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Found 311 results

  1. Hi, My wife and I are British expats living in Sydney Australia. We are having a baby next year, after which we plan to return to the UK. The child will automatically be a UK citizen by descent. I'm trying to work out if I should... Apply for a UK passport for my child before travelling back, and enter the UK with all 3 of us on British passports Apply for an AU passport (which is faster) and then enter the UK with the child on an AU passport, and my wife and I using our British passports My thinking is that it is faster and easier to get an AU passport for my child therefore we can move home sooner after the birth. Google however leads me to believe that entering the UK with an AU child passport may create complications at border patrol. It also may prevent the child from being able to access the NHS healthcare system. Does anyone have experience of this / advice that they can share? Thank you in advance.
  2. My wife and kids can apply for Aussie citizenship on 1st July under changes to rules for Kiwis. At the point when they’re citizens I understand I can apply for a subclass 820 visa which is temporary which then leads to a permanent 801. That’s normally a 2 year gap between the two BUT I’m reading that if you’ve been in a relationship for 2 or more years and have a child together you might not need to wait that 2 years and could get that 820 and 801 at the same time. I’ve been married over 20 and have two kids, and lived here for 15 years on 461 visas. So is that correct and if so is it applied automatically based on my circumstances or assessed case by case? Not overly stressed out, just happy there’s a pathway and if I have to wait 2 years then so be it. Won’t materially impact me. But keen to get to PR and citizenship as soon as I can now that pathway has opened up. Thanks a lot in advance.
  3. i have 2 kids under the age of 4 and im thinking of moving to Australia so i was wondering what the education system looks like and how good it is.
  4. We’ve made the big decision to move our family to the UK, but I’m feeling very nervous, almost guilty, about uprooting our 6 year old son and the potential heartache and suffering it’s going to cause him. I’m originally from the UK - met my partner here in Perth and we have two sons (Mr 6 who was born in England and came back out here with us at 5 months old, and last year we had another son, who I know will adapt no problem being so young). I guess I’m just looking for reassurance around my 6 year old to help put my mind at ease. Does anybody have a positive story to share? Have your children settled well in the UK? Any tips or things I should be aware of to help make it easier on him? I’m so scared of this move changing him for the worst. He’s such a happy little soul and I don’t know how I’d cope with the guilt if the move makes him miserable Thanks in advance.
  5. My husband and I have been in Oz for 10 years this year. Overall we have a lovely life here (it’s taken time), we bought a house in 2017 and welcomed our baby girl in 2018. The tug has always been there to move back home but lately it has gotten so much stronger and I’m not coping well as a sleep deprived mother without my family close by. I just wondered how you made the decision to move? My husband wants to wait another 4 years but for me that is too long to be unhappy. I’ve really struggled with the transition to being a mum without my own mum close by. The guilt of being so far away is also quite terrible and how much they are missing out on. On the other hand I didn’t particularly love life in the UK and I know Australia offers us a lot and our baby girl is thriving here. I have tried hard to make new friends and I do have some good friends here but it’s not the same as my family. Id love to hear from anyone who has been through this or has any advice?
  6. Does anyone know the process of getting British citizenship for children aged 10 and 14? We live in Australia, my sons were born here and have Australian citizenship and passports. i am on a PR visa with a British passport. I have lived here on and off, mostly on for the last 40 years. Iam planning to get Oz citizenship too and dual nationality, and I’d like the same for them. Any info or advice appreciated.
  7. Mamma Midwife

    Just saying hello!

    Hello! I have just joined your lovely forum and have had a good look around. I have dreamt about making the move to Oz for at least a decade! And I've finally managed to convince the hubby that it is a good idea!! (I hope I'm not wrong ) We are just starting our in-depth research now so I know we are a while away from the big move. We are thinking of relocating to Perth, however this would be dependant on the availability of jobs for us both. We also have 4 children (ages 6, 8, 11 and 13) so at least 2 of them will be teens when we move. Has anyone else successfully made the move with teens? Any tips on making the process easier for them? I know it can take a while before you are in invited to apply for your visa after submitting your EOI so would you recommend submitting asap just in case? My concern is that it all happens to quickly and we won't have time to complete our research - I know this is unlikely, but I'm just being cautious! Perhaps it would be better to wait until we've done all our research before submitting the EOI? Thank you for your time and I look forward to reading your replies
  8. Hey there, looking for some advice about moving to Australia next year! My whole family are looking to move for 5 years as my dad may be getting a new job out there! I am 21 and I’m a qualified nursery nurse, my qualification is called ‘IOA level 3 Diploma in early years and childcare’ I’m just looking to see if any body knows how I would go about getting my qualification recognised! I know where we would be moving to would be Sydney! Has anyone been in my position before or is a nursery nurse expat living in aus? Thanks, Christie
  9. SimonandSian

    How to sort out schools???

