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Found 82 results

  1. We're leaving in about 5 weeks and I'm starting shopping for new stuff to take either in our luggage or to put in the container. Up to now I have bought Towels Bedding (gorgeous Laura Ashley stuff) Pillows Beach Towels So was wondering what do you wish you had put in your container/luggage?
  2. Would anyone let the spider & snake issue put them off making the move to Australia? :unsure: Those that live in Australia, how many times in a day do you 'have' to think about these potential killers? :eek: I realise that most Australians take this in their stride, as its all they have ever known :yes: But I see babies crawling on the grass, children running barefoot & wonder....Will I feel confident for my Family to do that? :shocked:
  3. Hi, Just wondering is it possible to put my partner on a 176 visa and does it generally take long? Thanks
  4. We have been granted our Visa through an Agency called OV Australia. can ANYONE please let me know if either you have heard of them or even used them yourself. We are parting with alot of money for them to deal with our application. I have researched them myself and found them to be genuine but it would be reassuring if i know that someone else has used them. Please help i'm really stressing out here! thank you.:unsure:
  5. Funny.... I personally want to move to Oz, have looked at all routes to make this happen and believe that my drive may mean it could finally have paid off... I have exchanged views on PIO with many people, some are just trolls trying to create an argument, some are just sad people..most are great! My point is, why unless you have something benifcial to say would you move to Oz then spend your life on here being ubber negative!! There are some great people who have been in oz a long time and offer great guidance, the updates of people who have arrived .. I would even say I enjoy reading people "moving back to the uk" threads because they are balanced... What gets me is when people just say something is wrong, bad, no good... dont do it.. a big mistake ect ect (you know who you are).....:arghh:
  6. one person may want to live in oz--one person may not--its a long,and emotional journey this moving to oz thing--so has it put your relationship in hardship or brought you closer--also when living in oz does this put pressure on your relationship,and if so what type of pressure,but then again oz may bring you close together,and strengthen your love:wubclub: so what has it done for you--i must admit when we went through the emigrating to oz bit it certainly caused a few ups,and downs--but once there it seemed to settle us down
  7. Hi all..a few months ago we decided that my partner and i wanted to move to sydney to live for a better quality of life with more to do on weekends and a nicer healthier life.., i am australian by birth and he is british so i would be sponcering him to go.... i have been in the uk 22 years and am now 32 so dont know what its like to live in australia as an adult so am pretty much clueless here........we work normal jobs..nothing fancy or hugely profitable..i earn around £1100 a month after tax and he earns around £1800 after tax...we want to find in sydney area a 2 bedroom flat , thats is in good clean condition and relativly modern..preferably ground floor with a small terrace area to sit , a balcony or small garden in the sydney region ..nothing massivly fancy and we want unfurnished and clean and modern is important ...i would be looking to do department management and he wants to carry on with the boatbuilding trade/laminating/fiberglassing...i have been reading on here now quiet a few times and it all seems so negative about living costs and what its like once everyone gets out there......im beggining to feel i have made a massive mistake in thinking we could move over there to live as it seems hugely expensive and non affordable for a normal earning couple that dont earn a stupidly high wage! ....im pretty upsett and now quiet worried as i have just sold most of my belongings and re homes my 4 beloved siamese cats ready to free ourselfs up whilest we prepared to go (we wanted to go by april-may 2012)...and am now getting cold feet...i do want to go , as i think it looks lovely there and is from what i can remember...but am so worried we might end up being terribly poor and in a miserable situation...(going by what everyone else has said on here about what its like once you get out there).....im not happy right now as u.k is a dump and going down hill fast due to cost and un employment ect ect...but from the sound of it australia is even worse!!!!!...am i terribly wrong...:confused::sad::wideeyed::arghh:..
  8. Well to sum it all up, I have been all over the net and from what I can tell, my husband will have to completely retrain, we will have to spend thousands of pounds on the training and will not have much money coming in if any at all, and thats on top of all the other money we will be spending on housing etc. Our youngest is only 12 months old, i havent worked for 5 years since we had our second child and our other kids are only 5 and 6 so work for me would be difficult to find. We have a good income here and are comfortable but it sounds like we will be struggling to make ends meet down uder. :arghh::arghh::arghh::arghh::arghh:
  9. I KNEW it needed changing but I STILL said 'stuff it, I'm going to the pub first.' Well, you know what happened next. Just lucky I'd been canny enough to stash a few sheets in the drawer next to my 'throne'. Do women always remember to do things like that? If you are lucky enough to have a wife, is it a measure of her love for you that she will come running with a new roll when you call out? When I was a nipper I used to call out 'I'm finished' and Mum or Dad would come racing up to take care of things. Would a wife do that kind of thing? ''Unprepared in Surry Hills'
  10. Children not migrating do they still have to have a medical ? I'm applying for defacto 309-100 & some of these forms are confusing :0l it says write em down if there over 18 if they migrating or not mine are below 18 ? Quite worried about it as I have 3 kids & medical for each would cost :0l what's the point if there not migrating :0 hope some1 on here knows about this as its worrying, thanks in advance Joy :0)x
  11. I have to admit I have been tempted at times - but I didn't think I'd get any takers, An Australian mother who listed her children for sale on the Internet had her joke backfire when authorities were called in to investigate, police said Sunday. Officials in the southern city of Geelong were notified last week that a woman was attempting to sell her children, a boy and girl both aged under 10, on the auction site eBay. Photos of the children were included in the sales pitch. "Police tracked down the woman, who said it was a joke," police said in a statement. Child welfare officers and police conducted a joint investigation and police said no charges would be laid. "However, police discourage this type of behaviour," the statement said.
