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Found 10 results

  1. Hello, if you are like me and interested in how long it is taking the high commission in London to process applications for Spouse, Defacto and interdependency (Subclass 309 via the 47SP application), then please add your details to this thread. 12weeks is their standard quoted time but it seems some are granted much faster, especially if front loaded (Medicals and police checks completed prior to submission). Please add your details if you submitted a 47sp Application for Subclass 309 Spouse visa, including the following information: Application Submitted: Case Officer (C/O) Email: Visa Granted: Please also include any additional information, like if you front loaded your application (ie, included your police checks and medicals), and also any additional information that may be useful (like if you were asked to complete an 80 form, if and what type of interview was required). If there is a better thread out there on this topic, Please paste a link to it.. Here is a short history I have gathered so far: (Sorry If I missed yours! Please add, I will Edit the Post so the list below is always comprehesive.) APPLICATIONS IN PROCESS: 30th April: Sent Application (Frontloaded with 80 form). 6th May: We have had no news yet 30th April - Visa application sent (spouse visa 309) 5th May - Money taken from account 11th May - Email from C/O asking for further information (Police Check & ID card) Sent UK police check and form 80 also. 25/4 - App Sent Front Loaded 27/4 - Payment Taken 6/5 - Email from CO stating application and that processing times are currently 3 - 4 months 24th April: Sent application 24th April:Medical done 24th April, should be sent on 29th April, police checks almost ready, will send by first week of May 2009 28th April: payment taken 11th may: contacted by c/o, requested to send police certs and form 80, 11th may 13th may sent police certs and form 80 17th April sent 309: (front loaded with meds and police checks) 20th April: Received and payment taken: 23th April:CO contact requesting more evidence 27th April: Further evidence sent 29th April: CO requested further evidence 9th May: Further evidence sent 13th May: CO contact stating enough evidence and requesting phone interview: 18th May: Phone interview arranged Submitted 15th April CO on the 17th with the standard letter, & requested further information which all in all we managed to provide by the 24th April. On the 24th we had an interview where our CO said he would be approving the application we just needed to get the police checks. On the 24th i also asked about the processing times and he said average was 4-12 weeks. The police checks were sent off and received on the 28th April and since then we have not heard anything further from the CO. Spouse visa application and police check sent 21.1.09... c/o contact 30.1.09...medical done 6.2.09.....and still waiting... COMPLETED SUCCESSFUL APPLICATIONS: (Post Creator - SR1992s timeline) 3rd April 2009: Sent Application for Spouse Visa subclass 309, using forms 47SP and 40SP (Fully front Loaded wtih PCs and Meds) 6th April 2009: C/O Replied & Payment taken 7th May: Got impatient and Phoned CO to check if more info is required, no information given other than standard line "3-4months processing time due to backlog of applications". 15 May: email from CO stating that the 309 was approved. No additional information or interview was requested. 9th April - sent Spouse visa application via registered mail from Ireland (We frontloaded with meds & police checks (no form 80).) 14th April - application received in London 15th April - money taken out of account 20th April - received photos back in the mail 5th May - rang Aus House, as we've had no confirmation of receipt (supposed to confirm within 3 weeks of receipt of application). The lovely lady said our application was with a case officer and we should hear something soon! it was actually approved on 16th April - we just never received the email to say so Defacto App sent 2nd March 09, C/O contact 18th March 09, VISA GRANTED!! 20th March 09 Sent the app on 26th Feb, 09 Visa granted 19th March 09 Date lodged: 9th November 2008 Case Officer Allocated: 18th November 2008 Sent Form 80, medicals & police certificate; 15th Dec 2008 VISA GRANTED: 19th January 2009 309 Visa sent 17/10/08, Email from CO 3/11, more info requested 13/11, sent back 28/11, phone ints 12/12 & 05/01, VISA GRANTED 09/01/09! Spouse Visa Application posted 8/11/08 Meds done 8/12/08 Visa granted 15/12/08 Lodged application 12th September 2008, C/O replied 14th Sept 09, Telephone interview 16th September Visa granted 19th September 2009 June 11th 2008 - Sent off visa application! June 18th 2008 - Request for further docs & form 80 July 2nd 2008 - Granted Spouse Visa! Defacto visa submitted 21.05.08 frontloaded Police checks Payment taken 22.05.08 Meds done 23.05.08 VISA GRANTED 17.06.08 application sent 14/04/08, payment taken 16/04/08, CO assigned 21/04/08, police & meds requested 21/04/08, police cert sent 06/05/08, meds sent 15/05/08, VISA GRANTED 21/05/08 Cheers!
  2. Cerberus1