    Hi all, We are lucky enough to have our 189 VISA granted and are planning on moving over to Perth December/January in time for the new school year to begin in February. I was just wondering if anyone had any advice or experience trying to get a school place sorted for a little one before moving to the other side of the world!? We are fairly certain on the area we want to settle as it is close to family and friends, but that still depends on available rentals etc. I am presuming we have to try to get something sorted before the schools break up in December but am really unsure how to go about this and would love some advice from anyone who has been in a similar situation. Many thanks
  10. Hi guys, Long story short. I moved to South Oz from Cornwall in 1992 at age 11 with my parents. My parents moved back in 2005 for work. I stayed - had a girlfriend (became my wife)/was @ uni, then I started a career......I had a very traumatic experience @ work in 2014 which destroyed my mental health, career and marriage, all no fault of my own; i've been heavily depressed and anxious for the better part of 2 years. I had a little boy with my wife (currently separated) who is 3. I have 1 Bachelor of Psychology degree, a Masters in Social Work and a Masters in Marketing, so i've got a wide net for employment. Right now i'm self employed, making TV commercials, graphic design - all media stuff. I live alone now and can't see myself ever being happy again, BUT, when I think about my family (mum/dad/brother/niece/cousins/friends etc etc) and Cornwall I get a strong sense of connection/hope and love; something i've been lacking for a few years now. My choice, which feels like Sophie's choice is this: 1. Stay in Oz for my son. I will have a relationship with my son but everything else will be pretty grim, especially when my wife moves onto the next guy, and i'm around to see my son living with him. 2. Move back to Cornwall and have a big family again, start afresh etc. Try and find a way of keeping my son in my life - Skype, holidays etc. So the choice is either to remain in Oz completely unhappy with the exception of my son, or move home to Cornwall where I have a sense of identity, family, a sense of community and belonging - something Australia doesn't really have. I guess i'm putting this down on virtual paper because I want to see what other's think of this - all opinions are fine. Please don't kick me while i'm down. If you knew the traumatic event that started everything you'd understand. I'm not one of those dads who wants to leave his son. I don't at all, but I also don't want to die alone in a country that isn't 'home', and continue being miserable. I've been trying to get better for 2 years now but the only light I can ever see at the end of the tunnel is Cornwall. Anybody had a similar experience?
  11. Hi, me and my sister are both over 18, and are dependent in a de facto(temporary) visa application for our mom and her partner. We stated that we are still studying as to why we are dependents even if we're over 18. We lodged the application last Dec 2016 and we're still waiting for the approval til now. We're currently in a tourist visa in australia. My first question is: how likely is it that our visa will get approved? We've been waiting for 6 months now, and we havent heard from them yet. this end month, our tourist visa will expire and i am planning on going back to our country but my sister and mom are planning on extending for another 3 months. My next question is: is me going back to our country alone and separated from my mom and sister will affect the decision of the embassy to our application? please help. Thank you!
  12. So I am going through a messy separation. I have 50/50 joint custody with my husband. I found out tonight that the long weekend in WA when he is supposed to be having them, he is going away with his new flame leaving the 16 year old daughter in charge of her 15, 11 and 9 year old siblings (all boys).. As you can imagine, I am not impressed. The conversation went like this: I said I wasn't happy about the arrangement and he said "the 16 year old is babysitting, it is my life" I said "It is inappropriate to leave our 16 year old daughter in charge of three children when one is only 9 years old, for two days and two nights and I have an interest as I am their Mother." He is leaving them as he is going away with a lady friend. I think they have only been seeing each other a matter of weeks. I said that he should have arranged this two night stay away from home when he didn't have the children or put procedures in place (ie asked me) to look after them. Is this legally acceptable or morally sound in WA Australia? Any help appreciated, Sulac
  13. geex3

