timing of spouse visa 309 application. I am an Australian citizen and living in UK. Met my wife after I left Australia about 7 years ago and she has UK citizenship so now that we are planning to move back to Australia in couple of years we need to apply for a spouse visa for her. We have been married for four years now and have all the documentation ready to go but I have now been offered a transfer to Hong Kong for year or so to manage all our operations there. It's a great opportunity and would love to take it. My question is regarding when and where should I apply for her spouse visa. Given its takes nearly 9-12 months, do we apply now and then move to Hong Kong in 3 months time or apply in Hong Kong? We would love to apply here given all our evidence is from UK but once we leave UK we won't have any UK address. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
      8. Hi everyone I am kindly asking for any further advice. My boyfiend is on the last page of the online application and is ready to click on the pay button for his visa. There is still an option to add a family member, could he add me on as de facto (no option there) without jepodising his application? This is his third invite from WA and is worried that he will lose his invite. The first two times he wasn't told about his invites due to using a bad visa company and the third he did independently. I spoke to a helpful guy at GoMatilda as recommended but there is only so much he can say. He said that you can add/change at any stage even if it doesn't match what was on the EOI as the core requirements are still the same. Issue being, de facto add ons aren't family or are they? As there is evidence that needs to be sent off and nothing is final until they fully grant the visa after payment, he mentioned that they will notice that I have been added, I am presuming they will put the visa application on hold until we have submitted relationship evidence? My partner only has till the 21st of Feb to pay his visa payment so we really need to think fast and and advice is welcomed!
      9. Hi, am wondering if anyone can shine a light on my situation. I have tried contacting the UK Gov but have had no real help! Long story short, I have duel nationality (Uk and AUS) and live now in AUS. -My partner is Australian (together almost 10 years) and we would love to get him a UK visa/passport to make trips to UK to see my family etc easier. -We are not married and usually to enable a spousal visa they have to live in that country for a certain amount of time, which obviously we don't do. Any tips/help/advice would be greatly appreciated! :wink:
      10. Hi, Can anyone advice with citizenship? Can I apply for citizenship only for me even when I'm married? When my wife and I have permanent residency. My home country allows me to have dual citizenship, so I'd like to apply for oz citizenship. My wife have different citizenship and her country doesn't allow dual citizenship. She doesn't want to loose it. I can't find any details on official websites, if it is possible. Had anyone similar experience? Thanks
      11. Hi Everyone I am Currently on the prospective marriage visa 300, and I have just gotten married and will need to apply for the 820 visa. I used an agent for my prospective marriage visa and he was great, but for the 820, his fee is so expensive, and after looking at the forms all being online now it looks pretty straight forward? Is this true? What are peoples experiences going alone? Also Does anybody know If I would have to resend all the evidence of the relationship, i.e joint bills, photo's etc for this 820 visa or would what I sent for the prospective marriage visa cover it? The same with all the form 800s we had completed by family and friends stating that the relationship is genuine, would we need to do all of this again? It seems a bit silly having to send it all twice. Hope someone can help
      12. Hi Everyone, Hope to get some ideas/advice on my situation. I have been offered a job in Brisbane and my new employer is willing to sponsor me on a 457 visa. I'm a Malaysian citizen and my fiance is from India (working in Malaysia on a work permit). We just got engaged and planned to get married end of the year. Now,my employer will start the nomination process (no MA as my employer has done this before) and I want to add my fiance as spouse. However, I do not have any legal paper to prove we are married (yet!). My questions: 1) Can I add him into the application now? Should I apply under de facto partner or married (and indicate the marriage date will be end of the year??) 2) If I choose de facto, I don't have any joint account statement to prove we are financially committed. He is an expat here and he has been managing his own rental/properties and expenses. 3) If I can't add him now, what do I need to do after my visa is granted? My employer need to write another sponsorship letter to support my spouse's visa application? How long does it normally take? 4) If I do so, can my spouse work in AU under spouse visa? After getting the job offer, we both are equally happy and sad. We do not wish to be separated after we just got engaged and there are so many things that we need to consider if he can't join me in AU. Hope I can hear some advice from all. Thanks.
      13. Spouse - TAFE 1 year course