    Forum stats

    [WRAP]http://www.pomsinoz.com/images/stats2010.gif[/WRAP]I've been a bit lax recently when it comes to posting the monthly stats, however, back in the swing of things now, so here's the semi-regular monthly/yearly/whenever stats. Last month, the forum was visited 398,396 times. The number of visits to the forum has doubled in under 2 years. We're immensely proud of this achievement given the challenges that forums face nowadays with the big social networking sites. So many thanks to everyone who contributes on the forum and has helped the forum to grow. It's a similar story across our other sister forums as well, with PomsinAdelaide, PomsinPerth, Lifeinvictoria and LifeinQueensland all recording similar growth. The forum is currently receiving around 1,500 new members signing up each month. Most people find the forum via Goolge (around 70%), around 15% hear about us through word of mouth. Around 30,000 posts per month are currently made. 'Migration issues' has received the most number of posts this year, followed by 'Chewing the fat', then 'News gossip & chat'. scottishstacey was the top poster last month :notworthy: closely followed by my dearest other half (moving2melbourne):wubclub: 39% of visitors are in the UK, 36% are in Australia, with the other 25% coming from a further 190 different countries.
  3. DIAC have just released their 2009/2010 stats http://www.immi.gov.au/media/publications/pdf/emigration-2009-10.pdf
  4. Cerberus1

    2010 Yearly Stats Review

    First off, a big thanks to each and everyone one of you who contributed to the forum in 2010. All of you have played a part in helping the forum go from strength to strength:notworthy: The success of the forum is all the more remarkable in the light of the global domination of social networking sites such as facebook, twitter, linkedin, myspace etc. these days. For several years now, I've seen posts/articles on the internet asking if forums are dying out? Well, our community certainly isn't :hug: [wrap]http://www.pomsinoz.com/images/stats2010.gif[/wrap] After busily beavering away with an abacus (I'm a little 'old school'), the site statistics are in for the year ending, 2010. Total number of unique visitors in 2010: 1,596,808 (up 40% on 2009) Total number of 'visits' in 2010: 3,340,431 (up 48% on 2009) Total number of pages viewed in 2010: 66,219,137 (up 98% on 2009) Total number of posts made in 2010: 295,355 (up 20% on 2009) Number of new users registered in 2010: 11,074 'Top Poster' in 2010 (with 5834 posts). Won't reveal their name, but their football team won't be picking up any honours this season. 2011 ? If the start to this year is anything to go by, then 2011 looks set to be even better than 2010. So far this month, we've had 9 consecutive days of over 1000 posts per day and are on target to hit over 30,000 posts this month (which would be the most ever in a month for the forum). New user registrations look set to be around 1500 this month which would be close to the record number of new users signing up in a month. And it looks like it may be a record breaking month for visitors to the site. This month has also seen the forum record the most number of registered members online in a 24hr period - 1,224. So thanks once again to everyone who participates on the forum, and a special thanks to our small but dedicated team of moderators who help to keep the good ship PIO on an even keel and manage to navigate her safely through all waters.
  5. Cerberus1