    Primary Schools Melbourne

    Hi, I am moving to Melbourne in June 2017 with my husband and two children (7 & 4). My husband will be working in Bundoora. We have been looking into living within areas approx. 20 km from his work place...Eltham, Templestowe, Research, Diamond Creek etc... I am hoping for some local knowledge and recommendation of the local schools (they all look good online). We are moving from a small east coast village in Scotland and from a primary school with approx 100 pupils, therefore a smaller school would be desirable. Any local knowledge on the different suburbs would be greatly received. Thanks.
  14. If you are thinking of moving to Australia with children I would advise this.... Or even - if your in Australia and wish to take your children home to the UK to live..... Sit down and discuss what you would both like to happen with your children if your dream of living in Australia isn't what you expected/you separate/in the event one of you chooses to go back home? Too many scenarios to note all - you get the jist! Do you a) Children stay with Mother, regardless of where she chooses to live? b) Children stay with Father, regardless of where he chooses to live? c) You both stay in Australia so the children can have both parents? d) You both go back home to the UK? e) May have other thoughts! Did you know this? Once you have both made the decision to move to Australia, as soon as you land - the Children are now residents of Australia? If one of you decided to go back home, you will need your partners permission to take the children, yes - even if ALL of you were born and have lived your whole lives in the UK. If you leave & take the children with you, without the other parents permission, regardless of your circumstances (eg..separated, no money, no house, no job, Isolation etc etc), and the stay behind parent pursues you - - You may have the police knocking on your door in the UK, you may be charged with child abduction. Yes, even if the child was born and raised in the UK. You would have broken a law called the 'Hague Convention'. Once the police come knocking you may then be summoned to court under the Hague Convention, and more than likely (99%) the children will be ordered back to Australia. Then once in Australia you will then have to go through the courts in Australia to apply to have your child/ren relocate with you back to the UK! And you may not win. Long winded I know, but this is a law that is not mentioned in many places. This is a law that those tempting 'Move to Australia for a better life' TV programs etc don't mention, this is a law that the Immigration don't mention. Its a law people have never heard of unless it happens to them. This happens to many people each year, and is something that I believe people need to know about in case it happens to them, or they know someone who it may affect. Take precautions before the move, talk about the children's future's, and get it in writing with a Solicitor! Take a good look at your visa restrictions - are you coming due to your Spouse's trade? Whats the restrictions on the other parents visa if you separate within the 1st 2 yrs? Doing this may save you years within the legal system, over $150,000 in costs, your children's mental wellbeing, health, stress, poverty and years wasted. I hope this post helps someone.
  15. Are there any parents out there of children emigrating???? How did you feel when your child/children emigrated???? We get many threads commenting on parents/inlaws behaviours when they are told and I wanted to get the parents opinions out there so that they can see the other side of the coin.
  16. Hi guys, My partner and I started our application last year, a few months in we fell pregnant with our second child. Long story short we had to put our application on hold until baby was born and had birth certificate and passport etc etc so visas were finally approved end of March, however we need to leave the UK by mid August 2015!! we have two children who will be aged 7 and 8months in August and are planning on moving to Brisbane, we are looking to ship our furniture and belongings over too. we also have a large dog (weimaranar) who will be coming too........ where do we start! I seem to spend time on forums searching for info then become so overwhelmed by the helpful advice and a little panicky about how little time we have that I am getting nowhere! We are keeping our house in the UK and have someone lined up to rent it when we move, we are just waiting for the remortgage to go through also (which will enable us to pay for everything). What should we book and organise first? Is this even possible in this time frame? (it has to be we've no other option)!! Thank you all so much for reading/commenting, your help will be very much appreciated! (Failing that a good slap to snap out of the panick and get things moving)!
  17. Hi all, new to this but hope someone can give me some advice. I am currently on the 1st 2 years of the partner visa (temporary). This would of then through my understanding turned into a 2 year permanent partner visa. However we have just seperated. We have an 18 month old little boy. We have agreed to 50% custody of him each. We have a mortgage together and I have car debts taken on from the relationship break up. Does anyone have any advice as to how I go about a new visa. Whether I would be asked leave before I come back. Just any advice. My parents and brother (all immediate family) are residents. I will be moving in with them. I obviously would rather not leave the country and stay with my boy full time. Any help at all will be appreciated. Thanks.
  18. Hi everyone New to this site/ forum and need some advice. I have 3 children (2, 6 and 10) i also have a partner waiting for his 457 Visa clearance to go to Aus. He will be working towards his PR. My Q is, do i need the fathers permission to take the kiddies to live in Aus? Iv heard that i need a court order? Im very doubtful that he would just agree without kicking up a fuss even though he does not have regular contact with the children. I have a lot of family living in NSW and we have been over before- the kids love it- so have no doubts at all that we would be happier as a family in Aus. Once my partner has obtained his PR would this change the situation in respect of my children or would i still need to go down the court/ solicitor etc route now? Sorry for babbling and hope this makes sense but feel like its a bit of a minefield atm :arghh:!! Thanks a lot T
  19. watson150

    Maternity Leave??