  12. I found when researching about the Offshore Partner Visa that I had to go through loads of posts in a lot of threads to find all the little bits that are required for the application. At first it appeared quite daunting and I thought we may struggle. After breaking it all down in to little pieces it is actually fairly straight forward. I came to the conclusion that what Immigration are trying to stop is arranged marriages for cash and organised crime. If you are in a genuine reationship then I feel there is nothing to worry about. I also figured that if they don't believe we have been together for 11 years and married for 7 with 2 children then they can quite frankly poke it:Randy-git: So here is what we put in the Wifes application for the Offshore partner Visa. Please note this has not yet been seen by a case worker... Form 47SP Form 40SP certified copies of the following: ( just popped in to the local solicitors and they signed and stamped them for FREE) Wifes birth certificate Wifes passport Marriage certificate My passport My birth certificate Wifes Police certificate - the only original certificate required 2 x Form 888 ( we are keeping this quiet from my family a the moment do got an old family friend and my mate to do them) copies of the following: ( We put only one copy for each year that I had paperwork for) 9 years mortgage papers land registry notification for current house 4 years child benefit papers 3 years car insurance ( we are named drivers on each others car) 2 years home insurance 6 years of council tax papers 3 different bank accounts we share 2 holiday bookings 2 wedding invites( only put them in as we recently were invited - we dont keep things like that) Wifes relationship declaration My relationship declaration ( both ended up around 1 1/2 pages when typed - definitely not war and peace) 3 years of P60's for me 2 years of a health insurance we took out years ago with a mortgage. 4 passport sized photos of Wife 2 passport sized photos of me That is about it really. We didn't put in any photo's as I figure if the above doesn't prove it a photo aint going to change their minds ( I hope ). I have read on posts photos and invites etc do not hold much weight at all. We left out the medical and will wait for the request as this will help spread the costs and we will have to plan the day out to the Doctors as none are near where we live. I know it seems a lot and apart from the application forms there is around 50 pages of documents. I am a bit anal about keeping paperwork so found it quite easy to find everything out. I hope this helps. We are certainly not stressed about the process as we will be more than stressed when we sell the house and make the move. This bit is out of our hands and we are not in any great rush with the move. Along with updating the sticky timeline thread I will update this thread if further info is required along with timescales cheers
  13. Hi all, Our visa application is being lodged today, (everything has moved so quickly since TRA success fortunately) and without seeming to jump the gun - should we put our house up for sale just now because of the potential long wait for a buyer, or wait until we have secured visa - can't do the move without funds from house sale and don't want to hang around too long when (fingers crossed) we get visa. times like this a crystal ball would be handy. cheers, Linda
  14. Our removal to Oz happening later this month. In addition to the furniture we have listed what things should we stock up on and ship accross based on price differences between UK and Oz eg. Toilet roll etc. Any advice appreciated. Thanks, Steve
  15. Nothing will Help Me Mum!
  16. Have you ever wondered about the silliest of things?I do. -Like the title of the thread[was this just an irish ad?]I mean,how do they do that? -Do stairs go up or down? -Did people really think it was ok when someone first milked a cow?Or did they say yuck! -We use wee little forks and spoons to feed our kids?Why dont asians use toothpicks then? -What is the speed of dark? -Does eating bread crusts really make your hair curly?Do we know?Has anyone done any research? -Would the ocean be deeper or shallower if we took all the sponges out? Have you ever pondered the silliest of things?If so what?Or do you have any silly facts floating around in your head that you wish to share? Also,why can I remember that IBMs motto is' think' but for the life of me cannot remember where the hell I left my sunglasses yesterday!!
  17. Does anyone know if Victoria will put paint trades worker back on skills list? Am I right in saying new smp skills list will be released on 1st July?
  18. I have yet to tell my current employer of our plans to move down-under. However I frequently travel to China for work and this means they get to see my passport every 6 months when my Visa is renewed. So, assuming our 176 Visa application is successful, do the Australian's put anything in my passport? I know a Chinese visa for visiting on business is printed on an entire page in the passport. I dont really want to have to get a second passport if it's not going to be a problem.