    November 2010 Site Stats

    Well, November was an interesting month. [img2=right]http://www.asterix.co.nz/characters/gauls/vitalstatistix.jpg[/img2]Hot off the press are the vitalstatistix for last month Total number of posts in November: 28,371 - (The highest ever & up 50% on November09) Number of unique visitors in November: 139,974 (up 30% on Nov09) Total number of 'visits' in November: 313,278 (up 44% on Nov09) Number of pages viewed/displayed in November: 6,875,965 (up 88% on Nov09) Number of new users in November: 918 Number of confirmed departures (3 or 4) Top poster in November:
  6. Cerberus1

    October 2010 Site Stats

    Calling all statistics fans, here are the latest batch of stats. (N.B: Stats for October will be have been effected by the server move at the beginning of the month) Total number of posts in October: 23,720 (up 11% on October09) Number of unique visitors in October: 146,331 (up 35% on Oct09) Total number of 'visits' in October: 298,360 (up 41% on Oct09) Number of pages viewed/displayed in October: 6,253,198 (up 79% on Oct09) Number of new users in October: 898 And now for some random stats: More replied to thread in the last 10 days. 1st) - Women ONLY thread 4th) - the handsome mans club - pio Number of new users signed up to the Pomsinoz newsletter since registration started in July - 1,812. If any existing members wish to register for the forum newsletter, they can do so here. It gets sent out around once a month, so we're not going to bombard your inbox:cute:. Next month, as it's Christmas, there'll be a small quiz on the newsletter with a cash prize for the first correct entries received from the Northern & Southern hemispheres (to give everyone a chance) so keep a lookout in your inbox. Cheers Rob
  7. Cerberus1

    August 2010 Site Stats

    [img2=left]http://i1012.photobucket.com/albums/af245/rob_williams_photo/woman_presentation_lg_clr.gif[/img2]Well stats fans, the Bureau of Statistics has finished crunching the August figures and the results are in. Total number of posts in August: 22,706 (up 26% on Aug09) Number of unique visitors in August: 133,786 (up 35% on Aug09) Total number of 'visits' in August: 276,864 (up 50% on Aug09) Number of pages viewed/displayed in August: 5,772,644 (up 95% on Aug09) Number of new users in August: 945 In other shock news, July's top poster, Britchickx, failed to defend her title in August, when, in heartbreaking fashion, she was pushed into second place by the smallest of margins - 1 post. Other random stats. How do people find us? 70% - Seach engine such as Google 15% - Word of mouth 8% - Link from another website 2% - Magazine advertisement 1% - Facebook/Twitter 4% - 'Other'
  8. Cerberus1

    July 2010 Site Stats

    For all those (any?) statistics fans out there, here are some site stats. Top poster in July: Britchickx- 726 posts Total number of posts in July: 26,961 (up 26% on July09) Number of unique visitors in July: 136,331 (up 46% on July09) Total number of 'visits' in July: 289,726 (up 56% on July09) Number of pages viewed/displayed in July: 6,468,607 (up 119% on July09) Number of new users in July: 917 and a random stat: Top 'Thanked' users: 1) gollywobbler: thanked 8788 times 2) proud2beaussie: thanked 6824 times 3) pablo: thanked 4860 times
  9. Hi All, I am on a 175 GSM not on CSL or MODL and have noticed my visa status has recently changed to "Application being processed further" I applied in December last year, not entirely sure what this means and dont want to get excited for nothing, could someone shed some light?
  10. I keep reading that 175 Visas's are NOT being processed? I have conflicting info here as follows:- 1. Email from IMMI states "(CSL) - are being processed in date of lodgment order". 2. Looking at the Timeline spreadsheet it shows:- Oct 2008 applicants - 11 out of 16 on CSL have CO's (3 have Visas) Sept 2008 applicants - 2 out of 15 on CSL have CO's (1 has Visa) Aug 2008 applicants - 7 out 17 on CSL have CO's (4 have Visa) July 2008 applicants - 7 out 10 on CSL have CO's (0 have Visa) June 2008 applicants - 4 out 7 on CSL have CO's (0 have Visa) Either we can't trust the above data or they are processing 175 Visas? What am I to make of all this? Steve.