    Hi there! wondered if you could help me? I moved here in 2008 on a 457 working visa. I am still on a 457 visa even though September last year I got married, to an Australian citizen. However, we are looking at starting a family soon and I wondered if I would get any maternity leave from my employer? In my understanding, the government will pay 13wks maternity leave, which is paid to the employer, who passes this on in my monthly salary and my employer contributes the difference between what the government give and what I normally take home. But not being a permanent resident means there is no government paid maternity leave, does my employer still have to pay me? i know I have been paying my taxes etc in this country for 6years now and I understand and have no problems not receiving anything from the government, but as an employee, am I eligible for anything? any advice greatly received
  20. Hi Guys, I sit here in a dilema, I am a new father to an 8 month old little boy and am living in Australia working in the best jobI have ever had. My wife though wants us to break up! She has been suffering from depression somethingI have tried my best to support, so much so I feel like I have no life outside of work or home. I dont go out so I make sure she can and look after my little man so she gets a break with all my free time. My wife's depression has taken its tollon her to the point she thinks that there is no option but to split. I don't personally think it will help her but I can't stop this. Now I know that I will have to notify DIAC when push comes to shove but I just want to know what chance do I have of staying in Aus! My littleboy is my only son and a citizen of Australia and obviously I will want access to him and what i believe will satisfy the term used in all DIAC info of 'parental responsibility.' Does anyone know what my odds are of staying? the DIAC website says that my case 'may' have grounds for PR being granted anyway, being that I am on a Temp Partner Visa and we have a child we will share 'Parental Responsibility' for. I can't find anyoneout there who knows anything on this subject but surely the Aussie Gov won't take me away from my son, there has been no abuse just a breakdown. It sickens and saddens me I have to ask this but any info to calm a fathers mind would be greeted incredibly warmly. I look forward to any feedback and knowledge on this subject. Thanks
  21. Hi everyone, I really hope you can point me in the right direction. I've been researching all day and my head is starting to hurt due to all the visa options. My husband, me and our three kids are all PR. We are currently in the UK for a year or so, and our fourth baby will be born here in the UK. We are likely to return to Australia next year. How do we go about 'adding' our fourth child to our PR visa? Is that even possible? I did see a 1022 Change of circumstances form? Or, do we need to apply for the child visa (101) to allow our unborn child to also be PR like us? Is there any ways around this - like taking baby to Australia under a temporary visa of some kind and applying once in Australia? We obviously can't do anything until the baby is born and we have a UK passport issued, birth cert for the baby, but I am trying to plan ahead before baby arrives.:laugh: If you have any advice, please do share your wisdom. Thank you!:wacko:
  22. Looking for experienced child carers to look after my nearly 4 year old daughter - in exchange for FREE room and most meals. Big room with double bed - can easily fit in another bed (or more!). Would suit single, couple, two friends, or single mum and child. House is in Paynesville, East Gippsland, Vic. A 2 minute walk to lake, with swimming beaches, bush walks, koala island... the list goes on! Need help with child care on Wednesdays & Friday IMMEDIATELY and throughout school holidays. I work from home, so will be close on hand to deal with any problems. Daughter is 4 just after Christmas, in to everything and very easy to entertain :-) I would love a little help with cooking, cleaning and gardening (we have a organic vegie garden going strong!) ...but for most of the week you will be free to enjoy summer on the lake! Looking for fun, creative, trustworthy people who'd like to spend some time enjoying our home and our beautiful town. Qualifications / references would be fantastic! If you are interested please pm me I can send photos & more details - will be listing it on Helpx etc. but thought it might be worth trying a forum first. Thanks for reading! :-)
  23. Hi all, Really looking for help. 2 years ago my children (both under 18) emigrated to Australia with my ex-wife. I am now in a financial position to follow them and move across. I have been reading up on the parent visas (contributory parent visa (temporary) subclass 173) to be exact. What my issue is, is with the sponsorship? As both my children are still under 18 they are not able to sponsor myself and I cant imagine my ex-wife will either. I do have two first cousins who live in Peth, would they be eligible? Has anyone been, or know of anyone, in a situation like this? Dont even know where to begin! Thanks in advance,.
  24. We are heading out to Cairns next week for three reasons, for the little one to meet his Aussie Grandparents, to go to my sister-in-law's wedding and to do our final reccie to decide whether we're going to aim for a move to Cairns Sept 2015. We've gone for a much longer journey time (42hours door to door) to save ourselves £1000 so looking for any advice as to traveling with and entertaining such a little one. He's a pretty chilled out boy normally so we're hoping we all arrive with our sanity intacted. Also any tips for helping him with jetlag would be appreciated.child
  25. Hi everyone, I am desperately seeking some advice from anyone who may be able to help. I applied for and was granted a visa on January 2nd this year (yay!) My ex signed the consent form for my children to be included on the visa so my two daughters have visa's too and have to enter Australia by September (he always agreed to let them come across, as he intends to come over in a year too). As I have been getting things sorted in Adelaide I have spent some time away from my girls. I booked flights a month ago and since then my ex has been trying to stop them from coming across with me and unfortunately has their passports. Does any one know if signing this consent form is enough for me to get the girls across even if he doesn't want them to come, is it legally binding in such a way that he has given up his right to keep them in England? I've arrived in England now, should've flown with the girls yesterday, but have managed to postpone for a week. Would really appreciate any help anyone can give, Thanks in advance