  19. Pablo. As you well know mate, there are many of us on here who appreciate how much you hate flying,:mad:. With this said mate, I did a straw poll and it was decided that in order to help you overcome your hatred the members of PIO have included this link in the hope that it will in some small way 'prepare' you for the long journey ahead my friend: YouTube - Singapore Airlines Flight Journey: SQ981 Bangkok to Singapore Now promise us that you will watch this video (especially the bit where all you can see is the back of a seat,:biglaugh:) over, and over and over again, until you become immune to it. I bet you will find if you do this that the time will fly by when on the actual aircraft mate. As I said, it was a straw poll done in secret, but the membership of PIO are here to help mate.:wubclub::mad::biglaugh: PS. OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN Pablo, it will pay dividends in the end mate.:yes: Cheers Tone.:wubclub:
  20. Hi all. Just a question, you know those capsules that people bury for future generations to dig up, say in a hundred years time, well, what would you put in it, five items only if possible. Maybe very personal things, or things that may tell future generations about our lives at the present time. I'll have a crack first. 1. A wad of money, with a tag on it saying, 'Did Me No Good'. 2. A 'celebrity' magazine, to show how fecking shallow we had become. 3. A 'Help For Heroes' emblem, to show that we still cared. 4. A picture of my family. 5. And finally, the book, 'Animal Farm'. I know mine are a bit serious, but go for your lives, funny, sad, etc. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  21. Hi everyone, my dog left today (by the skin of his teeth). What a disaster!! It's a long story but here goes. My hubby and I are living in Greece and that is where we had to send our dog from. ( I am from London, hubby is Greek Australian). Unfortunately we do not live on the mainland, we live on a Greek Island and have to catch a ferry ( 1 hour) then 3-4 hour drive to Athens. I spoke to a lovely lady at Aqis a few weeks ago to ask her some questions re certificate A and B and she said ''Good luck if you are sending him from Greece, we always have problems with them'', so we done our best and made sure everything was perfect and our vet here was fantastic. She's Austrian btw not Greek! So today we turn up at Athens airport at 10am with all paperwork done apart from certificate B as we had been told by the woman who works in the cargo dept for Thai airlines that they have an Official Government Vet at the airport who fills it in. The 'lady' who was supposed to fill in cert B was a complete cow and said it was not her job to do it and our vet on the island should have done it, (the Austrian vet who done cert A is also an Official Government Vet). The 'lady' did not understand that it had to be done at the airport as we had travelled from the island the day before and our vet was not around the corner!! She said it was not her problem and she couldnt do it. we would have to book him to fly another day:arghh:. What a complete cow!! Thick and ignorant not willing to listen or read the paperwork at all. A know it all who knows nothing cos 3 hours and a lot of tears (by me) later, she did stamp and sign it. Now my problem is, our vet on the Island (the nice Austrian lady) had to fax cert B to the 'cow lady' before 'cow lady' would stamp anything and my nice vet put 15/2/11 on cert B as that is when we done his '4 days prior to travel' checks. 'Cow lady' then stamped everything, signed it and dated it 17/2/11 (the date dog flew). If this makes sense to anyone (because i've thought about it soooooo much today and the stress and the tears have made my mind fuzzy:wacko:!), do you think this will be a massive problem to Australia when he arrives? All tests, timeframes, checks are correct. Everything is stamped and signed its just a little mistake on the date but its dated and signed that he was sealed on 17th. Ooooh God I just don't know what to think. He is supposed to arrive in Australia at 9 pm tomorrow (Local time, 18/2/11) and as its out of hours they said they will call us on monday to tell us how he is and if everything is ok. I cant wait till then! My nerves are shot! I couldnt bear it if they sent him back as we are leaving for Australia on 23rd. Can anyone make me feel any better??:notworthy: Sorry such a long post :chatterbox:
  22. OK, Guys. Been here 2 months and have realised, theres nothing for it. I NEED a haircut! I dont want to be snobbish but my wonderful friend was my hairdresser an she worked for Tony and Guy back home. I really want someone who listens, understands but is realistic and quick with the snips!!!!!!!! Can anyone give me any advise before I go an get pruned!!!! This is a huge step for me as I have had the same hair dresser for 4 years now!!!:arghh::arghh::arghh::arghh::arghh::arghh::arghh:
  23. Hi guys, We are the biggest victim of government immigration policy.Yes! We are the AUSTRALIAN Group 4 applicants. No one know us, no one mention us !!We have scrificed so much in making sure we meet Australia’s requirements, lodged perfectly good applications to australian immigration office, however our lives have been put on hold an inordinate amount of time. 1 year; 2years; 3years!!! How long do we need to wait?!!. We are planning to lodge a complaint letter together to the greens or immigration office and do everything we can to let the public know our current situation.Share out your story.Thank you very muchT_T :hug:
  24. Hi all Well, the time is almost here for me and my two boys to fly back to England. We leave on Saturday 27th! One thing I need to know, what do you put on the "leaving Australia" card? I don't know whether to put leaving permanently or temporarily? We have permanent visas so I don't want to loose this. If things don't work out in uk, I may decide to come back to Oz (yes I know, a possible ping pong pom in the making!) Any advice would be very welcome. Karen :-)
  25. Hi, I am applying for my spouse visa and have a query if anyone can help me. We have 2 children both of whom were born in UK but are also Australian citizens. Do I put them on the application form as they are not part of the visa application but are our children!!! If you know what I mean! Thanks for any help in advance Rache