        Dear all, My wife plans to study 1 year diploma in beauty therapy(TAFE Course) at Victoria university. Can you help answer following queries that I have. 1) Can I also get VISA and work there full time? 2) if the course duration is 1 year will the student Visa be exactly 1 year. Regards, Vishal
      14. Hi folks, first time on forum. i'm an Australian citizen through birth, and hoping to move out with wife and young child at some point next year. about to apply for spouse visa, but not sure about my young son. Do we apply for him as an additional person to this application. alternatively I was wondering if it is a better option to apply for his Australian citizenship and subsequent passport. Although have seen this can take up to 14 months?! Really don't know where to begin, so much conflicting info
      15. Hi guys, Just thought I would ask you all a question as I am quite intrigued by something and want to know if anyone noticed the same thing! I am an Australia citizen and my husband is applying for a spouse visa (309/100) from UK. We are now at the stage where he is applying for his medicals and we noticed that when he filled in his online questionnaire to bring to the doctor that the visa he is applying for on the system was noted as - Spouse Permanent 100 - does this mean that the embassy have put him forward for the permanent spouse visa straight away? We have been living together for over 5 years and are married over a year so I know it could be an option that he is given a permanent visa straight away but I guess I am just getting my hopes up that we can expect it when the visa is granted!! Any one noticed this too or had any dealings with it? Thanks!
      16. TR 485 and Spouse visa Help !

        Hi, This is my story , i graduated with 2 years study and have all required documentation to lodge 485 visa. I got married to a girl(International Student) in Australia and she is currently on her student visa. Now that we are married she wants to cancel her student visa. So i want to apply her as part of my 485 visa. I am aware that she will be granted Bridging visa E. My question is , as a Main Applicant will i also be granted BVE or will be as usual a BVA? Thanks Aditya
      17. Spouse details....

        Hi experts, I'm having a query I have applied for state sponsorship, the thing to bother is that my wife and me are living separately for more than a year, is it necessary to provide/give details of her in form 80 while applying to DIAC. The application is made on my behalf only stating that she will not be accompanying. In EOI I have mentioned that I'm married ( since I'm not legally separated from her yet) and I gave her details in form 80 also. Is it necessary to furnish her details? is it necessary to get police Clarence certificate ? is it necessary to take medical checks of her? Please experts provide some information on this .... thankyou all
      18. I met my partner in 2009 ago in Perth, we worked together for 4 months and we became good friends. I then left and went home to UK and we were online friends for 3 years we sent mail and spoke on Skype regularly. In 2012 in the Feb I flew back to permit to see him as I knew I had feelings for him. We had a two week holiday and decided we want to be together and had to find a way. So I went home to UK after my holiday and he saved up and moved to the UK in September 2012 to live with me. We have been living in the UK for 9 months and we are now planning to apply this September for the spouse visa...... But I am freaking out because I do not know where to start. I can't get my head around it and I've never wanted anything more in my whole life its so scary and I don't want to get it wrong and lose out. Can someone give me some steps to start me on the right track? :-) we have a joint bank account, we have been a couple holidays together and we have long Facebook chat conversations going back 4 years... We have photos and letters sent to each other. He is an Australian citizen by birth and has a house that he owns for us to live in when we get to WA. I have a uni degree but no specific skill. He has met my family hundreds of times, I have met his father once and his sister a couple times. For the statuary declarations I worry that we don't have many strong ones in aus... We have had our relationship mostly in the UK. anyway.... Sorry if I'm blabbing on but I don't know where to start or what is actually relevant. Hilz :-)
      19. Partner Visa 820 just submitted!

        Hello everyone :cute: Although I've been a stalker on this forum for some time now to help me through the ordeal of getting my visa application together, I've just decided to actually join. I submitted my application on the 5th November 2012 for an onshore partner 820 visa (my fiance is an Aussie) in the Melbourne Lonsdale offices and I'm now sitting on a bridging visa while I wait... Anyone else in the same boat right now and if so, how long have you been waiting so far? Lou
      20. Hi Guys, I am in a defacto relationship and at some point in the future we may decide to go down the spouse/partner visa route. However my partner and I both agree that we don't want to complicate the situation so I am unsure what exactly the below questions are on page 2 of the EOI. Does it lead to the application being processed any differently? Also we don't have any necessary paperwork to prove the defacto at the moment. Maybe in a years time as my PR is granted and we have built up evidence it would be possible., When I applied for the 457 as well I had stated I was in a defacto but it never asked if we intended to apply together in a future application. What are your thoughts?
      21. Hi all, Our PMV has been granted with a deadline of 5/9/12 which is great news. However, my partner has some concerns over the "wedding" details. We are considering having a small, intimate ceremony for the 2 of us with 2 witnesses to legalise our marriage prior to having a more extravagant ceremony with family and friends in the future. BUT, she is concerned that a small wedding day wont have the meaning or emotion that it should. Unfortunately the visa deadline dictates that we must get married by 5/9/12 in order to stay together in Australia and this is proving a worry for her. Any advice is much appreciated......
      22. Hi all, it is going to be very much appreciated if anyone can give us any kind of information on our case: I had my offer letter from University of Melbourne for a 1 year long master by coursework program and I will apply for 573 student visa in a few days. However we are in the middle of a very big dilema. My husband - ICT business analyst- had his skills assesed from ACS, passed IELTS and got qualified for regional state sponsorship skilled migrant visa and he is planning to apply 475 visa offshore right after he gets the dependent student visa. Does this create any problem regarding GTE (genuine temporary entrant). What do you suggest us to do? We have 2 small kids and we want to spend these 2 years of processing time in Australia. We have enough funds to support ourselves because we sold our home. We don't want to mess up the longterm goal of 475 and then 887. After 1 year when my masters finish, I will apply to another 1 year-long program. But then it can be oficially known that my husband applied for skilled migrant program and so does this constitute a problem regarding a new student visa? I am afraid they may refuse my visa because we also applied to immigrate. I am really confused. Any input is desperately needed, please share your experiences. Kindest regards
      23. Hi everyone, As the giant thread can be a bit hard to keep up with, I thought it might be best to set up our own one...? I also thought it might be nice to keep up to date with everyone that's submitted in March 2012 so we can share our visa woes/timelines/queries etc? With that in mind, my info is below... Submitted 16/03/2012 Rec'd 19/03/2012 Money debited 19/03/2012 Co Assigned: 20/03/2012 Email rec'd saying no further docs required: 21/03/2012 Temp Visa due to be granted : Mid August Good luck to all of us Marchers! :wink:
      24. Confused again!

        Hi everyone, So we've now got our case officer and I've received an email from her asking for: Joint financial or legal documents (mortgage, bank account, utility bills, wills etc) from March 2010 onwards; Individual financial or legal documents showing the same address from March 2010 onwards; Statutory declarations from friends and family. but this was all sent with our application....? Any ideas....?
      25. We are putting together our application for an offshore (UK) partner/spouse visa.309/100. I am concerned about one part of it - On the front of my form 40SP (application to sponsor my partner) it says 'If you are a permanent Australian resident you are required to be usually resident in Australia'. I lived in Australia on a temporary visa between 2005 and 2008. I then returned to the UK and applied for a permanent residence visa which was granted in Nov 2009. I then moved to Australia in April 2010. I lived there for 8 months,then I came back to the UK to be with my partner who was in the middle of a P.h.d course here. She will be finished this summer and we both intend to move to Australia ASAP. We have now been living together in the UK for over a year and have plenty of evidence that we have been a genuine couple for two and a half years, but I am concerned that I am not usually resident in Australia, and unsure whether to put my UK address or say I am usually resident in Australia and only here to wait for my partner to finish her course. We both want to settle in Australia but I haven't been able to live there for the past year because i don't want to be apart from my partner. Any advice from anyone in a similar situation or experts would be appreciated, thanks